While the lives of thousands hang in the balance in Eastern Libya, President Obama's daily schedule went something like this: He filled in the basketball brackets for ESPN, played a little golf, lacked time for an interview with NHK (Japan's main news station) and spent an hour or so with the Danish Ambassador.

It's my belief now that this administration hopes that the situation in Libya will just go away. That's why I call the administration's policy toward Libya............

Balderdash, Folderol And Rigmarole

I listened with interest the other night as an Air Force General on Public Radio warned that any air action in Libya on the part of America would amount to Christian pilots bombing Muslim fighters. God forbid! What a crock! Christian pilots have been bombing Muslim fighters since 9/11. He went on to make several other lame statements. The Muslim member of the panel being interviewed asked him if this meant that "America intends to do nothing?"
"Oh no," said the general with a straight face.

We are getting the same kind of rigmarole from other members of the administration such as Secretary of Defense Gates who has gone to great lengths to explain the complexity of creating a no-fly zone.

Why is it that when the Israelis do it as they did in 1967, it is so straightforward and simple and when Americans do it gets so complicated?

My limited military expertise, tells me that a relatively small number of American fighter planes could knock out all of Qaddafi's armor and his airfields in less than a day.

The same General seemed horrified at the thought as he talked about the lives of American Servicemen involved. We can all only wish that this kind of concern had been shown in the last decade.

I saw President Obama in a news conference today and he waltzed around this matter to the apparent satisfaction of the press corps. Afterward, he was referred to in the newspapers as being pragmatic.

He may be pragmatic in the very short run; but in the long run, pragmatic is not the right word-foolish is closer. The main thing to realize in all of this is that the Arabs are a poetic people speaking a poetic language; they are therefore, romantic.

Rudolph Valentino could be a metaphor for the Arab mind. They love to follow romantic figures such as Lawrence of Arabia. The uprisings so far have been an extension of this mentality; but if the uprising in Libya fails, it will be a stain on all those who did not come to its rescue.

Ironically, Barack Obama fits into this Arabic notion of a leader. He is a man of words, words, words and more words. But if he lets the people of Libya be savaged, this image will evaporate-Not only with Arabs but Americans as well.

It is bad enough that at the end of Desert Storm George Bush promised the Shia of Iraq aid if they rose up--------only to desert them when they did. His hands are covered in their blood. If Obama does the same, he will never be able to wash off the stench of it.

In a perfect example of realpolitik Hillary Clinton should resign over this in protest. This would give her the moral high ground and open a door for her presidential aspirations in 2012.

But what do I know? There's other factors involved here like the Administration's desire to protect the dynasties of Bahrain and Saudi Arabia. More and more, I suspect that there is prominent American money invested in Libyan Oil. Who knows, maybe a deal has already been worked out with Qaddafi. I certainly hope not. Whatever the case, it's nothing more than balderdash, folderol and rigmarole.

A final note..According to the number of hits in the past week, I would have been better off if I had left Charlie Sheen in Hollywood.................Sorry. DR

Starting with this blog I will close with an occasional poem............. here goes:

Last night there were
Voices on the balconies
The first of this spring
It was a warm enough evening
To sit out and talk

The female pitches
Floated out in waves
Accompanied by the baritone
Of young men

There would be love making
This night I thought
And the thought of it
Took years from my age

But as for me............
I would soon eat mussels
Dipped in butter with red sauce
And sleep by my
Moon-washed window

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