NCAA Tournament [Sports]


I don't really like college basketball. I rarely watch it, and this column's coverage of the NCAA tournament will be minimal.

The problem with college basketball is that a 19 year old can compete in the NBA, unlike the NFL. Therefore, anyone with any talent/brains bails out of college basketball after their first year, rather than risking injury playing for $10-30 grand in college tuition (plus whatever they can get illegally).

Shoot, before the NBA stepped in, any kid with talent was forsaking college altogether for the NBA. LeBron James, Dwight Howard, Kobe Bryant, Kevin Garnett... each was proof that you could dominate the pros without any college.

Now, they go to class until the tournament, and then drop out after about 2/3 of a college year. Serious basketball followers actually look at a college senior with some trepidation, as in "If he was any good, why is he still in college?"

Worst ever basketball game

The college game blows. It is coach-dominated and talent poor. Watch any of these games today. Short of a team with a talented seven foot (freshman) playing a team with no one over 6'7", you won't see the ball move inside at all. Every single dogamned play will be the kids passing the ball around the perimeter, back and forth, over and over, until someone doesn't switch well. At that point, you may see a jump shot. Repeat 75 times per game for each team.

It was the worst basketball game I have ever seen.I tried to watch the 2010 semifinals, Butler vs Michigan State. I think they went 11 minutes (a whole NBA quarter, just about) without anyone on the team being capable of making a single basket. It was, by far, the worst basketball game I have ever seen... and remember, I coached at more than one SPED school in my career.

So, I don't waste my time watching the NCAA. If I want to watch amateur (lol) basketball, I'll go down to the high school and cheer some local kids. At least that way, I won't be associating myself with the ghastly college money machine. It's evil watching Duke fill a 10,000 seat arena 18 times a year at $50 a pre-scalp ticket (I think 1000 kids get in free per game, maybe), and the kids doing 100% of the work are given free room and board.

So, I don't asscoiate with it. I actually feel better buying marijuana than I do watching the NCAA Tournament.

But I do owe you some analysis, so here we go...

Who to bet on

What you do, every year, is bet on either North Carolina, Duke, and/or:

  • a big northern school, like UConn, Michigan, Indiana, or something like that. Go with the highest seed.
  • a Southern school that can't play football (use the Carolina schools for this if you can't decide between UNC and Duke). Generally, this is either Kentucky or whatever slave state is paying their players the most that particular year, ie Louisville, Memphis, etc...).
  • a west coast team, generally Arizona or UCLA.

If your bracket doesn't end with those Final 4 scenarios... well, in any given year, you might be right... but, year to year, over and over, you're going to lose.

Good luck with your brackets! Go Harvard!

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