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Back in Time at the Red Cottage Restaurant

Going to The Red Cottage Restaurant on 36 Old Bass River Road in Dennis has always been nostalgic for me. It's not that I have old memories of going there with family but many people do. Many of the memories that I do have are fairly new and packed with wonderful flavors and foods. For me, it's like going back in time to the fifties and suddenly memories and flavors return to me as I feel like I am home and back at the dinner table with my family. The Red Cottage Reataurant has always been a favorite breakfast and lunch spot for me, but since June and until September 2 they have been serving the "Summertime Suppers" Wednesday thur Sunday  from 5 to 8pm and the food is delicious. I started this visit with a cup of rich creamy Seafood Chowder that was ever so lovingly prepared with salmon, swordfish, haddock, shrimp, scallops and clams. Every spoonful brought pleasure to my tastebuds as each was filled with a new seafood experience and there wasn't room for crackers. I felt as if I had stopped by a local fisherman's home and he shared the bounty of his morning catch as each piece of seafood blended well to create a symphony of flavors. My only regret was that I had not ordered a bowl but I had other flavors to taste and I didn't know  just where the meal would take me. Our cheerful waitress presented us with a Johnny Cake hot off the grill which was a pancake made of fine cornmeal which tasted ever so savory with a little maple syrup. It was like the New England equivalent of tortillas, a cornmeal flatbread that many settlers took along for their journeys. The next surprise was their signature salad which was a simple plate of salad greens tossed with a balsamic homemade dressing with a sprinkling of blue cheese goodness. Simple and good, just the kind of salad that Grandma would serve. I ordered the Seafood Alfedo which served in a rich Alfredo sauce and laced iwth tender pieces of lobster, shrimp, and scallops. It was served with toasted garlic bread and the taste was rich in seafood freshness. My friend decided on Char-grilled Sirloin Tips which were marinated in their own special sauce which had a hint of teriyaki flavor. It was cooked to perfection and tender to the bite served with a baked potato and fresh green beans. Their dinner menu looks good with many great choices and their homestyle cooking leaves me planning a return visit. The wait staff are all very pleasant and sure to make your visit a memoriable one. Thanks Red Cottage for an awesome experience!!!

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Chilling at Scargo's Cafe in Dennis

Traveling along route 6a or route 28 will deliver you many options for delicious food here on Cape Cod, it's just a matter of knowing just what you might like. On a casual Sunday afternoon we decided we wanted the comfort and creaminess of the best Grapenut Pudding that I have ever tasted so we headed to Scargo's Cafe in Dennis on route 6 in Dennis. The test of any good restaurant and chef is to duplicate the taste of a an excellent recipe and keep thr flavors so that each experience is as good as the first time and for years Scargo's has always delivered for me. Their menu is ever changing and the chef stays current with the times and food trends to deliver interesting tasteful food blends. Just a look at their Apps and Starters always leaves me wanting to return as they offer some very inventive salads, Shrimp or Tuna Martinis, Smoked Old Bay Wings and even a Charcuterie Board with assorted Italian meats, cheeses, and spreads. It all has to start somewhere so, we decided to try their Clam Chowder which was simple and creamy with the fresh flavor of clams and potaoes. Their burgers have always been a favorite of mine so my friend Naomi decided on the Pretzel Burger served on a fresh "Pennsylvania" pretzel roll grilled to perfection and rich in flavor with lettuce, tomatoes and fries. Sue my seafood lover decided on the Grilled Swordfish flamed grilled with lemon butter, herbed rice and fresh grilled asparagus. It was simplistic and so good allowing all the fresh flavors to combine into a tasteful harmony. I decided on the Scampi Flatbread which was sautéed shrimp, garlic butter, tomato, basil, and mozzarella all grilled on top of a rustic flatbread. It was just the perfect bite of Italian goodness and with a glass of good Chardonnay, one could feel heavenly. They have many other good choices which you can find if you click on the menu icon here. Thanks Scargo's Cafe for delivering consistency and keeping the flavors alive!!

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Anejo Mexican Bistro Brings on the Smoke to Cape Cod

If you are not an adventerous soul who seeks new flavors or loves mexican food , then stay clear. But from the moment you step into Anjeo Mexican Bistro on 188 Main Street in Falmouth and now on 599 Main Street in Hyannis, you will be transported to South of the Border with the flavors of smokey mexican spices, avocados and fresh cilantro. We have been wanting to try this bistro for some time and a beautiful day at the Street Fair on Main Street provide an excellent back drop to arts and craft tents along the way. The meal always begins well with warm tortilla chips and a bowl of freshly prepared salsa. It helps to invite you and entice you into the many flavors as mexican food and you parooze the menu and develop your plan for the day. I decided on the Main Street Corn which was grilled corn on the cob, topped with a garlic- chili aioli ( garlic chili mayonaise), cojita cheese ( white briney and creamy), grilled lime and fresh cliantro. The flavors all blended together and the freshness from the cilantro made it all come alive. My friend Sue tried the Chipolte Stung Lobster Bisque which combined the rich creamy tomato base with a hint of chipotte, tortilla, corn and black bean pico. Her only regret I feel was that you didn't order the bowl for just two dollar more. I decided to go lite and ordered the Crab Tostada which was flakes of Jumbo Lump Crab sprinkled on top of a bed of shredded romaine, with bite size pieces of avocado, tomato, onion, lime lightly flavored with a cilantro aoili dressing and a spicy house habanero sauce for dipping ( if I was feeling adventerous). It was a blend of light flavors and it still left the crab as a the center of the meal with a crispy tortilla underneath all that goodness. My friend Noami loves her Burritos and ordered the Classic Burrito with was two steamed flour tortillas filled with her choice of grilled achiote marinated chicken topped with a mole sauce ( fruit, chili pepper, nut and such spices as black pepper, cinnamon, cumin, and chocolate) with pinto beans, mexican rice, pico di gallo, and sour cream. It was delicious and tad spicy but a good beer or margarita could cool it down a bit. Sue kept with her seafood theme and decided on the Langosta which was ancho-glazed local lobster wrapped in a corn tortilla with fire roasted corn and a chipotle cream and  sprinkled with Oaxaca-jack cheese and sour cream. It was smokey and delicious and delivered a mexican twist all blended with the fresh lobster. The fresh Guacamole is delicous and a vision as it is made tableside with enough for two or more. But beyond the drinks I wanted dessert to see just want Anejo's could deliver.The Chocolate Avocado Pudding easy ever so creamy and rich with a dark chocolate flavoring dusted on top with churro hay (churro is a fried-dough pastry)  and whipped cream. I felt as though I was not cheating because of the healthy ingredients of avocados and dark chocolate. Also the Coco bread pudding was decadent and flavorful with light hints of coco and the sweetness of mango and rum surrounded by a mango rum sauce and topped with whipped cream. There is so much more to try as I encourage you check out the menu and plan your attack. I am impressed with this fine Mexican Bistro and will be returning. Thanks for a Great dining experience!!

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Family Traditions at Lindsey's Restaurant

There is a family restaurant that has been in business since 1948 and has been delivering some very delicious New England Cuisine and that is Lindsey's Restaurant on Cranberry Highway in East Wareham. Our intended destination was another restaurant over the bridge which has just opened this year. While their views were spectacular, their menu offerings were a mere one page selection with very limited choices. My friends were a little disappointed so I decided to venture over the bridge, which may seem like nothing to you brave hearted travelers but is like an excursion through bustling traffic and turnabouts. I have been a long time fan of Lindsey's Restaurant and I knew that they could satisfy even the most finicky of customers. Inside its casual, cool and a bit like going home for a family visit which a vast array of menu choices. Our beginning was easy, at least for two of us seafood lovers as we decided to try "Lindsey's World Famous Seafood Bisque" and it delivered all that they had promised. It was creamy with a hint of sherry and filled with fresh scallops, shrimp and lobster and blended together to make for a warm spoonful of heaven with each bite. It has certainly become my fast favorite for a seafood bisque and my friend Sue will also be returning for more of that sweet seafood cup of goodness. If you read any of my blogs, you will know that I am always in search for the best stuffed quahog and I found a tanilizing choice here. Their stuffed quahog is a blend of chopped quahogs,red and green peppers, chourico ( if you are portuguese you must use ground linguicia or chourico in your stuffing) with a secret blend of breads and spices. It was sweet with that special bread blend ( hmm..sweet bread or hawaii roll bread) and ever so savory and delicious. For me it stands out for its original creativity and taste. I love to cook and I find in my ventures out, that I am inspired many times by these outstanding chefs to recreate my old recipes or learn new ones. As my journey continued I decided to try the Baked Stuffed Shrimp which were tender and sweet jumbo shrimp enhanced with a savory crabmeat stuffing which was a perfect marriage to this seafood lover's tastebuds. My adventurous friend Sue decided on The Blackened Swordfish with a special blend of cajun seasoning complimented with rice and fresh green beans. The swordfish was moist and ever so flavorful. My non seafood friend Naomi was adventurous and broke out of her shell to try a special Mediterranean Chicken Sandwich which was grilled chicken with feta,olives and spinach and oh so creamy good. The food was outstanding and ever so delicious and left us too full to try dessert, but we will be returning. A shout out to our wonderful server Sissy and all who work at Lindsey's as they are all pleasant and friendly to us weary travelers.

Thanks Lindsey's !!

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Best Sandwich in Sandwich

 British Beer Company, Dan’l Webster Inn & Spa, Holly Ridge Club, Industry Ale House Restaurant, Marshland Restaurants, Moto Pizza, Off The Grid, Sagamore Inn, The BBQ Sandwich, Surf’s Up, and Uncommon Café all competed for the best sandwich in Sandwich on June 30 for the 10th Annual Sandwichfest. The competition was strong  and the sandwiches were layered with special seasonings and sauces all to tantilize and awaken our taste buds to new flavors. This year was special as the people who purchased tickets to participate in the People Choice Award were allowed to sample all of the sandwiches and what a task it was.  The chefs at Holly Ridge Golf Club created a sandwich called the "Fairway" which had sliced turkey breast, baby spinach, red onion, applewood smoked bacon, Brie cheese and fig puree on a fresh ciabatta roll. The sandwich was delicious and the flavors of the creamy Brie cheese and sweet after taste of the fig puree really made this sandwich outstanding. They won this year and have previously in 2016 won the Judge's award for their "BLTCB" sandwich which was Applewood smoked bacon, harvests greens, ripe tomatoes, english cucumber, Boursin cheese on a ciabatta roll. They really seemed to have the talent for combining new ingrients to enhance a somewhat ordinary sandwich and make it extraordinary. I was equally impressed with Surf's Up and their "Sweet Graziella" which included turkey, bacon, fresh mozzarela cheese, and tomatoes topped off with a sweet basil drizzle. The sweet drizzle of basil really awaken the sandwich and made the whole taste come alive. The Sagamore Inn invented the "Cape Cod Reuban" which included grilled rye bread, swiss cheese with their own creation of russian dressing and lobster all topped with coleslaw. It was delicious and for a reuban lover it was heavenly.  The BBQ Sandwich offered "The Hooked on Sandwich" and it was filled with Smoked Pit beef and topped with a delicious "Shark Sauce" that included horseradish, onions, mayo and bbq sauce, topped with sweet Vidalia onion. It was smokey and sweet with a little kick and oh so good.  Off the Grid created "The Pig Lebowski" which was slow cooked pork stacked with cole slaw, pickle fries and their delicious house bbq sauce on a mini brioche roll. It too was flavorful and a great pulled pork sandwich. Marshland  created the "Ultimate Chicken Sandwich" which included grilled chicken breast with lettuce, tomato, bacon, swiss cheese and their famous house dressing. It was fresh and the salad dressing enhanced the flavor of the overall sandwich, The Uncommon Cafe presented the "Muffuletta Sandwich" which include hot capocolla, genoa salami, homemade olive spread, pepperoncini, tomato and prolone all on a sweet roll. This too was a delicious sandwich but next time I would have my pepperoncini on the side. It was a great experience and I will gladly attend again next year and especially since we were able to sample all the sandwiches. I have now found two new food trucks to visit  and a quite a few restaurants to visit for lunch. Great Food is around every corner on Cape Cod. Thanks to all the great chefs out there!!

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Quarterdeck Still Alive With Lots Of Flavor

The Quarterdeck on a ship is the raised deck behind the main mast on a sailing ship. It is traditionally where the Captain commanded his vessel and where most ceremonies took place. For over 40 years The Quarterdeck Restaurant on 164 Main Street in Falmouth has been serving up some of the best food on Cape Cod. It's hard to tell from just outer appearances but the chef here has his finger on the pulse of new food trends and blending flavors is an art he has mastered, Much of the interior wood has been salvaged from the MacDougall’s Boatyard in Falmouth Harbor and the interior has been designed to give you the feeling of being below deck on a sailing vessel. For years I have driven by this fine restaurant and took it for granted, thinking it was just a pub with the usual food choices. But it wasn't until I made my visit that I totally got hooked from the wood, some of which dates back to the 1600's that gave me the feeling of being aboard a sailing vessel to the tantilizing presentation of the food, which opened my taste buds to new flavors. Their menu offers an inventive selections of cocktails and food choices sure to please just about every weary traveler.The Clam Chowder is a must with a creamy flavorful goodness that has a gentle herby back note that leaves you wanting more. A stuffed Quahog is a must choice if you know me in my travels to find the best, and this one proved to be an awesome contender with again an ever so lightly blend of herbs, quahogs and breadcrumbs. My non seafood friend ordered a Grilled Chicken Panni with tomatoes,lettuce and cheese that was perfect blend.of flavors and freshness. Our seafood expert Sue ordered a Blackened Swordfish with a Tequila Glaze and Pineapple Salsa with rice and green beans. I am not a Swordfish lover but the preparation and taste were awesome and made me wished that I had ordered that. My dish was equally impressive as I had ordered the Citrus Coconut Baked Scallops with a Gremolada Sauce ( a herb condiment classically made of lemon zest, garlic, parsley and anchovy) with mashed potaoes and green beans. It was flavors that I have never thought of combining and cooked to perfection. The whole dining experience left me with a flood of ideas and creations that I could try. The Chef here is truely amazing and I will be returning often to sample more of his creations. They may be over 40 years in business but The Quaterdeck knows how to deliver an awesome dining experience and they have kept with the times and food trends. Check on the highlighted words for a link to check out their menu. Thanks for an Awesome Dining Experience!!!

A taste of Italy at Gerardi's Cafe

It all started out with a gift certificate but turned into a love affair with a Chef who knows how to prepare a symphony of flavors in a single dish. I have passed by Gerardi's Cafe on route 28 in South Yarmouth many times and never thought much about stopping in to sample their menu offerings until recently. The owners are Sasha and Diego Gerardi and are talented at creating a dining experience which makes for memories not long forgotten from the cozy Italian inspired decor to the flavorful delicious dishes and peaceful flowing classical music. The couple seems to know what most important about making a dining experience into an extraordinary dining experience. Gerardi's Cafe opens at 4pm and it would be wised to make reservations.We decided to try the "Prix Fixe Menu" which is served until 530pm and changes daily according to the Chef's finds and creativity. I have returned several times and it seems that everyone who joins me decides on the same appettizer, so my review is limited to the the delicious Arancini, which are stuffed arborio rice balls with mozzarella coated with bread crumbs and deep fried serve on a rich flavorful marina sauce. From the first bite of the Arancini and the creamy mozzarella rice blending with my marina and basil, I became a fast fan. Let me back track and just add the fresh bread and dipping sauce with roasted peppers were the first hello to a dining experience that I would not long forget. Naomi 's choice was Chicken Broccoli Alfredo Penne which was rich with fresh broccoli flowerettes and flavorful tender chicken and a creamy sauce. I decided on the Shrimp Scampi with Linguini which was outstanding and bursting with the flavors of wine, lemon, shrimp and lightly kissed with garlic. My friend Sue decided to order off the Prix Fixe and decided on the Veal Chop which was a 16oz veal chop grilled to perfection on top of gorgonzola mashed potatoes, Pomodoro sauce,and mixed veggies. Sue decided to not have the potatoes and asked for more veggies on the side. Their Lassagna is outstanding with layers of Italian cheeses, fresh pasta sheets, sliced homemade meatballs and italian sausages all bended and blanketed in a rich flavorful Marina Sauce. Another outstanding choice is the Clams Linguini served with baby spinach and ever so light and flavorful with small pieces of clams. I was a little hesitant at first but the spinach and clams with cheese blended so well together. A meal is not complete without a little sweetness to even out the savory flavors and their dessert selection is very tempting. My friend Sue tried their Tiramisu which a popular coffee-flavoured Italian dessert that is made of ladyfingers dipped in coffee,layered with a whipped mixture of eggs, sugar, and mascarpone cheese, flavoured with cocoa. Sue is my Tiramisu expert and quickly declared this to be the best that she has ever tasted. The Lemon Ricotta Cheesecake with a Rasberry Sauce was truely awesome and light with a fresh creamy lightly lemon flavor. On my travels to many restaurants as many of you know from your own experiences, its hard to find a Chef who knows how to blend and keep the flavors in his dishes. Chef Diego has not failed me yet on each of my visits. Thanks to Gerardi's Cafe for an awesome dining experience. Enjoy the pictures and hope they do justice to the delicious food.

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All the Essence of Cape Cod at The Pilot House

It all starts with a creamy flavorful cup of savory clam chowder that is sure to be one of the toughest contenders at the Chowderfeast this June. The Pilot House is truely a must stop for all who enjoy the fine flavors of chef who really knows how to please his customers. After a little exercising in preparation for my food exploration trails for the summer on Cape Cod, I am ready to boldly go out and help you all find some good restaurants as you plan your busy summer season. Along with my two foodie friends Sue and Naomi we venture out to The Pilot House which offers great views of the Sandwich Marina. We agreed that the chowder was outstanding with a great savory flavor that left us wanting more. I had to try the Stuffed Quahog which was flavorful with a hint of savory spices and a little heat. My main attraction was the Seafood Pot Pie which had lobster, shrimp, scallops, haddock and asparagus baked in a light lobster sherry cream sauce, topped with a puff pastry. The seafood was fresh and the sherry cream sauce ever so flavorful as it blanket my delicious seafood with asparagus bites to add more depth. My friend Sue is my seafood expert and she decided on the Fried Seafood Platter which included schrod, shrimp, scallops, clams and oysters serve on top sweet potato fries for a delicious change of pace. Sue was impressed with the fresh lightly battered seafood and is ready to return again. Naomi is my non seafood lover and my Cape Cod historian, decided on the Rueban Grille which offers choice of lean corned beef or turkey, sauerkraut, swiss cheese and thousand island dressing on marble rye. She decided on the corned beef version which was filled and ever so flavorful. They have lots of choices on the menu and you will find yourself wanting to return for more food adventures. Their drink menu offers lot of inventive cocktails for the weary travelers who yearns for something new. I know it will be my favorite summer hang out and I want to offer Thanks to an amazing chef and wait staff.

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It's All About Oscar's and Food

It's Oscar time again and this year I am ready to celebrate the magic and craziness of Hollywood, and create a menu of appetizers and treats to honor the nominees As a child I remember what a special treat it was to attend the saturday matinee with my mom and later stop at our favorite chinese restaurant. Those memories will be with me for the rest of my days and on Oscar night mom and I would pick our favorites and watch to see who won the Oscars. Somehow the movies then were magestic and epic in presentation, unfolding before our eyes and taking us to places that we had never been. Gone With The Wind, Titanic, Forest Gump, Rain Man, The English Patient, 2001 A Space Odessey, Dances with Wolves, Driving Miss Daisy, Out of Africa, Sound of Music, Doctor Zhivago and so many more that have left lots of fond  memories and lasting impressions upon this girl. My mom has since past away and the movies have changed greatly, yet I decided to give Hollywood and the movies another chance this year. So with my list of the 9 nominees in hand I began my journey to see each of the nominated movies and create an appetizer to reflect the storyline and perhaps pick the best picture.

Get Out was my first venture into a secuded estate in the woods where a young Afrian American goes to meet his girl friend's parent which turns into a weekend of hell as her mom hypotizes him with a click of a teaspoon against a teacup. For this movie I decided on a High Tea Cocktail made with black tea, cardamon, ginger, gin and a little sweet vermouth, and a simple stirring of your spoon and sip will leave you feel a little fuzzy. Call Me By Your Name took me to Italy in the summertime on a leisurely path of romance between a 17 year old and his father's research assisant Oliver. The Villa the family owns has peach and apricot trees and if you have seen the movie you will understand my choice of Peaches Stuffed With Amaretti Cookies for a sweet taste. Lady Bird had me watching a turbulent relationship between mother and daughter with the young girl learning to find her wings as she ventures far from Sacramento, California to New York to find her niche. For this movie my choice is an assortment of chicken wings from my favorite stop Dj's Wings ( Garlic Parmesan/Buffalo/BBg) because Lady Bird was looking for wings to fly. Phathom Thread took me into the London couture world with a designer living a lonely regimented life with his sister, until he finds love. But love and strict regimented routines don't always blend and it soon becomes I love you to almost death marriage. For this movie I decided on a basic stuffed mushroom to kill or not. Darkest Hour took me to Britan as I meet the newly appointed Prime Minister Winston Churchill who decided whether to negotiate with Adolf Hitler, or fight on against incredible odds. His wife Clemmie often called him "Pig" in the movie, which I assume was a nickname between them. So my choice of appetizer for this movie are Mini Pork Pies with a little British influence. The next movie Dunkirk felt like a sequel to Darkest Hour as I was transported to the beach of Dunkirk, France were the Germans were battling with the French and British soldiers and Churchill sent several sailing vesels and ships to evacuate his soldiers. I will served Shrimp Stuffed potatoes to represent the many boats filled with those soldiers. The Post took me into the newspaper world as the country's first female publisher and her editor joined a battle to uncover a cover up that spanned four U.S.Presidents. For this movie I picked a Mini Sandwich Buffet like the editor's wife made for her husband vigilant team of reporters working on hidden lies. Three Billboards Outside Ebbing,Missouri showed me a peak of midwest life and fragilty of our one mindness. In this movie I felt a wide range of emotions in a short period of time. A mother who needed closure for her daughter's senseless murder, a sheriff with cancer and his second in command officer with a penchant for violence all collide in a world of misunderstanding. For this movie I will make Missouri Ribs with beer to feel the Missouri spirit.. And last but not least I was transported into a fantasy love story with The Shape of Water. Although no words were spoken by the mute cleaning lady, Elisa took me into her world of loneliness and survival. She found love where she didn't expect at the research laboratory where she worked. He wasn't human but he had feelings and she needed to help him. And to think it all started with an offer of an egg, so for this movie I will prepare an assortment of deviled eggs. Well now you have a peak at my menu for sunday night as I watch the Oscar's.

And the movies that most impressed me for Best Movie is a tie between 3 Bill Boards in Missouri and Shape of Water because they each enlightened me on human emotions, but Shape of Water should win. Best Actor should go to Gary Oldman who made me rethink history and Winston Churchill in Darkest Hour. I am torn for the Best Actress with Sally Hawkins in Shape of Water, Saoirse Ronan in Lady Bird and Frances McDormand in 3 Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri. I think Frances McDormand as the grieving mother should win for 3 Billboards. For the Best Supporting Actor Sam Rockwell as the moody Dixon in Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri. Best Supporting Actress should be Allison Janney as Tonya Hardings mom in I, Tonya. Best Director should be Guillermo del Toro for The Shape of Water. Good Luck to all the nominees and happy eating to you all.

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Homestyle Cooking at Wimpy's Seafood Cafe

Baby it's been cold outside and if you are like me, fighting a cold that has just wanted to hang on with the freezing winter weather. But to get better we need to nourish our body with good healthy foods and when you need that cozy homestyle cooking, you need to go to a dependable place like Wimpy's Seafood Cafe in Osterville Village. I have made several visits to Wimpy's and I can honestly say that I have never been disappointed with the service or delicious food. On this cold January afternoon my friends and myself were pleased and are sure to return to sample more from their awesome menu. Their chowder was not super thick and creamy but deliciously light and full of clam and potato goodness. The stuffed quahog had an italian flavor with a light breadcrumb stuffing with bits of quahog was equally delicious. I had the Baked Stuffed Shrimp which were cooked to perfection with a light simple seafood stuffing served with my choice of pickled beets and chunky whipped potatoes. One of my friends opted for the New England favorite Roasted Turkey with a savory herby stuffing, creamy butternut squash and chunky whipped potatoes. And my other friend tried the Baked Stuffed Sole Newberg with a seafood stuffing and topped with a creamy flavorful Newberg Sauce with rice and butternut squash. It was like going back home and the visit could not end without something sweet to complete the memory. And we were not disappointed with a good slice of the creamy goodness of their Grapenut Custard with a dollop of whipped cream. A visit to the store out front could keep you prepared for the days that you can't leave your home as they sell some of the menu's favorite selections for you to take home and heat up whenever you want. All in all, it's a great stop and I am sure you will find something to please you on the menu. Thanks Wimpy's!!!

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