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Along the Breakfast Trail At The Pancake Man

Who can make the sunshine and chase away the blues, The Pancake Man can because he mixes it with love and makes your food taste good. Okay maybe that's not how you remembered that song but I was singing it today after I stopped by to visit The Pancake Man. The coffee was good and as I said the start of a good breakfast is a good cup of coffee. The menu offers lots of choices from Breakfast served in a Skillet, a Breakfast Burger, Breakfast Nachos, Omelettes, French Toast, Eggs and of course Your choice of Pancakes. It took me awhile to decide as I went through every possible combo before deciding on the 2 sausage, 2 thick slices of Applewood smoked bacon, 2 eggs over easy, Homefries and toast. The homefries might look burnt but they were the right kind of toasty flavorful potaoes that I love. My friend choose the 2 eggs scrambled with 4 fluffy plate sized Buttermilk Pancakes. Simple but delicious and the service was good. Having lived on Cape Cod, I had always avoided the Pancake Man because of the crowds and thought it was more of a tourist stop, but now it has joined the list of one of my favorite breakfast spots. Worth the stop.

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Along the Breakfast Trail At Red Cottage

Hey it's Friday and sunny, but there were a few snow flakes and a cold breeze to start the day. It was time for a trip back in time to a place when we were care free and all we cared about was what beach we were going to and if our radio was tuned to the right station. It is great to visit the Red Cottage on the off season because you are more likely to find a parking space. The crowds always dictate the popularity of the restaurants and I often like to see what all the hype is about.This is my second visit to the Red Cottage and they have never disappointed me in service, food or presentation. If you are a person that is tired of the same old choices for breakfast then you will enjoy looking over their menu which reads like of book of breakfast dreams. Everything from crepes to popovers and more are offered. I decide on the New England Puritan Breakfast which included two perfectly poarched eggs on baked beans with a grilled Vermont bone in slice of ham and brown bread. It was like going back in time for me, I was a kid all over again sitting in front of the television with my tv tray and good food. My friend decided on the Extra Thick Cinnamon French Toast which tasted even better than it smelled and it was rich, light and flavorful. If you love nostalgia and good food, then you have got to visit the Red Cottage. It's a Cape Cod Tradition.

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Blending a Way to a Healthier Lifestyle with a Banana, Pineapple Smoothie

We all live a busy lifestyle and at times barely have enought time to breath or eat properly. There's fast food and sometimes we just grab something quick out of the refrigerator. Who has time to sit down to a home cookd meal with all the proper ingredients that makes it a healthy meal. As you can guess this year I am tring to be healthy and somehow fit it into my lifestyle. It's all about eating less but eating or in this case, drinking healthy. There is plenty of information about juicing and smoothies in magazines, books and televison shows. Everyone has lots to share with us but we must be careful as consumers and the pilot of this vessel we travel in. We have control of what we eat and drink. We have to decide on what amount of calories we need to maintain an optimal weight so that we can avoid health problems and live a more happier life. I am not a very healthy sit down eat a balanced meal person and very often cook something quick, usually a meat dish and forget to include the rest.Making a juice or smoothie gives me the chance to continue with my grab and go lifestyle but snack on or include my much needed fruits and veggies on the run.

Today I decided to blend a few ingredients that I had around the house to make a Banana,Pineapple,Apple Smoothie. Each ingredient has health benefits which could be disputed but if you blend your smoothies yourself, you choose the ingredients and make it fresh without chemicals.So try making smoothies and juices yourself you will be surprised by the good taste you can create. I bought a good book called The Juice Lady's Big Book of Juices and Green Smoothies and found it to be helpful, but there is lots of info out there. Eat Healthy and Have Fun!

Banana,Pineapple and Apple Smoothie
1 Banana peeled
2 slices of Pineapple
1 Apple cored and sliced
1 inch piece peeled ginger
4oz unsweetened Vanilla Almondmilk
1 tbsp Chia Seed
Blend together.

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Along the Breakfast Trail At Hangar B

On yet another rainy friday this girl decided to visit the Chatham Airport and visit a most talked about legend. TheHangar B which experienced some extensive fire damge last October arose from it ashes and opened again this week all shining and ready for the summer crowd. The chef has vast experienced and worked at the Chatham Bars Inn and offers a creative but somewhat limited menu at present but there are daily specials. The chef creates everything from potato buttermilk doughnuts,which looked delicious, muffins, raspberry red wine vinegar jam, strawberry thyme balsamic jam and lemon curd. Even the coffee is a special blend which is flavorful and reminds me a little of Starbuck's. It's not, but it is good and a great coffee makes a good breakfast. The menu is bit pricey for me but when you have all this creativity and fresh local ingredients one must expect to pay the price. So I decided to venture into a new breakfast taste and chose the Red Flannel Hash which was beet, sweet potato,yukon potato,bacon hash topped with 2 poached eggs with laced on flavorful horshradish creme fraiche and sourdough toast. I love beets and they are highly nutritious and a “cardiovascular health” friendly root vegetable and I happen to love horshradish too so my decision was easy. The flavor of the beets was delicious and at times it was hard to distinguish the sweet potato from the beets or potatoes and the horshradish creme fraiche kick it all up while the poach eggs made it savory. The sourdough bread was delicious and toasted to perfection and a good accompaniment to the meal. So it may be a little pricey, but it is good. I think I will be trying to recreate this dish at home. It's good.

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Quahog Hunting for the Best Stuffie...Lambert's Rainbow Fruit

When is a fruit stand more than a fruit stand? When you stop at Lambert's Rainbow Fruit and Deli you will find so much more and you really need to stop in because words could never decribe all that they have to offer. Just know if you are looking for soups, salads, and any prepared food because you are tired and don't want to cook, stop by you might find something you will surely love.

My quest for a great stuffed quahog came from a friend who told me that they made the best stuffed quahogs that she had tried locally. One would think that living on Cape Cod a virtual big island surrounded by beaches and water, that you could find some great stuffed quahogs but they are hard to come by. They do get a little more expensive once you cross over those bridges to this great island and I find very often you can't buy one for less than five dollars. At Lambert's it was just under five dollars and made from bread,linguica,onions and chopped quahogs. It was delicious, moist with small pieces of linguica and nice bit size pieces of quahog.No over powering spices just a hint of spiciness(pepper) and a good natural fresh flavor that all combined to make this quahog a great tasting stuffie and one I will return to buy.

Along the Breakfast Trail At Keltic Kitchen

Rainy mornings seem to be my inspiration for a good hearty breakfast, especially if I need to cheer myself up and have a lot to do. Keeping busy after a good breakfast eases the guilt of cheating on such savory good foods but if you can't finish it, then you got great left overs. I headed out with my favorite breakfast companion my brother, who claims that we haven't hit a bad breakfast yet and today was no exception. In the heat of the summer season people are willing to wait 30 to 60 minutes for a chance to partake of  the Keltic Kitchen scrumptious breakfast selections, but today there was no wait but a steady stream of customers.

Our waitress was only too happy to point us in the direction we needed as read over the menu trying to decide which path we wanted to go. She announced that they were just cooking up seafood this morning and that was all my brother needed to decide on the Seafood Hash. It was lobster, scallops, shrimp, clams, finely chopped potatoes with peppers and onions served with his choice of eggs over easy and freshly baked and lightly toasted brown bread. It was fresh and very flavorful from the fresh ingredients and not covered by any spices. It was delicious. I picked the 2x2 which included 2 eggs, 2 pancakes, 2 Irish Sausage and 2 strips of bacon. Their Irish Sausage is the best and made my breakfast choice a stand out delicious one. I have been to the Keltic Kitchen several times and have never been disappointed and neither will you. If I didn't live on Cape Cod and was vacationing here, I would wait for their great breakfast.

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Along the Breakfast Trail At Sandi's Diner

Another rainy friday morning and we went out exploring the next breakfast stop. Just about any road on Cape Cod will lead you to a breakfast spot, but finding a good one may be a little tricky for some. Not for us this morning when an opened parking spot in front of Sandi's Diner beckoned us to stop in and try this quaint little hideaway. It may be small but the menu offers lots to choose from and the coffee is very good. I always have a difficult time deciding and found the " I Can't Decide" which offered a pancake, a mini waffle, 1 slice of bacon, 1egg and 1 sausage patty very good and a choice you won't regret. The waffle and pancake were thick, but light and very flavorful.My Friend picked the 2 eggs scrambled, 2 slices of bacon, homefries and a grilled homemade blueberry muffin. No wonder Sandi's Diner is so busy in the summer, its great.

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Cooking on Cape Cod with Atlantic Spice Company


Cooking is a bonding experience it allows us to create memories and some times just the smell of certain spices or foods will transport us back into time. During difficult times, it can be very comforting to go back in time and remember the memories attached to certain foods. When you enter the Atlantic Spice Company in Truro, your nose will awaken those memories and soon you will be planning your next food adventure. If you are not sure what to use some of those wonderful smelling spices for, you will find  book shelves filled with ideas and cookbooks of every ethnic heritage. There are pots and pans, unique cooking utensils, teas, beans, rice, nuts and in other words it's a cook's paradise. If you are not a great cook you are inspired to become one just by being in the Atlantic Spice Company Shop. Sure you can buy spices anywhere else and even for a dollar; but how long have they been hanging around?  The shelf life is usually thought to be 6 months or less.So with that thought in mind, maybe it's time to clean your spice shelf and rediscover some spices and family recipes, and maybe even discover new spices, spice blends or recipes.

One of my favorite spice blends is Herbs De Provence which is a blend of Rosemary, Thyme, Savory, Fennel Seeds, Basil, Lavender, and Marjoram.This is their custom house blend. This is a spice mix of  sweet French herbs and lavender with flavorful Italian herbs. Authentic, commonly used blend for stews, meat dishes, and sassy sautees. I used it in a Chicken Provencal and it was delicious but I am sure that some of you will have even more recipes to try it in.

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Cooking on Cape Cod with Spice Merchant


While celebrating the holidays is all about traditions and passing on those family cherished recipes, I find that creating new recipes and traditions can be even more fun. My New Year's goal this year is to finally use all those products and tools that I have collected over the years. Whether it be one of those shopping channels who enticed me into buying the next new gadget that I just couldn't live without or those stacks of clipped recipes that one day I would try whenever I just had the time, this year I want to develop more skills and use all that I have collected.

We are lucky on Cape Cod to have lots of resources available to help make us a better cook. We have great Farmer's Markets, seafood delivered fresh, spices, oils, specialty vinegars and lot of places where we can find those unique gadgets to make our cooking fun and easy. And so I am off and running this year to grow and maybe become a better cook. My first stop is find spices, something different to add a little more flavor and life to my food. I stopped by the Spice Merchant in Mashpee Common's and found a cute little spice and tea shop that has a lot to offer. There are many choices available and one might get overwhelmed and run out the door, but stick around and sniff out you next ingredient to cook with and you will be surprised.Spices don't really have much of a shelf life so maybe it's time to refresh your supply.

I tried the Boater's Blend which is hand mixed from dill weed, onion, salt, chives, celery seed, garlic, pepper, arrowroot, shallots, sugar, and mustard. It's suggested as a veggie seasoning but I have used it as a rub on chicken, pork and steak. You can sprinkle on top of your choice and grill or bake and the finished products will make you wanting more. I have used it with potato salad, mashed potatoes, mixed veggies and fish.This is a very flavorful blend for making cracker spread, chip, or vegetable dip!  Add one tablespoon mix to eight ounces of sour cream or cream cheese.Blend thoroughly and refrigerate for an hour; serve and enjoy! All the ingredients are out there, we just have to start exploring.


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Along the Breakfast Trail at Persy's Place in Hyannis


Well if you are looking for something different and are tired of the same old choices you need to stop by Percy's Place.There is one in Hyannis on Main Street across from the Cape Cod Train Depot, in Falmouth on NorthMain Street and in Mashpee on Route 28. Make sure you have some time because the menu selections are filled with so many choices you might get lost but one thing is for sure, you will have breakfast your way and it will be delicious.

I love to venture out for breakfast during the cold winter/spring months because you get to taste some great food without the crowds, so my friend and I chase away the cold blues with good food. My friend decided on the Persy's Omelet with American cheese, tomato, onion and bacon which came with her choice of two sides. The choice of sides is what makes your breakfast special with at least fifteen choices. She decided on toast and home fries, which were cooked lightly browned and well seasoned. I picked the Stuffed Mushroom Omelet which had sauteed mushrooms and herb stuffing with a flavorful light Hollandaise Sauce. For my sides I choose the hash browns and white toast. In all the breakfast was good and Persy's has become another favorite along my Breakfast Trail.

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