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Therapy Under the Tent

Melissa is calm, cool and sings the songs of deep emotions. She tells the stories of love lost and found. Everything will be all right with a little time and faith. In between sets she tells stories from her life that connect us with her even more. Her day was spent sailing with the Kennedy's and she tries to encapsulate her day in a few sentences. Its was beautiful and serene. Being with the Kennedy's, its like being with the "Royal family" she tells us. She is like us. Melissa even got Max Kennedy to sing Me and Bobby McGee, a feat in itself as he doesn't like to sing onstage.

As you sit there listening to her songs past and present, you are reminded of the stepping stones in your own life and that surviving is sometimes the best you can do. Melissa has been through the cancer and chemo and there she stands still singing, but stronger from her battle. Fans often stand and sing and join in the concerts singing along. So if you like a sit down for a quiet concert, this isn't for you. This is a concert where people connect with the songs and join in. Thanks Melissa for a great concert.

Just wanted to share a favorite song

A Breakfast Bakery Could Be Just What You Need

Don't be turned away by the lack of parking space in front of Bonatt's Bakery and Restaurant in Harwich Port, as the next right will get you to a parking lot in back and on your way to a great breakfast experience.

The smells from the bakery might tempt you in trying their famous "Meltaway", which is a large danish-like pastry roll similar to that of a cinnamon roll with glaze and icing sure to melt in your mouth. Hey it's a Meltaway.

Whether you are feeling healthy or just a little devilish, you find something on the menu to make you smile. Greek yogurt with fresh fruit, eggs, waffles, pancakes, crepes, french toast and even quiche of the day. And added to the menu selections are the daily blackboard special that will surely make your choice a hard one. But whatever you choose you won't be disappointed. I love their home fries which are new potatoes, skin on, grilled to perfection with a flavorful seasoning and their coffee is great and that can make or break it.

Some people think that you can't mess up a breakfast but I know different and you won't be disappointed.



It's All About Water and Sand

Tons of sand have been used to create the vision of Summer on Cape Cod and the artists have done a great job. It hasn't been easy with all the rain that has caused a few changes in the events planned and the sculptures.

Most of the sculptures have been repaired but we need to ensure care that all will be able to enjoy them.

So be careful as you are out there tracking them down and taking pictures, maybe we can keep them around longer.

Enjoy the video !!


A Quahog Lover's Summer on Cape Cod

He arrived today at 1pm via a jet ski with an awaiting crowd and special body guards. Following a tradition for five years Doug, our beloved mollusk announce to the crowd that he believed the summer would be one filled with sun, fun and maybe even some good shopping. The emcee this year was Ben Sargent , the host of the Cooking show " Hook, Line and Dinner!" who also remembers the summers on Cape Cod. He has a new cookbook due out in July and he was wondering if Doug could have been responsible for trying to remove the mollusk cooking section of it. It was a fun filled afternoon and with any luck Doug's predictions will prove to be true. So it's that time again, the beginning of our summer adventure and what a great place to be here on Cape Cod.

Sharking Hunting in Chatham

They are out there and for the moment in one spot at Kate Gould Park in Chatham together for one last day. It started as a idea that became a summer kick off and a fun thing to do while vacationing on Cape Cod. Chatham always has a way of bringing art to Kate Gould Park, in the fall with their pumpkin people and now with the sharks.

At first  there were 24 sharks but with merchant enthusiasm it became 54 sharks in the exhibit in the park. Each shark is 5 feet long and sponsored by a local business who either created themselves or commissioned an artist to represent them. After June 2 it is said that the sharks will be moved to various location around town so that it will create the "shark sighting" around Chatham. This will be until the Shark Gala on August 1, when the artwork will be auctioned off to raise money for a shark and marine life education center in Chatham.

A  series of smaller sharks about 30 inches will be displayed in 38 businesses throughout Chatham from May 24 through Labor Day in a project called "Sharks in the Shops". The smaller sharks are decorated by local artists. 

It will start a "scavenger hunt" of sorts as people will be able to pick up a logbook which pictures of the sharks so that people will be able to search as they are shopping for the sharks throughout local businesses. Once the sharks have been found and the logbook is completed it can be dropped off at the information booth.

The completed log will be entered into a drawing for three gift baskets filled with gifts and gifts cards from the local Chatham merchants.

So get your logbooks ready, its going to be a Artful Fun Summer. And if you missed the Sharks in the Park, then enjoy my video and the great art. Have fun Shark Hunting!!!!!

Oscar Ready

Get the table ready with Oscar flair. As you sit by your big screen television tonight try some tasty bites with the Oscar nominees in mind.

Silver Lining Playbook is a film set in Philadelphia about a man who loses everything his house, his wife and his job who moves back with his parents.       Mini Hoagies and steak/cheese sandwiches.     Pretzels and dip.

Lincoln is a film about Abraham Lincoln.    Mini Apple Pies

Beasts of the Southern Wild is about a six year girl who is on the brink of being an orphan.  Crab Dip

 Zero Dark Thirty is about the search and capture of Bin Laden.  Hummus and Pita Chips and Chickpea Salad

 Django Unchained is a western about brutality in the antebellum South.  Mini Burgers and Bean Dip

 Life of Pi is about a young man who survives disaster at sea.   Shrimp Phyllo Boats and Cucumber Boats

 Les Miserables is about a middle age ex-convict who tries to reform himself.  Coeur a la Creme and Baked Brie

 Argo is about U.S. Embassy prisoners being harbored by the Canadian Embassy who are rescue from Tehran by CIA posing as film producers.  KFC Popcorn Chicken , Chicken Kabobs and Mini Maple Pecan Pies.

While everyone has their own version of the Oscar night buffet and everyone should, I just wanted to share some of my choices. Because Silver Lining Playbook was set in Philadelphia with a family obsessed with the a matriarch who made crabby snacks before each Eagle game, you could do anything to do with Philadelphia. And my KFC was because of a passing scene with a woman eating the chicken in the movie Argo. Have fun with your menu tonight and enjoy. 

And the winner is................................ 

Warming up the Frosty Morning

The holidays are through and decorations are slowly coming down and the frost on my windsheild is making me feel bound. Its cold and kinda dreary and 36 degrees feels like 29 .Its that time of the year when I try to get through the winter blues by visiting the breakfast spots that are so busy during the summmer in an effort to get me through the cold winter blues and into the  hopeful spring season. It also gives me a chance to sample the wonderful flavors of Cape Cod, so that I can be a culinary expert of sorts to my friends and family on just where to go for good food.

One must first start with a hearty breakfast on a cold morn'  like this and where else to go but to a friendly Ireland Homestead of sorts at the Keltic Kitchen. Upon entering, you feel like you are visitng a friend's home and are greeted by the friendly staff who welcome you in with a fresh brewed cup of coffee or tea. Its the rustic quaintness, the Irish brogue and wafting smell of cooking that all helps to make you feel like you have taken a trip of sorts. Their menu although small offers a good selection of breakfast choices with sides of Irish favorites. Rashers are the Irish version of bacon, less fatty and just a bit thicker.

Irish sausage or bangers  are made of ground pork, eggs, bread crumbs and special seasonings,  and its the seasoning that gives it that extraordinary flavor. The White Pudding is a sausage made from lard or suet,oatmeal and spices and is a sure treat. And Black Pudding is another type of sausage made from the pig's liver, oatmeal and seasonings and is compariable to the the Portuguese version of Morcilla except with different spices and is a sure treat for someone who is adventureous.

Now after that if you are up for the experience, you can sample The Keltic Fry, which will let you sample all of those food choices with two eggs served your way and a choice of  golden home fries or baked beans. And there is always a choice of fresh brown bread, scones or toast to further enhance your now overflowing breakfast plate. If you love French Toast but always have trouble on deciding what kind to get, then this your place as you will want to order the French Toast Sampler with regular, cinnamon, portuguese sweet bread, and raisin toast. Or try something different with the golden Potato Pancakes topped with scallions and sour cream or the Bacon, Apple and Cheddar Potato Pancake with a creamy savory flavor. Everything is good here.

So whether you want a traditional american breakfast or searching for something a little different to awaken your taste buds, visit the Keltic Kitchen and you wouldn't leave disappointed.

The crowds in the summer can't be wrong and now we can enjoy it without the long but worthwhile wait out the door.

And don't forget if you love the home cooked taste of Corned Beef with onions and peppers then this is your palce. Check ou their website.

Looking Towards Possibility

It's the New Year and time for fresh starts.

The morning after our celebration for this new start may leave us a little groggy and tired, but its nothing that a quick dip in the ocean wouldn't cure. An awakening of sorts with wind chills and goose bumps, making us more aware that a new day has stated and life goes on.

I always like to join that brave heart group of people who make their way to the ocean .

Event Description

Polar Bear Plunge Fundraiser on New Year's Day To Benefit Hope Dementia & Alzheimer's Services

Noon at Bank Street Beach in Harwich Port

If you want to stay warm inside, then mediate on changes to come this year.

I found this video on You Tube from a local artist. Enjoy it as I have and may the New Year bring you all that you need.

Happy New Year !!!



Remembering a Warmer Time


As I look out my window at beautiful crisp snow clinging to the trees and bushes, I sit here reminiscing of a warmer time when the leaves were slowly blowing about making way for the new growth about to happen in spring in the distance future. No matter how we try to hold back changes they inevitably come our way and sooner or later I will be silently cursing as I shovel and clean a safe path through the now wet and heavy snow.

It just makes me think about the New Year before us and whether or not I will brave the cold to welcome in the New Year in Chatham. I know that Chatham really knows how to celebrate the events of life and I enjoyed their Octoberfast with the Pumpkin People in the Park as I do every year. I hope you enjoy my video of the Pumpkin People and consider making it to First Night in Chatham.


Fast and Good Breakfast

In this day and age when fast food is just a nuke away and seconds in our hands, you have to wonder if you could have just grabbed something from home and for less money. I always enjoy a quick breakfast sandwich when I am on the go and one grows  tired of the fast food dance. It's always good the first time you have it but after repeated  visits it gets old or loses the quality that we should get. But after all it is fast food and we can't expect too much from it; or should we ?

Along my breakfast journey, I have found a local business who serves up smiles, small talk and tasty food. Bagels and Beyond serve up truly delicious fresh bagels made that morning.  Now why have a nuked sandwhich when you can have a freshly grilled sandwich made just the way you like and believe me it's always as good as the first time. The prices are reasonable with a basic egg and cheese on a bagel for 1.99. 


Start your day with a delicious Egg sandwich on a freshly baked bagel of your choice!1.69 

Egg and cheese.............................1.99 

Egg cheese and ham, bacon, sausage or limguica..2.99 

Enjoy a breakfast sandwich on a butter croissant are baked right there! Egg...................................2.39
Egg and cheese..
Egg, cheese and bacon, ham, sausage or linguica...3.69

Check out their menu and support a local business with good food.

 Read the menu here.