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Along the Breakfast Trail At Old Harbour Cafe

There is another hidden gem in Chatham at 75 Old Harbour Road and it's The Old Harbour Cafe. They are open for breakfast and lunch with good home cooked quick meals and an unrushed casual atmosphere. Breakfast choice are simple and you can easily build your own breakfast as I did. I ordered the two eggs, bacon, homefries and toasts with an addition of a savory delicious well cooked pancake all for under ten dollars. The bacon was crisp and cooked to perfection and the homefries were simple, yet very good. My friend had her two eggs scrambled with homefries, raisin toast and hash all for under eight dollars. Their coffee was delicous and the waitress was the best. So it just goes to show us all that Cape Cod is full of great breakfast locations sure to please, when you are out there traveling around. Don't miss this place for local nautical Cape Cod charm.

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Along the Breakfast Trail at Hole In One Again

It's been a gloomy week despite all the beautiful Christmas decorations popping up along my travel trails and I was in need of some good home cooking, so I returned to one of my favorite comfort spots on Cape Cod in Orleans, The Hole in One. The summer crowds are gone which means that I don't have to wait in a long line for my scrumptious breakfast choice, which always includes a stop at the bakery before leaving. Their bakery takes me back in time when cup cakes and doughnuts were actually made fresh in the bakery with no preservatives and the taste was so rich and delicious. Their prices are extremely reasonable and worth every bite. They have Mostess Cupcakes, Pop Tarts that are beyond your imagination and so many choices you will have trouble deciding what to get, but that's okay it will keep you going back. I always believe it you are going to cheat you might as well choose something good that will be well worth the calories. And good food is always found at The Hole In One as well as friendly service. Their menu offers lots of good choices and their coffee is awesome. I love the Hole In One Special which includes three eggs any style, two slices of bacon, a sausage patty, ham, homefries and toast. Their Fairway Benedict is also delicious with two poached eggs served on top of a grilled cheddar cheese,bacon, scallion biscuit with rich creamy hollandaise sauce served with crispy homefries. I try to make it a point to try something different each time I go and my go home favorite from the bakery is always a huge chocolate doughnut with coconut which is beyond delicious and definitely worth the cheat. So if you are feeling depressed this winter drive on down to The Hole In One in Orleans or Eastham and you soon be feeling happy again. Have fun on your Breakfast Trails and follow me on Facebook Cape Cod Food Lovers.

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Along the Breakfast Trail at The Spoon and Seed

There is new breakfast spot Along the Breakfast Trail off Independence Drive in Hyannis and it is The Spoon and Seed. Their menu  is somewhat limited but offers some different and delicious breakfast choices and their staff are friendly and willing to make your dining experience a good one. My friend had the Eggs n' Hash which included two eggs, which she had scrambled, hash, homefries and toast. The hash was simple and flavorful as were the homefries. My other friend had the Omelet with broccoli, spinach, Vermont Cheddar Cheese and a grilled foccacia bread, but she needed a little savory with her meal and added a pancake and some bacon. I tried the Cheesy Grits which had slow cooked red beans on the cheesy grits, topped by an egg over easy and thin slices of crispy slow cooked pork belly. The dish was lighly seasoned with a good smokey flavor and it all blended well together. I needed some bread and ordered a Vermont Cheddar Biscuit which had a nice light cheddar taste but I missed not having a choice of jams and jelly to top it with. They offer a homemade jam for fifty cents which I am sure would have been good, but I wish they could have been offered a sampling so that I could decide if I would like it. I think that they might sell more if they did. The food is good but I wish they would have more selection but in time I am sure that their menu will change. One of the things I love best about Cape Cod is our breakfast choices and The Spoon and Seed offer some different choices for sure.

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Peruvian Cuisine on Main Street in Hyannis at Tumi Cevichi

Sometimes traveling along the food trail can be a life changing experience if we are willing to venture off our daily paths to explore new foods and cultures.  I am Portuguese and miss a lot of my favorite Portuguese dishes and the Cape would do very well with a good Portuguese Bakery and Restaurant. But the Cape is expanding and there is more than seafood and chowder to be found out there and certainly a lot of great chefs with delicious food. Tuck away down one of the side alley ways off Main Street in Hyannis lies a small quaint Restaurant with Peruvian and Italian delights called Tumi Ceviche. One of their popular offerings is Ceviche which is a popular dish from Peru and Latin America made of fresh raw fish cured in citrus juices and spiced with aji or chile peppers. It is also flavored with varies seasoning like chopped onions, cilantro and complemented with sweet potato, lettuce, corn, avocado and plantations. They offer a good variety of choices of cerviche and although I was not adventerous to try it, my friend loves it and alway makes sure to order it whenevershe goes to Tumi. I tried an Peruvian Empanadas, which is a turnover stuffed with chicken and Peruvian spices. It was very favorful and a must try for anyone looking for a safe but delicious exploration in Peruvian cuisine. Since I am on Cape Cod I had to try some seafood and ordered Jalea which is Peruvian fried seafood (flounder,scallops, shrimp,calamari, clams),served with choclo (Peruvian corn), fried yucca, salsa criolla. The fresh flavors from their the salsa criolla made what might be a bland dish so very flavorful and earthy and the fried yucca was delicious with a lightly spicy dipping sauce. If you are a lover of lamb then order their Lamb Osso Bucco, Peruvian style, braised lamb shank with aji amarillo, Peruvian beer, vegetables, cilantro, served with shiitake mushrooms risotto, white kidney beans pure. A friend who loves lamb say it is the best. Lomo Saltado is Sautéed beef sirloin, tomatoes, onions, aji amarillo, served with roasted garlic rice and crispy potatoes. The beef is cut into strips and very flavorful and aji amarillo is a lightly spicy sauce. And if you are a paella fan then try their Peruvian Paella with shrimp, scallops, clams, mussels, ½ wood grilled lobster, calamari, jazmin rice, aji panca, romesco pepper. It comes served up in a big bowl and will be one of the best tasting and most memoriable paella that you will experience.

This is a restaurant that I will be returning to because the presentation is just as good as the food and the ingredients are fresh. They are open for lunch thursday through sunday and have a Prefixed Menu until 530pm for those of us who would like to explore more of the menu.

LUNCH: Thursday through Sunday from 11:30am to 4:00pm
DINNER: Everyday from 4:00pm to close

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Hidden Treasure in Chatham

Traveling Along My Breakfast Trail has given me the opportunity to meet some great people in my varies restauarant stops and find some great hidden treasures. On one of my trips through Chatham I found a great bakery at the Chatham Village Market off of Route 28 on Queen Anne Road and some of the busy summer shoppers there didn't even notice just how great this place was. A must try is a buttery crossiant square filled with a choice of leeks and cheese, tomatoes and olives, or spinach and cheese. I have tried all three and they are delicious cold or warm and I have made Chatham a weekly stop for me just to get them. My hunt for a good bread has been satisfied at this great stop and I believe that they have some of the best breads on Cape Cod. You may think I am foolish, but I come from a town where there were tons of Portuguese bakeries and they know how to make good bread and I found it difficult to find good bread here on Cape Cod. They also have some great breakfast sandwiches for those of us who love to sit by ocean and enjoy the fresh air with a good cup of coffee. All it takes is just a quick stop and a good look around and you will be hooked as I am when you see all the great bakery items and prepared foods that this market has to offer.

Along the Breakfast Trail at The Mill Restaurant

Still haven't run out of great places for breakfast and this week's trail took me to the The Mills Restaurant off of Route 149 in Marston Mills.It's off the beaten path and offers some great innovative and traditional breakfast and lunch choices sure to please anyone. It is a modern cafe atmosphere and the hard decision will be deciding on what to try.  One of my friends always seems to chose the two egg special scrambled with home fries and toast which was great and a bargain for under five dollars. The home fries were delicious red bliss potatoes roasted and lightly seasoned. The "Whole Farm" is two eggs, two silver dollar pancakes, two sausage, two bacon, and a fresh fruit cup which was enough to satisfy anyone sweet and savory appetite. I chose the "Meat Lover Omelet" which was packed with crispy bacon, diced ham, bite size pieces of savory sausage and Vermont Cheddar Cheese with toast and home fries, which was very good blend for the person who can't decide on their breakfast meats. The coffee they serve is Beanstock which is good and rich. It's clean and their menu leaves me wanting to try more and it is difinitely a restaurant that I would return to.

Zipping through Summer in Sandwich

Summer is about to leave us this week and although I love the Fall, I hate to see summer go. It seemed to have flown by and all the plans I had hoped to accomplished will now be waiting for next year. Why is it that Summer flies by so fast and Winter seems to drag on forever keeping us cold and often snowbound at home? I don't even mind the traffic during the summer that much because I know all the waiting those poor weary travelers had to go through, just to get over that bridge. I live on Cape Cod and am lucky to be able to spend more than just a week or two soaking up all that this great island has to offer. Every year Fox25 celebrates the summer by visiting New England towns every friday and exploring around to see just what they each have to offer. I have been following their Zip Trips for over ten years now and joining them when they come to Cape Cod. This year they Zip Tripped to Sandwich at the Marina August 14 from 6am to 10am with Sara Underwood and meteorlogist Shiri Spear along with host of the "Matty in the Morning Show" Michele Lazcano and Rich DiMare. It was fun and broadcast live with lots of booths and promotions. It was nice to be able to meet the people from Fox 25 and they were all so friendly. Of course, a trip to Sandwich couldn't be complete without a Breakfast Sandwich from The Uncommon Cafe's owner Adam Ogonowski who offered them this year Best Sandwich winner "The Morning Glory", which is consisted of a grilled egg, applewood bacon, cheddar cheese and avocado slices, lightly melted inside a grilled bagel with a thin layer of horseradish for a little extra kick. Every year Sandwich has a SandwichFest and this year was its 7th year in which Adam won first place for his sandwich invention. Also there were Bob King and Tobin Wirt the owners of Cafe Chew who won the People Choice Award for their Vietnamese Bahn-Mi which is roasted seasoned pork loin, an Asian slaw of pickled daikon radish and carrot, sliced English cucumber Cafe Chew’s “Sassy Sauce” with mayonnaise, sour cream and sea salt. They brought along another sampling from their great menu called the "Pilgrim" which was roasted turkey with sage stuffing, cranberry mayonnaise and lettuce on cranberry-pecan bread. Both sandwiches were very delicious and will be on my next hunt quest for the best sandwiches on Cape Cod. Sandwich is one of the oldest towns on Cape Cod and celebrated 375 yrs in 2014 and has lots to offer to those weary travelers but a lot get missed in our rush to the next destination. So as we move on to Fall this wednesday we will explore Cape Cod a little more to enjoy the changing seasons and make plans for next summer to see more of our undiscovered spots.

Before I go I just want to share a recipe from Teddie Peanut Butter who was there as they always are on Zip Trips to offer great recipes and snacks.

                                           Teddie Peanut Butter Cape Cod Cranberry Crunch

                                               Teddie Peanut Butter ...Dark Chocolate ...Dried Cranberries...Almonds...Cornflakes

                                       Melt the chocolate on low in sauce pan. Stir in Teddie and mix. Add remaining ingredients and stir until coated.Spoon onto wax paper.

                                              Place in Freezer for 30 minutes or longer.                                             

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Along the Breakfast Trail at The Brewster Coffee Shop

Summer is leaving and the crowds will soon be departing with another year of memories held intact intact on phones and cameras. But the Breakfast Trail still continues on and the quest to sample Cape Cod's Best is an open journey which always leads to beautiful scenery and new discoveries. I traveled along route 6a to The Brewster Coffee Shop and found it to be another great breakfast destination. It's Small but packed with Cape Cod memories,great food and an awesome waitstaff.  I tried the Traditional Canadian Bacon Benedict with perfectly cooked poached eggs, a light creamy hollandaise sauce and crispy homefries. My friend choose the scrambled eggs, crispy homefries and toasted marble bread. They have outdoor seating with picnic tables and great scenery. Well worth a stop Along the Breakfast Trail and the coffee is bold and flavorful. I am sure you will find something to love about The Brewster Coffee Shop.

Along the Breakfast Trail at The IHop

It's nearing the end of summer and I am feeling a little depressed, so I needed to go to the place that would surely satisfy my savory and sweet desires. In the past the coffee wasn't the best but it has sinced improved and the food has never disappointed me because its always the specials that draw me in. If there was on complaint I would make about the Ihop is that the tables are too small but food is delicious and the waitress was good. The special was Double Dipped French Toast which was thick slices of brioche bread that was hand-dipped in vanilla batter, which makes it ever so moist and sweet. If that is not enough they dip it into cornflakes and oatmeal,making it crispy and flaky. But then the rest is up to you to choose between cinnamon sugar or glazed strawberries with lemon cream. And if that's not enough you can add on some eggs, golden hash browns and bacon or sausage for under $10. They are also welcoming Fall with Pumpkin Pancakes which can be made into a combo. I tried the French Toast with Cinnamon and whipped cream which so rich and flavorful and since I was at the the Ihop with four syrup flavors, I had to try a little of each on all four corners. They were all so good I still can't pick one. Along the Breakfast Trail this chain restaurant will make you smile. Thanks Ihop!!!

Along the Breakfast Trail at Grumpy's

My Mom always said you can tell a good restaurant by the the lines to get in; if people are willing to wait for the food, it must be good. And that is true for a lot of Cape Cod favorites as you drive around looking for a great spot to land for a scumptuous breakfast. I know that sometimes you can get to a place at just the right time before the crowds or better still find a hidden gem that no one knows about yet. Grumpy's on route 6a in East Dennis is legendary for their inventive savory blackboard specials and some of the best fishcakes on Cape Cod which help to create a delicious Fisherman's Breakfast with eggs and beans. THe parking lot was full and the line was out the door on this particular day as we ventured out, but the wait was only 20 minutes and worth it. I ordered the omelette with cheese, linguica and mushrooms, served with toasted buttery english muffins and grilled fresh unseasoned home fries. The omelette was creamy with linguica which was mild but savory with fresh sliced mushrooms. Their blueberry pancakes were large and ever so flavorful. Their menu is vast with lots of choices and if that wasn't enough then you have some very creative blackboard special sure to confuse you as you try to decide what you would like best. Maybe that's why they are so busy, because there is always something to try on the next visit. I love Grumpy and they have always proved to be reliable for a great breakfast experience.

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