SHS School Superintendent Full Of Hot Air?

"Out-Migration" Oh My, But Still Not The Reason SHS Students Fly!

While Sandwich School Superintendent Dr. Richard Canfield continues to blow smoke up the community's behinds, The Sandwich Watchdog utilizes our keen sense of smell to sniff through Canfield's cloud of statistical manure to reveal the rotten reality. 

Recently, through a dust ball of numbers and future projections, the Superintendent used a population decrease to explain-away Sandwich High School's drop in enrollment. What the heck does a population decrease have to do with kids who are already alive and well in Sandwich and choosing to not attend Sandwich High School?? We think the only "population" affecting SHS's dwindling student body is the one that makes up SHS's Administration!

Dr. Canfield told the Sandwich Broadsider that SHS's loss of students is normal "out-migration" due to a decreasing community size. Canfield based this on statistical analysis provided to him by his "office" and the NESDC. The NESDC, not to be confused with the New England Dog Sled Club, is the New England School Development Council  - whose Board of Directors consists solely of school superintendents.

NESDC was just hired by the Town of Scituate to locate their next school superintendent. Hmm . . .

We're not sure who in Dr. Canfield's "office" assisted in the research - perhaps Dr. Canfield's secretary moonlights as a statistician??  Either way, we believe statistical analysis from the New England Dog Sled Club would stink less than any provided by Canfield's "office" or his buddies at the NESDC. The whole idea of this study follows the garbage in garbage out philosophy, if you ask us.

Through Canfield's Fog, Comes The Truth Seeking Dog!

In an effort to clean up any potential garbage that might have been created by office help or superintendents who sit on a board of directors, The Sandwich Watchdog did a little research of our own. 

We cut out the statistical mumbo-jumbo and went directly to the source: We asked Sandwich parents why they weren't sending their children to SHS.  Of course, The Sandwich Watchdog couldn't afford the services of The New England Dog Sled Club, so we hit the cold payment old -school style  -  on our own four paws! We found 12 families to interview and  asked them one simple question:

"Why are you unwilling to send your child to Sandwich High School?"

Canfield Won't Laugh, When He Sees This Graph!

We soon wished we had splurged on that darn dog sled - we could barely make our fury way home with the amount of responses we got!  To say the least, parents had a lot to say about SHS and none of it was good - sorry Dr. Canfield, guess that's gonna skew your statistical graph a bit, eh? 

Each of the 12 families interviewed cited Principal Booras as their number one reason for not sending their children to SHS.  They expressed a disgust and distrust for the SHS administration and a distaste for how they believe Dr. Canfield has supported Mrs. Booras, despite complaints.

One angry parent assured us , " I will mortgage my house before I ever send another one of my kids to Sandwich High School - they target kids, they mess with them and Canfield's not gonna do anything about it-business as usual it will be at Sandwich."  Still, another parent discussed the financial burden he is willing to take on rather than subject his son to Sandwich's athletic program saying, "I'm taking out loans to send my son to Pope, because there is no way in hell he's playing football for Sandwich-not that school, not that coach - no way."

Our survey might have been small Dr. Canfield, but it was far more representative of this community's general opinion of your administration than any numbers-driven statistical analysis you've provided.  And given that Sandwich High School is a No Smoking Zone, we would appreciate it if you would refrain from blowing any more of your statistical smoke up our behinds in the future.  

Where's There's Smoke, There's Holes To Poke

Sandwich High School's problems are as obvious as the murkiness of Canfield's smoke screens. 

SHS is losing students because Sandwich High School has lost the trust of its community and because Dr. Canfield refuses to remove the administrative staff responsible for betraying that trust. - it's as simple as that.

Unfortunately, Sandwich High School will continue to lose students as long as parents want more for their children than Superintendent Canfield believes they deserve.

Dr. Canfield , we suggest that if you ever hope to contribute positively to this community -  you cut back on the smoke and mirrors and start respecting the wishes of our residents. If not Sir, you might become a victim of Sandwich's "out-migration".  At least you'll have plenty of hot air to ride out of town on!

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