Sandwich's Answer to $313,000.00 Deficit - $19 Mil More! [Sandwich Watchdog]

Dr. Richie-Rich Canfield- he's a real big spender!

Does Dr. Canfield's 20/20 Vision Need Glasses?

A million here, a million there - pretty soon we're talking real money... & then there's School Choice.The Sandwich Watchdog is losing it's sense of humor when it comes to Dr. Richard Canfield. As Sandwich's School Superintendent, Canfield seems hell-bent on running off the families whose children fill his schools.

For someone who claims to have 20/20 vision for improving our town's educational system, Canfield should be the first to see that the town of Sandwich cannot afford his foolishness.

We Might Be Broke, But We Can Always Be More Broke!

First, Canfield asks taxpayers to come up with $19 million to restructure the town's schools - then in the same breathe, he admits that the town is running at a deficit of $313,000.00. So let's get this straight, we can't afford the services we must provide currently, but somehow we're gonna find a pot of gold at the end of a Sandwich rainbow to finance Canfield's $19 million dream?

The idea of this isn't just ridiculous - it's reckless!

The Sandwich Watchdog is no economics major, but even we know that if we're having trouble buying the basics like dog bones, we don't go out and buy luxuries like an air conditioned dog house - Duh!  

We've got teachers demonstrating daily because they're still contract-less, schools running at a $313,000.00 deficit, and an unrealistic superintendent who wants to spend $19 million of our money to promote his 20/20 vision of absurdity - if you haven't already been thinking about pulling your kids out of the Sandwich school district, now would be a good time to start!

Park Or Ride - From Fees They Won't Hide.

Perhaps the most ignorant of all of Dr. Canfield's deficit-busting ideas thus far, is his latest suggestion that students be charged $100.00 to ride the school bus or park at SHS.

While parents struggle to put food on the table and clothing on their children's backs, Dr. Canfield would like them to somehow find an extra $100 laying around to pay to put their kids on a school bus. 

What if families have two kids, or three kids, Dr. Brainiac - do they have to pay for each kid or just the one they love the most and want him/her to benefit from an education?

Talk about being completely out of touch with reality. People are struggling to keep roofs over their heads and Dr. Canfield wants to add to that struggle by charging them to put their kids on a school bus - has he lost his mind??

Sandwich deserves better - our children deserve better.

Live Within Your Means Doc And Leave Our Means Alone!

Quite frankly, the more ideas Dr. Canfield comes up with, the more the taxpayers of Sandwich are certain that valuable town assets are being wasted on his salary.

Few would argue that improvements are necessary - but even fewer believe the Town of Sandwich can afford any of them right now.

We've said this before and we'll say it again: When people can't afford to buy things, they simply can't buy them. 

Dr. Canfield, in light of Sandwich's financial woes, we ask that you act responsibly with our money and our children's educational access.

Additionally, we remind you once again and without apology Sir, that it is because we so graciously afford you the opportunity to serve us that you do - so please do so respectfully and without your hands repeatedly inserted in our taxpaying pockets.

In the meantime folks, let's hope someone sponsers a new Charter school in Sandwich soon - Sturgis must be at its enrollment limit by now!

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