Never Believe the Alliance to Protect Nantucket Sound

I wonder how many times I've written to decry the Alliance to Protect Nantucket Sound's nasty habit ofraising every half baked Cape Wind criticism under thesun.  Too many times to count bynow.  But that's because they keep doingit!!  Of course, the Alliance'scourt record against Cape Wind (about 0 - 15 bynow) demonstrates how misguided is this nasty habit.

There was a small item in this week's news that reminds usof another perfect example of the Alliance'sapproach.  Cape Cod Today covered thisunder the headline "CapeWind Wins Another Appeal".  The BostonGlobe covered the original February story here.

The background on this is that originally, Cape Windplanned to site its mainland staging facility in Rhode Island.  Fortunately for Massachusettsthese plans were changed and the staging facility was shifted to New Bedford.  Before this change was made, Cape Windobtained an EPA permit covering its impact on air quality during construction.  That permit listed Quonset Rhode Island as the staging site.  Once the decision was made to move thestaging facility, the Allianceand the Wampanoag Tribe of Gay Head/Aquinnah appealed the EPA permit.  That appeal was turned down this week.

When the appeal was filed, Audra Parker of the Alliance said:

"The initial Air Permit was issuedbased on Cape Wind's record that stated the construction staging area would belocated in Quonset, Rhode Island, not New Bedford, Massachusetts.  Now that the staging area has been moved to New Bedford, the EPAneeds to conduct a new analysis."

Wow, I guess I never understood how environmentally conscious isthe Alliance.  Silly me to have thought the Alliancemore concerned with the ocean views of its wealthy members than the quality ofour air that would, of course, be improved by Cape Wind. My goodness, they're so concerned withair quality that they even worry about the shifting of a staging facility fromone place to the other!!  Now that's deep,serious environmental concern!

Give me a moment to remove the tongue from my cheek......There,I'm ready to go again. 

What a joke, huh?  Movingan assembly facility from one place to another is going to affect airquality?  Could the Alliance have chosen a more trivial, arcane objection? Of course, all this shows what we'vealways known:  There is nothing that the Alliance and its anti-CapeWind allies won't do to oppose Cape Wind.  As is always the case, little things like fact,sense of proportion, truth, justice and even the American way didn't factorinto the Alliance'sactions on this one.  They never do.

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