How About Some Herbicides With Your Turkey?

Although you might be weary of hearing about it at this point, I cannot not talk about it so if it intrudes on your pie baking or other Thanksgiving preparations, for that I regret.

Despite all the opposition from many Cape residents, State officials and towns, N Star is spraying the power lines with herbicides of undetermined virulence. 

Some of which have been banned in other States.

Thanks for approving them, MDAR.  We will remember your insanity when Spring arrives and we notice less birds singing and peepers peeping and read about how endocrine disrupters can affect our health.

But oh no says N Stars, these herbicides are less harmful than caffeine.  This absurd statement made by their chief arborist as he demonstrates the "concentrated spraying" of a mixture of chemicals-- again, chemicals which are banned in other States.

Ever heard of "drifting" wherein the "concentrated spraying" ends up in other areas -- such as our private wells and ponds and all else?

How did this happen?  It is like some anachronistic nightmare that could not possibly be happening in this day and age of pesticide enlightenment.

Just last year the Cape Cod Commission ruled to regulate the use of fertilizers on the Cape. The local landscapers are limited in what they can use but N Star can blitz our sandy porous Cape Cod soil, our water, air and us with toxins.

Of course, as we well know, poor N Star just does not have the money to mow the vegetation each year as a sane way of controlling it.  Just remember that when you get your next utility bill. Or when the lights go off in the next storm. 

It takes alot of corruption to manage to waive the Provisions of the Massachusetts Wetlands Protection Act which specifies that there be a "buffer zone" between wetland areas where nothing is dispersed that might alter or degrade the water therein.  Apparently, N Star has the carte blanche to disregard this ruling and nobody is doing anything about it.

All because N Star has been so adept in spinning the truth about the amount and significance of what they are using and inaccurately touting themselves as a "green" company when in truth they are using ingredients which are harmful to both environment and humans.

So, if the kettle ponds and vernal pools and marsh areas which lie critically close to the power lines where N Star is to spray their supposedly harmless chemicals happen to be irrevocably altered in their composition and habitat, too bad.

That these areas are supposedly protected from such assaults and that these areas are critical to the promotion of a healthy water shed and all else, who cares, right?

Who cares also if the elderly, ill, the young are exposed to endocrine disrupters, one of the herbicides to be used, Roundup, containing those ---Oh, how insignificant too if our wells be contaminated?  At least N Star saved a few bucks.

I am outraged by this.  I am saddened this. And so should you be. This is the Cape we have loved, despite the increase in population and the traffic and all else we complain of. 

We deserve better than this and so does the fabric of Nature.

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