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September 2012

Barnstable #1 In The State, And Other High School Scores

Red Raiders Defeat Everett In Battle Of Two Top Seeded Teams

Week 4 NFL Picks

Thirty days hath September...

9/30 1:00 ET New England -3.5 At Buffalo 50.5

New England is 1-2 and in free-fall mode. A loss to Buffy would be back-breaking.

Jack Adams demos Yin yoga

Jack Adams demos Yin yoga - yin yoga is physical therapy for the joints.

Standing Pat

Announcement to my devoted readership: My promised “Biblical foot-washing practices” blog will have to wait until next month, as instead I discuss politics. But don’t worry, folks, this is as political as I get…


The conventions are over and the presidential candidates and their supporters have had their say. The election season is now in full swing toward a November vote and an uncertain future. God help us!

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The Psychology of Fandom

Why are people sports fans?  The word "fan" is actually just a shortened version of the word "fanatic."  Even in the days of the Boston Red Sox "Royal Rooters" in the early 1900s, obnoxious supporters would taunt opponents from seats along the third base line.  Obviously Boston fans have matured in the last 100 years[1].  And by "matured," I mean gotten worse.

Blowback from War on Libya

The assassination of the US Ambassador to Libya has put the country back on the front page one year after its leader was murdered on the order of President Obama and Tripoli surrendered to mercenaries of the western powers.

The question here in the US seems to center on who could have harbored such deep-seated ill will toward a friendly diplomat from a country that had spear-headed an “humanitarian intervention” to save the Libyans from being slaughtered by a hated dictator trying to hold on to power?

He just won't stop

Good Lawd, he's got another Indian ad!

Barnstable Today: Friday, September 28, 2012

On this episode of Barnstable Today: Burgess park cleanup, new art coming to the airport; a groundbreaking for the Centerville library and a shipwreck on the shore of Fortes Beach. TGIF, everyone!

Separate the Message from the Messenger

It was a frigid January night in 1994.  A robust early winter snow had draped Falmouth in a thick blanket of white.  My friend Ron “Ronnie D” DeSouza was home on leave from the Army, so we headed over to Finnegan’s Pub in the old Falmouth Mall for an after dinner drink (or two). 

Tracy demos a flow of balance poses

Try this at home!


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Scott Brown, GOP Marlboro Man

                                                          Scott  Brown,  GOP  Marlboro Man


The young Mitt

Cute cannot trump ugly.

Week 4 Local High School Football Picks

Barnstable #2 in The State, Duxbury #3

The high school football season heads towards October, and we're here to describe and speculate on the carnage.

Tree Pose good for your balance with Tracy

Balance poses can be difficult - especially in the sand. Here is Tracy teaching Michael (who has never done tree pose BTW) how to get into it.  You can practice Tree on each side for about 5 deep breaths.


Barnstable Today: Thursday, September 27, 2012

On this episode of Barnstable Today:  The Airport Commission examines surplus land in and around the Airport - and new art is coming soon to the terminal walls.  Plus details of this Saturday's Drug Take Back Day.

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Brewster Flats / Grays Boardwalk & Chocolate Rum Balls

      Have you ever had the chance to walk the empty north side beaches in the fall when the air is breezy, the sky is partly cloudy, the tide is out and the flats are exposed. I did that tonight for the first time, and what a time, the only thing to be heard was the wind blowing across the flats, the birds around me, and the waves rolling in lap, after lap against the shore line now about an 1/8 of a mile or more from the high tide mark. The flats were rippled from the retreating waters combined with the breezes that were blowing earlier tonight.

Sun Salutation live music on a windy day at Long Beach

Tracy and I were doing a hike on Long Beach in centerville this morning  seemed to be walking forever into the wild wind. We got to the end of the point and met local musician Michael playing his guitar. We decided to put this all together into a sun salute. Maybe a wind salute?  Have fun! tomorrow we'll post the video of Tracy teaching tree pose to him .


Are Air Fresheners Really Fresh?

I recently rode in a friend’s car.  By the time I got home, my lungs felt tight and I was coughing.  I knew immediately the air freshener in the car was the culprit.  It was one of those new clip on air fresheners filled with a “scent” to eliminate car odors like food, dirt, and cigarette smoke.  I decided I must post about this on my blog!

Shopping for Children!

I find, as my children get older,  they desire more expensive items for birthdays and holidays.  Clearly, this is something I struggle with as a frugalista.  Shopping for children should not be difficult but alas, I find it increasingly so as my kids grow.

Barnstable Today: Wednesday, September 26, 2012

We're back! On this episode of "Barnstable Today", learn about tomorrow's mooring wait list lottery; hear what the Economic Development Commission is exploring; and find out the latest on the cost of municipal health insurance.

Addiction by guest blogger Carly

I have been away soaking up the wonderful, warm sun of California for two weeks. I was relaxed and enjoyed life with no rushing with deadlines or stress.  How we all need that gift.  I guess we have to make the time for it and stop talking about taking that special trip.  Life is too short to miss opportunities for ourselves.  

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Cape Cod's Gumshoe Historians ready to follow Columbia 'round the World