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October 2012

Fall on Cape Cod & Caramel Breakfast Ring

       Fall in New England, fall on Cape Cod, what a beautiful time of the year, baring any hurricanes that decide they did not want to miss the last dance of the season. The trees have been slowly turning colors from their summer greens to hews of yellow golds, oranges and reds. You would have thought the strong winds would have brought everything down but surprisingly not all was lost. And now that we head into November the morning rays and evenings dusting of sun light put it's glowing effects on anything with color left on the trees, scrubs and bushes.




emember that big banner at the Republican Convention, “I BUILT IT”?

Remember how Mitt Romney and others claimed that no one needs to rely on others or the government?

Wellfleet: A Town For All Seasons

By Greg O'Brien
Codfish Press

 “Thus having had another crack with the old man, he standing bareheaded under the eaves, he directed us “a-thwart the fields,” and we took to the beach again for another day, it being now late in the morning.”—Henry David Thoreau, Cape Cod, The Wellfleet Oysterman.

Get upside down yoga

It's a healthy thing to get upside down once a day - here, Karen shows how to get into shoulder stand - (only do this shoulderstand with previous experience or individual instruction, avoid if you have any eye issues, or neck problems) If you want a gentler version, just rest your legs against a wall as your upper body is supported by floor.


Scott Brown Redefines The Term Chicken Hawk

Scott Brown Redefines The Term Chicken Hawk

  "I served in Afghanistan."
- Scott Brown, 10/1/12

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Barnstable Today: Wednesday, October 31, 2012

On our Halloween edition of "Barnstable Today" - we bring you a preview of this week's Town Council meeting and hear from town officials on Sandy response... all with our host in historic costume... tune in to today's episode for fun and information.

Casting Your Vote on Tuesday

Along with other well-known progressives, Daniel Ellsberg of Pentagon Papers fame makes the argument that while voters who live in decidedly blue or red states can safely vote for a third party candidate, voters in twelve swing states like Ohio or Pennsylvania must vote for Obama to prevent a Romney win.

Ellsberg uses the old “lesser than two evils” argument when he asks those voters to support a war criminal who won’t be as “bad” as his opponent. As it turns out, Ellsberg is hard put to make a convincing case.

Eco-College Choices

My thoughts are with all my East Coast readers
as they recover from the wrath of Hurricane Sandy. 

Am I supposed to apologize?

 Oops. Stupid me.



 Please read below article!  "Next Post"!

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Sandy Keeps On Giving

Many on Cape Cod still without power, 16,000 state-wide

Hurricane Sandy is now a slow moving area of low pressure in Pennsylvania. However, we're still not out of the woods.

Halloween presents the decreasing threat of showers that are breaking off and working their way here from Sandy. I still think that Halloween will be fine, but don't hate on me if the ghouls and goblins get caught in a shower.

What a Choice

People who see me on television don't realize how old I am. That's primarily because of makeup and lighting. I'll be seventy-four on January 20.  I remember the end of World War II, I remember sitting in front of my grandmother's huge Zenith radio listening to FDR's Fireside Chats. I remember summer nights in the car with my father listening to Ernie Pyle report on the Battle for Okinawa. “Here comes a Kamikaze now, he’s headed for mid-ship; no, he's in the brink.”

ADHD Education!

As ADHD Awareness week drew to a close it made us think more about how far ADHD education has come and about how much further we still need to go.  Educating others is so important as there is so much confusion as to what ADHD is and isn't.  Stop and think about your own ADHD awareness. 

What do you know about ADHD? 

Uh, Mr. MacBride, What About The Pledge?

                                                      Uh, Mr. MacBride, What About The Pledge?


Before you rake the leaves after the storm, STRETCH

Morning after the Sandysuperepicmonsterstorm: Jack and I went out early to see the sunrise at Long Beach, Centerville this morning.  After the storm I expected some flotsum and jetsum - but all we found was this fabulous washed up wooden yoga platform - nice expensive wood, hoping the owner sees this post so they can reclaim it. It's located right in the beachgrass among the many uprooted  "do not tresspass or our poodles will kill you" signs.

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Truth about the media

Fox news, which is part of the Murdoch media empire, attempts to pretend it is a small, almost victimized source of pure, unalduterated information by referring to others as the “mainstream media”. By doing this they attempt to appear as the unbiased source of pristine information as the main stream media presents its news through a purposely distorted lens.

Barnstable Today: Tuesday, October 30, 2012

The aftermath of Sandy...on this episode of Barnstable Today. We talk with Chief of Police Paul MacDonald, Assistant Town Manager Mark Ells, and Peter Judge of the Massachusetts Emergency Management Agency - LIVE from Hyannis Inner Harbor.


Predictable and boring, yet strangely entertaining



GALLUP: Romney Up 52-45% Among Early Voters


"...because if you don't have any fresh ideas,

South Coast Flooding Overnight

We Warned You... Provided You Waited Until Ten....

A massive wall of water is headed for the South Coast. Hurricane Sandy isn't messing around, breaking us off a 4-7 foot storm surge.

 The worst will run from Fairhaven to Rhode Island.

Cape Cod and the upper parts of Buzzards Bay get off a little easier. They go 3-5 or so. The fire station in Buzzards Bay is flooded, as is the Wareham WalMart.

 This surge arrives upon a full moon high tide, roughly around midnight. It should put 6 feet of water into some streets.

School Closings For Tuesday

Listen children, and you shall hear...

We'll add them as they come in...





New Bedford

Fall River




Bridgewater Raynham





Greater New Beffuh



 Silver Lake

Cape Cod Academy

Falmouth Academy

Mass Maritime opens at noon

UMass Dartmouth

Pope John Paul II


Dennis Yarmouth

Bristol Plymouth

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Oh, please, God, NO.

Mitt is short on any details and also short on memory

Short on any details in any of the plans he claims he has to make America greater, Mitt is also short on memory. Or perhaps, remembering everything, he hopes no one else does.