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October 2012

Fall on Cape Cod & Caramel Breakfast Ring

       Fall in New England, fall on Cape Cod, what a beautiful time of the year, baring any hurricanes that decide they did not want to miss the last dance of the season. The trees have been slowly turning colors from their summer greens to hews of yellow golds, oranges and reds. You would have thought the strong winds would have brought everything down but surprisingly not all was lost. And now that we head into November the morning rays and evenings dusting of sun light put it's glowing effects on anything with color left on the trees, scrubs and bushes. The nights are cool, with that brisk twinge in the air that tells you change is on the horizon and the smell of fireplaces warming a hearth are now a common theme. Homes are decorated with pumpkins, gourds, corn stalks and arrangements of dried goods. Farms are hosting hay rides and bonfires, while society groups and churches are heating up on the fall and holiday bizarres. Take a drive across the Old Kings Highway ( ok 6A ) and just take in the beauty of the landscape that is being revealed as the leaves fall and the scrim of summer drops to the floor of Terra and opens the scene to the next act yet to be played out. As the sun falls below the horizon through empty trees little twinkles of lights can be seen across the marshes and between dunes. Twinkles that let you know that life still exists in a sleepy little hobbit knoll somewhere buried in the sands of Cape Cod. A little further down and a town where not so long ago tourists bustled and hustled about wasting away sunny late afternoon summer days, now just a sleepy grog waiting for visitors not so much in a rush to come stay for bit. Or at least until the stars start to peak out from behind fluffy blankets of pillow clouds parting to make way for a full light moon. 

      Fall is not for the rushed here on the Cape, it is not for getting here to there in a hurry or the scurry of another tennis match or a tee time to catch. It is not about sunbathing or beach promenading, it is not about a hurry up and wait to get to the next place kind of way. No, in fact it is just the opposite, fall Cape days are made for timely walks on empty beaches combing for sea glass and shells of all sorts. It is for taking in old sea captains homes and marvel at all the different architecture that has stood the time of howling winds and sands. Fall on the Cape is to sit on the end of boardwalks snuggled to a loved one while watching the sun set across a cooling bay, than listen to the crunch of fallen leaves under your feet as you walk along paths lined with holly and bayberry bushes. 
      Fall on the Cape, have you experienced it, have you shared it, has it lured you in with it's quaint bait and hooked you with it's undaunting charm. No? Why not? The only explanation I can think of is you have not been yet. Cause once you have, you circum to it's charm, it's elegance, it's allurement, it's call to rest and relaxation. Come sometime and adventure the Cape through the fall and find a new rest and renewal that you've not experience before. It will be an enjoyment and memory that will be long lasting, bring refreshment to the body, soul and spirit. 
      The time has come, to check the oil in the lighthouse lamp, trim the wick, and clean the lens. I want the beacon to shine it's brightest to any who seek to find there way, to beautiful Cape Cod. Have a great and wonderful, and double if your able to do it on Cape Cod in the fall.                    
      Well the last Wednesday night in October and November just a few hours away. Holiday cooking can already be smelt in the air with it wolfting aromas of Apples things and Wassail, not to mention the Ham, and Turkey, tasty sweet potato and cheesy green bean casseroles. Cookies, cakes and pies abounding to the delight of our expanding waste lines. But hey why should only lunches and dinners get the call to the dance, why not breakfast goodies. And thus the fun of this 5th Wednesday night of Octobers hodge podge recipe. The holidays are coming up fast and instead of waiting till 2 days before or 3 days after I thought why not offer something nice before hand that we could all plan ahead for. Oh wait a minute that would mean we were actually planning out a menu or something. Ok so yes I am one of those nuts that do that, and plans for the week of Thanksgiving and Christmas through New Years. I don't like repeating things as the spice of the kitchen is variety and left overs are for lunches. And if I don't plan breakfast, well, than it just doesn't happen, and holidays and breakfast just go together. So with all that hullabaloo try this one out, not much work to do, few ingredients and a yummy way to start the morning with a cup of coffee, tea or even a Mimosa or Poinsettia (need the recipe, check my past blogs on those breakfast cocktails.) And even time to try it out on the Mrs before the rest of the family shows up looking for moochies and munchies. Hope you enjoy and as we come upon these next several weeks remember you have to indulge to the point of bodging excessiveness. So with all that,, let the holiday season begin and enjoy all it has to offer, have a great and wonderful time in the kitchen sharing. 
      This week's recipe: Easy Caramel Breakfast Ring:
  •       16      frozen round dinner rolls 
  •        1      pkg      butterscotch pudding (small pkg and NOT the instant kind)
  •      3/4     cup      brown sugar
  •      1/2     cup      butter, melted
  •         1     cup      pecans, (whole or pieces does not matter if going for looks go whole, also use more or less to you desired taste.)
  •                           powdered sugar (optional)
      The night before, spay bundt pan with non-stick spray. On the bottom layer 1/2 cup of pecans. Put in in frozen rolls on top of pecans and the sprinkle the rolls with the butterscotch pudding. Mix sugar and melted butter together. Pour over rolls. Top with the rest of the pecans. Next place pan with rolls into unheated oven and allow to stand overnight in the unheated oven. In the morning, remove rolls, heat oven to 325 degrees. Once it reaches temperature, put the rolls back into the oven and bake for about 30 minutes. When done, remove from oven, Turn upside down onto a serving tray or plate. Either serve as is or you can dust with a little powdered sugar, than serve.




emember that big banner at the Republican Convention, “I BUILT IT”?

Remember how Mitt Romney and others claimed that no one needs to rely on others or the government?

Remember when Mitt Romney announced he would end FEMA?

Well, I don't know about the willfully blind, but during Sandy, I saw pictures and news coverage of firefighters putting out fires and facing what happened in Brooklyn, attempting to get to houses through flooded streets.

I saw EMT's and other first responders pushing injured people through flood waters in orange boats.

I saw police officers helping stranded people and showing people, who needed to know, where to go for help.

I even saw interviews with parents who complained that their children's schools had been closed and they would have to entertain them at home.

But in the face of all these pictures and witnessed events one has to remember that even though Republican governors of Virginia, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey praised FEMA for its efforts in helping them prepare for the approaching storm, and handle it after, it wasn't all that long ago that major Republican politicians, including their own candidate for president, spoke about getting rid of it.

Mitt Romney has suggested that FEMA should be shut down in favor of states handling major disasters. It doesn't appear that a state like New Jersey is in a good enough condition right now to handle everything that happened with Sandy and the estimated $100 billion it will take to put things right.

He even said there was something immoral about FEMA.

When asked about ending FEMA Mittens said,

“Absolutely. Every time you have an occasion to take something from the federal government and send it back to the states, that’s the right direction. And if you can go even further, and send it back to the private sector, that’s even better. Instead of thinking, in the federal budget, what we should cut, we should ask the opposite question, what should we keep?

We cannot — we cannot afford to do those things without jeopardizing the future for our kids.It is simply immoral, in my view, for us to continue to rack up larger and larger debts and pass them on to our kids, knowing full well that we’ll all be dead and gone before it’s paid off. It makes no sense at all.”

I hope, if he gets to do away with FEMA and hands disaster relief over to the private sector, those of us who might be impacted by a natural disaster either have the premiums all paid up or the cash on hand to pay for relief.

And it would also appear that those future kids he is worried about are the kids presently dealing with the aftermath of Sandy.

I am sure whatever he thought before, Governor Chris Christie might think differently now.

He now sees the considerable value of FEMA and the federal funds. He not only wants it, he wants it NOW, not after Congress discusses what offsets they should put in place.

Now that the damage is in his own backyard, the Governor who supports Romney's rhetoric on the issues says, “Nobody was asking about offsetting budget cuts in Joplin, and I don’t want to hear about the fact that offsetting budget cuts have to come first before New Jersey citizens are taken care of.”

He did forget that, when the tornado hit Joplin MO, House Majority Leader, Eric Cantor, required offsets before he would agree to help out there.

Christie also said, “You want to figure out budget cuts, that’s fine. You’re going to turn it into a fiasco like that debt-limit thing where you’re fighting with each other for eight or nine weeks and you expect the citizens of my state to wait? They’re not gonna wait, and I’m going to fight to make sure that they don’t.”

Seems these disasters only count when they happen to the Republican whose constituents get hit.

Christie even complimented President Obama, “I appreciated the president’s outreach today in making sure that we know he’s watching this and is concerned about the health and welfare and safety of the people of the state of New Jersey.”

Not missing a chance to flip flop, Governor Mitt I-wanna-get-rid-of-FEMA Romney issued this statement:

“Gov. Romney believes that states should be in charge of emergency management in responding to storms and other natural disasters in their jurisdictions. As the first responders, states are in the best position to aid affected individuals and communities, and to direct resources and assistance to where they are needed most. This includes help from the federal government and FEMA.”

And what was Mitt's own response to Sandy?

He issued a plea to his supporters to bring items like non perishable food and clothing to what was to be his Ohio Rally (nee campaign rally) for those states that are considered swing states, with none being solicited for New York or Connecticut. He selected the places to get help according to which places might vote for him. He is going to bribe those voters with charity.

And then, when his team got worried that people might not show up with the requested items, he had his people go out, buy at least $5,000 worth of items to be handed out to people who showed up so they could hand them back to Romney and appear to be making donations.

It was almost as honest an event as Paul Ryan's pot washing theatrics a few weeks before.

So, this is a man who not only modifies his beliefs to get votes, but as with Benghazi, will grab any misfortunes and make it a political statement on the backs of those who are suffering.

He accepts donations from people of the things he bought for them to give, so he would look so christian while the cameras rolled.

How sad.

Wellfleet: A Town For All Seasons

By Greg O'Brien
Codfish Press

 “Thus having had another crack with the old man, he standing bareheaded under the eaves, he directed us “a-thwart the fields,” and we took to the beach again for another day, it being now late in the morning.”—Henry David Thoreau, Cape Cod, The Wellfleet Oysterman.

 Ever since Thoreau found comfort in the Wellfleet Oysterman’s home beyond the bluff and drew up to a large, old fashioned fireplace, generations have followed in his footsteps to this pastoral sliver of sand by the sea, framed by the Great Outer Beach and Cape Cod Bay and filled with spring fed, fresh water kettle ponds carved 17,000 years ago in the retreat of the last great Ice Age. 

Late in the morning, as Thoreau set out, is a good time to take to the beach. The view from Wellfleet Harbor captures the town’s splendor in a single frame—its cobalt blue water, untainted air, wide beaches, lush marshlands, rich history and its array of people, perhaps as great a resource as its largesse of natural and secluded beauty.

Sailing into the harbor to the port at low tide is a shallow mudflat, testimony to Billingsgate Island and to Wellfleet’s fate. Once the site of 30 homes, a brick lighthouse, a fishing fleet and even a summer baseball team, the island was divided in half by a pounding storm 157 years ago, and erosion over time carted the rest of it away.

Beyond Billingsgate shoal, is the tip of pristine Great Island. Hard to imagine in the late 17th and early 18th centuries that a naughty little drinking hole named Samuel Smith Tavern graced its shores, a remote place for whalers, sailors and privates, likely “Black Sam” Bellamy of Whydah fame among them, to duck strict Calvinist rule.

Turning to the starboard, just past the jetty and with verdant Herring River Marsh in the distance, as green as the ring of Kerry, graceful Mayo Beach and Indian Neck frame the inner harbor like gates to Eden. The marina is a blend of the old and new, like Wellfleet itself. Here ancient fishing draggers queue up with pleasure craft. They seem simpatico.

A lot has changed since Thoreau broke bread with the oysterman; much has remained the same. And so Wellfleet, near the end of a dead end street called Cape Cod, has attracted a cornucopia of year-rounders and summer people from all paths of life, still does, more so than any other Cape town in its range, all sharing the same primal instinct that the land beneath them is sacred and shapes their reason for being. Artists and fishermen, lawyers and doctors, shrinks and shop owners, the corporate elite and the working class, they all share the same vision—that Wellfleet’s horizon extends far beyond its shoreline, or the South Wellfleet site where Guglielmo Marconi in 1903 sent the fire wireless transatlantic radio transmission, or even the lure of the Wellfleet Oyster, whose cold, plankton-rich local waters slow the shellfish’s metabolism, making for a sweeter taste and international approbation.

The cultural horizons here are as assorted as the calendar, with summer always bringing on fresh blossom of creature foliage.  As notable as the local color are the washashores. Square inch by square inch, you can arguably find in Wellfleet more intelligence, art, culture, theater, musical brilliance, overall creativity, gut street smarts and nurturing than any place on the planet. Always has been that way.  

“Wellfleet is the town of ‘Yes,’ says playwright and actor Stephen Russell, an actor and writer, who has lived in Wellfleet since 1981. “It’s not a town of ‘No,’ or ‘Maybe,’ it’s a town of ‘Yes!”

The essence community,Wellfleet is a place for summer people and year-rounders to play out a fantasy, scratch an itch, tap a hidden talent or advance an art form—a kinship of people celebrating their gifts and the offerings of other, not inhibiting them.

“It’s a place where one is supported for pursuing a dream, instead of people looking at you as if you were crazy,” says Ira Wood, the author of four novels, including the newly released: You’re Married to HER?, a talk show host on WOMR, a Wellfleet selectman for a dozen hears, and co-founder of Leapfrog Press with his wife Marge Percy, the renowned poet, novelist and social activist. 

“Wellfleet is a town where you can ply your trade or work your craft in full confidence and support. Nobody looks at you in the middle of the day as if to say: you ought to be out there working a corporate job.”

“It’s a place of eclectic charm,” adds Bill Galvin, longtime managing editor of The Cape Cod Chronicle, who began summering in Wellfleet in 1948 and his lived in the town for decades, his family for generations. “It is a community that has great beauty, genius and wealth, but doesn’t display it publicly.”

Here all elements of natural elegance and intellect blend in. The elegance has always attracted the intellect and creative forte in its residents and visitors, many of whom come here to stay for periods of time or forever. Individuals over the years like: writers John Dos Passos, Annie Dillard, Stanley Kunitz, Maya Angelou, and James Carroll; cellist Bernard Greenhouse, a member of the Beaux Arts Trio of musicians; Arthur Schlessinger, Jr, historian, social critic and Pulitzer Prize winner; Edmund Wilson, the famous literary critic who cultivated appreciation for novelists Ernest Hemmingway, William Faulkner and F. Scott Fitzgerald; historian, playwright and activist Howard Zinn, who wrote about the struggle for civil rights and once described himself as “something of an anarchist, something of a socialist, maybe a democratic socialist”; and distinguished psychiatrist, author and Holocaust research Robert J. Lifton.

In the 1960s, Lifton, with mentor Erik Erickson and MIT Bruce Mazlish, formed a research group to apply psychology and psychoanalysis to the study of history. They met at Lipton’s Wellfleet home overlooking the Atlantic. The group, the Wellfleet Psychohistory Group, concentrated on psychological motivations for war, genocide and terrorism, and in 1965 was awarded sponsorship from the American Academy of Arts and Sciences to establish psychohistory as a separate field of study. The group’s collected works, Explorations in Psychohistory: The Wellfleet Papers, was published in 1975.

“The joke used to be that you couldn’t get a shrink in New York in August because they were all vacationing in Wellfleet,” says Janet Lesniak, executive director of Wellfleet Preservation Hall (, an exceptional blend of Wellfleet past and present at the site of Our Lady of Lourdes. The mission of Wellfleet Preservation Hall is to offer space for the intersection of art, culture and community. At it’s opening in May 2011, former selectman Wood said Wellfleet Preservation Hall stood “as a testament to the spirit and potential of Wellfleet.”

Preservation Hall is the embodiment of Wellfleet, a project born out of need whose fruition came into play when an adjacent bank proposed a drive through on the site. Not in my backyard, preservationists—Wellfleet’s literary, cultural and artistic elite among them—said!

And that’s the way it’s been in the town since anyone can remember.“

Wellfleet is not a pass-through town; it’s a place where people come for a reason, a season and stay,” says Mort Inger, a retired writer and editor of research papers at Teachers College at Columbia University, who vacationed here with his family in the 1960s and moved here permanently many years ago. “They become a fabric of the town.”

The fabric of Wellfleet is a tapestry of abundant hues.

“Here you meet a wide variety of people in different social classes and different work and life experiences; that’s much better for a writer, and it attracts creative types,” says poet and novelist, a New York Times bestselling author Marge Piercy. “Our society today becoming increasingly age stratified. If you go to a party in Wellfleet, there might be someone who is 20 and someone who is 85. There is a lot more mixing here. Wellfleet is a town where people accept each other in ways that other places don’t.”

Perhaps that’s why they call it the “boondocks,” she muses.

Former Wellfleet Police Chief Rosenthal, an author himself of several books, once a New York City police homicide, armed robbery and narcotics detective, came to the boondocks of Wellfleet more than 20 years ago, a prototype of sorts of Men In Black’s Agent K, who relocated for a respite to the Truro Post Office. Rosenthal has seen more comings and going in Wellfleet than the tides. “People come here to get lost in the Wellfleet woods,” he says.

Decades ago Wellfleet was far more remote, and Alec Wilkinson, a writer for The New Yorker since 1980 and the author of 10 books, including the acclaimed “Midnights, A Year With The Wellfleet Police. Wilkinson’s parents began summering in Wellfleet in the 1940s, bought a summer home here in 1952. The family home was sold two years ago and now the author is a summer person. “I’ve lost my off-season footprint here,” he laments.

But he hasn’t lost his feel for old Wellfleet, the simpler times and its archetype characters.

“When I was a child you could stand on the shore of Gull Pond and look 20 or 30 feet offshore and ten to 15 feet down and see fish,” he says. “Wellfleet is still incredibly beautiful, but I get indignant about the way the woods have been carved up with overuse and undistinguished homes.”

But still hidden deep in the Wellfleet woods near the verge of pristine kettle ponds on the Wellfleet-Truro border, not far from the Great Outer Beach, is one of Cape Cod’s best kept secrets—remnants of a summer colony that once housed some of the world’s most gifted artists, writers, architects, diplomats, brainiacs and critical thinkers from the 1930s to the 1970s in elegantly simple Modernist cottages, about 80 in all, that redefined the genre.

 These summer homes, some on stilts—designed by the brightest and inventive Modernist architects in Europe and America—were functional, yet radical, “sort of a floating boxes, oriented to capture views and breezes, perching lightly on the land with flat roofs that often rise to gradual pitches,” notes Wellfleet designer Peter McMahon, who is working diligently to preserve these historic structures through the Cape Cod Modern House Trust. In architectural terms, the cottages—scores of them now in disrepair, an endangered species likely to be sold as teardowns given the increasing value of the land—are as significant to the region’s built environment as an original antique Cape or saltbox. 

That was part of the allure in the design and construction—isolation in the woods, intense privacy for creative inspiration, and low impact—buildings that were “green” before there was even such an environmental color.

Inside the Cape Cod National Seashore boundaries that shape two thirds of Wellfleet is a curious mix of mid 20th century European Modernist, avant-garde traditions taught at the Bauhous, the major German university of Modernism in art, architecture, graphic art and interior design, founded by Walter Gropius who later led Harvard’s Graduate School of Design that attracted many of the architects who designed here. Modernism has European roots in art nouveau, or Jugendstil, art deco and American modernism that was practiced in the late 19th century by Frank Lloyd Wright, who influenced many Europeans.

The serene woods attracted leading international architects like Marcel Breuer, Serge Chermayeff, and Olav Hammarstrom, and top American architects such as Charles Zehnder, Jack Hall and Nathaniel Saltonstall, and more than a dozen others.

Far beyond the intellect, artistic prowess and unparalleled raw nature of Wellfleet is its heart. Nobody knows that better than Sharyn Lindsay, a longtime Wellfleet resident whose oldest son Caleb Potter suffered a massive brain injury in a skateboarding accident in town on July 4, 2007. He is still recovering, as profiled in the March issue of Cape Cod Magazine. The town has reached out its large collective hands to comfort and to help.

 “Caring is the soul of this community,” she says. “It is not contained within the boundaries of a resume or one life’s accomplishment. Caring here is from the heart. When tragedy strikes, you don’t want to be any other place than Wellfleet.”

Get upside down yoga

It's a healthy thing to get upside down once a day - here, Karen shows how to get into shoulder stand - (only do this shoulderstand with previous experience or individual instruction, avoid if you have any eye issues, or neck problems) If you want a gentler version, just rest your legs against a wall as your upper body is supported by floor.

Scott Brown Redefines The Term Chicken Hawk

Scott Brown Redefines The Term Chicken Hawk

  "I served in Afghanistan."
- Scott Brown, 10/1/12

 Until just this week, Scott Brown looked like just another chicken hawk.  Not as disgustingly craven as Richard Cheney, Paul Wolfowitz or Rush Limbaugh, but more along the lines of George W. Bush.  Like Bush, Brown has served in the National Guard, safely doing training exercises and maneuvers here in the good ol' U.S.A., with a brief stint or two overseas far from any actual fighting.

                Like Cheney, Woflowitz and Limbaugh, however, as well as Bush, Brown makes a big show of saying how much he "supports the troops," just never enough to actually go into combat alongside them.  Why, he even sponsored the so-called Stolen Valor Act in Congress, while he himself poses for campaign photo-ops wearing camouflage fatigues and claiming that he "served" in Afghanistan based on a two-week training assignment, far from the front, that he could have done here in Massachusetts. 

             Little Scotty used to be known as Cosmo Boy, a center-fold model for women's magazines.  Now, though,  he is the poster boy for stolen valor, claiming he served in a combat zone to bask in reflected glory at the expense of so many young Americans who have actually fought and died in the two Republican oil wars in the mid-East.  

            Right wing zombies like Joe Glynn never have a problem with commenting on us lawyers, but he whines about my "scurrilous" attack on little Scotty Brown for just playing at soldier in Afghanistan for political photo ops, while other American patriots were actually getting shot at, wounded and killed.  One needs to have a rational mind to practice law, and that's all it takes to recognize a phony like Scott Brown, whether one has served in the military or not.  

           For the record, I failed the draft physical because of chronic ear problems that have left me deaf in one ear and impaired in the other, and that's the only reason I didn't get sent over to Viet Nam to get my ass shot off back in 1963.   I also had a butt boil once like the one that kept Rush Limbaugh out of Viet Nam, thanks to his rich daddy's connections, but that was a minor topical problem that cleared up in less than three weeks.  I didn't try to get a deferment like the Republican chicken hawks did, the Limbaughs and Cheneys, but on the whole I am thankful I was rejected.  I consider my chronic ear problems a mixed blessing having seen how traumatized so many of my contemporaries in college were after returning from Viet Nam, like so many Iraq war veterans are today.

            Glynn says there's no place in Afghanistan that's safe, but the same can be said of many parts of New York, Boston or any other major American city, and many shell shocked veterans of Bush's two phony oil wars are dying right here in America, committing suicide because of what they went through over there -which is something that pretty little Scotty Brown the cover boy has never had to deal with.    There's no doubt that Brown has served honorably as a military lawyer, but that actual service as  lawyer is basically the same as my work as a litigator.   I respect that and have said so in my prior posts, but that clearly is not the message Brown was trying to send by saying he "served" in a combat zone like Afghanistan after posing for photo ops in camo fatigues.  "All Army" or no "All Army," that message was a lie.

            All that, however, was just being another phony,  run-of-the-mill chicken hawk and so what else is new for a Republican politician?  But just this week, Brown has totally redefined the category.  It's one thing to chicken out of a shooting war while waving the flag to support the politicians who started it, but Brown has just chickened out of a scheduled debate with a woman, Liz Warren, right here in Massachusetts.

              All he's done throughout the campaign season, when not posing as Farmer Brown with the barn coat and pickup truck or GI Joe in fatigues, is attack Liz Warren.  That's all he's got and anyone with even a shred of intelligence knows it.  So there he is, little Scotty Brown, standing so big and brave after attacking Liz Warren about one triviality or another on video, saying "I'm Scott Brown, and I support this message."  But now, when he has to go at it with her for another round, face to face, he's chickened out.

            The reason for that is clear.  Liz Warren, with her superior intellect, firmer grasp on  economic reality and far more honest concern for the general welfare of all Americans, has been kicking his ass during the last three debates, erasing his big lead in the polls and taking the lead herself.  So now, little Scotty, so hawkish on the "values" issues, as well as the GOP's corporatist economic agenda, doesn't have the guts to go at it again with her. 

           He's surely worried that she would ask him again about the corporate clients he served during the housing bubble, mortgage servicers like his client Fidelity National whose subsidiary DocX was writing all the fraudulent robo-signed assignments for Wall Street that drove the bubble.  He's also worried that she might ask him about his relationship with Bank of America, the banking corporation that was just indicted for massive mortgage fraud. 

          His F.E.C.  financial disclosure statement shows he's bought a lot of BOA stock, but he won't  say whether he was also doing title work and closings for them during the massive Wall Street scam that nearly bankrupted America in 2008, thanks to GOP tax cuts and deregulaiton under G.W. Bush.  Why not? 

          So, instead, little Scotty got the scheduled debate cancelled on the pretext that the people really needed him out there with them during the hurricane, and now it's too close to the election to reschedule it.  That's even lamer than the excuse Rush Limbaugh used, the pilonidal cyst also known as a butt boil, to get a medical deferment during the Viet Nam war which, of course, he staunchly supported. 

         Today, Scotty boy staunchly supports the mindless anti-tax mantra of  the Republican Party, along with other right wing economic nonsense, but he doesn't even have the cojones to face a mild mannered college professor and a woman to boot, in a final debate of the issues.  Even Rush Limbaugh would show more courage than that, while little Scotty has taken the concept of chicken hawk to even greater depths of cynical depravity than Limbaugh, Cheney, Wolfowitz or Bush ever thought of doing.

          I'm Richard K. Latimer, and I approve this message. 

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Barnstable Today: Wednesday, October 31, 2012

On our Halloween edition of "Barnstable Today" - we bring you a preview of this week's Town Council meeting and hear from town officials on Sandy response... all with our host in historic costume... tune in to today's episode for fun and information.

Casting Your Vote on Tuesday

Along with other well-known progressives, Daniel Ellsberg of Pentagon Papers fame makes the argument that while voters who live in decidedly blue or red states can safely vote for a third party candidate, voters in twelve swing states like Ohio or Pennsylvania must vote for Obama to prevent a Romney win.

Ellsberg uses the old “lesser than two evils” argument when he asks those voters to support a war criminal who won’t be as “bad” as his opponent. As it turns out, Ellsberg is hard put to make a convincing case.

Listen to his description of Obama: “a tool of Wall Street, a man who’s decriminalized torture and is still complicit in it, a drone assassin, someone who’s launched an unconstitutional war, supports kidnapping and indefinite detention without trial, and has prosecuted more whistle-blowers like myself than all previous presidents put together.” [1]

And Ellsberg doesn’t include Obama’s use of a “kill” list, violation of human rights here and abroad, increased surveillance of American citizens, token steps toward confronting climate change, and callous disregard for people struggling with foreclosures and economic hard times.

It is hard to see how anybody could be worse!

In fact, Ellsberg recognizes that Romney would not change anything he ascribes to Obama. However, it is curious, indeed, that he reserves for Romney the “attacking Iran” charge when Obama has already put in place all the components for bombing Iran back to the Stone Age. Just because Obama has muted saber rattling during the campaign doesn’t mean this war is off his table. Does Ellsberg ignore this because he doesn’t want to make it clear that a vote for either Obama or Romney will be a vote for war?

Ellsberg also chalks up “Supreme Court appointments, the economy, women’s reproductive rights, health coverage, safety net, climate change, green energy, and the environment” as matters on Romney’s “bad” list. Ellsberg overlooks the fact that any of Romney’s proposals on these issues would have to pass congressional muster. He does admit that if the Democrats were freed from having the Obama albatross around their necks, they would be more likely to oppose Republican initiatives.

Dr. John Moffett, an editor at OpEdNews and a neuroscience researcher, offers a fuller explanation of this situation: “A major problem with having a Democratic President who governs like a conservative is that Democrats in Congress cannot oppose harmful policies that the White House and congressional Republicans support. President Obama has worked closely with Wall Street, lobbyists, and multinational corporations to help Republicans implement conservative legislation which has essentially crippled any potential Democratic opposition from the remaining liberal and moderate Democrats. So now when President Obama proposes opening up the Arctic and other sensitive marine ecosystems to more oil and gas drilling, despite the BP oil spill disaster, it is virtually impossible for moderate and liberal Democrats in Congress to do anything other than concede. The oil companies and their lobbyists want it, the Republicans want it and the Democratic President wants it, so it becomes very easy for Democrats to do the wrong thing in order to avoid a fight with the oil lobby and their own leader… As long as President Obama is in office progressive causes will be non-starters.” [2]

Furthermore, Ellsberg seems to forget that pronouncements made during this campaign are meaningless. Both men work for the same bosses and, consequently, in the competition to win on November 6th will say whatever they believe voters want to hear.

Ellsberg acknowledges, “The reelection of Barack Obama, in itself, is not going to bring serious progressive change, end militarism and empire, or restore the Constitution and the rule of law. That’s for us and the rest of the people to bring about after the election and in the rest of our lives — through organizing, building movements and agitating.”

Hold on. That was the plan in 2008. Keep Barack Obama’s feet to the fire. But, according to John Hellemann and Mark Halperin, authors of Game Change, right after the election Obama’s team dismantled the huge organization that had been put together to elect him. Left intact, it could have set up a point counterpoint if Obama had planned to use the bully pulpit. Instead, as Moffett points out, there has been virtually no entity in Washington to carry the ball for those who elected Obama.

Even more debilitating is the Obama administration’s coordination of police forces and special units across the country to repress such efforts. Look at what happened to Occupy groups.

It isn’t as though we haven’t known that the Republican Party has been the party of wealthy businessmen for close to a hundred years. The home for the rest of us used to be the Democratic Party. Walter Mondale who ran against President Reagan in 1984 was the last Democratic presidential nominee to stand up for FDR’s New Deal.

Trans-nationals moved into the Democratic Party big time after the Democratic Leadership Council was formed in 1984, opening the way for Wall Street to take over the Party. Now globalized corporations have merged the agenda of the two parties, moving the country further and further to the right.

So… it is not the Republican Party but the Democratic Party that is our problem at this point.

Ellsberg writes that Obama should not be punished by progressives deserting him now. But why should he be rewarded? Moreover, when progressives cast their votes for Obama, he doesn’t know that they don’t want him to wage war on Iran, for instance, or continue drone attacks. What he will take from it is that he is getting four more years of advancing the objectives of imperialists.

In view of the fact that the Green Party’s Jill Stein and Rocky Anderson of the Justice Party were not allowed to participate in the debates and whose campaigns have not been covered by the media, it is not within the realm of the possible that either will win the popular or electoral vote.

Even though they, themselves, plan to vote for a third party because they don’t live in swing states, Ellsberg et al are arguing for preservation of the status quo. It is a politics of the past.

We have to develop a new politics. It is time to lay the groundwork for a way out of the head lock that the wealthy class has on our system and to challenge the permanent war mentality of the military/industrial establishment.

In addition to building the Green Party and its Green New Deal during the next four years, it would mean a big boost in the form of a twenty million dollar check from the feds when the 2016 election rolls around if the Party could get 5% of the November popular vote. Ellsberg would deny that possibility by removing five swing states, three of them with sizeable populations, from Green turf.

Why is Ellsberg voting for Stein? He doesn’t tell us except to say that he is enraged by Obama’s actions. Is he doing it so that he can have a clear conscience while asking others to have a vote for war on theirs?

[1] about-obama


I am Adolph Hitler, and I paid for this message

2012 is 1984

Is it ok for networks to feed on revenue derived from running ads that are clearly outright lies?  2012 is 1984.  Is it good to sit around a table in front of a national audience and parse lies?  These are important questions to answer with the future of our Republic on the line like never before in my lifetime, based on all the turmoil from within.  The real threat to our Republic today is not from enemies on the outside or Middle East Terrorists, it is from Americans who pledge allegiance to Grover Norquist ahead of their own country.  The real threat is from fallacious economic theories which promote narcissist sociopathic greed; and from the imposition of religious value judgments from the Dark Ages when almost everyone was a “creationist,” or risk being burned at the stake as a heretic.  The real threat is from within.

This was the central message from George Orwell in 1984, when the concern was Communism.  Orwell knew he was dying and wanted to warn that unrest from within a country was far more dangerous than enemies on the outside.  It is like a marriage going down the drain; it is the relationship between the two people in the relationship that comes unglued, just like the relationships of fellow countrymen coming unglued.  Remember all the pilgrims were English before they decided they needed a divorce.

All the Television Networks are running political ads, and are bombarding the nation with political ads like never before.  Ads which contain significant lies do not need fact checking by anyone who cares about empirical reality or anyone who remembers what the lair said yesterday which changed with each new day’s dawning.  Lies that are easily checked by what Romney and Ryan have said in public at various times which were recorded; lies that are clear from their historical track records. And lies about what a sitting President of the United States either did or said, lies about a sitting President which self evident.

So is repetitive lying in political ads protected under the First Amendment?  Is it OK to lie about Jeep closing in Toledo, when Chrysler says it is a lie?  Here are some facts:

Exceptions to free speech in the United States are limitations on the First Amendment's guarantee of free speech and expression as recognized by the United States Supreme Court. These exceptions have been created over time, based on certain types of speech and expression, and under different contexts. While freedom of speech in the United States is a constitutional right, these exceptions make that right a limited one.

Restrictions that are based on people's reactions to words include both instances of a complete exception, and cases of diminished protection. Speech that involves incitement, false statements of fact, obscenity, child pornography, threats, and speech owned by others are all completely exempt from First Amendment protections.

I understand the First Amendment, but is Free Speech protected when it is propaganda at a level Josef Goebbels would have been proud of,  along with his boss.

Nazi Propaganda by Joseph Goebbels


For further information on the German Propaganda Archive, see the FAQ.

His work as a propagandist materially aided Hitler's rise to power in 1933. When Hitler seized power in 1933, Goebbels was appointed Reichsminister for propaganda and national enlightenment. From then until his death, Goebbels used all media of education and communications to further Nazi propagandistic aims, instilling in the Germans the concept of their leader as a veritable god and of their destiny as the rulers of the world.

A propaganda theme must be repeated, but not beyond some point of diminishing effectiveness

14. Propaganda must label events and people with distinctive phrases or slogans.

a. They must evoke desired responses which the audience previously possesses

b. They must be capable of being easily learned

c. They must be utilized again and again, but only in appropriate situations

d. They must be boomerang-proof

Where are the networks that also have a clear responsibility to not allow self evident lies permeate our airways or Ethernet.  Airways belong to the public and require a license from the government in order to use.  The FTC and the FCC will not get involved, because there is too much big money behind the concentration of power in the hands of too few owners.  Fox News/faux views should have been shut down for news, and possibly allowed to be a dark comedy show not presented as factual but as a play in the Theater of the Absurd.

This is a moment of truth for our country and it is time to help our fellow Americans understand the crucial need to think critically and stand up for truth or income inequality and social inequality will only get worse.

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Eco-College Choices

My thoughts are with all my East Coast readers
as they recover from the wrath of Hurricane Sandy. 

As you help your high school child navigate the overwhelming college selection process, you might want to consider commitment to sustainability along with academic excellence, location, affordability, and size. According to the Princeton Review’s latest Hopes and Worries survey, 68% of the sampled 7,445 college-bound students said commitment to sustainability impacts their college choice.  

The world is definitely moving that way and colleges are on board. In addition to more environmental academic offerings, many schools are incorporating green building and LEED certification in their new buildings, as well as offering organic food choices including organic gardens on campus maintained by students. More schools institute recycling and other programs to lower carbon footprint.  They provide greener transportation, more opportunities for student run sustainability groups and preparation for green jobs.  Colleges and universities are increasingly moving towards greener operations and finance.

The Princeton Review tallied a green rating on 806 colleges based on “1) whether students have a campus quality of life that is both healthy and sustainable; 2) how well a school is preparing students not only for employment in the clean energy economy of the 21st century, but also for citizenship in a world now defined by environmental challenges; and 3) how environmentally responsible a school's policies are.”  This year’s list of the 21 colleges and universities with the highest rating are:  American University, Arizona State University, California Institute of Technology, California State University – Chico, Catawba College, Chatham University, College of the Atlantic, Columbia University, Georgia Institute of Technology, Goucher College, Green Mountain College, Harvard College, Northeastern University, San Francisco State University, University of California- Santa Cruz, University of South Carolina- Columbia, University of Washington, University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point, University of Wisconsin – Oshkosh, Vanderbilt University, and Warren Wilson University.  I’m thrilled to see that 2 of the 3 schools where my kids went, Goucher College and Vanderbilt University, are listed!

It’s encouraging to not only see change happening, but to see that institutions of higher learning are realizing the necessity of placing emphasis on sustainability as they prepare our next generation of leaders for our rapidly changing world. Of course when it comes right down to it, most kids choose their college based on something totally unexpected, like the fact that Chulula Hot Sauce was on every table in the dining room.  That was the clincher for my son! 

Information compiled from Natural Awakenings, September 2012, Cool Schools and

For more green tips, visit

Am I supposed to apologize?

 Oops. Stupid me.

Since I read a variety of web sites that cover the gamut from liberal to conservative, keep in touch with my liberal and conservative friends, some in the most conservative of places, and listen to Rush Limbaugh, Laura Ingram, and Howie Carr on the local conservative talk radio station when I am in the car to get the views beyond just those of my liberal friends, I figured anyone who publicly expressed his/her opinion probably did the same thing.

Apparently, according to something I read the other day this might not be the case as I was accused of just presenting one side and not crowing about President Obama's achievements. I stupidly assumed I did not have to state the obvious because the writer probably was doing well rounded research. Theoretically, even if a person lived on, oh, say, an island, there are many ways to get well rounded exposure to infomation, if the person wants that.

Considering he seems to have wished I should have done that research for him and just fed him the information like a lot of conservatives require of their talk show hosts, I feel bad I did not do that, and wrongly assumed he would look things up, himself.

So allow me to correct my error and list a few things.

Oops, again I apologize. I thought this would be a short list. One that I could use a few lines to cover. Turns out I would take up multiple pages on this site and need to do so on multiple days.

So I will post a link to a list, and anyone can go to it, and if they have the energy, they can read the list and kick the dog because of how much they didn't get on Fox News and, yet, thought they were informed.

I suppose I could include a partial list, but the closed minded would simply ask, “Is that all he did?”.

Enjoy the read:




 Please read below article!  "Next Post"!

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Sandy Keeps On Giving

Many on Cape Cod still without power, 16,000 state-wide

Hurricane Sandy is now a slow moving area of low pressure in Pennsylvania. However, we're still not out of the woods.

Halloween presents the decreasing threat of showers that are breaking off and working their way here from Sandy. I still think that Halloween will be fine, but don't hate on me if the ghouls and goblins get caught in a shower.

There are reports of a microburst in Wareham yesterday, one which produced conditions some claimed were worse than Sandy the day before.

One observer reported winds in Swift's Beach to be 1oo mph. I was around for that storm, and I question that figure. I know that serious weather people would immediately ask about things like spotter training, the age/brand/placement of the wind speed detection device, and when said device was last calibrated.

Even if the observer was JC Monahan and she bought the device Saturday.... if the device went through a hurricane the day before, it would stand a strong chance of giving a skewered reading. 

However, the rain and lightning were worse in Wareham yesterday than they were the day before, and the sky was dark enough to make my 5 year old cry.

Irony... NSTAR had Wareham pretty much all back on, and now over 4oo people are in the dark after the microburst. Speaking of power outages....

NSTAR Power Outages By Town:

Barnstable 458

Dartmouth 8o9

Dennis 52

Duxbury 99

Fairhaven 56

Falmouth 91o

Freetown 126

Hyannis 225

Lakeville 137

Marsh Vegas 71

Mashpee 79

Mattaposett 171

New Bedford 475

Plymouth 141

Sandwich 112

Wareham 4o9

Yarmouth 93

Less than 52.... Aquinnah, Bourne, Carver, Chatham, Kingston, Orleans, Plympton, Rochester and Tisbury.

Totals from 7 AM...... state total of 16,ooo at 11 PM Tuesday.

Still out? Call up NSTAR at 8oo-592-2ooo

What a Choice

People who see me on television don't realize how old I am. That's primarily because of makeup and lighting. I'll be seventy-four on January 20.  I remember the end of World War II, I remember sitting in front of my grandmother's huge Zenith radio listening to FDR's Fireside Chats. I remember summer nights in the car with my father listening to Ernie Pyle report on the Battle for Okinawa. “Here comes a Kamikaze now, he’s headed for mid-ship; no, he's in the brink.”

The Kamikaze pilots uttered a curse before they crashed. It translates “Babe Ruth, go to hell.” This was a bitter curse because Babe Ruth was a hero in the baseball-loving country of Japan.

Yes, my dad would go through a pack of cigarettes listening to Ernie Pyle Broadcasting from the deck of the USS Forrestal.

My Uncle David came home from Europe with a bullet wound in his left leg and he limped on that leg until he passed away two years ago at the age of ninety-three. David was a first cousin to James Dickey, the author of Deliverance. James Dickey was a pilot who took part in the bombing of Tokyo. He wrote about this in his book, To The White Sea and was haunted by it his whole life. “The entire city glowed red with fire and the screams of burning people.”

But I'm getting off track here; this is about Presidents. I was in grade school when Truman wrote a scathing letter to the music critic, Paul Hume, of the Washington Post. He said that Truman's daughter, Margaret, sang flat all the way through her singing debut. He was right; she did and Truman's temper tantrum put me off of him until I was old enough to make a better assessment.

Dwight Eisenhower was a heroic figure. He had led the Crusade in Europe and was credited with winning the War. He didn't deserve all the credit, however, the major amount of fighting was done by the Russians under Georgy Zhukov. American losses were four hundred seventeen thousand in the War, while Russian losses were in the millions.  Still, I very much admired Eisenhower and looked the other way when he stumbled through News Conferences. Only when he failed to put a stop to McCarthyism, did I see another side to him.  And, last of all, Eisenhower started the tradition of “Idiot Vice Presidents”. 

In his autobiography, Richard Nixon started out by saying, “I was born in the house my father built.” This was the best line in the book; but it also had overtones of the self-pitying, weaseling, conniving personality of Richard Nixon. Nixon was a type popular in the fifty’s and early sixty’s. This sort of Celtic milquetoast as personified by the actors  Dana Andrews, Fred McMurray and Donald O'Connor.

My most vivid memory of Richard Nixon, one that sums it all up, is that of a room full of rock musicians in New York watching Nixon say on TV, “I'm not a crook.” Ironically, the types in that room, long-haired, counter-culture types—the types Nixon hated—were actually not crooks; Nixon was the crook.

He continued the tradition of Idiot Vice Presidents with Spiro Agnew; I'll give Gerald Ford a pass—no pun intended.

Then there was Jimmy Carter.  When he was running for the presidency, I worked for a recording studio owned by Columbia Pictures. My brilliant engineer was a young man from Atlanta named Stan Hutto. While on a road trip together, we started talking about politics and Stan said, “I know this Carter as Governor of Georgia and I was told by Jody Powell that Carter was a nitpicker.” Years later, I learned that Stan was right. Carter actually wrote out the White House tennis court schedule.

In a news report about Carter's visit to Egypt, I recall Jody Powell and Hamilton Jordan on camera chewing gum. I thought this was very déclassé until the camera panned to the right and there was Carter chewing gum. Oh, by the way, Obama chews gum in public also.

Other than gum chewing, my most vivid memory of Carter's Presidency is the gasoline lines that I sat in all over the country.

In 1961 when I was a member of the 72nd Army Band stationed in San Pedro, California, I remember going to the Sattler Hilton Hotel in Los Angeles and playing for a convention that featured Ronald Reagan as the speaker. His hair was dyed black; he had a charismatic presence and used all the gestures and inflections that he became famous for. His speech was “the speech” which remained basically the same throughout his involvement in politics.

I also remember a dinner I attended in London at the Hungarian Embassy. I was invited by a Director of the Hungarian News Organization who was attending the London School Of Economics at the time. She was a tall, pretty, blond Jewess named Elaine; but the highlight of the evening was a discussion I had with a young man I'll call Stephonic. He was very concerned about the possibility that Reagan would be elected.

“America is a nation of idiots,” he said, “so naturally they'll elect an idiot.”

Reagan did, however, break the run of Mashugana Vice Presidents when he chose George Bush Senior, a man of considerable lineage and breeding, a graduate of Yale and a Veteran of Service in World War II, who went into the oil business in Texas. My stepfather, Richard Mann, an oilman himself, knew George Bush and held him in high regard. Nonetheless, George Bush chose another idiot for Vice President—a guy who couldn’t spell “potato”.   

In addition, George did appoint James A. Baker, III as Secretary of State, a Texan who confused the word “any” with “eeeni”.

Looking back, it turned out that Reagan’s comic book view of the world was mostly correct; although I believe his success in foreign affairs vis-à-vis Russia, was mostly a coincidence or an accident or due to Prime Minister Gorbachev. Nonetheless, Reagan received and accepted credit for ending the Cold War.

And then there was Clinton,

a man from Hope,

who couldn't resist,

the desire to poke,

every woman he encountered,

But a cigar used amiss,

plus cum on a young lady's dress,

got his tail in a grinder.

In spite of all this,

he gave us a bubble,

and, by and large,

kept us out of trouble.

His Vice President, a robot named Gore,

was a bore of elocution and stagecraft.

And then there was George W. Bush. What can say about a man who, in my opinion, committed treason with the aid of Darth Vader, his Vice President.

I wonder how it feels for an ex-president to find himself the invisible man of today.

And then, the Messiah arrived; we know he was the Messiah because he told us so in so many, many words.

Barack Obama literally talked his way into history and that, in itself, is an accomplishment—the first Afro-Irish man to become President and forever decorate the pages of history books. He was, however, it turns out, an amateur with visions of grandeur. 

I’ve said it all along that “There is a guy like him on every street corner in Hollywood, riding on a cloud of ego above us all.”  Sometimes these guys become “Stars” or characters in a Greek Tragedy. 

He is currently running against an unctuous* fellow—our former Governor—Mitt Romney.

I wrote a letter to Mitt entitled Dear Mitt in a previous blog, trying to tell him how to connect with people. When I saw him on Charlie Rose, a very good conversationalist, he did not talk to Charlie Rose, he talked at Charlie Rose. Since that time he has turned himself inside out to an amazing degree.

Now, these are our choices next week—the Ego Tripper and The Robot. I believe America deserves more—so very much more. Where are our

Winston Churchill’s,

Charles de Gaulle’s,

Konrad Adenauer’s,

Ben Gurion’s

Mahatma Gandhi’s

and FDR's.

Oh how I would love to sit in front of my grandmother's great Zenith again and listen to reassurances from that great man.

*To want something obsessively.

Be sure to watch David Rojay on The Dave Rojay Show each Saturday night at 9:30 on Channel 99; also Read A RED STATE HERO and THE LONG BRIDGE RUNNER—current chapter Out of Nowhere by David Rojay on and finally check out David Rojay on YOUTUBE. For more information, Google "David Rojay".


ADHD Education!

As ADHD Awareness week drew to a close it made us think more about how far ADHD education has come and about how much further we still need to go.  Educating others is so important as there is so much confusion as to what ADHD is and isn't.  Stop and think about your own ADHD awareness. 

What do you know about ADHD? 

If you are impacted by an ADHD diagnosis when did you begin to learn more about ADHD?  Was it through your own diagnosis or through a diagnosis of your child or loved one?  If we aren't curious and seek out the answers to our questions about ADHD we may only have limited information. 

This information may be based on myths, negative experiences and a lack of true understanding.  When the information we have is incorrect we then believe we understand but we don't.   The fallout is continuously felt by the many adults and children diagnosed with ADHD.  Feelings of inadequacy and self doubt then begin to seep into all areas of a person's life. 

ADHD education should include the vast strengths and talents of individuals with ADHD.  It should also include the amazing ability to pay attention to multiple things all at the same time!  It should also teach about the often overly generous and sensitive hearts of individuals with ADHD. 

It is time to get the story right and learn about the challenging symptoms of ADHD and of the endless possibilities that comes with this diagnosis.  Organizations like CHADD and ADDA offer reliable research based information on ADHD. 

Go get started on your own ADHD awareness journey!

Uh, Mr. MacBride, What About The Pledge?

                                                      Uh, Mr. MacBride, What About The Pledge?


"So why hasn't Obama moved towards the middle like Mitt Romney and embraced some economic principles that most americans (sic) can support?"  - Roger MacBride, Alms Matters,  10/30/12


             Roger McBride's latest post on Cape Cod Today is, essentially, a protracted whine about the Democrats' lack of cooperation, refusing to move to the center like Mitt Romney has supposedly done in the debates..  With all due respect, one must ask what country he's been living in the past four years.  If he's being honest with us, it certainly hasn't been the United States of America.

             Romney got himself the GOP nomination by endorsing every demagogic extreme right-wing talking point that came his way.  He is the Republican Party's standard bearer, and he will be held to the Republican Party's platform no matter what he says now to get elected.  The Tea Partisan contingent in Congress will see to that, you can be sure. 

             That Platform, on social issues, includes "traditional marriage," i.e. institutionalized homophobia.  Romney has also promised to appoint only judges to the Supreme Court who are committed to overturning Roe v. Wade.  I don't recall hearing Mr. Romney moving to the center on those social issues.

              On economic issues, the GOP Platform includes "repeal of Obamacare," i.e. the very same public/private health care model Romney himself got enacted as Governor of Massachusetts, based on a concept first put forth by Richard Nixon and since then endorsed by the right wing Heritage Foundation.  If Obama's shift from single payer health care to that model wasn't moving to the center, wasn't a compromise, one must ask Mr. MacBride just how much capitulation to the Tea Party's extreme right wing ideology would meet his notion of the center?

             The GOP's Platform also includes "tort reform," i.e. taking away our legal right to sue for damages when the corporate elite cuts corners in the name of profits to market products that cause foreseeable injury or illness.  It also includes "consumer choice in education," i.e. federal "big government" support for privatization of education, turning it into just another for-profit business like Walmart or Bain Capital.  I haven't heard Romney moving to the center on those issues either.

             Mr. MacBride says:  "Most honest people know that the Globe was going to endorse Obama and Warren, the Globe gave up reporting the news in politics the day Obama was elected."  As if the Herald's endorsement of Romney and Brown, heralded on the front page no less, came as some kind of big surprise to anyone. 

             Meanwhile, has he been reading both the Globe and the Herald every day as I do?  If he wants to talk about "news" coverage, as opposed to GOP right-wing propaganda, how does he explain the likes of Howie Carr, Joe Battenfield and Holly Robichaud with regular daily columns, not on the Op Ed page as with the Globe columnists, but throughout  the so-called news pages?  How does Mr. MacBride explain the fact that every issue of the Herald for the past year has included at least one columnist either endorsing brown or smearing Liz Warren on the news pages?  How does he explain the fact that even the Herald's actual news stories usually have some snide comment or other political slant in the caption, e.g. always referring to the Governor as Devall?

             The Globe's Op Ed page routinely includes columnists on both the right and the left of center.  So does the Cape Cod Times which has endorsed both Romney and Brown as did the Herald.  The difference there, however, is that the Times' news pages, like the Globe's, include only actual news stories from the wire services or their own reporters without editorial comment, not Rush Limbaugh wannabe columnists like Carr, Battenfield and Robichaud who appear every day in the Herald's so-called news pages, and right wing hatchet men like Jonah Goldberg and Michael Graham take up the entire Op Ed page.

            When talking about "compromise," and moving toward the center, the most significant political issue today is taxes.  More specifically, how can we get out of the economic mess created by eight years of Bush administration tax-cutting and deregulation without raising revenues for stimulus  to create  jobs where the private sector cannot or will not?  Now, before you quibble with that, please tell us where all those new jobs are that were supposed to be created by the Bush tax cuts.  Please be specific.  We know you believe the simplistic GOP mantra that taxes kill jobs as a matter of faith, but where's the actual proof based on recent experience? 

           Plenty of jobs were off-shored or outsourced in the name of profits by capitalist leeches like Willard Romney, that's for sure, but where are all the American jobs that were supposed to be created?  Bush inherited a 3.9% unemployment rate from Bill Clinton, then cut the top marginal tax rate from 39.6 percent to 35 percent, and unemployment steadily increased over the next eight years even before the whole economy crashed in 2008 and it soared to over 9 percent. 

           Even with the limited stimulus Obama got passed over strident GOP obstructionism, he has brought unemployment down, slowly but steadily over the past four years.  That is in fact better than Ronald Reagan did after inheriting a 7.1 unemployment rate from Jimmy Carter.  It took Reagan six years to bring unemployment down one-tenth of a percent, to 7.0, while it had actually increased to nine percent during Reagan's second and third years.  That's based on historic Bureau of Labor Statistics data and, as Casey Stengel said, you could look it up.

           So the real issue today is how Romney  plans to restore the economy through deregulation and spending cuts without raising new revenues or borrowing as Reagan did.  That's what Romney stands for, along with that Randian economic "philosopher" Paul Ryan, in lockstep with the Tea Party's extreme right wing ideology and without any specific projections of how it could possibly work.   For example, where the Romnney/Ryan "plan" is really just a return to Bush administration tax cuts and deregulation,  and not even close to what Reagan actually did to create jobs, including over 100,000 public sector jobs, by tripling the deficit to over $200 billion, where is Romney's explanation of why and how they expect any better result than a repeat of 2008?

           On this issue, remember, almost all Republicans in Congress, including the "bipartisan" and "independent" Scott P. Brown, have signed the mindless Grover Norquist pledge never to raise taxes. So, where's the compromise on that one? 

           Where's the movement to the center by Romney or Scott Brown on the economy without acknowledging the need to raise revenues and/or borrow like Reagan did to create stimulus and Bush did to finance his failed oil war in Iraq?  Where's the  balanced approach to economic recovery, the mixture of spending cuts and modest tax increases like the one President Obama had reached in principle with GOP House majority leader John Boehner, only to be shot down by the right-wing Tea Party extremists in Congress, including the aforesaid Paul Ryan.  That's the very same  President Obama  Mr. MacBride is whining about for not wanting to compromise, by the way.

            I've got to say to Mr. MacBride, with all due respect, that he appears to have  a very skewed notion of what the word "compromise" means and no clue as to where the center is in American politics today.  He writes a lot better than his C C Today  colleague and right-wing soul mate Peter Walker, at least in being somewhat coherent in stating his ill informed opinions, but the problem is he conflates the concept of compromise with that of capitulation.

            Capitulation, not compromise, is what today's Tea Party dominated GOP demands.  That is just what Mr. MacBrides so-called  "moderate" Romney gave them in the primaries, and that's what he will be forced to deliver on if elected president, no matter how much soft-soap moderation he can sell to Mr. MacBriede and other  gullible middle class "independents"  in the debates. 

              Without any real compromise on raising revenues, however,  we will continue to stagnate, while the Republicans keep flapping only one wing --the right wing - and preventing President Obama from doing anything but capitulate to them.  Without any real compromise from the Congressional Republicans on taxes, both our economy and our politics will just continue to fly in circles -just like Mr. MacBride's reasoning.






Before you rake the leaves after the storm, STRETCH

Morning after the Sandysuperepicmonsterstorm: Jack and I went out early to see the sunrise at Long Beach, Centerville this morning.  After the storm I expected some flotsum and jetsum - but all we found was this fabulous washed up wooden yoga platform - nice expensive wood, hoping the owner sees this post so they can reclaim it. It's located right in the beachgrass among the many uprooted  "do not tresspass or our poodles will kill you" signs.  Well, we didn't tresspass for too long, just enough to stretch out the back before raking all day and oh yes, seems like a small white dog buried a deer for later while I did some yoga. She looks very proud of herself.


Non Partisan About the Truth: The New 4th Estate

 From THE 5TH ESTATE.Posted on October 27, 2012 by ehenry

 The 4th Estate now apparently thinks non-partisan means not slanted.  This misunderstanding has resulted in passively listening to and allowing liars a platform to promote the world is flat.  But the press cannot objectively create informed public opinion without objectively pointing out the lies and calling out the liars in the moment.

How is it possible to be non partisan about the truth?  

To provide two sides to every issue, no matter how wrong one side may be, creates confusion – not objective information.  To take the side of the truth by calling attention to lies is not slanted or negative, but objective.

The 4th Estate was given the clear responsibility and obligation to objectively create informed public opinion by our Founding Fathers as they considered a free press essential to protect our freedom as a part of our Republic’s system of checks and balances. And this is why the free speech of the Fourth Estate was protected in the Bill of Rights.

Murrow and Walter are dead, and Dan Rather is off the air.  Remember Murrow ended McCarthyism; Cronkite started the conversation to get out of Viet Nam without General Westmoreland at the “round table” to give the “other side.” And Dan Rather, decades after being carried from the floor of a political presidential convention was carried (“kicking and screaming,” to quote Rather) from the floor of the convention, relentlessly questioned George Bush Sr. about having surreptitiously sold arms to Iran Contras and accused Bush of lying on the air.  And during the second Romney – Obama debate, Candy Crowley committed the grievous error of “fact checking” in real time as Romney lied about the fact that Obama characterized what happened in Libya, as “terrorism.” Boy was fox upset, and few rushed to Candy’s defense, when she was only doing what a good reporter should do.

Today the most implausible lies are given life by the New 4th Estate:  Obama stole from Medicare; Obama can’t get the economy moving – never countering the gross misrepresentation by objectively informing Americans that Obama is dealing with a Depression caused by thirty years of deregulating sociopathic greed (by Democrats and Republicans – a terrific non partisan response to Wall Street and Big Corporate lobbyists);  the Romney/Ryan adoption of fallacious economic theories/ruses from the robber baron era of Social Darwinism; the deficit resulting from the Bush tax cuts which starved the government for revenue and the unwarranted wars coupled with a mountain of financial malfeasance which combined to form the 2nd worst economy since 1776. 

The defenders of the “job creators” are Republicans who have voted in lockstep against proposals that would help their fellow Americans today by providing Government funding to create jobs.  These job creators have shipped jobs offshore and parked profits there as well to avoid/evade taxation.

How often has the media/press aggressively and objectively questioned a Republican about all the Republican votes against all the Democratic proposals for Government to step up to the line and invest in job creating strategies – while so many successful CEOs and Corporations in the private sector are hoarding profits and net worth offshore while Americans suffer financial tragedy on shore.

Where is the fierce objectivity of the media to apply relentless pressure to expose the underlying prejudice to get rid of Obama? This is clearly evidenced by the Tea Party led Republicans who vote against Government spending (investing in America) which would spur a more substantive recovery. The expressed objective of the Republicans is to keep the Depression going to make it easier to defeat Obama, (the black man in the “white house”).

Where have all the muckrakers gone? – Long time passing, long time passing:

Progressivism Sweeps the Nation" border="0" alt="The Jungle" width="200" height="307" />
Upton Sinclair published The Jungle in 1905 to expose labor abuses in the meat packing industry. But it was food, not labor, that most concerned the public. Sinclair’s horrific descriptions of the industry led to the passage of the Pure Food and Drug Act and the Meat Inspection Act, not to labor legislation.

sometimes mightier than the sword…..

Collectively called muckrakers, a brave cadre of reporters exposed injustices so grave they made the blood of the average American run cold.  For more click on above link.

Muckrakers helped form the soul and conscience of America.  People of great integrity had the dedication and courage to fight against social injustice like: Lincoln Steffens, “The Shame of the Cities;” Ida Tarbell vs. Standard Oil; Thomas Lawson, “Frenzied Finance;” John Spargo, “The Bitter Cry of the Children;” David Philips, “The Treason of the Senate;” and Upton Sinclair, “The Jungle.  And they were protected by the Bill of Rights.

In 2012 an inveterate liar who funded businesses to ship jobs offshore is running to be president on the mantra that He knows how to create jobs, and contends he will add 12,000,000 jobs. Like he did by tanking Bain’s hugely leveraged companies and lots of jobs/lives when sucking out massive dividends and management bonuses, as he shipped jobs offshore where he hid and hoarded his “filthy lucre” – profits. And this is the same guy who wants to lower taxes for the richest “job creators.”  Where are the muckrakers when you need them.

The media/press should, at every turn of the screw, objectively point out that trickle down is gush up – which has only created more wealth for the top.  There is not one shard of evidence to support the job creator myth, yet we have all heard Republican strategists as well as all the Republicans in the House and Senate promote the job creator myth while a member of the media sat there in polite silence – in front of their confused under informed (badly informed) and gullible audience.

This particular Chameleon picked a running mate, a religious zealot who thinks there are two kinds of rape, who did not know Ayn Rand was an atheist.  And does not know or accept that supply side laissez faire economic notions (“theory”) – lies, caused the Great Depression and this one. Ryan and Romney apparently do not know the Chicago School of Economics has now denounced the theories promoted by the morally bankrupt Greenspan who, as Chairman of the Fed, was the leading cheerleader for deregulating greed. Coincidently, Greenspan was leading highly paid consultant to Wall Street.  Regrettably, Ryan attended the same school that I did, Miami University, where we both obtained degrees in economics. However, he was there when the Chicago School’s theories had become accepted due to all the money in support of totally unfettered free markets by Wall Street and the Corporations who finally realized their fantasy, with the Citizens United decision from the Supreme Court that declared Corporations were people. (Just like Romney has.)  Too bad the court gave Multi National Corporations more rights than people, because people cannot give unlimited dollars to political campaigns, and they can’t live forever or go bankrupt as successfully.

When I graduated in 1964 – Miami’s Econ Department did not teach “supply side” – but taught that laissez faire and the maximization of profit theory caused the Great Depression. Further I learned, along with students of economics everywhere, if the private sector is not doing what it must to grow the economy and monetary as well as fiscal policy have been exhausted, then it is up to “Gov Spending” to fill the void.

So the Romney/Ryan trickle down/supply side plan to make the rich richer is exactly what we do not need. And the media/press should have relentlessly provided this objective information as partisans fighting for the truth against the liars who specialize in propaganda to feed their voracious greed.

It is time to remember that Thomas Jefferson believed: The role of government is to protect the public good, which does not only extend to the military.

This is not an argument that Obama and the Democrats are perfect, but there is enough empirical evidence to realize that the “partisan stalemate” in Washington has nothing to do with Republican ideology from 1950.  But everything to do with  infinitely greedy sociopath narcissists like the Koch Bros who started and funded the Tea Party; therefore support and encourage a huge preponderance of the ingrained ignorance and racism in our country today.

We need a more enlightened 4th Estate, a 4th Estate with the guts to once again objectively create informed public opinion.  Not just by showing two sides and letting the uninformed make up their own minds, but by making certain that lies are exposed, and proper accurate and objective analysis is the rule.  The 4th Estate formerly was the public partisan fighting to expose truth.

So now there is the 5th Estate – the new muckraker on the block

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Truth about the media

Fox news, which is part of the Murdoch media empire, attempts to pretend it is a small, almost victimized source of pure, unalduterated information by referring to others as the “mainstream media”. By doing this they attempt to appear as the unbiased source of pristine information as the main stream media presents its news through a purposely distorted lens.

 They are the pure and righteous guardians of the truth, while all others are the purveyors of evil.

Others, like Rush Limbaugh, who are also cogs in major media wheels like Clear Channel Broadcasting, also pretend they are the little guys who bring truth and light to those unfortunately at the mercy of the Main Stream.

They all pretend that they are not also the mainstream by repeatedly applying that label to others without the proof that it is so.

They speak of fellow Americans in the harshest of tones as if anyone but a conservative is an enemy of the United States; admit they do not truck with liberals, but then tell their listeners what all liberals think; and make up middle school level negative terms for those with whom they disagree. You can tell who their sheeple listeners are because they are the ones who use those invented terms and sound like taped reruns of the latest broadcast.

I listen to conservative talk radio when I drive anywhere because I want to know what is being said and what people are buying so they, themselves, do not have to think. Why should they, when someone does the thinking for those who do not question?

One paricular radio program has a computer linked poll question of the day, the results of which instantly change to match the opinion of the host after he gives it. And his sheeple begin to use the terms he makes up like “Fauxahontis” when referring to Elixabeth Warren without their bothering to do any research beyond what the host presents.

It is sadly laughable.

But, how much truth is there that the “left” controls the media and presents a narrative that is heavily in favor of the left and the president?

Turns out very little truth.

Once before, a study was done that showed that the supposed “main stream” media does not control as much of the media that the right wants to pretend it does.

Recently a Pew Reasearch Center project found that the supposed “mainstream media” has covered Mitt Romney in a postitive way at a rate that is twice as often as it did the president.

Another study showed stories about President Obama were positive only 9% of the time, which was far less than any republican candidate.

So even as the people like Fox want their audience to accept their opinion as true news by pretending the mains stream is too biased to be listened to and believed, it is the right that is the problem.

The supposedly pure conservative media is just as “main stream" as the other media they label that way.

Barnstable Today: Tuesday, October 30, 2012

The aftermath of Sandy...on this episode of Barnstable Today. We talk with Chief of Police Paul MacDonald, Assistant Town Manager Mark Ells, and Peter Judge of the Massachusetts Emergency Management Agency - LIVE from Hyannis Inner Harbor.


Predictable and boring, yet strangely entertaining



GALLUP: Romney Up 52-45% Among Early Voters


"...because if you don't have any fresh ideas,

then you use stale tactics to scare voters.

If you don't have a record to run on,

then you paint your opponent as someone people should run from.

You make a big election about small things."

Barack Hussein Obama

And so it goes in the campaign, the mainstream media and right here on Olde Cape Cod.   We have a 4F writing about deferments and the military service of a native son who has served no less than admirably, yet to someone who dodged Vietnam with an earache it isn't enough. We have an expatriated cheese eating  surrender monkey  claiming if Mitt wins it will be "a national nightmare", as if 4 more years of the current admin would be a boon to the country (seems politics evens transcends natural disasters.) We have our resident cartoonist, constantly talking smack about anyone to the right of Saul Alinsky, who seems to have taken his job drawing for Fauxahauntis off his resume......(why is that?) And last but not least we have our own Joan Rivers/ NY gossip correspondent seemingly  oblivious as to why  "Even the Boston Globe would not endorse Mitt Romney...". Well surprise, surprise, surprise......isn't that a shocker Gomer!

Where are all the positives for re-electing the POTUS? Surely within the cadre of Chardonnay swilling, more intelligent members of academia on board CC2Day you must have something? Shovel ready jobs (none), stimulus pushing unemployment below 7% (not), Government Motors bailout (57% of GM autos manufactured over seas, Chrysler is now an Italian company), Obama got us out of Iraq (actually set up between his predecessor and Iraq while he was making empty promises (half the deficit, one term proposition, etc.) Come on kids.....throw me a frikkin' bone!

I do however,  want to thank you all for your coverage, there is nothing more entertaining than watching the desperate "shuck and jive" as the wheels come off the bus. So no more "thrill up your leg", just a warm trickle filling up your left shoe?

Next post perhaps we will discuss Benghazi, a place and an incident you will never read about on here or hear about as you worship at the Temple of Jeffery Immelt/ Barry Soetoro aka MSNBC.


Hurricane Sandy Update, Local Power Outages


  • Hurricane Sandy is now in Pennsylvania as a huge low pressure system. It will move north and provide showers and gusty winds. The worst is over.
  • New York flooded badly enough to move cars down 14th Avenue. Dozens are dead.
  • There was three feet of water in the NYSE.... yup, another bailout.
  • NYC subways will be down for days.
  • NYC has a 5o house fire, and NJ had a levee break.
  • More than nine million people are without power nationally.
  • The Brown/Warren debate has been cancelled.
  • All schools on Cape Cod have been cancelled for Tuesday.
  • Temperatures will be around 6o today. It's sunny in Bourne, but it could rain at any time.
  • We have a Coastal Flood Warning through the afternoon high tides.
  • We have a Wind Advisory, and we could have gusts over 4o mph.
  • NWS reports of wind gusts:
  • Hyannis 72mph
  • Barnstable 81
  • Marstons Mills 79
  • Falmouth 72
  • Cuttyhunk 83
  • Bourne 56
  • Chatham 52
  • Vineyard Haven 68
  • Nantucket 6o
  • Mattapoisett 76
  • Plymouth 6o
  • Duxbury Beach 54
  • New Bedford 61
  • Taunton 47
  • The Steamship Authority resumes service between Falmouth and Martha at 8 AM. 
  • They are still waiting for the Coast Guard to give them the OK for Nantucket. They have to check the route for debris and navigational bouys.
  • 3oo,ooo without power in Massachusetts.
  • NSTAR has 3ooo workers in the region ATM.
  • They brought in an additional 12oo workers from as far as  Texas.
  • 57ooo customers on the Islands and Cape total lost power at the height of the storm.
  • 18ooo are without power at 9 AM on the C&I.
  • Power outages, by town, at 7 AM:

Bourne 16oo

Brewster 78o

Barnstable 6oo

Chatham 4o

 Dartmouth 36oo

Dennis 94o

Duxbury 3oo

Eastham 35

Fairhaven 35o

Falmouth 48oo

Freetown 11oo

Harwich 15o

Hyannis 19oo

Marsh Vegas 8oo

Mashpee 1ooo

New Bedford  11oo

Plymouth 5oo

Sandwich 6oo

Wareham 5oo

Yarmouth 6oo


Finally... I use my power of media to declare that Halloween is back on.

Two days off from school followed by Halloween rules so hard that you should be paying taxes to it.

Trick or treating should be fine. NSTAR should have the wires fixed by then, and the rain will end by morning on Halloween.

South Coast Flooding Overnight

We Warned You... Provided You Waited Until Ten....

A massive wall of water is headed for the South Coast. Hurricane Sandy isn't messing around, breaking us off a 4-7 foot storm surge.

 The worst will run from Fairhaven to Rhode Island.

Cape Cod and the upper parts of Buzzards Bay get off a little easier. They go 3-5 or so. The fire station in Buzzards Bay is flooded, as is the Wareham WalMart.

 This surge arrives upon a full moon high tide, roughly around midnight. It should put 6 feet of water into some streets.

Let's review, shall we? A 4-7 foot storm surge... and that's not counting the waves, which a hurricane of historic proportion has been stirring up all day ... and let's not forget that full moon midnight high tide. It would also be wise to  note the Bangladeshian funnel that is Buzzars Bay. You don't want to mess around with that, Player.

Head for the hills. Shelters are set up in Bourne Middle School, Wareham High School, Durfee High School, and Fall River High School

School Closings For Tuesday

Listen children, and you shall hear...

We'll add them as they come in...





New Bedford

Fall River




Bridgewater Raynham





Greater New Beffuh



 Silver Lake

Cape Cod Academy

Falmouth Academy

Mass Maritime opens at noon

UMass Dartmouth

Pope John Paul II


Dennis Yarmouth

Bristol Plymouth

Dighton Rehoboth

East Bridgewater

Freetown Lakeville


Marsh Vegas




Upper Cape Tech


Whitman Hanson




Cape Cod CC... delay til 3:3o


Facebook is telling me of power out everywhere, Onset being evacuated, Main Street in BBay closed, and car moving floods in blacked out Manhattan.


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Oh, please, God, NO.

Mitt is short on any details and also short on memory

Short on any details in any of the plans he claims he has to make America greater, Mitt is also short on memory. Or perhaps, remembering everything, he hopes no one else does.

He creates myths about himself, passes them off as truth, and counts on people to buy the product.

Yes, he did “save” the Olympics, but he conveniently leaves out that he asked for and got money from the federal government to do that. His version of the story is basically “I built that”. But the real version is that he needed the “village's” help.

He paints a great picture of himself as the Governor of Massachusetts who worked miracles to save a "dying' state, but conveniently leaves out such things as the improvements to education he claims, actually began 10 years before he took office.

He claims to be a “job creator”, and people forget his career consisted mainly in buying already existing companies, closing those that failed to turn a profit on his investments, and shipping others overseas to make a profit with tax breaks and cheap labor, putting his money in offshore banks where taxes couldn't touch them.

There was no creating on his part.

And what was his actual Massachusetts record when he was present in the state and not using most of his time preparing to run for president?

He rendered Massachusetts 47th out of fifty states in job creation. That was a step backward.

He vetoed 800 bills and was subsequently overuled by the legislature. This is the bipartisanship he claim he had. The over rides were bipartisan.

He left a debt of over $1 billion.

He attempted to bring in manufacturing from out of state rather than support local small businesses.

He instituted user fees to cover his tax reductions.

He paid $100,000 in taxpayer money to have records of his administration purged from the state's hard drives. What was he hiding?

And, 200,000 people had to leave Massachusetts to seek employment.

People in other states only hear his story, the one he tells. But, if they knew the truth, would they really want him to do it again, this time nationally?

Who is Mitt, his mythology, and those who promote him?

"We are the hollow men
We are the stuffed men
Leaning together
Headpiece filled with straw. Alas!
Our dried voices, when
We whisper together
Are quiet and meaningless
As wind in dry grass
Or rats' feet over broken glass
In our dry cellar"


The damage from enabling

An Excerpt from Chapter Twenty-Two of
Someone Stop This Merry-Go-Round; An Alcoholic Family in Crisis

Trying to Hold Us Together

(a reaction to Richie's drinking the night before)

The next morning Richie got up and acted as if nothing had happened. Instead of sitting down and talking calmly about the previous night, we ignored it. He took his coffee and headed down the stairs to his shop. By afternoon he was on his way delivering the television sets that were repaired. I sat, emotionally drained, with no energy to do anything.

Later that evening, he came straight home after his deliveries. I didn’t bring up the fight, because it would have led into another night of stress. I tried to hide my anger in front of the kids, but my insides were racing.

He was home for supper, and we sat in silence, except when we talked to the girls. The silent tension was just as bad as an argument. The strain between us was so thick you could have cut it with a knife. I couldn’t find anything nice to talk about because I was still fuming. I became an expert at holding my hurt and resentment in to keep peace within the house. My first concern was to not let Debbie and Lori feel the hostility between us. I wasn’t facing the reality that they were aware something wasn’t right with Mommy and Daddy because we were always upset.

Alberta- This seems to be an every day event for alcoholic famlies. Why do we keep enabling only bringing the alcoholic deeper into their addiction?  Why don't we just demand getting out of denial and protecting our children from all the confusion and fear?

Hurricane Sandy Strikes Cape Cod

Early Storm Report

    Photos taken about an hour before high tide in Brant Rock, Ocean Bluff, and Duxbury Beach.

Hurricane Sandy is about level with Deleware right now, and just starting the North part of her North to Northwest hook. Said hook will land her in New Jersey, but her effects are already being felt out here in Massachusetts.

The worst has just begun, and it should last through tomorrow. I hope you have your bread, batteries, smokes, milk, candles and marijuana scored already.

The peak of the storm for this paper's reading area will be from now through 2 AM tomorrow or so. It seems to be just warming up as I write, so call that peak 2 PM through tomorrow AM.

 Here is Accuweather's view of the storm.

Channel 7 keeping it updated, blogga!

WBZ also has an opinion.

The Weather Channel is weighing in as well.

I'm riding this out in Duxbury Beach, and things are getting hectic. ATM, it's a weak third place or fourth place historically, trailing the Blizzard of '78 and the Halloween Gale by a mile, and it trails the April Fool Storm by a half mile. It may be worse for you wherever you may be reading this.

 Keep in mind, I ran inside before the worst of it. It could move past those storms with a bit of effort, and it may be a lot worse on the South Coast.

My man is losing his stairs. I was going to help, but I value my life.

Coast Reports, courtesy of

Newburyport - Moderate Coastal Flooding, Waves 13-17ft, Surge 3.0 Feet

Gloucester – Moderate Coastal Flooding, Waves 15-20ft, Surge 3.5 Feet

Revere - Major Coastal Flooding, Waves 12-17ft, Surge 3.3 Feet

Boston Harbor - Moderate Coastal Flooding, Waves 2-3ft, Surge 3.3 Feet

Scituate - Major Coastal Flooding, Waves 13-17ft, Surge 3.5 Feet

Sandwich Harbor- Moderate Coastal Flooding, Waves 15-20ft, Surge 3.5 Feet

Provincetown Harbor- Minor/None Coastal Flooding, Waves 3-4ft, Surge 1.8 Feet

Chatham East- Major Coastal Flooding, Waves 13-17ft, Surge 3.0 Feet

Chatham South- Minor/None Coastal Flooding, Waves 1.6ft, Surge 3.0 Feet

Onset- Minor/None Coastal Flooding, Waves 2 ft, Surge 4.0 Feet

Marion- Minor/None Coastal Flooding, Waves 3-5ft, Surge 4.2 Feet

Mattapoisett- Minor/None Coastal Flooding, Waves 5-6ft, Surge 3.0 Feet

Westport- Major Coastal Flooding, Waves 14-16ft, Surge 4.4 Feet

Woods Hole- Minor/None Coastal Flooding, Waves 3ft, Surge 3.7 Feet

Vineyard Haven- Moderate Coastal Flooding, Waves 3-4ft, Surge 3.9 Feet

Nantucket East - Major Coastal Flooding, Waves 11-12ft, Surge 3.9 Feet

Nantucket Harbor- Major Coastal Flooding, Waves 7-8ft, Surge 3.9 Feet

Nantucket South- Moderate Coastal Flooding, Waves 14-16ft, Surge 3.0 Feet

Pictures taken about an hour before high tide in Brant Rock, Ocean Bluff, and Duxbury Beach.

Remember, they are using new guidelines for closing the Bourne and Sagamore Bridges. It used to be 70 mph, but they are now lowering the limit into the 60s. If you get trapped, you're off to the Military Reservation.

We'll be back later with an update. We have multiple people with multiple cameras out in allllll the trouble spots. If you have a shot you want to share, or any info you think we should know, write to Stacey at

Be careful, player!

Mitt and Mass: A State of Love!

Barnstable Today: Monday, October 29, 2012

We prepare for Hurricane Sandy - on this episode of Barnstable Today.

Flax Pond montage

South Yarmouth site sports some interesting views.

Photos by Jonathan Mayo

It seemed important to get out for some fresh air before the storm, amid the surety of today's cabin fever. I wanted to share some photos from South Yarmouth's Flax Pond.  The water level at Flax Pond is so low these days that it is possible to walk the circumference of the pond. What few may be aware of is  a cedar swamp adjacent to Flax Pond. It is a little hard to get to, but just as scenic as the ones on the outer-cape.

I'd like to share some photos from the area. Enjoy!

Stay safe!

Lost puppy!  so sad!

Interesting teepee in cedar swamp.

Iridescent moss...

Amazing, natural art...



and again, stay safe!


Photos Copyright 2012, Jonathan Mayo


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No school all schools

Hurricane sandy is coming, and we just wanted you to know that all cape schools are cancelled 

NFL Week 8 Lines And Predictions

We Like The Pats Over The Rams

10/28 1:00 ET New England -7 St. Louis (At London) 47

The big questions here are:

  • - Is New England going to be swept by the lightly-regarded NFC West this season?
  • Will the fans in England root for rebellious New England or former French possession St. Louis, which is named after a French king/saint?

New England has been the cupcake weak sister for the NFC West, already being owned by Seattle and Arizona. The only other NFC West team we play is a strong 49er team. We're in forst place in the AFC East, but that really doesn't matter much to St. Louis.

St. Louis is better defensively than offensively. They have a brutal pass rush, centered around Chris "Huey" Long, who is Howie Long's kid. They also have Robert Quinn, who was asked to leave the U of North Carolina in his final season there. Backing them up is James Laurinitis (or something spelled like that), who is Road Warrior Animal's kid... always good for some love from this column. Their playmaker in the secondary is Janoris Jenkins, who the Pats should have moved up to draft with their second rounder in the last draft.

On offense, they have Sam Bradford, who was the #1 overall pick a few years ago. He can hand off to Steven Jackson, or throw to.... well, there's St. Louis' problem. Of course, their weak WRs will look all-world against our laughable secondary, so it all comes down to a scoring contest.... which I guess is what it all comes down to anyhow.

New England is flawed, and heavily so. However, they aren't bad enough to get swept in the NFC West, and this is the game where they prove that. I also think that the English will root for us instead of the Frogs... and if they don't, I will immediately write out a hefty check to Sinn Fein.

New England, 34-24

10/28 1:00 ET At Tennessee -3.5 Indianapolis 47

Indianapolis has always had trouble with the run, and that will continue today when they meet a revitalized Chris Johnson. My fantasy team needs Kenny Britt to have a big day, but that's only newsworthy if I have a lot of space to fill.

Tenny, 14-10

10/28 1:00 ET At Green Bay -15 Jacksonville 45.5

15 point spreads are a fairly ugly thing. It also may be conservative in this case.

Green Bay, 38-13

10/28 1:00 ET San Diego -3 At Cleveland 43.5

Cleverland gets a win, and now they're the class of the AFC West? Me thinks not.

Sandy Ego, 31-7

10/28 1:00 ET At Philadelphia -3 Atlanta 43.5

I'm not really sure how Philly is Phavored, but I'm not buying that either. Should be a great day for football in Pennsylvania, so plan your bets accordingly.

Atlanta, 20-19

10/28 1:00 ET At Detroit -2.5 Seattle 42.5

Detroit is not looking good this year, but they should rough up that may-have-already-peaked Seattle squad.

Detroit, 18-17

10/28 1:00 ET At NY Jets -2.5 Miami 40

It would be fun in a cruel way to see New York City flood. I don't want anyone to get hurt, I just want to see the alligators in the sewers get loose. Mitt Romney and I are the only ones rooting for New York to be destroyed.

NY Jets, 7-6

10/28 1:00 ET At Chicago -7.5 Carolina 43

Not only will Carolina lose, but, when they get home, the storm will have blown all their Halloween decorations away.

Chicago, 20-14

10/28 1:00 ET At Pittsburgh -4.5 Washington 46

Pittsburgh has to get it together at some point, and with half the country living off Washington, why should they be left out?

Pittsburgh, 17-14

10/28 4:05 ET At Kansas City -1 Oakland 42

I'm not sure that "being in Kansas City, Missouri" is enough of a whammy to offset "KC fans cheer when their own players are injured" vis a vis the point spread, but the mob knows better than I do.

KC, 14-10

10/28 4:25 ET NY Giants -2.5 At Dallas 48

I think that the Giants are the class of the NFC until someone knocks them out of the playoffs.

NYG, 30-3

10/28 8:30 ET At Denver -6 New Orleans 55

I don't think that Peyton Manning has played during the daytime this season.

New Orleans, 34-17

 Monday Night Football Line

10/29 8:40 ET San Francisco -7 At Arizona 38

Arizona peaked against us, as so many teams seem to do.

SF, 30-10

 Bye Weeks: Baltimore, Buffalo, Cincinnati, Houston.

CAPE COD COLLEGIATE DIV. I MEN'S HOCKEY CLASSIC: Colgate v. Quinnipiac. Big 3rd Period Propels Raiders Over #20 Quinnipiac


Saturday, Oct. 27, 2012


HYANNIS, Mass. – The Colgate men’s hockey team scored three goals in the third period to cruise to a 5-1 victory over 20th-ranked Quinnipiac at the third annual Cape Cod Collegiate Classic on Saturday night.


Colgate (4-3-0) spread out its scoring with five different goal scorers with Spiro Goulakos and Darcy Murphy leading the way with a goal and an assist apiece. Rookie Ryan Johnston had his best night in a Raider uniform with two helpers. Kurtis Bartliff, John Lidgett and Brendan Corcoran all scored for the Raiders and Corcoran added his first collegiate goal. Eric Mihalik made 29 saves and has now won three-straight games.


Quinnipiac (3-2-1) got its lone goal from Travis St. Denis with assists to Jeremy Langlois and Loren Barron. Eric Hartzell made 17 stops before being pulled for Michael Garteig in the third period. Garteig pushed aside four shots in 10 minutes of action.  


The Raiders opened up the scoring with 12:26 left in the first period with a shorthanded goal by Bartliff. Quinnipiac had possession of the puck in their offensive zone and a Bobcat skater made a blind pass to the middle of the ice. Bartliff was there to scoop it up and went in all alone on Hartzell. The senior scored his fourth of the season by lifting a backhander into the top of the net.


In the second period, Quinnipiac tied the game with St. Denis scoring the second of his career. Langlois fired a shot that went wide and got a great bounce off the back boards and St. Denis was sitting at the far post and tucked it in past Mihalik with 14:11 left in the second.


Lidgett responded for the Raiders after a great shift by Murphy, Mike Borkowski and Lidgett. Murphy charged into the offensive zone and found Ryan Johnston in the slot. Quinnipiac knocked the puck away from the defenseman, but it came right to Lidgett. The sophomore snipped a shot over the glove of Hartzell to regain the lead for the Raiders at 2-1 with 1:05 left in the second frame. The second period was an evenly played period with 10 shots apiece for each team.


The Raiders opened it up in the third period with three goals. Murphy got it started with his fourth of the season with 13:33 remaining in the final frame. Goulakos went the length of the ice and passed it off to Murphy and he put it home for the 3-1 advantage.


Corcoran increased the lead to 4-1 three minutes later with his first collegiate goal, which was also his first point. Corcoran and Joe Wilson connected on a give-and-go and Corcoran slipped a shot under the pads of Hartzell. The goal forced Hartzell, who was leading the league in goals against average, out of the game. Goulakos closed out the scoring with a top-shelf highlight wrister that Garteig had no shot at saving. Tylor Spink and Johnston were given assists on the play as Colgate earned a 5-1 win.


Each team went scoreless on the power play and Quinnipiac had the edge in shots at 30-26. Colgate is back in action next weekend as the Raiders open ECAC Hockey play against seventh-ranked Cornell in a home-and-home series.

Submitted by: Matt Faulkner, Colgate Athletics
Assistant Director of Athletic Communications
Phone: 315-228-7860
Fax: 315-228-7977

Go ’Gate

Fearless Warriors before the storm

If you are newer to yoga and if you have ever wondered which "warrior" is it? there are 4 warrior postures - here are demos of warrrior 1, warrior 2, dancing/reversed warrior and warrior 3 on this beautiful day at Waldorf School in Cotuit, MA - right before the storm.

The real Scott Brown's America

The past few posts have been delving into the phoniness of the vacuously cynical Scott P. Brown, the former women's magazine centerfold model who is now posing as an all-American boy for the Wall Street financial criminals who fund the GOP.  This post is about the real Scott Brown.

Unlike Willard M. Romney, there is a real Scott Brown, someone who is very different from his public pose and knows who he is.  That Scott Brown is the cynical political hack in the pocket of the Wall Street bankers who brought the American economy crashing down in 2008, by selling fraudulently packaged CDOs based on mortgage debt, while Scott Brown was diligently working as a lawyer doing closings and title work for one of the biggest mortgage fraud companies, Fidelity National.

The pictures posted here say it all.  Scott Brown lawn signs in front of abandoned, run down bank owned properties.

The real Scott Brown's America looks like this:

And this:

The real Scott Brown's America is abandoned, condemned commercial buildings as well as homes, brought into blight because his former clients in the financial industry got away with playing speculative financial games with our debt for eight years of GOP deregulation and tax cutting under the Bush administration.

The real Scott P. Brown  is  not the barn coat wearing, pickup driving regular guy he poses as, nor is it really the National Guard lifer, the JAG lawyer who likes to pose for photo ops in camouflage while pretending that he "served" in a combat zone like Afghanistan after two weeks of training far from any actual combat.   The real Scott Brown had been a political cipher, a Beacon Hill  backbencher for most of the decade before winning a special election to replace Ted Kennedy. 

In addition to being a do nothing Republican on Beacon Hill, Brown was bringing in six figures a year as a real estate lawyer, closing mortgages and doing title work for the banks and mortgage brokers who then were selling our debt as an investment "product" in fraudulently rated derivatives called Certificates of Debt Obligation, or CDOs. That is the very same deregulated financial market that brought the whole economy crashing down in 2008.

Now Brown is running for reelection as Massachusetts junior senator, and he's still ahead in the polls against Liz Warren among white male voters, even though she's made up a lot of ground against him after the first two debates among all voters. That's surely because she's an obviously superior intellect with a much greater understanding of the economic issues that America faces today.

Brown, unable to seriously challenge Liz Warren's credentials on the economic issues that face all Americans today,  has been reduced to desperate smears on her "character."  Thus, we see his attack ads ad nauseam, or those being funded by financial industry PACs, every evening with the nightly news broadcast, flailing at her on bogus issues like her long-ago statement she had Native American blood on a job application and her equally remote legal work for some major American corporations.

But what about Scott Brown's own record as a lawyer in private practice?  Liz Warren's been calling for Brown to come clean with a full list of his clients, the big banks and mortgage brokers he was working for while serving as a state senator, and he's been hiding  most of it.  That work, closing real estate deals, recording mortgages is ticky-tacky legal work compared to the high level stuff Liz Warren was doing, but it contributed to much greater harm to America than anything he's been making up about the cases she worked on.

Scott Brown was a mid-level functionary closing real estate deals for clients that  included Fidelity National Information Services.  Fidelity National is the parent company of DocX which was indicted in federal court for its role in the fraudulent mortgage market that caused the economy  to crash in 2008.  DocX, for the uninitiated in how the Wall Street scam worked, was the company that did the robo signing, faking the documents that were supposed to  establish assigned ownership of the mortgages that were being bundled and sold as investments by Wall Street.

Fidelity National was a major player in helping the Wall Street banks write the liar's loans and the robo-signing that created the housing bubble, while little Scotty was making himself six figures a year doing their menial title work. He claims that he wasn't doing any of the liar's loans, but how do we know that if he won't give us the names of all the banks and mortgage brokers he hired himself out to?  He says many of them are now defunct, but why is that?  Inquiring minds want to know.

So what Brown hiding -another  indictment or two maybe?  Maybe something even more damning than the Florida Attorney General's investigation into Fidelity National itself.  Maybe something even more damning than the Coursen civil suit pending in the U.S.District Court in Florida against Fidelity National, Brown's acknowledged client, and J.P. Morgan. The federal judge denied the defendant's baseless motion to dismiss just this past summer.

So maybe Brown didn't actually write any liar's loans, as he says, but he certainly has helped the big banks put lots of folks into deep, intractable debt right here in Massachusetts.   what remains Anyone who took out an equity loan where Brown was the closing attorney has lost money from the simple fact that the housing bubble burst in 2008 and the equity against which they borrowed has dropped significantly.

The same is true for new home buyers who mortgaged a $500,000 home that's now worth only $350,000.  Even if they can manage the monthly payments and won't be foreclosed, they are still underwater with the debt, and Brown helped the sleazy "free market" financial industry create that debt here in Massachusetts just as they were doing all over America.  That, by far, is a worse indictment of Brown's prior legal practice than any of the phony smears he's been leveling against Liz Warren.

That's what the mortgage based CDO scam was all about, pushing real estate prices higher and higher, getting people to borrow more and more, to enhance the dollar value of the mortgage debt that was being packaged and sold to investors.

Brown was a minor player in that sleazy Wall Street scam. He was a mid level professional functionary helping the investment bankers create a phony atmosphere of eternally rising home values, getting people to borrow against increasingly inflating equity while the banks were bundling good mortgages with bad ones, very bad ones, into CDOs that always got AAA ratings from Standard & Poors, Fitch's or Moody's no matter how many bad mortgages were tranched with a few good ones.

Maybe Brown didn't actually write any liars loans, but by facilitating his client Fidelity National in writing even good mortgages for credit-worthy people based on rising bubble prices, he was still helping that client perpetrate the massive mortgage based CDO fraud that crashed our economy in 2008.

Brown's first public office was Assessor for the Town of Wrentham, so he surely knew that the sharp rise in housing values, values on which even good mortgages were being written, could not be sustained. He had to know that the rise in housing prices was being driven by the securities market, by Wall Street, and people taking second mortgages were relying on the Wall Street scam.

If Brown didn't, know that, if he didn't have a clue about how economic bubbles work, then he's too stupid and gullible to be a small town selectman, never mind our Senator in Washington.

There were people out there warning about the Wall Street boondoggle.

There were smart people like Brooksley Born, Sheila Bair and Susan Bies, three top notch intellects who happened to be women just like Liz Warren, were out there warning about the pending collapse.  Meanwhile, Brown's clients were pouring millions of dollars into K Sreet for lobbyists arguing against any restraint on the so-called  "self regulating" free-market financial industry.

So where was little Scotty when those warnings were being sounded by those smart women who really care about the middle class homeowner?  He was just sitting in his home office, closing those mortgages for the big banks to collateralize as over the counter derivatives to be pushed on Wall Street, pushing home prices up and up.  Oh, yes, he was also buying scads of Bank of America stock with the fees he got from the mortgage companies, that's the same Bank of America that has just been indicted for massive mortgage fraud.

So, do you think maybe Bank of America, the recently indicted Bank of America, was also one of Scotty's mortgagee clients?  That's a fair question to be put directly to him by Liz Warren in their third debate this Wednesday.  Was the recently indicted Bank of America, a company in which Brown has a substantial investment, one of the banks Brown did closings for, yes or no?  Is that perhaps why Brown has been so evasive about releasing his full client list?

That's the real Scott Brown's America -the Bank of America and other corporate frauds like his acknowledged client Fidelity National.  That America is shown in the pictures posted here, and Scott Brown couldn't care less as reflected by his continued service for the banking industry while posing as an "independent" Senator from Massachusetts.

Mitt, you're supposed to KISS the babies.

 I believe there is an old saying, “Don't judge me by what I say. Judge me by what I do”.  If there isn't one, there should be. A person's actions speak more to what they truly believe than those things that they may easily say.

Mitt Romney and his ilk love to talk about family values and their support of unborn fetuses. It is when the family is not like theirs, or the fetus is born that their support seems to disappear.

In the quest to find out who the real Mitt Romney is, no easy task, one can get frighteningly dizzy. But the easiest way to do this is to examine which office he is seeking, and whose votes he feels he needs to get it.

Running against Ted Kennedy he had to be more liberal and open minded than Kennedy was. When running for governor, he had to appeal to the broadest base, so he became somewhat moderate. Running for president, he needs to become attractive to the arch-conservative base of the Republican party, and so now he is conservative. Or maybe not, there is always tomorrow or a different audience.

When the United States declared polygamy to be unlawful, rather than comply, Mitt's great grandfather took the family, and fled to Mexico. He had multiple wives and believed strongly in his religion's belief on that. Yet when courting the religious conservative vote, and knowing the selective concept of traditional marriage was important to the religious right, Mitt turned his back on his family, and pronounced that marriage had always been between one man and one woman as ordained by God.

Trading daughters for goats, marrying one's rapist, arranging marriages between children, and allowing for multiple wives to insure off-spring might argue against this supposed biblical definition of marriage, but when you want to make a point, facts do become irrelevant.

But I digress.

Mitt Romney, through all of this, claims to be pro-family, of which children are a part. But as governor, when marriage equality was recognized here in Massachusetts, he attempted to brand children of Gay and Lesbian parents as outcasts, which could cause problems throughout their lives.

He would not let the Registry of Vital Records and Statistics print the label “Father" or "Second Parent" on official documents. Instead, hospitals were to call his office to get permission to cross out “Father” or “mother” and, using a pen write in “Second Parent”.

We saw the brouhaha about President Obama's birth certificate, and how the supposed lack of a real one was used to attempt to unseat him by those who did not like that their guy hadn't won, and as a way to nullify the vote of the majority of American citizens who chose him. So, it is clear that Mitt's action would have put these children in the same position when they applied to schools, for certain jobs, and for anything official such as drivers' licenses and voter registration. Their citizenship could be questioned, and this could be a major difficulty in our post 9/11 America.

Altered birth certificates would certainly make them apparent security risks as adults.

They would be in a class of their own, separate from their peers, all because Romney diapproved of their parents while the state did not.

Worse, when Romney was backing a failed constitutional amendment to ban gay marriage in the state, he made the remark to a Gay parent, "I didn't know you had families." He referred to the daughter of Julie Goodridge, lead plaintiff in the landmark case that won marriage rights for gays and lesbians before the Supreme Judicial Court, as “adopted”.

While fighting with the Registry of Vital Records and Statistics, Mittens testified before the Senate Judiciary Committee in Washington about that battle, saying, "The children of America have the right to have a father and a mother. What should be the ideal for raising a child? Not a village, not 'parent A' and 'parent B,' but a mother and a father. Scientific studies of children raised by same-sex couples are almost nonexistent. It may affect the development of children and thereby future society as a whole.''

Of course studies have shown that the children of same sex parents end up equal to, or better than their peers with parents of the opposite sex.

In 2005, speaking before conservative voters in South Carolina when considering a run for the presidency he declared, "Some gays are actually having children born to them. It's not right on paper. It's not right in fact. Every child has a right to a mother and father.''

Considering the various pledges that included defending the limited definition of marriage  signed by Mitt before getting the nomination, and considering that he will be held to all the promises he made to his arch conservative, religious, Talibanic base, he is going to have to deliver. This will include his support of a Constitutional Amendment to limit marriage to one man/one woman, and all those ancilary things, like the legitimacy of children, connected with banning any other form of marriage.

Massachusetts has gone beyond this archaic business, but it is possible that if he gets in, Mitt will be free to act on his prejudices and undo what has been done without damage here.

Compare the divorce rates. States that have a limited view on who can marry, and promote the most negative attitudes about Gay people, lead the country in divorce rates. Massachusetts, which recognizes what marriage truly is, is one of the states with the lowest divorce rates.

A person may claim that any objection to Gay people being able to get married is based on strongly held Biblical beliefs. I don't agree with that, especially as the Bible has more than one form of marriage; Adam and Eve were never married, and their children and grandchildren were the products of incest; Abraham had multiple wives, as did Solomon; Rape victims had to marry their rapists; a father could sell his daughter into marriage for a couple of goats; and divorce could be based on a man's displeasure with the soup his wife served him, and become affective merely on his saying the marriage was over.

But with all the fuss about fetal personhood and citizenship couched in the support of children, why would someone like Mitt Romney want to screw up the lives of children with Gay parents simply to get votes?

Oh. I think I answered my on question within that question.

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Hurricane Sandy Nears Cape Cod

If You Are Reading This, You Should Really Be Getting Ready Right Now Instead

Hurricane Sandy is churning up the Atlantic, and we here on Cape Cod have to start doing some serious thinking.

Sandy is presently forecast to come ashore in New Jersey. Her forecast landfall has moved from Southern to Central New Jersey, but that isn't making much of a difference for us... yet... maybe.

       Vote in our Poll:
How are you preparing for Hurricane Sandy?
Sandy is doing some amazing suff, and I might add that she'll have to do some amazing stuff to avoid coming right up into a New Bedford landfall. She is interacting with a cold front pushing in from the Ohio Valley, a suddenly-dipping jet stream, and an area of high pressure over Labrador. Don't forget Monday's full moon high tides, either.

Most experts are saying that all will combine to land Sandy in the Jerz. In order for that to happen, she has to take an immediate, almost right-angle hook to the west. If that happens, NJ, New York and the Delmarva will take a direct hit from a hurricane. If that doesn't happen, it rolls right up into New England. There isn't a forecast model that takes Sandy out to sea that I'm aware of.

This is where things get tricky for the Cape Codder.

- Will it be close enough to impact our weather?

Sandy, if she hits in New Jersey, will be transitioning from hurricane to nor'easter. When she does so, her winds and rain will expand outward. This makes it very different from Hurricane Bob, and more like that Halloween Gale.

For instance... I laughed off Hurricane Bob, despite being only 20 minutes on side streets from the devastation he was causing on Cape Cod. Bob's area of damage was tightly focused, and you could ignore it if you were 8 exits up Route 3 from it. I was swimming while many of you were losing your houses. However, the Halloween Gale- which was actually 400 miles or so offshore, if I remember correctly- beat my Duxbury house like a red-headed stepchild.

The Halloween Gale was formed out of a dying Hurricane Grace, and should have actually been listed as a Hurricane. However, the storm itself was very far offshore, maybe ten or twenty times further from me than Bob was. Still, the damage from the nor'easter far offshore was greater than the damage done by a much closer hurricane.

Sandy is somewhat historic in that it will treat everyone from Carolina to Maine about the same. Some areas will get it a bit worse, of course.... but everybody gets a slice.

- Are we far enough away to ignore it?

There are some signs that say that a Cape Codder may be able to do just that. The NWS advisories don't mention us. We seem to be on the "gusts to 60 mph" part of the chart, rather than the higher winds assigned to the Jerz. The main area of damages appears to be 300-400 miles southwest of us.

However, this storm will have a wide area of high wind, and the seas will be pushed up no matter what happens. And remember that a little northern wobble in the track really puts us in the bulls-eye. The possibility of Sandy coming just north enough to scour the whole South of New England is actually very high, about 40%.

You'd be a fool to ignore something like that. However, it is cool to be all Old Salty and act like, "It's nothing, I plan to golf in it tomorrow."

- Best Case Scenario?

Sandy hooks more than expected, and we avoid her damage shield. It's windy and cool, maybe some stray showers. We laugh at the silly wet Delmarvians sitting in the dark.

- Worst Case Scenario?

Sandy never does that hook thing, which was looking fairly unprecedented anyhow. She moves poleward, and comes ashore straight up Buzzards Bay. Cape Cod is flooded, torn apart by high winds, both bridges collapse, and we lose power badly enough that Cape Cod is reduced to a  19th Century lifestyle.

- School Cancellations? And What's up with Halloween??

Never count the chickens before the eggs hatch, kids... but Monday and Tuesday look cancellable unless this storm punks out. Think of a school bus accident lawsuit, and reverse-engineer back to when they're thinking about cancelling school to see my logic.

As for Halloween... well, there could be pouring rain, high winds, falling tree branches, power outages, live wires down, desperate people looting, National Guardsmen killing people in the streets like dogs.... perfect time to demand candy from people.

Watch the weather, and hope for the best on all accounts, kids... I don't make the rules, I just tell you how it is. Remember, you can trick or treat in the mall if they have power.

- What are the real experts saying?

 Channel 7 is saying 40 mph winds inland, 50-60 mph near the coast. 1-3" of rain, threat of coastal flooding, 11 AM Monday through 2 AM Tuesday.

Channel 4 is saying 3-6' storm surge, 60-80 mph winds along the Southern New England coast, and 3-4" of rain.

Channel 5 has 25 foot seas, inland winds 30-40 with gusts 50-60, coast winds 40-50 mph with gusts 60-80 mph, 2-5" of rain (Sunday through mid-week, ugh), and a 3-4' storm surge.

Accuweather is saying that Massachusetts will be spared the worst of it, but we can still get 50-60 mph winds, 2-4" of rain, and a 3-4 foot storm surge. For Barnstable on Monday, they are saying 38-76 mph winds, and an inch of rain through Wednesday. 

Here are some alternate forecast models, several of which show New England landfalls.

Here's Sandy, at 4 PM Saturday, off South Carolina.We also have a state of emergency, a High Wind Watch, and a Coastal Flood Watch.

Here's Governor Deval Patrick, and we'll let him close things out:

Who really refuses to cross the aisle?

For the first 2 1/2 years of Obama's presidency I lived in one of the counrty's reddest states.

In the first decade of the 20th Century when the territory was seeking statehood it was established that every citizen had to be able to get to and from their county seat in a one day horse ride. This resulted in the establishment of 77 counties. None of which went for President Obama in 2008. There were some somewhat maroon colored counties, but none went totally blue.

During that same 2 1/2 years my liberal friends were practically apoplectic as Obama seemed too often to bend over to please the Republicans in Washington. They were angry that the Hope and Change promised was being erased by the continual attempts to compromise with a party that never gave back.

They thought that Obama was allowing himself to be used by the G.O.P. because he modified most of his programs while they stuck staunchly to what they wanted.

I was frustrated as well, and often angry at what appeared to be President Obama's naivete in thinking that if he compromised enough times, the Republicans would eventually pay back.

Instead, they enjoyed overusing the filibuster to prevent any hope for change, and then turned around and claimed that the president was too rigid and refused to reach across the aisle.

Let's review some facts that show that President Obama had actually attempted some aisle crossing.

For his inauguration, President Obama invited the Reverend Rick Warren to give an invocation. This is the clergyman who had expressed extreme opinions,and spread false information about a large group of people who had backed President Obama.

Bill Kristol and Charles Krauthammer were the first journalists President Obama sat down to talk with. These two are not exactly Liberals.

One of his first actions was to extend the Bush Tax Cuts.

1/3 of his stimulus package was a tax cut.

His healthcare plan was modeled after the Massachusetts healthcare plan enacted by Republican Mitt Romney.

He gave the go ahead to get Bin Ladin- a Republican aim.

His foreign policy was obviously supported by Mitt Romney, the Republican presidential candidate, in the third debate.

He has given Israel more military and technological support than any previous president. Support of Irael is very much adocated by the Republican Party

Although those who want to present a false image without proof, except if a person believes Fox News, by calling  it “an apology tour”, in his first few months in office President Obama gave a speech urging freedom in the Arab world, and then popular democratic revolutions broke out in Iran, Egypt, Tunisia and Libya. Some of the dictators that even Saint Ronald Reagan wanted gone, but couldn't make happen, went.

In the early days of his presidency and before the stimulus package was passed, the Washington Post wrote:

"In the end, despite visiting Republicans in Congress Tuesday, stripping out two provisions the GOP objected to, and inviting several Republicans for drinks at the White House this evening, Obama did not get a single Republican to vote for the [stimulus] bill. Obama's efforts did win him some compliments from Republicans who figure they can make deals with the Democratic president when the bill goes to the Senate next week. ... "The president was clear that he was going to continue to reach out to us, continue to listen to our ideas and I think we have to remember we're at the beginning of this process," House Minority Leader John Boehner, R-Ohio, told "Good Morning America" today. Those comments marked a softer tone from Tuesday morning, when Boehner and other Republican leaders tried to head off Obama's lobbying efforts bycalling on Republicans to oppose the stimulus plan even before the president had met with them."

This can be taken as recognition of crossing the aisle by the very people who denied it happened.

But, then again, a person has to remember that on the very morning of his inauguartion Republican leaders met to come up with a plan to make Obama's presidency a failure. And, after the over use of the filibuster to prevent forward motion, firing up the Tea Party whose reasons for opposing President Obama are still rather sketchy, and then winning the House in 2010, Senator Mitch McConnell announced that the number one priority of the Republican Party was to make sure President Obama served only one term.

Comparing the actions of President Obama and those of the Republican Party, it becomes obvious who actually did not cross the aisle.

Technology Teetotalers

My name is Grumpy and I am addicted to technology.  I know I have a problem.  In the time it took to type the previous two sentences, I have checked Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram 27 times.  However, as much as I need to re-evaluate my addiction to technology[1], there are those that make me very uncomfortable as an electronic-addict. 

I call them the “Technology Teetotalers.”

My mother does not own a computer.  She fears that simply owning one will ensure identity theft.  This is the same woman who warns my brother, a former Army Ranger, on the threat of pickpockets.  Whenever she needs to use the interweb, she comes to my house.  Now, as her son, I am here to help her.  She is just now learning that the internet can be used to buy things such as airline tickets, clothing from Lands End, and the freedom of Nigerian Princes.  When she started being an internet consumer, I created her own email address, so I wouldn’t have my inbox bombarded with reminders from LLBean.  When she saw this, she reacted as if I posted her Social Security Number on Facebook.  So I just started messing with her.  When I signed her up to receive frequent-flier points, I was asked, “How does Jet Blue know when I last flew with them?!”  It’s the government mom, they know everything.

Only a few years ago did my Mother get her own cell phone.  This is the same woman who would hold a banana up to her ear to mock other drivers talking on the phone.  Never quite got that joke, but whatever.  She asked me a while back, “How do I text?  Your sister texted me and I want to reply.”  I told her no.  I could not allow her to text.  I simply did not have the patience to teach her.  I imagined the lessons going something like this:

Mom: “I want to reply to her text.  How do I say ‘Ok?’”

Me: “Well, you can go to ‘Reply,’ ‘Options,’ ‘Quick-Text…’  Or, you can type it: 6,6,6, pause, 5,5.”

Mom: “666?  I don’t like that.  Texting must be from the Devil.”

Me: “You’re right.  But it’s actually just Verizon Wireless that’s from the Devil”

When my Mother comes over to babysit our four-year-old daughter, we always make the same mistake.  I always go through fifteen minutes of trying to explain the use of two different remotes for the TV.  One for DirectTV, one for the DVD player.  It always ends the same way.  I just tell her, forget it.  The toddler will just show you.

My Father-in-Law has always been amazed at technology.  But I think all of this is still a lot for him to take in.  He’s still amazed at the touch-tone phone.  He recently purchased an iPhone.  I don’t know why, he doesn’t text, he doesn’t use email, and I’m pretty sure he doesn’t have a closet “Angry Birds” habit.  I have tried to show him the different features on his phone.  “You don’t need to type a text,” I tell him, “You can just ask ‘Siri’ to send a message for you.”  He asks who ‘Siri’ is.  My daughter tells him that it is the “lady that lives in Daddy’s phone.”  He tells me he’s all set.  Okay, if you want to spend that much for something you refuse to take advantage of, be my guest[2]

I don’t mean to pick on the “Semi-Elderly” Baby-Boomer generation.  There are a great deal of them that have adapted to technology.  However, I think that upon purchasing new electronics, the salesperson must inquire of their children and/or grandchildren if this purchase will be appropriate. 

My daughter will probably reach an age where she wants her own phone.  I can see the argument now.  On one hand, there are pros: can stay in touch in case of emergencies, we can know where she is[3]; but on the other hand, there are the cons: a girl with a cell phone.  Maybe I can get her one of those ‘five-button phones.’  Actually, that’s now what I’m getting for my mother.

One can only imagine what the new technology will be.  My daughter will probably one day be writing a blog about how her dad can’t figure out hoverboards.  Speaking of which, if you have some time to kill[4], check this out:

14 Things from Back to the Future II That Actually Came True…

Technology can be a great thing.  If you question my devotion, please refer to this previous post.  But whether its anyone under the age of 15 seeing my phone and asking me if I have “Angry Birds,” or Facebook posts that tell you “Not clicking ‘Like’ means you want to kill puppies,” sometimes it can be a tad annoying. 

Is my dependence on technology healthy?  Probably not.  But come on, everyone’s doing it.  And I don't need you reminding me I have a problem.

I can quit anytime I want.

-Grumpy Boy out.


[1] Step 1: The only requirement is a desire to stop my technology addiction.  Nah, can’t do it. I’ll stay addicted.

[2] Kind of like me and dental insurance.

[3] Don’t know why this is an issue, because she will never be allowed out of the house.

[4] Like yours truly

No racism here.

Every president in modern memory has used his first, middle, and last name when taking the Oath of Office. When Obama did it, there were racial overtones.

No president's citizenship was ever questioned. Obama's was.

Even though the majority of Americans voted for Obama, those who lost claimed they needed to take America back. From whom? The rest of us, or the guy who is "different".

Most recently we have Donald Trump pledging to donate $5 million to the president's charity of choice if he presents "The Donald" with his school records. What other president has been challenged to do that?

There have been lynched effigies of the president.

And there have been some rather racist signs at Tea Party rallies.

People claim that the reaction to Obama becoming president has nothing to do with racism, but only his performance, even as the movement to have his presidency invalidated began before he even took office.

Now we have Colin Powel, the darling of the Republican party, many members of which wished he would have run for president, endorsing President Obama for a second term, and Mitt Romney's major surrogate, John Sununu, comes up with this gem:

"I do like the fact that Colin Powell's boss, George Herbert Walker Bush, has endorsed Mitt Romney all along. And frankly, when you take a look at Colin Powell, you have to wonder whether that's an endorsement based on issues or whether he's got a slightly different reason for preferring President Obama.
I think when you have somebody of your own race that you're proud of being president of the United States, I applaud Colin for standing with him".

Colin Powell gave reasons for his endorsement. He praised Obama's leadership under difficult circumstances, while he criticizied Mitt Romney's domestic and foreign policy plans.

Powell said, " When [President Obama] took over, the country was in very very difficult straits. We were in one of the worst recessions we had seen in recent times, close to a depression. The fiscal system was collapsing. Wall Street was in chaos, we had 800,000 jobs lost in that first month of the Obama administration and unemployment peaked a few months later at 10 percent. So we were in real trouble. The auto industry was collapsing, the housing was start[ing] to collapse and we were in very difficult straits. And I saw over the next several years, stabilization come back in the financial community, housing is now starting to pick up after four years, it's starting to pick up. Consumer confidence is rising. Generally we've come out of the dive and we're starting to gain altitude. The unemployment rate is too high, people are still hurting in housing but I see that we're starting to rise up."

Powell said he saw "the president get us of one war, start to get us out of a second war and did not get us into any new wars. And finally I think that the actions he has taken with respect to protecting us from terrorism have been very very solid. And so, I think we ought to keep on the track that we are on."

He had a concern for Romney's changing positions on things."The governor who was saying things at the debate on Monday night ... was saying things that were quite different from what he said earlier. I'm not quite sure which Gov. Romney we would be getting with respect to foreign policy. One day he has a certain strong view about staying in Afghanistan but then on Monday night he agrees with the withdrawal, same thing in Iraq. On almost every issue that was discussed on Monday night, Governor Romney agreed with the President with some nuances. But this is quite a different set of foreign policy views than he had earlier in the campaign. And my concern ... is that sometimes I don't sense that he has thought through these issues as thoroughly as he should have."

On Romney's domestic policy Powell said, "As I listen to what his proposals are especially with respect to dealing with respect to our most significant issue, the economy, it's essentially let's cut taxes and compensate for that with other things but that compensation does not cover all of the cuts intended or the new expenses associated with defense."

Powell also criticized congressional leaders for not living up to their responsibilities. "This is something that was put in place by Congress and while we're talking about the two candidates for president let's not forget that Congress bears a lot of responsibility for many of the problems that we have now. They're the ones that write the appropriations bills. They're the ones that pass the legislation for more spending and for the various entitlement programs that people have trouble with."

Powell said he remains a Republican. "I think I'm a Republican of a more moderate mold. That's something of a dying breed I'm sorry to say."

But Sununu can ignore that and link the endorsement to race.

Makes a person wonder if the reason Sununu endorses Mitt Romney is because they are both rich, white men.

Barnstable Today: Friday, October 26, 2012

A look at next week's TownCouncil meeting - and hockey at the HYCC - on this episode of Barnstable Today.

What Are We Doing To Our Food Supply?

Today it seems that we have gone beyond the discussion about which foods are good for you and which aren’t, to which foods are poisonous, contaminated, or tainted!  Recently “Fish is not a Health Food” popped up in my email from one of my favorite (and reputable!) daily blogs, the gist of which was though the benefits of Omega-3 in fish are well known, fish can no longer be considered a healthy food option due to the large amounts of mercury and other pollutants such as PCBs in them.  Mercury and PCBs cause damage to the heart and brain and in pregnant women can compromise their babies’ brain development.  If you eat fish regularly, your body most likely contains high amounts of mercury.  That’s a scary thought, especially when you think you are doing the right thing for your heart, brain and skin! Now recommendations are to avoid fish altogether or eat it no more than once a week. (When you do eat fish, choose the lowest mercury types like flounder, scallops, trout, sole, squid, wild salmon or sardines.)  Yet, factory-farmed chicken and beef raised in filthy, overcrowded, inhumane environments, injected with growth hormones and antibiotics, aren’t a safe alternative either.

So, maybe it’s safer to eat more grains, but not rice! Two major reports from the US Food and Drug Administration and Consumer Reports magazine just came out that “focused on the worrisome amounts of arsenic in rice and popular rice-based processed foods”.  According to the Environmental Working Group, there is reason to be concerned.  They state that many rice-based foods and some fruit juices have arsenic levels much higher than is allowed in drinking water, and that the contamination does include the form of arsenic, a naturally occurring mineral, that poses a serious risk to our health.  Their recommendations are: to limit your rice consumption and try alternative grains such as quinoa, couscous, barley or bulgur; to rinse rice thoroughly before cooking and cook with a lot of water; and to limit buying products that list rice syrup as a sweetener.

Throw in GMO foods (over 80% of all processed foods contain GMOs) and pesticide-grown vegetables and fruits, and our choices for safe food are severely limited! We have a serious problem when we can’t eat the basics; food safety should be one of our inalienable rights.  Fortunately, locally grown and organic foods are a healthy and safe option, but it’s time for action greater than just switching to organic foods, which many people cannot afford, or cutting out the latest poisonous food from our diet. It’s time to clean up our water and demand change from our food growers and manufacturers.  Our future depends on it.

Some information compiled from and

For more green tips, visit

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Falmouth Eats - And Grows Closer - Together

“Falmouth Eats Together" - Free and delicious

Talking and eating are two of my favorite things.  When I visit Paul Rifkin at his Moonakis Café, I get to do plenty of both.  And so it was last Sunday, as I enjoyed some delightful eggs benedict and even more enjoyable and engaging conversation with one of Falmouth’s finest volunteers. 

Paul Rifkin at his Moonakis Cafe.Paul believes in community.  He believes in service.  He is committed to both.  He also believes in attaching action to that commitment. 

As we enjoyed coffee, conversation, and sustenance together, he described the convergence of those ideals as part of a new local effort to bring members of the community together – to break bread and build a stronger sense of community. 

"Falmouth Eats Together"

Called “Falmouth Eats Together,” this event, proclaimed as a “free, delicious meal” by its organizing committee, comes supplied with a vision that, “community members of all backgrounds and economic circumstance will sit together as a community rooted in compassion to enjoy the breaking of bread.”  I can’t think of a more simple yet powerful idea to bring people together in this time when our airwaves, iPhones, and TV screens are filled with an overflow of negative nonsense about each other. 

While passionately describing the power of the inaugural event, held last Thursday, Paul pointed around the bustling, packed restaurant that has been successfully serving one of Falmouth’s best breakfasts for two decades.  He noted that although everyone seemed content and happy with their pumpkin nut pancakes and tasty omelets, people were not communicating and interacting beyond their own table – beyond their own people.

Falmouth Eats Together aims to change that.  Through the first event, which drew more than 150 diverse Falmouthites, it already has.  Paul explained to me how the idea of the event was hatched – nearly simultaneously – through a couple of different Falmouth venues.  A few months ago, Paul and fellow Saturday peace vigil-ers and Occupy Falmouthites Joyce Johnson and John McWilliam were discussing how to take their sense of commitment beyond their peaceful protests and really bring the notion that we’re all in this together to a wider audience – with a wider, deeper meaning. 

At the same time, uber-volunteers John and Debbie Netto were strategizing with Falmouth Service Center guru Brenda Swain and having similar machinations on how to take the success and benefit of the annual community Thanksgiving dinner and spread that good will across the calendar.  A call to saint-disguised-as-chef Dave Mutti and his brother Gary followed, and the committee to organize Falmouth Eats Together was born.  Paul believes that the group came together so swiftly and so easily as a result of divine intervention.  He may be right.  He noted at breakfast that many of his good works are part of his own plan to “play catch up to get into heaven.” 

The venue for this first event was then aptly decided to be a local church – and Rev. David Calhoun from the John Wesley United Methodist Church opened the doors and hearts of his church community to be a part of this “community love fest,” as my self-proclaimed hippie turned businessman friend called it. 

So, all that was left was the meal itself.  With the Netto’s and the Mutti’s expertise in preparing for hundreds of hungry folks, things came together with the same efficiency and sense of purpose that has led to a truly remarkable event every Turkey Day.  Dave and Gary prepared gallons of Dave’s award-winning turkey chili, which has taken first place at the Martha’s Vineyard Chilifest four times, and some salad, root vegetable soup, cornbread, and homemade blueberry cobbler filled out the menu.

Paul.  The Reverend was probably right.  I think the angels were there to confirm that your game of catch up is complete.According to Paul, the contagious enthusiasm was palatable in the room.  He described the  work of many volunteers, including some young people who volunteered to fulfill honor society requirements, but will be back to be part of their community.  Julia Ferreira, Kelly Bohnenberger, and Sara Jalowy learned on that day the true meaning – and that lasting impact - of volunteering.   

Reverend Calhoun noted to Paul after the inaugural event – which will be held again on November 8th and again on December 13th – that he could “hear the sound of angel wings” as dozens of Falmouthites broke bread and built relationships with people they otherwise would probably never meet. 

Not to worry, Paul.  The Reverend was probably right.  I think the angels were there to confirm that your game of catch up is complete.


 I guess we have reached a new low.

Paul Ryan, when he worked closely with Congressman Todd Akin, agreed that there was such a thing as “Legitimate Rape”. Apparently he believes that rape isn't just rape, but there are degrees. He is not alone.

From things said and written by the arch-conservatives in the G.O.P., those who claim they are the instruments of God as they attempt to make “Christianity” the foundation of this country, have decided there are degrees.

The Republican degrees of rape seem to be:

      1.Gift from God Rape

Barnstable Today: Thursday, October 25, 2012

Problem properties and safety for seniors: on this episode of Barnstable Today.

Sandy Update

It's Time To Worry

Sometimes we in the media tell you things to sell papers, and sometimes we tell you things so that you know when danger is coming. This is both of those.

Hurricane Sandy is a Category 2 storm that is currently whaling on the Bahamas. Here is current (1 PM) information on her.

Sandy is forecast to plow through the Bahamas while brushing Florida with strong winds. She then moves out to sea off North Carolina. If she kept doing that, I'd be writing about football right now.

About Friday night or so, Sandy will turn N/NE. She'll then move towards the Northeast United States. Where she stops, nobody knows.

How are you preparing for Hurricane Sandy?
Tell us in our online polll here.
If she hits around Delaware or New Jersey, we here on the Cape may get off somewhat easier, although we could still get rain and flood tides. If she plows into New York City, we may get a national nightmare, tens of millions without power and Mitt Romney winning in a landslide as the dead float in Harlem or wherever.

If she moves to the north/east of that track...well, that's where things get sketchy out here on the Sand.

Even a tropical storm can knock power out for a week around here. All of us can remember the last blackout. Many more of us remember the Halloween Gale, which destroyed whatever coastline Hurricane Bob missed.

The NWS forecast discussion puts this storm pretty much right on Nantucket in 5 days.

Sandy could still do any number of things, such as run out of gas or move far east over open ocean. However, the landfall and damage charts being shown by the weather people show Cape Cod to be pretty much smack dab in the center.

The worst effects of the storm will be 50-75 miles from the storm center, and what we just need to know right now is where that center will be. It goes without saying that we get off a lot easier if the storm hits Virginia, but too many forecasters are sending the storm right up Buzzards or Narragansett Bay for me to blow this off. Accuweather sent it right into Rhode Island as a Category One storm, making this like a Little Bob for Cape Cod.

The timing for a New England hit seems to be Sunday night through Tuesday morning. The forecasters leave a lot of wiggle room, because storms are fickle girls.

It's better to be a well-prepared person who is angry at a storm that veered offshore than it is be a slacker who thinks that storm was gonna miss him. Even a marginal storm hitting New York could do costly Damage $ totals, maybe even historically so. A nor'easter of the Halloween Gale variety could do major, major damage to Cape Cod.

You have this whole weekend to prepare, so get on down here and board up. Buy some supplies, have enough cat food and peanut butter to feed everyone if the power fails for a few days. Score enough cigarettes, weed, and beer to entertain for a week. Buy batteries and clean up the yard.

We've said it before and we'll say it again.... this storm could easily miss us. However, the threat level is such that it could also do catastrophic damage to Cape Cod for several tides, and you need to  be and keep aware of any developments.

We'll be back with more updates as new information is presented.

Local High School Football Schedule And Predictions, 10/26-27

Who Plays Where And So Forth

First off... big ups to Barnstable Girls Volleyball. They took the L last night, but let's get it online somewhere that they last lost in 2010. Their 41 match winning streak can't be faded. We want to give a fat mother-lovin' shot-out to an amazing team and program.

Now... onto Football.


Dennis-Yarmouth at Plymouth South, 7 PM

PS has won their last 3 games 120-33. D-Y (ranked 81st in the state rankings) seeks to balance that out.

D-Y, 37-35


Falmouth at Nauset, 7 PM

Falmouth cost me some loot last week when they won their first game, but I was happy to lose it if it meant that a great bunch of kids got the W they deserved. Nauset is undefeated, and ranked 31st in the state.

Nauset, 30-20


Marshfield at Plymouth North, 7 PM

I hate betting against North, because I taught there once. However.... Marsh Vegas is long overdue for Win #1, and North is ripe for the picking.

Marsh Vegas, 10-9


Hingham at #3 Duxbury, 7 PM

Both teams are undefeated (Hingham has a forfeit loss from using an ineligible player), and the winner owns the Patriot League.

Duxbury, 34-17


Whitman-Hanson at Silver Lake, 7 PM

It's been a tough year for Silver Lake, but the fishing in Monponsett has been superb.

WH, 30-7


Apponequet at Fairhaven, 7 PM

Appy has a 4 game winning streak on the line, but I'm feeling Fairhaven.

Fairhaven, 20-18


Old Rochester at Bourne, 7 PM

Bourne has worked in 3 game winning/losing streaks this season, and they've lost 3 straight.

Bourne, 19-18


Seekonk at Wareham, 7 PM

How's Yo Hammy?? Wareham will run all over a game Seekonk team.

Wareham, 20-14


Carver at Mashpee, 7 PM

Mashpee has a 315 pound player, Nathan Chrzanowski (pronounced "Chrzanowski"), which already makes me love them.

Mashpee, 315-0


Cohasset at Sandwich, 7 PM

Wealthier towns on the South Shore like Cohasset and Duxbury tend to get it up for Cape teams the way poor South Shore towns like Rockland or Randolph do for Duxbury and Cohasset.

Cohasset, 20-19



Lowell Catholic at Pope John Paul II, 6 PM

Lowell Catholic is 7-0 and has a point differential of 292-52. PJP2 isn't and, uhm, doesn't.

LC, 30-14


Martha's Vineyard at Bishop Feehan, 1 PM

Feehan is 4-2, with each win being a shutout. Considering the incoming weather, the Vineyarders may want to make friends with the mainland team and maybe stay onshore with them.

BF, 20-19


Old Colony at Upper Cape, 2 PM

I'm happy to see UCT ranked 79th in the state, but methinks that the rankings people should come more correcter than that.

UCT, 34-3


South Shore Voke Tech at Nantucket, 5 PM

Should be a fun ferry ride. We always bet seasickness in this column, it's what makes us unique.

Nantucket, 23-10


Pembroke at Middleboro, 1 PM

Pemby can handle any town that thought they were getting a casino but aren't. That bylaw they have there about No Cursing should be tested severely Saturday.

Pembroke, 20-12


Billerica at #1 Barnstable, 2:30 PM

People from Billerica refer to themselves as "Billericaites." I'd have gone with "Billericans" or maybe "Billy Ricans," but I don't have to live there.

Barnstable, 39-6


Hull at Cape Cod Tech, 1 PM

Cape Cod Tech has one opponent this season (Upper Cape Tech) who actually shares Cape Cod with them. They were playing Lowell last week.

Hull, 12-10

Horror At Sea

Presentation At Bourne Public Library Tonight

Sorry for the spooky title, but that's what the book is called.

The Friends Of Bourne Library are having a meeting and lecture tonight at 6:30 PM. Said meeting will be at the Bourne Public Library on Sandwich Road in Bourne.

Following a brief vote on officers, the lecture will commence. Monument Beach's own Arnold "Arnie" Carr will present a reading of some sort from his new book "Horror At Sea." The book details the sinking of a rum-runner off Naushon Island 125 years ago... and judging from the title, things probably don't end well.

Mr. Carr, a longtime local, is an enthusiast of local sea history, and has numerous dives on shipwrecks and so forth. He knows of what he speaks. If you're into the nautical, this is right up your Galley.

My people at BPL also want you to know that tea experts Ron and Donna Lasko will be giving a lecture on November 1st at 7 PM. The title is "Votes For Women: Notable And Notorious Women Of The American Suffragist Movement." Tickets are $5, but you get tea. You can purchase tickets in advance at the library.

Finally, BPL is hosting the Toe Jam Halloween Spooktacular at the Bourne United Methodist Church on Halloween, at 10 AM. This event features the Toe Jam Puppet Band. I'm pretty sure that admission is free, and costumes are welcome. Refrain from bringing food and drinks, player!

For a schedule of Bourne Library events, click here.

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Don't be a Hall-o-weenie

As tempting as it would be to write about the upcoming election and the volleying of lies, can anyone honestly argue that enough bandwidth has not been wasted preaching to the choir? Obama won all three debates, honest Injun Lizzie... I read it here and on, so it must be true.

  What say we give it a rest and appreciate that there is a whole world outside politics?

Part of that is that is the upcoming holiday.

One of my favorites because.....

A) It's entirely for kid's (and of course some wiccan types....)

B) It is not a forced family reunion where you have to listen to  your crazy Uncle Dick and his imaginary friend ramble on about nonsense.

C) Death Rattle is going to rock the fuck*ng house.....

So take some time away from the keyboard politicking for the lesser of two evils and

support you local bands.

Politics and all the inclusive bullsh*t can wait, get out of the house and get a life.


More Lighthouse Memories & Pecan Cookie Balls

      Remember when,,,, Well I think I do,, but was it really as I remember it, or is what I remember the way I want to remember it and not really how it was. Or you know all those stories that your Father or Grandfather told, at what point did the same story get told only with a little embellishment and become a new story that you really can't point your finger on remembering just quite like Grandpa told it. Or what about Grandma, are the stories getting a little longer with a few extra strands of blue hair thrown in for color? Hum, sometimes in this world of wonder I start to ask myself, now did it really happen this way or, haven't I heard this before, especially out or my own mouth. Ok so much for some of you laughing knowing exactly what I'm talking about with Grandpa over there in his easy chair snoring away. 

      Lighthouses, I can not remember when the fascination came about with them. The earliest memories are totally of the Cape and visiting both Highland Light - Cape Cod Light, and Nauset Light. I remember as a little kid being taken by my parents as we would make the trek to the Outer Cape to visit Provincetown, the Dunes of Truro and the Lighthouses. I used to be so in awe of the beacon and how it could shine light to far away. I was also taken in by the pictures of Lighthouses around the world, of all different shapes and sizes and in so many different settings and there always the color combinations. Each lighthouse is different and distinctly unique in there own way right down to even the pattern of the beacon and strobe pattern that it emitted. 
      A few weeks ago I was in Truro and was able to go up into the Lighthouse again. The weather wasn't the greatest but I could still out past Pilgrim's Memorial and southward along the coast for some way. And was even able to watch a whale watching tour boat returning and follow it all the way around the horn and race point and until I lost sight as it passed behind buildings in Provincetown. I recalled the circular stairs and as a child how awe struck I was by the immense height of the spiral stair case that hugged the inside walls of the tower itself. I remember looking down and thinking I must be in the clouds I was so high. Today I don't look at the stairs being that overly high, but I do think twice on the trip down to looking over the edge of the railing, now that gives me the willies today and why any different than when I was younger I really don't know but just interesting to think about. And no I did not have any issues when actually at the top looking out and about. 
      Today even though many of our Lighthouses are automated and are not maned by a keeper and family or by actual members of the Coast Guard any more I still find their presents very breath taking and their working very interesting. And even though I have been in some of our own Cape Cod Light houses many different times I never get tired of taking that trip and taking the hike up the winding stairs to get to that wonderful view form the top. I still wonder about all those ships that either didn't take heed or see the warning in time and wrecked along the shores of Cape Cod. I wonder about some of the lighthouses that have not been able to withstand the elements of the weather, or the changing landscape caused by shifting sand. I stand and wonder just as I did when a little kid of how many lives have been saved because of this beacon. 
      Lighthouses,, have you ever really given them a thought? When if ever have you taken a tour of one of our fabulous specimens that are open and different times of the year. If not, find out when open, Highland Light, Chatham Light, Nobska Light, are all open to the public at different times. Some charge which helps in their preservation, but the opportunity climb those steps and take the whole experience in is something you will never forget, nor will your kids if you are able to take them as well. 
      So check out a Cape Cod Lighthouse near you, Remember back to the first time you ever visited a lighthouse, than go make some new memories taking others to share your experience with. And know that I have checked he oil and trimmed the wick so that the light will shine even brighter then before so that when the next person needing to find their way home to the Cape has a bright and shining light to follow. Have a great day remembering the Cape and even a better each and every day if you can spend it on old Cape Cod.     
      Looking for recipes sometimes is an interesting search, sometimes you come across a recipe and you are thinking one direction until you actually sit down and go to share it. Although most of the recipes I have tried and many are even my own creations or adaptations there are those, most in the baking area that I haven't made. I go my what sounds good and looks good or that I have notes made on cards that are good that tell me these are worth trying. So when I went to get what I thought was the recipe I wanted to use for this week, the end result did not fit into what I was doing. Oh great, now what,, so on the hunt I went and low and behold I came across this one. Checked it once, found it again so checked it twice, when to my cookbooks and checked it several more times and all had the same things with maybe one or two differences. So I took the general consensus and picked out the the one was most repeated and this is what you get. What is even funnier I was asked to make something for our church holiday bizarre, so comes the put up or shut of doing recipes in your blog. So I went to pick out one of my cookie ball recipes only to figure out that most of the no-bake cookie balls are made with cream cheese and they don't do well sitting out over night, and I did not want a cake ball, that is something different and not a cookie ball. So after committing to one recipe I have had to change that around and found another one in my collection (you will get that next month November 2012) that fit what I needed but did not require refrigeration after making. So now you have the long and the short of it, and some of the fun and dilemmas that go into this process and the mess that it can create when you really don't check recipes before you tell folks you will make something for them. Oh well. This week's recipe after all that actually look easier than what I was going to offer and make more balls than most cookie recipes and uses less ingredients. So we will both be making these for the upcoming holidays. Lets all enjoy and have some kitchen fun. Now on with the show and this weeks offering.       
      This week's recipe: Pecan Cookie Balls
  •       1      cup      shortening
  •    1/4      cup      white corn syrup
  •    1/4      cup      sugar
  •       2      cups    sifted flour
  •    1/8      tsp       salt
  •       2      cup      pecans, chopped 
  •       1      tsp      vanilla, the real stuff please
  •                         powdered sugar
      Cream shorting, syrup and sugar. Once mixed, add flour, salt and vanilla. Once this is well mixed add the chopped nuts. Form into small balls and place on a greased cookie sheet. Bake at 300 for about 40 to 45 minutes. Once removed from oven while still hot roll in powdered sugar. Allow to cool and roll in powder sugar one more time. 

Get strong with Warriors Pose

Tricia shows  a flowing warrior pose.



    ALL  the people who liked Scott Brown in 2010 still like him and then some!  Senator Scott Brown's numbers are real easy to predict.  It has nothing to do with what he or Elizabeth Warren does from now on out except basic hard work!  Senator Brown is always willing to ask for that extra vote and in a very close election he wins on that score.  My take is that is a  turnout number around 2.5-2.8 Million votes.  Anything above that the Warren is hoping for high numbers in her Wards!  If it is below (in 2.2-2.5 Million then  Senator Brown is being talked about as a 2016 Presidential Candidate.  (Brown-Rice 2016 -"Chicken Fingers in every pot" or The Healthy Alternative Ticket).  It will be this TURN-OUT,  that will predict how the Election turns out for Senator Brown!


     All this discussion about how Hurricane Sandy will affect the election, made me think about the comparisons we use in political campaigns .  There certainly was "Electricity" in the 2010 Brown Campaign and Obama Campaign in 2008, whether you were on their side or not!  Their is always power struggles in and outside of campaigns.  It is about power machines, and power seats.  It is about the power vested in those seats and sometimes whether those seats of power are vested with the people.  I always talk about energy.  I always joke about whether if their is Glynn Electric Power in a particular campaign.  (No relation but if they want to adopt me I would love to start another subsidiary GLYNN ELECTIONS with the Electric Bolt going upward like rising poll numbers)!     We talk about ground game energy, and as I sing to my kids as we play around the world in basketball: "Turn out the lights the parties over..." in my best dandy Don Meredith impression.  The storm brought a power outage to the last debate,  and some short term and long term outages home, however,  it doesn't look like Senator Brown has had a Brown-Out in confidence despite polls.  Scott and I have always had the same connection to the importance of  energy a campaign has, and how it is cultivated, and whether an opponent has it or not.  I was with the Senator at Fenway during the winter classic, and the polls were saying something different than we knew at the time.  The techno-crats and what I call the mucky -mucks in all campaigns don't understand the art of  politics even when we understand the importance of the political science.  They are not mutually exclusive they are supplemental.  It is hard explaining to young handlers, and the reality TV generation of  political operatives.  They act like I campaigned with James Michael Curley, (I did campaign with Dapper O'neil who campaigned with Curley , and Dapper Campaigned with Flynn who along with his operatives who campaigned with Clinton, and Flynn of course is with Brown).   There are political constants, and although we have adjusted to realities of the times, neo-fights as I call them,  work on relationships like a TV reality alliance.  The old schoolers see this phonies a mile away.  This translates to energy but the off set is they are on both teams, so it comes back to the Candidate.  Scott Brown made the call back in 2010 as did Martha Coakley.  Those are the calls that win close elections.  Elections even sounds electric!

GLOBE ENDORSEMENT DOES SAME THING FOR PROF. AS AG=NOTHING!    Remember Scott won by 6% in between that number(2.2-2.5 Million)  and that is when alot of people did not know him.  That means Veterans, and Fishermen and lunch pail Union Independent Voters did not know him, and now like how he has stuck up for them.   The Coakley Union Voters are still with Warren and the Democrat side!  However,  the Catholic old timer and/or the WWII Veteran and his wife now know he is a Veteran that they might not have found out before last election.  Also, maybe those old timers were snow birds and have not left for Florida and will vote in this election.  Those are the people who are in that 2.2-2.5 Million along with Independents that stayed home in the snow storm.  These help Scott Big Time!   Same pinky ring Union Bosses minus Lunch Pail Regular Joes and same Globe endorsement!  The Globe was wrong in 2010 in their last poll. They learned lesson and switched polling groups,  and their latest poll has Brown up.  


 I start to break out in a rash when such things happen like Brown /Romney  Cape Cod Times endorsement.  What next Richard Latimer making accurate statements about the military! (If that happens expect an Emergency Alert System broadcast for Falmouth Micro-burst, severe thunderstorm warnings)!   Latimer, admits he did not serve because of hearing like George Bailey, but ironically like Scott Brown , Jimmie Stewart served on active duty in war as a National Guardsman and was a Private and a Colonel and then a General.  He didn't serve in Combat, but he did his part, and followed orders by his command.  I understand Latimer doesn't understand that because he did not serve but he acts like he does understand and he simply does not!  Unlike the character ,  George Bailey , Latimer doesn't do the stuff George Bailey did!  The stuff Scott Brown supports, like the Canal Run for the Troops and Cape Cod Cares for the Troops.  Scott Brown isn't from the Cape but shows up while Latimer is a short march across Mass Military Reservation or an ARMY CORP of Engineer Bridge.  No Latimer,  and no Keating(supposedly Bourne even closer) , no Wolf (HARWICH)  or no Warren (NOT FROM ANYWHERE NEAR HERE)!  I am not a Right Wing Z0mbie, I am a PROUD VETERAN , (You are NOT SURPRISE, SURPRISE, as predicted) and I know VALOR when I see it , and phonies, and you Latimer ARE STILL NOT QUALIFIED TO SPEAK OF VALOR!   SEND A PACKAGE TO A HERO, AND WRITE A NOTE, IF YOU LIKE !   (Heck I don't care if you leave out TP in put a copy of your column).  However, until you do half as much as Senator Brown does for Veteran stick to Bank Regulation,  hmmm George Bailey explained that too! "Its A Wonderful Life"!  If you read the Lying Liberal Lawyer Latimer admit he is wrong, support Veterans,  or see him in Church run seek shelter, listen for thunder, and expect thunder.  If it happens on 12/21/12 then consult a Mexican Illegal, but not a fake Indian Oklahoma or Mexico!  Lefty Lying Liberal Lawyer Latimer, says you have to be rational to be a Lawyer!  In that case not are you not qualified to talk about VALOR,  you and Joke-A-Hauntus, are not qualifed to practice law.  Although, Practice is the operative word!  I heard the reason the sharks stayed away from the seals in Chatham , going after humans, was because Latimer  with them!  Professional Courtesy but not rational !


     A big time Presidential race that  has high favorables for at least one candidate, translates to  real big turnout for both (Obama 2008).    A hometown candidate (2004-Kerry) against an incumbent that is less popular(Bush)  is another big drive to turnout like Kerry vs. Bush Turnout of  2004!    It pulls people out for both sides, even in an obvious win in the state!   The foregone conclusion for President in the state hurts the team on the same side.  There are not coffee house arguments, as the protest voters don't argue they just show up quietly.   There are no bragging rights about the national race especially when it is close, and it is obvious in the state. (Every Dem. since Reagan) !  People don't care if their guy wins by 20-25 or 10%-18%. (This race could vary from less than 10% to over 30% difference between Obama/Romney in Mass.  Usually over twenty percent or more so reducing that number with lower raw votes is huge, especially when that becomes 20% or hundreds of  thousands of  votes.  (2.2 Million or less to well over 3 Million)!   They win by double digits.  The losing side cares because they are making a statement that their vote kept it close. 


    This works  in every case regardless of  the state demographics.  Simply stated usually the incumbent is from the majority party excluding Independents of course!  If they are not then they already proved they can win against the majority party , mainly because of those Independents. Even if you call them unenrolled they pride themselves in not enrolling in any group think.   The key is first overcoming the all important voters noted above that vote for the perceived winner.  That is where energy changes that perception.  Those people don't follow polls usually but are influenced indirectly and pick up on sound bites and street talk about who is going to win, if  only through osmosis.  "He /She can't win, against such and such".  Well, of course they can if they get enough votes.  Usually that number is 6%-10% and that is a blow out, so you see it is all about those people.  The rest of us who study, and choose and hang on every word we really do not make a difference beyond influencing that other 6%.  That is why polls count, and money in the bank/raised is more than the money.   They both go to the perceived ability to win.    I often vote for the guy I know is gonna lose.  When I tell people that they either don't believe me, or give me the Scooby Doo head twirl.  Kinda like you are doing now without the Scooby "huhhh" ?sound!   You see you don't get any money back like a horse race, and whether you guy wins or loses in a blow out,  you will not be able to get money back for their good policies (your guy) or bad policies (other guy).  (I wish operatives got paid by vote, and energy guys got more credit because we would not see throne sniffers get any credit for win, and would get more blame for loss).   The message I send is you have one more vote to earn next time-(bad guy) or you still need me and can not take me for grant it (good guy).  Especially , when the candidates or anyone don't know.  I can tell people I voted for the winner if I want, but does anybody do that very often.  We know they do not shout it from the roof tops that they voted for the loser until , the winner starts looking like a presumed loser by policy,  record or polls/money!



It may seem like a simple thing, but so are elections!  It really is simple although pundits and no nothings that pretend to know everything try to persuade you differently.    Here it is folks, and you can take it to the bank.  You can read my previous election predictions , well ahead of time.  You can look back at my previous Presidential predictions and they will still be right.   I will only make one prediction, now late.  It will be Virginia that TURNS-OUT the winner.   Some will say it is Ohio, some will say Florida, some will say Iowa or Wisconsin.  That will be true only in the sense that Massachusetts will be with the winner if it is Obama, and Texas if it is Romney.   Iowa will only come in after the 270 is made and I agree for the winner.  However, back in Massachusetts U.S. Senate Race,  it will come down to the above TURN-OUT!  Here is why it will not be the higher numbers for Warren!  One, there is no excitement!  There are no opinions on the Presidential Race around the water cooler hear.  People do not care if  Romney loses by 8% or 80% in Massachusetts, but it matters in the Senate race.  Now it is more the difference between 10% and 30%.  That is the 20% TURN-OUT difference.  Here it is in raw numbers by percentage.   If  2.5 million show up than 1% is 25k.  If I am correct than Scott Brown by 6% means 150k!  20% difference in Romney's numbers is no excitement for Presidential Race.    It also,  means 900k less votes not for Obama coming out!  That is calculated in to my original figure, so keep it simple.  Just look at my numbers and ask yourself is there excitement here like 2004 or 2008.  Talk to College kids.  They will tell you, they probably just won't vote.  The negativity turns to apathy all around.  Ask anyone, they just are turned off.  Ask anyone who voted in 2008 for Obama or Brown if they felt that way, and they will tell you NO WAY! 

Low Turn Out ALWAYS favors the Incumbent!

Masschusetts same as anywhere!  This blue state nonsense is just for before election day!   Otherwise,  the day after elections like 2010 or following any election for a Republican Governor, they would be changing their party affiliation!   Besides if it needed to be disproven Scott Brown already did that in 2010.   I suppose you come up with different scenerios until the cows come home,  Governor, Senate,  Congress, or General , Special, Presidential Election Cycles until it works your way.  However,  then it has to work everytime AND forever. Otherwise,  everyplace shades turn from Dark Blue, to light to Purple to light Red and Bright Red!   My take is also, as lopsided as it is that other way.  It  can not be proven until we are ALL BLUE FOREVER!   That is equally foolish, but not more foolish!  Turnout works for all parties,  all the time!  That does not mean that an incumbent candidate with scandal all over them wins.  No it just means it would have been worse with a higher turn out!  All things being equal like with Brown-Warren , low turnout helps Scott!  Medium turnout leans Scott, and excited high turnout helps the nutty Professor.  I put that in because,  right around here someone would say, this is an argument trying to fit my view.  No this is the results!  I want Scott to win no doubt so that is why I put in the nutty professor statement.  However,  I would have put she has no chance, if I was simply trying to influence your vote, or thought you one who votes for only eventual winner.  No , I think it is all over but the crying it depends on how many people are crying!  Plain ol TURN -OUT Dynanmics! 




    Here is the  Clue version of the riddle.   The Nutty Professor in the Library with the Rope or the Colonel in the VA with the Gun!  Things shape much worse for Warren than Brown.   I have said all along there is opposite COAT-TALES!   This is the stories that follow the opposite Presidential -U.S. Senate Party Wins.  If  Romney wins and Brown loses than by lunch time on Wednesday Scott Brown is Secretary of  Veteran Affairs Elect.  If Obama wins and Warren is a loser, well she will be a loser by breakfast and John Kerry will be Secretary of  State- Elect by sunrise!  The difference between Warren and Coakley is Martha had won several times and Millions of dollars.  Warren will be an o-fer, and will have spent the most ever in such a lose in blue state Massachusetts.  See the difference,  Joke-A - Haunt-us will be used all over Union Job sites.   Lie-A-watha will be the name attached to not only the most money spent per vote in a loss in Massachusetts but anywhere in the World.  The green effect will have Dems. blaming the Nutty Professor for Climate change!    All the people who had to wait will let them fly.  Iron workers will be saying Stevie waited his turn twice on the job, and Stevie Lynch will be buying them lunch on Nov. 7th to get them behind him for the Kerry Seat, I mean the other peoples seat!    Bill Weld will be hoping to meet Warren, but Vicki will be nudging to take Capuano and Lynch out the same way the other two women lawyers did to them twice. 


I can not go an article here without making an over all sports reference and in Massachusetts we know it is a full contact sport!  Unfortunately, for the Sooner Carpet Bagger she is not an athlete like DOWN-TOWN SCOTTY BROWN!  There is no such thing as an away game for Senator Scott Brown and he will not lose his nickname , his title, or his style.  His style is the underdog, the title is Senator, and the nick name is DOWN TOWN SCOTTY BROWN AND NEVER AN AWAY GAME!



A cautionary tale.


I know that Cape Cod is not the 6th Congressional District and that we have our own Congressional seat to decide, but we do have friends and relatives who are in that district, and how they vote will affect us locally, nationally, and to some extent personally.

I only have really basic cable where I am living, so I cannot escape the political ads by going off to watch movies on demand or zombies. I get to watch Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and New Hampshire television channels which has me subjected to the political ads of three states. It has become clear that one of the ploys used by Republican candidates in these states is to claim they are independent and will vote for the people and not the party. Scott Brown rarely utters the word "Republican", and it is easy to deduce that this is the party game plan as it seems every Republican running in New England is independent.

So if applicable, pass this on to those friends.

For years I lived in the American Afghanistan, home of our domestic Taliban, Oklahoma. The politicians there were so far to the right, they would have to look left to actually see what the true right was. Many of the state politicians, while condemning Sharia Law, did whatever they could to make their religious beliefs the main influence on state legislation even though not everyone in that state held the majority religious belief. The line between religion and secular laws was too often blurred. They attempted conversion by legislation and bullying.

To do this they had to have the enemy demons, and where none truly existed, they invented them. They could not bring people to Christ though the Good News, so they attempted to bring people to Jesus by scaring the very be-jesus out of them.

They had lost their racial targets, and, so, turned to their biggest invented satan, Gay people, because there were no laws that said they couldn't, and the closet had effectively kept most people from knowing who Gay people really were. They exaggerated and invented so many fictitious things about Gay people, that Gay people themselves had no idea who they were talking about. They not only equated the committed love of two people of the same sex to exaggerated beastiality, they seemed to have an obsession with man on dog sex.

I was even present at an Oklahoma City city council meeting where a revered minister, after having travelled to Texas where the pornography laws were a little loser and bringing back some explicit pornography, passed it around the city council chamber so everyone could see examples of the exaggerated sexual activities that he claimed were just routine for Gay people while the meeting was being fed live onto the local cable access channel. Interestingly the clergy who were there to condemn many of the citizens of the city based on erroneous information and long held prejudices were awfully slow passing the magazines around among themselves.

The actual topic being discussed was whether or not to keep the city's Human Rights Commission.

The state supported taking children away from their loving Gay parents, and had in some cases done so by having the court place the child with the heterosexual parent who was a known abuser, alcoholic, and drug user and merchant. It was claimed to be best for the child.

So returning to Massachusetts where people seem to be more realistic, and marriage is just marriage without a qualifying adjective was a relief. Openly Gay people, who do not have to hide and are in various walks of life without fear, is refreshing.

I have to confess that I do have my problems with Gay Republicans because, in spite of understanding the need to work within the party for change is a good goal, voting for candidates from that party who are very much like what I encountered in Oklahoma seems self defeating.You don't bring about change if you accept and support the party status quo. Sometimes I feel that these Gay Republicans are being used by the party because of the assumption that if you throw them a crumb, you can fool them easily.

Richard Tisei is a Gay Republican. He is open about it. Theoretically he should be working within his party to bring about the changes that will bring about equality for GLBT people. It is something I truly hope he is doing realistically. But there is always that fear that the party, needing the votes of people that would support him, will find no problem using him for what they can get out of him while actually dismissing any changes he is seeking to bring about, assuming he is doing that. I have seen this before.

Speaker of the House, John Boehner, has endorsed Mr. Tisei, even making a personal appearance of support in his district, and the GOP has given significant funds to his campaign. But is this support because of who Mr. Tisei is, or because they simply want to increase the number of Republicans in the House, and it just happens to be him this time?

Although, while John Boehner claims to respect him (Boehner spokesman Cory Fritz said, “While they don’t agree on every issue, Richard and the Speaker respect one another,”), and Mr. Tisei calls the Defense of Marriage Act “unconstituional", the Speaker is spending over $1 million to preserve DOMA. Considering what is being said about those who want marriage equality and the stereotypes and misrepresentations of Gay people used to scare people into supporting DOMA, this would imply a lack of respect for the person, Mr. Tisei.

In other places this marriage thing is still “satan's work” and presented as an assault on tradition, families, America, and all things good. Citizens are denied the rights they should have as citizens, and are being demonized to keep it that way.

The House Bipartisan Legal Advisory Group (BLAG) took over the legal defense of DOMA to the tune of $1,447,996.73  after the Obama administration stopped defending it in February of 2011. House Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio), House Majority Leader Eric Cantor (RA-Va.) and House Majority Whip Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) signed a $1.5 million contract with attorney Paul Clement to represent them in cases involving DOMA, so they pretty much spent what they had.

There have been 14 interventions in DOMA cases with five in a row being lost.

So is this respect actually for the person running for a traditionally Democratic seat here in Massachusetts, or does it only go toward the usefulness of the person running for it?

There is a tendency for people of any given group to increase their money and support for one of their own running for political office. Perhaps as long as money keeps coming in there will be respect for that, as opposed the person.

One only has to look to Mitt Romney. When he needed votes, he pledged to be more supportive of GLBT people than his opponent, Ted Kennedy, when running for the Massachusetts senate seat, and then threw out a few words of support for the GLBT Community when running for Governor. Then, when it became more expedient to be an arch conservative when he ran for president, he took back any previous support and denied any words of such sentiments uttered in the past.

It would appear in the present case, considering their anti-Gay sentiments, that the respect the G.O.P. has for Mr. Tisei is more for his gaining the seat as opposed who he is.

The pundits say he has a more than good chance of winning. I just hope if he does, there will be real respect for him beyond the words. It will be sad to see him treated like a puppy that is good entertainment for a while, but when the serious stuff needs to be dealt with is relegated to the backyard, out of sight.

My fear is that being relatively comfortable, the GLBT Community here will have forgotten that life is less than acceptable in other places. The worst that was once here, is still there.

Giving control of the government over to those who have vocally expressed their objection to equality will not only continue to harm those who are in the equivalent of the GLBT rights struggle pre-Stonewall, but can potentially roll back what progress has been made in places like Massachusetts.

One person attempting to possibly effect change within the Republican party to which he will be beholden because he got where he is because of them does not seem to be a very strong ally.

I, personally, do not want to return to the good old days.

October Surprise?

Your Afternoon Tropical Update

A late season hurricane bearing down on Jamaica may have some less than pleasant Halloween plans up in New England.

Hurricane Sandy will move north after lashing the land of Jah, and no one on the Eastern Seaboard not named Romney wants it to hit a city. However- and "however" can have mean whatever a weather forecaster needs it to mean- the current forecast tracks give it a very good chance of saying how-do-you-do to somebody between Carolina and, uhmmmm, Cape Cod. We're looking at a Monday/Tuesday area of concern.

Hurricane Sandy:
New England Likely To Feel Effects

Our midday suite of weather models has made a dramatic shift in the ultimate track of Sandy, which officially became a hurricane late Wednesday morning.Nearly all now pull Sandy back westward, towards the East Coast early next week. Only a very few still kick Sandy out to sea.  Globe.
Before we start the Doomsday stuff, let me be clear when I say that the odds favor ol' Sandy here making a drang nacht osten towards the middle of the ocean, and she will bother no one but sailors and fish. You may be able to golf in it. There is a lot of meteorological (?) judo involving dips in the jet stream and a blocking area of high pressure that have to be surpassed before Sandy could make it to Cape Cod in any form.

However, the odds of her striking Cape Cod are large enough that this site will offer daily updates (here is yesterday's update, which has a roughly current map) on the matter until the storm does some Don't Worry stuff.

We use a 5 point scale for storms here, with Scale One being a "Don't Worry" along the lines of a wildfire in California or an Asian tsunami, to the Scale Four of "You'd Better Get To Stepping Or You Might Get Deaded." You should know that Scale Five is a "Where were you? There was a terrible storm" postscript that is usually reserved for post-blizzard use on returning snowbirds, Scale Three is "You Should Really Start To Prepare Yourselves," and Scale Two is "Keep A Constant Eye On The Forecasts." Sandy is a Scale Two at the moment.

Best case scenario? Sandy veers East, and the Azores or Bermuda has to deal with it. Worst Case? A direct hit with the eye coming up Buzzards Bay. That would most likely be as a Tropical Storm Sandy, but we all saw what Tropical Storm Irene did up here. No need for any more of that, eh? Worst Case II? We get socked with a powerful and slow-to-leave Nor'easter.

Ironically, we may be worse off if Sandy loses her tropical characteristics and hits us as a Nor'easter. Tropical Storms are more powerful than Nor'easters, but Nor'easters tend to A) widen out the damage field, and B) stick around for several damaging tides. People tend to think of Nor'easters as Baby Hurricanes and they are probably right to do so, but the kid can get the better of the old man in some cases, and this may be one of them.

Even a glancing blow from a storm like this should be Pretty Much All She Wrote as far as foliage season goes.... but if you haven't gone out to see the leaves by this late in the season, you probably weren't going to go anyhow, so stop looking at me like that.

We'll be back with an update either tomorrow or whenever the situation changes. For more, read here.

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Prepping The Bull

Final Warren/Brown Debate Tonight

We just wanted to remind you that tonight is the final debate in the campaign between Professor Elizabeth Warren and incumbent US Senator Scott Brown.

You can see it on C-Span, and listen to it on either WRKO or WXTK (I'll check on that for y'all before this goes to print), and it may be on NECN as well.

Brown moved into the Senate seat held for so long by my estimable colleague at the Sports Desk, Ted From Hyannis Port. He won a brief election against Martha Coakley , but this is the first time he's been in it for a whole campaign.

I don't watch a lot of this politics stuff, as it interferes with my extensive sports betting activities. Most of what Abdullah knows is gleaned from attack ads. I know that Liz Warren is a fake Cherokee who used to make her living exploiting asbestos cancer victims, while Scott Brown hates women and sold his ass to Big Business so many times now that they actually get a free turn on it now and then. A vote for either of them will be the end of life as you know it.

Either way, if you're into politics and are perhaps undecided about who you are going to vote for... well, this debate is pretty much the last chance you're going to get to see them both at the throat of the other. It usually makes for good show, and it is recommended viewing for all fans of this column.


Debate cancelled due to Hurricane Sandy.

How People Look at Alcoholics

 This is the Introduction to my memoir Someone Stop This Merry-Go-Round; An Alcholic Family in Crisis.

Alcoholism is a disease that affects millions of people along with heart problems, diabetes, cancer, and drug addiction. We hear and read about different diseases that kill people every day and how they leave broken-hearted families behind.

Who is considered an alcoholic and what are they like in behavior? We all have our own personal conception about what a person has to do in order to be considered an alcoholic. Usually, they’re labeled as habitual drunks.

Most of us picture an alcoholic as a person, curled-up and passed out among the over-turned garbage cans and found on a hidden side street between buildings or someone under a torn, grimy blanket sleeping on a park bench with a newspaper over their face and wearing ragged, filthy clothes looking as though they needed a hot, sudsy shower. In fact, a large percentage of the public automatically assumes it’s a man in this condition having the problem. Rarely does it enter our minds that a woman could be the alcoholic in these situations.

Our intellects come to the understanding and conclusion that the drinker has absolutely no desire to find a job or no wish to mingle with and contribute to society. We insist that many of them are living off the welfare system with no intention of bettering themselves. When we come in contact with the drinker, many of us lose patience with them or omit them completely in our conversations and social circles.

It’s more comfortable for us to pretend that they don’t exist. In other words, they’re not getting their act together to think and do things the way we believe they should.

Because our own lives are structured and orderly, we believe that we’re better than the alcoholic. We forget how blessed our families are to have jobs that pay well, three good meals a day on the table, independent lives, and the freedom to come and go as we like. This concept is what most people consider to be a healthy American life under normal living conditions.

The reality of an alcoholic’s life won’t hit us until we come in direct contact with a family member, friend, or a close acquaintance who’s struggling to combat this disease. Then we develop the need to understand fully and to gain the knowledge of what alcohol is doing to the alcoholic and the people around them.

Once the abuser’s actions start to affect our lives, we suddenly sit-up and open our eyes to what’s happening to the individual. The desire to help them is there because we love the person and can see that the disease has changed his or her personality, morals, and ambitions. The devastating fact hits us that alcohol is slowly killing our loved one.

The alcoholics themselves can become acutely aware that they are drowning in drink and still don’t feel the need or have the willpower to get help. For them, the battle to give up liquor has too many side effects, and it’s too hard to combat the habit, especially if this life-style has been going on for years.

It’s a struggle every day for an alcoholic to just get out of bed. Many spend their days sleeping. They skip meals because their appetite has disappeared, thereby causing more damage to their health because their bodies break down from lack of proper nutrition to keep them stable.

Many alcoholics who have tried to fight the disease don’t relish the unpleasant physical effects of going without a drink; instead, they give in and turn back to drinking. In their mind, taking a drink is the only way to stop the effects of withdrawal. They fear going to any public place, and the drinking imprisons them in their own home behind closed doors.

Their lives and minds are constantly in a confused state. Alcoholics live in uncertainty that immobilizes them. They find it hard to do anything for themselves or their families. All confidence disappears. They make up all kinds of stories in order to avoid doing anything that makes them uncomfortable.

Doctors’ appointments are cancelled because they fear what they may be told. Family events are ignored so they don’t have to hear about their behavior or their broken promises. They live in denial that they have any problem at all and believe they can stop drinking at any time.

Getting sober for an alcoholic means they’ll have to take the giant step of signing themselves into a detoxification center. There, they’ll experience what they feared: the shakes, being confined, and taking medicine that will make them feel worse before they get better. They’re subjected to answering personal, embarrassing questions and being cooped-up in a single room with strangers, whom they consider to be sicker than they are.

After weeks or months of drying out, they’re pushed into the outside world again to face the same problems that brought them there. Depending on circumstances, they’ll have to confront the people that they hurt, deal with job hunting, and return to having the responsibility of making family decisions. Some become paranoid, thinking that everyone is judging them and watching their every move to see if they slip. Some probably are being watched because the whole family becomes sick and confused from the disease.

If they don’t continue to seek professional counseling after being rehabilitated, join an AA group, or find a sponsor, most alcoholics go right back to the bottle, which is always there to comfort them with no condemnation.

Going back to drinking, or falling off the wagon as the expression goes, doesn’t mean that they want to—it means they’re sick. Alcoholism is a disease that is highly hereditary. It would be so much easier if drinking could be cured by simply taking a pill. The first step to recovery for the alcoholic is for him or her to want the help. No one can help them if they don’t want to be helped.

Alcoholics have the same wants and dreams as the rest of us. There was a time when they held a job, had a marriage, brought up children, owned a home and a car, and had a social life with their friends and families. Now, they have become frightened, misplaced human beings who have lost their dignity.

Alcoholism doesn’t happen overnight. The reality of their lives being out-of-control came when catastrophes started to happen all around them. Some drinkers are fortunate to be able to keep their lives fairly normal, but others don’t realize it’s a problem until they lose everything.

Society needs to stop looking at the millions of alcoholics as bums or low-class individuals who don’t want to better themselves. They have a disease that can reach the point of no return.

If a person has been drinking for years and wants to stop, the body may have reached the point where it needs the drink. The body craves it; then there’s no stopping.

Someone Stop This Merry-Go-Round is based on the true story of my life living with and losing a husband to alcoholism. Slowly, our happy lives as a secure family started to fall to pieces at different stages. It seems completely incomprehensible to me now that I couldn’t see the signs of serious drinking from this uncontrollable disease.  The book can be bought on Amazon in paperback or Kindle.

A Fight For All Seasons: Brockton Enters 12th Round Against Brockton Power

By Greg O’Brien

News Analysis, Codfish Press

(Part of an on-going series on energy and environmental issues from Cape Cod to California)

Rocky Marciano has returned in triumph to Brockton, the City of Champions with the unveiling recently of a 22-foot, larger-than-life statue to be installed in Champions Park at Brockton High School, his alma mater. At 49-0, with 43 knockouts, the Brockton Blockbuster—the only person to hold the heavyweight title untied and undefeated—got right to the punch.  

A community of about 95,000 with an average per capita income of $20,000, is facing extraordinary challengesHis arrival is not a minute to soon. Brockton could use a champion.  

The city, a community of about 95,000 with an average per capita income of $20,000, is facing extraordinary challenges of high unemployment, rising crime, and a large minority population, many of whom do not speak English. 

And Brockton today is engaged in its own heavyweight fight, symbolic of Marciano’s grit and resolve to go the rounds, often at long odds. City officials are rope-a-dope in the 12-round bruiser with fossil fuel power plant called Brockton Power, its heavyweight sponsors Advanced Power and the Seimins Corp., and consultants—former Brockton Mayor Jack Yunits and Epsilon Associates, manned with former state Department of Environmental Protection engineers, who knew the inside baseball of power plant permitting.

The main event is winner-take-all in a five-year bout over construction of a 350-meggawatt gas-fired, water-cooled, multi-turbine plant. The site is located on industrial land near the lip of residential and business areas on the city’s south side where more than 30,000 Brockton residents would be impacted, not including abutting West Bridgewater and East Bridgewater. It’s within a half mile of six schools, four day care centers, two ten-story senior housing projects for the elderly and disabled, 200 units of low-income housing, a facility for brain injured children, a drug treatment center and four churches. Residents, institutions, businesses and city officials are concerned, among other fears, about toxic emissions and the fact that Brockton already has one of the highest asthma rates in Massachusetts, about twice the state average for children.  Brockton is the ninth most environmentally overburdened community in the Commonwealth, based on assessed environmental hazard points.

Not surprising for a “Gateway” community, one of 24 former Massachusetts mill cities that during the Industrial Revolution churned out enough toxins to impair the health of residents for generations to come. The city is an industrial Statue of Liberty: give us your tired, your poor, your hungry, and just about every foul project that no one else on the planet wants. Once the shoe capital of the world, the city is still prey to voracious developers attempting to walk over Brockton, which has already an exceedingly high concentration of Brownfield sites, hazardous waste dumps, landfill type facilities and environmentally hazardous facilities.

The city has 374
hazardous waste sites.
The city has 374 hazardous waste sites, compared to an average 84 waste sites in cities and towns throughout the Commonwealth, notes Kate Archard of Brockton, director of the writing program and a communications consultant at UMass/Boston. Citing a report from Daniel R. Farber, Director of the Northeastern University’s Environmental Justice Research Collaborative, she says that Brockton also has six landfill operations, garbage dumps, trash transfer sites and recycling sites. Brockton’s Thatcher Street Landfill, she notes, is known as the “mountain of Brockton” because its massive size, and that a former auto body shop on East Ashland Street was so contaminated with petroleum, asbestos and other harmful toxins that eight years ago the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) seized the site. Then there is the wastewater treatment plant (AWRF) on Oak Hill Way “that not only discharges sewer effluent into the Salisbury River, but also disposes of the solid waster in the form of ‘sludge cakes’ by burning it in an incinerator and releasing it into the air,” she says.

So where’s the justice in all this?

Sorely missing, and that’s why Brockton Power opponents are leaning on the state’s Environmental Justice Policy and the federal Environmental Justice Act of 1997 for relief in what is expected to be a precedent-setting case in environmental justice, just as Rocky was a precedent-setting in the ring. Simply put, environmental justice “is fair treatment and meaningful involvement of all people regardless of race, color, national origin, or income with respect to the development, implementation and enforcement of environmental laws, regulations and policies,” states the EPA. What it means for Brockton, power plant opponents say, is that residents here have a protected right to live in a clean, environmentally safe city without being burdened disproportionately with toxic pollutants.

The state—through an Energy Facilities Siting Board (EFSB) decision in 2009— has signaled initial agreement with the principles of environmental justice, sanctioning the Brockton Power project, but only with the stipulation of local approvals. It was the first time in the agency’s history that it placed such conditions on a project.

In the face of EFSB stipulations and environmental justice, Brockton Power, under the mantle of Brockton Clean Energy, a joint venture between Advanced Power and Siemens Financial Services, has done what any self-respecting, profit driven corporation might do: muscle the city, and sue its derriere. Brockton officials are holding a collective breath over an menacing $68 million civil rights lawsuit filed against city officials by project proponents, Brockton Power LLC, alleging conspiracy to “reject, deny and starve” the project.

“We reluctantly took this action because of the city’s continued refusal to give the project the fair and full review to which it is entitled under state law and the city’s own ordinances,” stated Brockton Power

The suit, filed by the Boston firm Bingham McCutchen, accuses city officials of conspiring to “systematically deprive” Brockton Power of its “constitutional right to develop their land” and “be free from outrageous and unfair acts of discrimination, arbitrary and capricious action or inaction, and flagrant denial of procedural and substantive due process rights.”

What say Brockton officials and project opponents about this? Put up your dukes!

 “If (the lawsuit’s) primary intent is to threaten and scare the City of Brockton into a direction desired by the applicant, that won’t work,” City Solicitor Philip Nessralla has countered. 

Brockton Power has responded with the best and brightest of high-paid lawyers, winning some early preliminary rounds, filing appeals and when all else failed, suing the city for more than it’s worth—a legal maneuver that seems to summarize this long fierce battle, which redefines corporate community relations when big money is at stake.

“This indeed is a Rocky prizefight. It’s all about who can stay in the ring the longest,” says Ed Beyers, founder of the voluble Stop the Power opposition group ( and owner of abutting Cindy’s Kitchen, an organic salad dressing company abutting the proposed site. “Brockton Power is the ten-million pound gorilla coming into a depressed city, trying to get us to cave. They never expected such a fight. But this is Brockton, the city of underdogs and champions, and my money now is on the mayor and the city council.”

“They thought we’d be an easy mark,” says Gini Jeppson, co-founder of Citizens for a Better Brockton, who has been fighting the project since 1997 when it was first proposed by other developers, initially approved, then withdrawn. “Brockton Power today is trying to wear us down with lawsuits against the city, deposing everyone in sight and antagonizing us. They want us to fold. That’s not happening. No one is giving up.”

Adds Loretta Murray, one of the group’s early organizers, “We’re not easy pickings. Some might think approval is a done deal, but the deal isn’t done, and we’re not going away.”

Former Mayor Yunits indeed hopes the opposition will fade. Brockton Power was proposed under his watch by a close friend and colleague, the late George Baldwin, a prominent Brockton businessman. The required zoning was then set in place. Now Yunits is a consultant to Brockton Power. Badda Bing. Badda boom.

City Hall today isn’t impressed with its contenders. Both Mayor Linda Balzotti, the city’s first female mayor, and ten of 11 city councilors, are steadfastly opposed to the project on grounds that it’s the wrong location, not needed, poses significant health hazards, would reduce property values, potentially cost the city more than it would gain from revenues, and would infringe on the rights of residents. “This power plant is the wrong project for Brockton,” Balzotti said emphatically in a May 10 open letter to Brockton residents. “The south side of the city already has a wastewater treatment plant and a landfill. The proposed power plant would add an additional and unacceptable environmental burden to our community.”

Adds Brockton Town Councilor Thomas Monahan of Ward 2, “It’s not the right project and not the right site for Brockton. The air quality and health of residents would be compromised.”

Monahan concedes from Brockton Power’s perspective that the site is financially viable on grounds of its close proximity to gas and transmission lines. But opponents view such a prized corporate location as the perfect storm for abutters and residents.

“If these types of projects were good for all communities, why don’t we see them in Brookline, Weston, Newton or Wellesley?” says Beyers’ Boston attorney Paul Glickman. “They came to Brockton because it’s poor and they assumed there was no will to fight. Brockton Power came in with a checkbook and an attitude that you should welcome us, and if you don’t it’s a civil rights violation. I think when the 14th Amendment was passed in 1886, its sponsors didn’t think Brockton Power one day would be one of one of the beneficiaries.”

It’s a stretch, by any measure, connecting 14th amendment (designed to protect poor blacks) with a powerful international conglomerate like Siemens and parcel property owners the Barry brothers, who purchased the land for a reported $700,000, just pennies on the dollar, and now stand to gain millions in a windfall if the project is approved.

Beyond doubt, environmental concerns regarding Brockton Power are the most daunting.

“The health issue is the biggest minus,” says Paul Studenski, the ward city councilor. “The folks here are scared. No doubt about it. They are simply opposed, and I’m going to support them.”

Balzotti references the fear in a recent open letter to residents. “Everyone has a right to environmental justice—to have a clean, healthy quality of life” regardless of a project’s purported benefits, she wrote. 

Project benefits, as proposed by Brockton Power, include: $1 million in annual tax revenues to the city, as well as revenue from agreements to purchase water that would be needed for the plant and expand treatment capacity. In laymen’s terms, it’s a discounted $1 million dollars a year in commercial property taxes in lieu of fully taxed assessments that would net Brockton $4 million annually. The project, proponents say, also would create 250 construction jobs during peak construction and 20 full time jobs for plant operation. These, however, are highly skilled job, and likely beyond the qualifications of most Brockton residents.

Clouding the fray further are ongoing critical concerns about an evacuation plan. The city, according Police Chief Emanuel Gomes, has no acceptable plan for proper evacuation. It’s a public safety concern, and the chief has noted so right from the start.  

Why such a fuss over public safety?

One only has to look south to Middletown, Ct, where a similar type Siemens combined cycle gas-and-oil fired power plant exploded in February 2008, killing six and injuring at least 50. The explosion, believed to be the result of an operating test during construction, was felt as far as five miles away. Parts of the walls of this massive structure were seen flapping in the wind.

This is certainly not a model of best practices for Siemens, the German industrial giant. Nor is it much of a resume enhancer, as the Washington Post reported last year that federal investigators “had charged six former executives of Siemens, AG, including a board member, with conspiring to spend $100 million bribing Argentine officials in an effort to secure a $1 billion contract for the global engineering giant.”

The paper quoted Assistant Attorney General Lanny A. Breuer, who oversees the Justice Department criminal division, as saying, “The allegations in this indictment reflect a stunning level of deception and corruption.”  The Post reported that “the charges came more than a decade after the alleged conspiracy began and three years after Siemens paid $1.6 billion to settle accusations in the United States and Germany that the company engaged in a systematic effort to win business by paying bribes in various countries.”

End of story.

Not quite. While Brockton Power indeed is big money—from the bottom up— city officials say it’s not worth the purported benefits. Brockton just isn’t for sale when it comes to the siting of a 350-meggawatt gas-fired plant. Adding an exclamation point, the city, to date, has refused to sell Brockton Power the millions of gallons of water needed for the plant—a denial now tied up in court. This a show-stopper for Brockton Power; no water, no plant. That simple.

But by most counts, this bout will last another 18 months. Heading now into this 12th round, one might recall a bruised and haggard Rocky Marciano lunging into the final round against Jersey Joe Walcott on September 23, 1952. Appearing outmatched and on the verge of defeat, Marciano sprung out of his chair, danced with Walcott, trading punches, then backed him into a corner, and without a hint of what was to come, dropped Walcott to the mat with two power punches to the head.

It’s never over in this city of champions.

Brockton and state officials could learn something from Marciano. “Why waltz with a guy for 10 rounds if you can knock him out in one,” the champ once said.

Welcome home, Rocky!

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3rd Presidential Debate

Romney and Obama have one last go-around

Boca Raton, Florida was the site of last night's debate, the final of three between former Governor Mitt Romney and your President, Barack Obama.

Obama kind of lost the first one, entirely by his flu-like appearance. He was more hearty in the second debate, and he evened up the score by making mincemeat of Romney's economic policy.

Last night was more of the same, with Mitt trying to make Libya look like Iraq and Obama smacking him around on foreign policy. Mitt's basic scheme is "Get tax breaks for the rich," and he was way out of his league when not talking about money.

Romney's troubles started early, where he ended up on the defensive in his supposed ass-kicking Libya part of the debate. Mitt even had a Palinesque moment where he imagined that Iran and Syria are connected (they're not), and that Iran (which has miles of Persian Gulf coastline) relies on Syria as a path to the sea. He finished off by threatening teacher jobs while stating, "I like teachers."

Vote in our Poll:Who won the final Presidential debate?Obama waved the symbolic head of Osama bin Laden around some, explained his actions and plans in the Middle East and with China, and humiliated Mitt over naval spending. If you weren't cringing while Romney took that Horses and Bayonet clowning, you are either a hardcore Demo, you were laughing as hard as I was, or C) all of the above. Maybe a good musket volley might intimidate Iran into dropping their nuclear weapons program, who am I to say?

On many issues (Syria, Egypt, etc...), Romney toed the Obama line. Bill Maher wrote off Romney's foreign policy debate strategy as "What Obama said, but with a white guy saying it."

Obama scored a 2-1 win in debates, although Romney has gained ground since debate season started... mostly on the first debate, where Barry looked like he had the AIDS or something. However, Romney has come out of the debates looking like a clueless chickenhawk who will spew any lie to get elected, and who you should only consider voting for if you are a multi-millionaire or if you hate being ruled by a black guy.

Romney Econ lies: And the big idea: Real reform: Separate banks

After the second debate, many of the talking head pundits (the media/press) thought the President needed a big economic idea to counter the Romney/Ryan economic plan to create jobs.   And Americans need a refresher course on Romney's econ lies.

Romney’s plan: Supply side economics.  Which simply is the fallacious theory that lowering taxes will create jobs, because individuals and businesses will have more money to invest in activities that create capital formation.  There is absolutely no empirical evidence this theory has created any jobs since Ronald Reagan embraced this concept in 1980.  Romney’s Chinese water torturous repetition of the fallacious supply side notion has obscured, for too many Americans, the self evident fact that  so-called job creators have been creating personal net worth at the expense of our economy and the middle class for the past thirty years.  Ironically, Romney is a shining example of how the “job creators” have shipped jobs and parked profits offshore.  Supply side is a ruse for sociopathic greedy ultra rich narcissists to amass a grotesque pyramid of net worth, again at the expense of the middle class. 

Romney is a broken record hawking his economic plan: “I will create jobs by lowering taxes for everyone, when Obama wants to raise taxes.”  I live in Shaker Heights, Ohio, and that is his ad which is running over like a toilet that won’t stop.  A simple plan, based on a complex lie.

Romney has been OK at identifying problems, but will fix everything by letting the free markets work and lowering taxes – ideas proven historically wrong for the 99%.  Americans have been fed the lie that free markets self correct due to the theory that the market is rational.  Markets are a bunch of people buying stuff – I rest my case.

Obama has expressed what he is doing to restore jobs as well as address the deficit.  He will “raise taxes only for net incomes above $250,000.”  He has explained the necessity of Government Spending to create jobs when the private sector will not and has not; and related this to how Keynesian Economics (government investment in a struggling economy) gave life to Roosevelt’s New Deal in the aftermath of the “Great Depression.”  And Obama has proposed jobs bills to deal with decades of national infrastructure neglect and deferred maintenance as well as new projects required by the growth in population. Republicans have voted in lockstep against jobs bills to provide at least 3M more jobs, which would restore the financial lives of so many of their fellow Americans now suffering in the shadows of financial tragedy.  (Further more jobs means more consumers and more tax revenue for a Government starved for revenue in an economy gasping for air in a depression.)  TARP should have been better and bigger, along with teeth to control banks; but Paulson from Goldman made certain that did not happen, and Congress, of course, failed.

Obama has also explained his committment to funding green renewable energy, which already has created new small businesses and jobs.  Green energy will remove the US from Middle East oil dependence. He has imposed tariffs on China to level the playing field for certain US industries, and plans to do more in China to level the playing field as well as in countries with unfair currency advantages or indentured servant wage levels like China, where workers are treated like slaves and live in dorms behind fences.  To impose tariffs and lodge complaints about unfair trade practices will create more demand for American products, therefore result in more jobs - this is part of Obama’s economic plan going forward. 

Romney prefers to bloviate about getting tough with China – when he is guilty of shipping jobs directly to China as well as creating an outsourcing company in China to suck jobs out of the US.  And too many members of the media can’t summarize this as part of Obama’s economic plan.  Too complicated?  Or just too lazy to explain – or is it that Romney’s lies are so simple they are easier to grasp and promote.  Little sound bites with empty calories – that will make the whole country really sick if too many Americans swallow them.

The facts of what Obama intends, tried to accomplish and has accomplished in the face of lockstep opposition are empirically clear.  More members of the media could choose to repeat - the facts of the matter, as  Republican pundits love to proclaim when they overtalk and interrupt the truth. The media has a choice to not repeat and parse the lies of the sound bite liars.  It has a choice to objectively create informed public opinion about what Obama’s economic plan has been and must remain in order to extricate our economy from the depression he inherited.  The choice is to not be non partisan about empiracal truth. The media could choose this alternative, but prefers to think Obama needs a “big idea,”  And maybe he does considering all the sound bite listeners.

To be objective: the media/press must relentlessly link the fact that Obama will only raise taxes for the top income bracket at the moment when the Republican being interviewed or used as a political foil (i.e.,  Michael Steele) stresses how Obama wants to raise your taxes -  or be guilty of committing the crime of creating a platform for a liar to argue the world is flat.

Americans ought to be able to figure out that Obama’s economic plan going forward is to create a fairer playing field by raising taxes on billionaires and eliminating subsidies for Big Oil and closing the carried interest taxation of earned and unearned income for people like Romney, but somehow it is more complicated than one phrase or two big lies.  

Clearly the hoards suffering from mental rigor mortis can’t or won’t listen or acknowledge that Obama does makes economic sense for them because they hate having a black man living in the “White” house, so prefer to be the pawns of the sociopathic greedy narcissists.

My blog – The 5th Estate – is not politically correct.  Because, I only care about one side, the objective truth or at the least – the self evident nature of empirical evidence.  I regret the 4th Estate has become, too often, non partisan.  And the essential question is:  how can one be non partisan about truth?  (As you know Cape Cod Today is staunchly partisan for the truth!)

Romney’s base and his party defeated parts of Obama’s economic plan by voting in lockstep against the best interests of their fellow Americans. There have been exponentially more filibusters’ than ever before to make Obama look bad so Republicans can “get rid of Obama;” (refer to M. McConnell; or J. DeMint, Tea Party leader, creationist and great pre Dark Age Thinker). And Republicans pledged allegiance to Grover ahead of their allegiance to the best interests of the United States. (What’s up with this?)

Obama’s economic plan:  has created 5M jobs in the wake of all Republicans voting in lockstep against the public good; the Dow is up; and big business is making money but not by adding jobs so there is a paucity of middle class consumers which affects demand; which brings me back to the fact the banks are not lending.  And the Fed and Obama could do something about this, which I will save for another time.  (It’s in How We Got Swindled…)

Obama has failed to do something about the unfettered, self interested and greedy banks (Trojan Mega Bank Holding Companies).  Dodd-Frank is a sham transaction, and reform is something Wall Street is inexorably opposed to.  Bigness is a terrible and lethal problem, yet Obama has shied away from explaining that the ostensible promise of Dodd-Frank “reform” has been soiled beyond repair by Wall Street Lobbyists and 2,000 pages of rules which cannot be effectively administered. And if you understand the history of the SEC – of prone/non intervention and not enforcing existing regulations which would render the collateralized mortgage obligations illegal – it is impossible to grasp how the SEC could have been set up to assume the responsibility to administer and enforce Dodd-Frank.  So the Big Idea is the only solution, and simple enough to explain in two minutes in a debate or in a 30 second commercial.

 Almost everyone, except the officers of the too big to fail banks, hates the banks (not the community banks) and knows the Mega Banks do not support regular people.  Therefore, if Obama suddenly decided to include separating banks as part of his plan to restore economic stability and jobs, and explained why, it would be very appealing – apart from being critically necessary.  The media/press would jump on the bandwagon, and the 99% would get it!

Wall Street is now occupying the land of Mega Bank Holding Companies, and has become an inexorable part of the too big to fail arena because the risk has been shifted to us – our government.  So we the people are underwriting the risk of all the egregious leverage used to create net worth to feed sociopathic greed, as well as the inadvertent and unwitting sponsors of all the reckless financial behavior which does not care about real investment to create capital formation and jobs.  We can thank the Fed for allowing the investment banks to become Bank Holding Companies.

Part of the Big Idea should be to reiterate that our mega banks do not help small business start ups, or existing small business or homeowners. Mega Banks refused to lend money (government funds from the Fed) to GM or Chrysler, so the Government stepped up to the line and saved the jobs. (Keynesian can work.) 

It is self evident that lowering taxes for the already rich has only created multi-millionaires and multi-billionaires – never jobs.  In fact the supply side lie has created the largest number of members of the ultra riche club in the history of the world.  Supply side was a fundamental cause of our current financial mess.  There is no empirical evidence that lowering income taxes for the top bracket ever created jobs.  You can be certain the Chameleon knows.  Both Romney and Obama will lower corporate tax rates, but only Obama has talked specifically about curbing tax laws which allow and encourage jobs and profits to be shipped offshore.  Is it logical to expect companies not currently paying taxes in the US to be motivated to return when they now get away with tax evasion and still will be influenced by macro world wage levels? 

The Romney Economic Plan is to repeat his economic lies often enough that all the wrong wingersthe faith based religious zealots who cling to creationism while sitting in corners sucking on bibles -have faith in his platitudes; while the “haves and have mores” chuckle silently behind closed doors, raising money from their peer group of sociopathic, greedy narcissists. 

Obviously Republicans do not need evidence to have faith as a majority has lined up with the great pre Dark Age Thinkers from the days of yore, well before leaching was a popular medical treatment.  And the ultra rich who do not care one wit about Romney’s 47% embittered takers lingering in the shadows of ignorance waiting for government handouts, have somehow created an army of pawns to support not raising taxes on people making more than $500,000 or $8,000,000.  As a matter of fact their representatives in Congress have pledged allegiance to Grover Norquist ahead of the best interests of their country and fellow Americans – a demonstration of infinitely repulsive lunacy and without political precedent. It is apparent that Grover represents to the Tea Party, and their Republican enablers, the 2nd coming of “Big Brother” straight out of the pages of Orwell’s 1984.

 Voting in lockstep against any new tax (no matter what) should be regarded as a form of Armageddon for our economy, but Rapture for the lunatics.

Romney has the answers to create profits by buying companies, loading them up with leverage and then pulling out huge “dividends” and management bonuses, from where? – the additional company debt, and then receive capital gain treatment?! Carried interest is a lie.  How dividends and bonuses came to be taxed as capital gains and not earned or unearned income is a mystery.  But nevertheless lots of people aided and abetted by our media’s non partisan approach to the truth think Romney has a better handle on the economy than Obama.  The only small businesses Romney is for are hedge funds.

Obama inherited a depression or at least the 2nd worst economy since 1776.  And it is not like the Reagan recession or any other recessions. Arthur Laffer and Paul Krugman agree this is a depression.  But it is not politically correct to use this nomenclature and most members of the 4th Estate do not understand this distinction so allow all the recession talk and silly double dip talk to proliferate, which does not objectively create informed public opinion.

 Obama is afraid to use the word depression because it is depressing, and far more difficult and complex to overcome than a recession.  (The goal is to restore confidence in our economy.) But depression it is which leads to a lofty Big Idea whose time has come once again.

Adapted from an article in the Law Library – New York Times, Wednesday, October 17, 2012:

The Glass-Steagall Act, also known as the Banking Act of 1933 (48 Stat. 162), was passed by Congress in 1933 and prohibits commercial banks from engaging in the investment business.

It was enacted as an emergency response to the failure of nearly 5,000 banks during the Great Depression. The act was originally part of President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s New Deal program and became a permanent measure in 1945. It gave tighter regulation of national banks to the Federal Reserve System; prohibited bank sales of securities; and created the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC), which insures bank deposits with a pool of money appropriated from banks.

Obama needs some insurance against the lies bought by gullible Americans who believe in repetitive empty rhetorical platitudes, and bold lies.  He should step up to the line by stating that he had thought Dodd-Frank was a valid solution to control bigness to reign in reckless bank risk and leverage.  However he ought to now cite all the lobbying and Wall Street manipulation to render it useless; and promise to pass legislation similar to Glass to protect Americans from Banks-Investment Banks and the voracious sociopathic greed of the individuals who contrive leveraged toxic financial investments innovated for personal fees (piggish executive compensation) in lieu of creating real investments to create jobs and capital formation. 

Capital formation creates jobs, and lowering taxes does not and does not created capital formation.  Lowering taxes for the already rich only creates more personal net worth. Romney is on thin ice if he tries to talk about capital formation, and will not because his track record is based on creating fees no matter what the cost to the employees and companies he and his Bain vulture capitalists touched and often tanked with an overload of debt.  This is historical fact – in the securities business this is termed a “track record.”

Glass-Steagall has been thoroughly addressed in my new book, and the cry for Glass-Steagall is growing. Certainly with Paul Krugman and Robert Reich firmly behind Glass the reason d’être is well established.  I rest my case.

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My opinion on Obama's third debate performance?

I made the mistake last debate of taking a shot of liquor each time Mitt flip-flopped or lied. The hangover was excrutiating.

So since I had a bunch of it, I figured instead of a drinking game I would eat a piece of Halloween candy each time Romney waffled or flip flopped. I ate so much candy corn, I pooped a candle.

What is Funny?


You are probably thinking, “Well, not this blog, for one.”  Why is comedy so popular?  Plato and Aristotle[1] taught that man’s nature is to laugh only at the misfortune of others (i.e., the ugly or somehow inferior).  If this were true, why are jokes about Donald Trump and Mitt Romney so funny?

What is interesting is throughout the years, humor has been considered by some to be an inferior path.  Some look down upon the class clown.  My point being, Mel Gibson (pre-religious meltdown) was more widely recognizable than Mel Brooks.  In my senior year of High School, my English teacher was a man who worked as both a screenwriter and speechwriter.  He said that, generally, comedians are the true “smart kids,” and actors are the “clowns.”  We will get back to this point.


Another theory of humor is known as “Misattribution,” which states that an audience finds a joke (or situation) funny, but they can’t figure out why. For example, Jerry Seinfeld used this method in the following:        “What’s the deal with Batman?  He’s not a Bat.”  Now, personally, I don’t really find it that funny.  I think Mark Twain had better examples:

“If you don’t like the weather in New England, just wait a few minutes.”

“The best congress money could buy.”

(And a personal favorite…)

“When I was a boy of fourteen, my father was so ignorant I could hardly stand it.  But when I got to be twenty-one, I was astonished at how much the old man had learned in seven years.”

Those are funny.  But a lot of the humor is found in the truth[2].  Judy Carter, a professional comedian and author of “The Stand-Up Bible,” breaks down the art of joke writing.  Contrary to popular belief, you do not necessarily look for what is funny[3].  You think of things that are interesting, weird, or strange.  Alternatively, you can take humor from other emotions.  Craig Ferguson, Maria Bamford, Drew Carey, Jim Carrey, Rodney Dangerfield, David Letterman, Patton Oswalt, and Sarah Silverman are all examples of professional comics who have suffered from depression.  When I suffered from writers block[4], one of my regular followers[5] of the blog, a comedian/actor and a graduate of the famous “Second City,” gave me some valuable advice.  He told me, “I find humor in anger.  I [expletive removed] hate (NHL Commissioner) Gary Bettman.  So I use him as a target of many of my jokes.”

What’s also interesting, is the humor of self-deprecation.  Whether it was when POTUS referred to his “nice nap” in the first debate, or “I can’t use my middle name,” or when Governor Romney made a crack that he and Ann wear “white tie” attire at home, the jokes that poked fun at themselves (the other night the Al Smith Dinner) were certainly hits.  I try to use plenty of self-deprecating jokes on here.  In fact, I have so many faults that my wife wanted to start her own blog about being married to me.  However, the Internet wasn’t big enough.

When comedians tell jokes, they often use something the audience can identify with.  Take for example Jerry Seinfeld when he uses the premise, “What’s the deal with…”  He is poking fun at something that he, and he hopes the audience, will find funny.  Even when stand-up acts involve jokes about a family member of the comic.  “Let me tell you about my mother…”  No one really cares about how weird or crazy his mother is[6].  They will find the observations funny, but find some member of their own family or friends to fit that mold.  Here’s an example:

My mother definitely favors my siblings.  Nothing I ever do seems to be good enough.  If I were elected President, at my inauguration, she would tell the person sitting next to her, “See that guy up there with his hand on the Bible? His sister’s a teacher!”

You probably just drew comparisons to your own family or someone in your circle to fit that mold.  That is all comedy is.  From Charlie Chaplin to Dane Cook[7] George Carlin, they simply give you a new view on the observations of everyday life.  To do so you need to be truly educated on topics.  Many comedy writers read newspapers (or their websites as no one really uses newspapers anymore) to get fodder for new jokes.  Therefore, in actuality, the funny kid may just be one of the smartest kids in the class.  Unless of course they are making potty jokes.  Nevertheless, we still laugh at those.

A controversial topic in terms of comedy is what is referred to as, “blue” comedy.  Comedians live and die by it.  Comics are always looking to push the envelope.  George Carlin saw great success with the “Seven words you can’t say on television,” where Michael Richards (“Kramer”), well, let’s just say his Mommy is going to wash his mouth out with soap.  Personally, I think that “blue” comedy isn’t all that necessary.  If someone wanted to make a joke that involved, say, their rear end, I think the word “bottom” or “bum bum” can grab more laughs than any other words you may be thinking of.  But that’s my opinion.  You can have your own[8].

That’s my point[9].  Some people like Robin Williams, while others like Louis C.K.  One thing is for sure: No one likes Dane Cook.