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November 2012

Weather for Dummies

Sometimes you have to recognize a bad investment and simply cut your losses.

Van Wilder


WORLD A.I.D.S. DAY December 1

A  disease spread by contact and bigotry

It is a disease that was initially allowed to spread not merely by human contact, but by bigotry as well.

The Fullness of Time

As we enter the gloriousness of the Advent season, trimmed in holly and laced in traditional carols, let us look back some 21 centuries ago to that distant time of wonder, when cousins Elisabeth and Mary were both with child. After all, the complete Christmas story begins with another birth, before that of Jesus, that being the birth of John the Baptist about six months beforehand. During what was deemed “the fullness of time.”

Real Pain. Real Problems. Time for Real Leadership.

Real pain.  Real Anguish.  Real problems. Real solutions.  Real leadership

It’s been said that pain is a great motivator.  In fact, I have come to believe that the things we learn – and the obstacles we overcome – during painful and trying times can spur and facilitate great accomplishments and most certainly inspire substantial progress. 

Just sayin'

It is amazing how narcissistic Religion has become. Forget the meek.

There are wars, famines, killing, starvation, storms, disasters going on all over the world.

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Dancer balancing pose

Dancer pose takes a little balance experience - but it's definitely worth developing your patience with this one. Here is Dawn with a demo of dancer


Irony of the Week

The 18th U.N. Climate Conference kicked off this week in Doha, Qatar.

The Qataris might now wish it had been held elsewhere, since it has focused international attention on the fact that Qatar’s per-capita carbon emissions are the highest in the world…triple that of the U.S.

Barnstable Today: Thursday, November 29, 2012

We talk turtle strandings, harbor dredging, new topics of discussion posted on BarnstableiForum..and Bill Murphy of Cape Cod Charitable FunRaisers joins us to talk about the Spectacle of Trees...all on this episode of Barnstable Today.

The Pinocchio Games

Let the Fantasy Gambling on Virtual Derivatives Continue!

No wonder derivatives are too complex to explain.  You can’t explain god or faith based creationism to people who need empirical evidence.  God, at least, can be a positive force for individual good when people follow the moral precepts God is credited with.

Fiscal Myth: The Cliff or Liquidity for "Markets"

Myths permeate our news.  Who can explain with logic and reason why if tax brackets return to the Clinton years and why if “defense” spending is reduced we are then at the edge of a precarious precipitous cliff?  And who can explain with logic and reason the need for markets for liquidity for $600 to $700 trillion derivatives that have no foundational value and are “too complex to explain?

I can.

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Just a Moon though and the Cape & Peppermint Ball Cookies

       It's a full moon tonight, and as the clouds clear out, looking up into the night skies reminds me so much of years gone by while vacations up here. I remember taking walks down to the beach on moon lit nights, looking out across the Nantucket Sound as the reflection shimmered off of the water. I remember nights that we would go over to Bass River and and just take in the views by the light of the moon. watching the reflections off of the boats and the shadows that the moon cast.

This is how they do it in D.C.


The Republicans abused the filibuster 385 times and then claimed the Democrats stopped any legislative progress.

The Republicans were involved in voter registration fraud, and even actual voter fraud, and then claimed others were doing it to justify their voter registration and voting obstruction, and then blamed the Democrats for it.

Mommy, Widdle Petey Is Huwting Me Again

 Ow-wee, Mommy, Widdle Petey Is Huwting Me Again

Reductio ad absurdum:  to demonstrate that a statement is false
by showing that a false, untenable, or absurd result follows from its acceptance.

Saving Money During the Holidays.

My inbox is a flood with reader emails asking how I save money during the holidays, so I thought- why not compile all my tips into one tidy little blog post!  Saving money during the holidays is possible. All you need is a little before hand preparation and the determination to not overextend yourself or your piggy bank.

Step 1

Barnstable Today: Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Barnstable finance director Mark Milne talks about state revenue... on this episode of Barnstable Today.

What has happened to television?

What has happened to television?

When I was growing up, my mother insisted on only basic cable.  I know what you’re thinking…yes, it was a horribly difficult childhood.  I only wish I could have this guy make commercials asking people to donate to get me a better channel lineup.  For only 15 cents a day, you can bring the enjoyment of ESPN to this little boy’s living room.

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Barnstable Advances

Red Raiders Crush Lincoln-Sudbury, 28-7

The Barnstable High School football team, ranked #1 in the state, marched on a road of bones to the Division 1A Super Bowl via a 28-7 curb-stomping of Lincoln-Sudbury last night.

Hayden Murphy had 3 touchdown runs for the Red Raiders, who move into a rematch with powerhouse Everett. Ev defeated Masconomet 42-14 to advance. Barnstable gained the top spot in the state after whipping Everett earlier in the season.

McConnell's truth speak.


In the original form of the senate filibuster the person who had called for it would have to speak until a super majority ( presently 60 senators) voted for it to end so that the legislation could be dealt with. If the person filbustering stopped talking then it was over. This put a lot of strain on the filibusterer.

First Snow Of The Season Incoming

Just A Dusting, But We're Still Amped!

Don't go running to the store for bread/milk or anything, but we do have a bit of snow coming in tonight.

Green Holiday Shopping

I love the way life moves in the right direction – it’s getting so much easier to find eco-friendly, responsibly-sourced, sustainably-made products that don’t impact the earth. Below is a list of green websites to help you with your holiday shopping (and beyond). 


Be Careful What You Wish For!




Shopping at Walmart

If you had been headed into the Walmart in Hadley in western Massachusetts the day after Thanksgiving, you would have seen close to a hundred people clustered around the store’s entrance holding signs and handing out copies of a letter from OUR Walmart — Organizations United for Respect at Walmart — to Rob Walton, Chairman of the Board. One action out of 1000 at Walmarts across the US.

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Big Data Goes Beyond Business when Town Hall Meet Tech

RIGHT AFTER AN ELECTION CYCLE AND all its attendant cynicism and mudslinging, I find myself needing something to counter all the muck. Nothing like a nice techy conference to clear the air, right?