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December 2012

Waste water

Learn about Whales & Seabirds on Jan. 5, 2013

The Symbiotic Relationship Between Humpback Whales & Marine Birds
Presentation by Peter Trull, Naturalist, Science Teacher (Lighthouse Charter School)


Well, after all the hype, talk about a group of "Drama Queens".

Washington delays doing what it should do, and then invents a "fiscal cliff". They scare the American people into buying into the fiction.

This is followed by cliff hanger after cliff hanger, making people wonder if they can pull the country away from the brink in time.

National election in review


Happy New Year!

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What a glorious time, these days and nights of celebration
which form the blessed Twelve Days of Christmas.

Chickadee poses in the snow

Bird frolics in the first snow.

Photos by Jonathan Mayo

 My initial intention for this morning's walk               

It is a myth

The biggest thing that is going to happen after January First is January Second

Anyone who has gone beyond the hype known as the "Fiscal Cliff" will have noticed by now that those things that are supposed to be connected uniquely to the cliff, are actually those things that the GOP has been demanding since the 2010 midterm elections.

Final Week Of NFL Regular Season

       It's All Downhill From Here

We here at the Sports Desk hope you made it through the snowstorm OK.

Looking Towards Possibility

It's the New Year and time for fresh starts.

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Remembering a Warmer Time


As I look out my window at beautiful crisp snow clinging to the trees and bushes, I sit here reminiscing of a warmer time when the leaves were slowly blowing about making way for the new growth about to happen in spring in the distance future. No matter how we try to hold back changes they inevitably come our way and sooner or later I will be silently cursing as I shovel and clean a safe path through the now wet and heavy snow.

Heavy Rain To Turn To Snow At Some Point Or Another

As Usual, Cape Cod Is Hard To Call

Massachusetts is getting a fierce snowstorm tonight, but will the goodness make it down to Cape Cod?

Interior portions of Massachusetts will get anywhere from 3-10 inches, with isolated areas (think of a line from northern Rhode Island to Bridgewater) perhaps topping a foot.

Conversion is an act of opening our hearts up to let God enter

Conversion Testimony Of Famous Spanish Author Maria Vallejo Nagera at Medjugorje

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  • Insecurity.

    This is Scott Brown's Facebook post from 12/27/12:

    “I left this morning encouraged by an email from Leader McConnell in which he conveyed to our membership that the President had reached out to him last night saying that he would finally be proposing a plan to Senate GOP.”

    Top 10 Reasons Why Romney Ran For President

    Top 10 Reasons Why Romney Ran For President

    The Case for Catsup ... and maybe a QR Code or two

    MAYBE IT WAS A MAGIC CATSUP BOTTLE? Or maybe I just had time to kill at Eastham's Fairway Restaurant before that tasty order of potato pancakes and scrambled eggs arrived. Either way, the black and white pattern on the back of the bottle drew me in.

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    national election review



    the Warren/Brown Campaign in review

    Massachusetts got a lot, I mean a lot, of national coverage during our Senate Race. It was considered one of the most important in the country.

    It was so good, we just have to have another one real soon.

    Year in Review

    2012 is over, but the world isn't. poorly played, Mayans. So I thought I would go through my blogs and pick some of the pictures to sum up the year.

    Cape Cod Snow Storm Update

    We'll give you a nice forecast range of nothing-to-6 inches...


    We generally learn the most from those we most admire, or at least from those we feel akin to.

    Targeting 40 pound-plus striped bass at the Cape Cod Canal

    I’d be lying if I told you that catching a 40 plus pound striper from the Cape Cod Canal happens regularly. For me at least, any bass over 40 pounds is something special. Each season we usually get a handful of 40 pounders on live eels and the tube and worm while fishing from the boat. However catching a 40 pound bass on a plug or jig casting from shore is no doubt much more difficult.

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    Coastal Flooding In Duxbury, South Shore

    Still An Hour Until High Tide

    We'll update you on conditions here as long as the electricity doesn't go off.

    If we're getting it this bad, you can bet that Scituate and Manomet are also taking Marley-sized hits. The wind should shift to the west this afternoon, and that will chill the surf out some for the PM high tide.

    Big ups to Debbie for the shot of Ocean Road North in Duxbury, above...