Citizen Kane

"The difficulty lies, not in new ideas, but in escaping the old ones." -- John Maynard Keynes

Taking The Long View

As its women’s biathlon relay team was winning the first Olympic gold medal for Ukraine in two decades, and while Kiev’s Independence Square was being reduced to a charred wasteland, Ukraine Olympic Committee honcho Sergey Bubka was in Sochi, pole-vaulting his country into 2022 by furthering its bid to bring the Winter Games to Lviv in Eastern Ukraine eight years from now.

The Taking Of Mary Dunn

It having been debated since at least 1987, the Barnstable Town Council recently breathed new life into the contentious issue of whether private thoroughfares should be formally taken and maintained by the town, by appointing a committee to exhaustively investigate and report on the pros, cons, and financing thereof.

The driving force behind this effort is yeoman Town Councilor Ann Canedy, whose dynamic presence on the committee gives us some comfort that the issue will not -- yet again -- be kicked down the road (so to speak).

Macroeconomics for Dummies

If you believe -- as I do -- that Rutgers economic historian James Livingston and others are correct in postulating that consumer spending is what really drives the economy, you may also buy into my own modest econometric proposition.

It suggests that while economists may palaver at length about the multiplicity of economic indicators they rely upon to crystal-ball the economy, there is -- at bottom -- only one: the number of items-per-second sold by Amazon on Cyber Monday:


Reaganomics: Trickle-down good, demand-side bad.
Liberalonomics: Demand-side good, trickle-down bad.
GHWBushonomics: Trickle-down “voodoo economics.”
GOPonomics: No new taxes!
Libertarianomics: No taxes.

Dateline: CBS News, November 22, l963

It continues to astonish that, even after a half-century, the question: “Where were you when JFK was shot?” is still being asked. It tells us just how deeply the event has impinged on our national consciousness.

Main Street Beat

My friend, the old curmudgeon, was at Staples buying printer ink when I ran into him late yesterday morning.

He was giving the sales clerk what for about the price. “Shades of [expletive] King Gillette”, he fulminated, “sell you the razor at cost, then bleed you to death for the blades.”

LIBERALESE: Endangered Language?

Missing in all the hoo-ha attending Twitter’s NYSE coming-out ceremony last week, was any recognition that its trading debut edged liberal political dialog one notch closer to extinction.

Down With "Obamacare"!

I originally posted this item 16 months ago. All due modesty (yeah, right!) compels me to re-run it, although the horse is already out of the barn.

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Cosmic Afterthoughts by People With Too Much Time on Their hands

Shouldn't it be, "Treat or trick?"

Cruz Control

Fresh from his triumph of talking to himself on the Senate floor for a non record-setting 21 hours (thereby giving new meaning to the phrase, “Capital punishment”), Sen. Rafael Edward “Ted” Cruz (R-TX) got into the weeds by venturing that he wouldn’t be willing to give up his paycheck should the GOP force a government shutdown.