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A Modest Proposal: Let's Repeal The Second Amendment

                        A Modest Proposal: Let’s Repeal The Second Amendment

Putin Warns Obama Against Intervention In Puerto Rico

                                 Putin Warns Obama - Hands Off Puerto Rico

Amnesty For Edward Snowden

"They who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety
deserve neither Liberty nor Safety"  -
Benjamin Franklin

Plus ça change, . . .

                                             THE SECOND COMING

Remember Freeze A Yankee?

“Drive 75 and freeze them alive. Freeze a Yankee.
 Put them Yankees in little bitty cars, while we drive around in limousines.”
 -  “Freeze A Yankee,” lyrics by Dan Patrick, ca. 1973

Remember back when, during the first OPEC embargo and the 55-mph speed limit began showing up on highways all across America. The good ol’ boys in Texas and Tennessee, of course, mocked all that, and you’d see a bumper sticker all over the Southland saying:

The Rats Don't Just Eat The Grain

“Take the rapid trading by the computer geniuses with the computer algorithms. Those people have all the social utility of a bunch of rats admitted to a granary.” -Charles Munger., Vice Chairman of Berkshire Hathaway

Guns, Prayer & Body Armor

There’s a local named Robert Studley who likes to write letters regurgitating the canned tripe he swallows while gorging on N.R.A. propaganda. He recently wrote a letter a few weeks back to the Cape Cod Times, who wouldn’t print my reply, apparently afraid of offending the Cape's gun-sucking right-wing Republicans by exposing their idiocy. So I’ll do it here instead.

Black Friday On The I.R.T.

"He’s already got charge of the bank. He’s got the bus line.
He got the department stores. And now he’s after us."

- George Bailey, "It's A Wonderful Life," 1946

Hobby Lobby Judges Sniffing Airplane Glue

                                     Hobby Lobby Judges Sniffing Airplane Glue?

Zimmerman to sue Skittles

Poor George Zimmerman

First, he gets charged with murder for killing Trayvon Martin who, in a sucrose filled rage, attacked him with a box of Skittles and a cell phone. He had to go through months of agony, being unfairly accused of a capital felony just for exercising his sacred Second Amendment right to shoot anyone he thought was threatening him.