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Town Stroll Line ups & 7-Up Frosted Sugar Plum Salad

      Tis the season for Nor'easter weather, for wind, lots of it, for rain, for fronts and migraines and for joints that want to scream with barometric changes. But also tis the season to get out and enjoy some of the shops and towns as they start to light up with the holiday festivities. The town strolls are coming fast, starting it all off are Orleans and Sandwich with Cookie strolls this weekend 11-29 with Provincetown's lighting of the Lobster Pot Tree also happening on 11-29.

'Soften Us To Our Enemies'


‘Soften Us To Our Enemies’


     Thanksgiving is the most American of holidays, yet arguably the least commercialized. As it has always been, it is about giving thanks, and about the gathering of families:

Barnstable Today: Wednesday November 26, 2014

There could soon be new regulations for storing boats on town property during the summer, we have details about how proposed state budget cuts could affect the Town of Barnstable, plus meet local author Caroline Kepnes.

How to Survive the Holidays on the Start

Don’t think of Thanksgiving as not being a so-call holiday like Christmas and New Years without any fear of over-drinking. Any event with groups of friends or family gatherings is dangerous to an alcoholic. These events are your big tests. Some addicts make themselves stay away from the temptation to survive the day.

You Can Survive Alcohol and Drug Addiction

Does sobriety seem too far away? Does it seem like something that is completely out of your reach? That is because you have not chosen from the heart and complete determination to end the nightmare of drinking in your life. You need to look at your patterns on where you go and with whom. You need to educate your minds with which path to start going down and leave your past pain and struggles in the dust.

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Barnstable Today: Tuesday November 25, 2014

The Sandy Neck Board is prepping for the future, Habitat for Humanity continues it’s mission of affordable housing in Barnstable, and all Barnstable police officers will soon be trained to use Narcan.

Town Meeting Trophies in Falmouth

Prolific American author Louis L’Amour understood local government. His father was a local politician in the Dakota Territory early in the western novelist’s life. So, when he offered his opinions on democracy, he had personal observations as a foundation for his thoughts. On democracy, he noted that, “to make democracy work, we must be a nation of participants, not simply observers. One who does not vote has no right to complain.”

Anti-Pilgrim Activists Lack Credibility

I’ve never gotten terribly involved with the debate over the Pilgrim Nuclear Power Plant but I tend to come down against closing the plant because of some general feelings that I have about the anti-nuclear/environmental movement. To explain: I have never gotten serious answers to the following two questions from an anti-nuclear person:

When Negligence Results in Tragedy/ Accountability and Responsiveness

For my entire career, I have handled cases in which negligence results in tragic loss. A pharmaceutical company that markets a drug it knew could cause death (my hemophilia/AIDS cases being one example) ; a drunk driver killing or maiming an innocent driver or pedestrian; a rapist that changes the life of a victim forever as a result of a violent act. I have had all those cases and I could go on. They all also change the life of the lawyer because you share and live with the pain of the victim. They all cry out for Accountability on the part of the wrongdoer.