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Barnstable Today: Tuesday February 10, 2015

The Planning Board is mixed on proposed changes to zoning on Rt. 132, the Community Preservation Committee approves funding for further renovations to Old Town Hall, and we get the latest news from the Barnstable Police Department with Chief Paul MacDonald. These stories and more on this episode of Barnstable Today. 

Barnstable Today: Monday February 9, 2015

A grand jury returns six indictments following the drug bust at the Shanghai restaurant in Hyannis, state leaders consider changes to educational funding, and some high school students are getting college credit, we’ll tell you how. These stories and more on this episode of Barnstable Today.

I'm Back!

I’m back baby! After a brief1 hiatus, the world-renowned2“Grumpy Boy” blog is back. I don’t know why I stopped posting. Maybe a lack of ideas? No, that’s not a good enough answer. Lack of motivation may be more like it. But fear not, it was not due to suspension from the host site or serving prison time3.

Home Improvement Contractors and Consumers Beware

Of course, all home improvement contractors are or should be aware of the provisions of MGL ch 142A. The statute requires registration by contractors as well as requirements for home improvement contracts.

What would I do without faith?

I ask myself this many times, especially in a crisis. Faith means different things to many people. It’s a belief, trust, confidence, creditability, and sometimes, hope that pulls you through a situation. These feelings make you loyal and devoted to your understanding or assumption that you are right. We want something to hold on to so we can get over the problem we are facing.

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Barnstable Today: Thursday February 5, 2015

A generous gift will allow several Barnstable police officers to get some extra training, taxpayers have a little extra time to pay their bills, and find out what’s on the agenda for tonight’s Town Council meeting. These stories on this episode of Barnstable Today.

Indulge in a Bit of Nutrient-Dense Chocolate on Valentine's Day!

This Valentine’s Day, indulge in a bit of nutrient-dense chocolate. Hailed as a super food as scientists begin to identify all the benefits of the cacao bean, it’s loaded with minerals, vitamins and antioxidants that can help ward off many common lifestyle diseases. The key is consuming the right chocolate – raw, unprocessed cacoa beans or nibs, or at least 70% cocoa dark chocolate. Not your typical candy bar loaded with fat, sugar and other fillers!

A So What Blog ? & Two For One Shots

      Well do you have spring fever yet, or is it cabin or cottage fever. I would give just about anything associated with a something or better yet someplace warmer right now. I don't mind the snow but this is starting to push even my snow fantasy. So what to talk about this week? How bad drivers are in this area in snow and folks that are scared of the weather how they should just stay inside. I think of it more like tourist training season.

Barnstable Today: Wednesday February 4, 2015

How were local businesses effected by the recent snow storm, the Cape Cod Chamber of Commerce forms a new committee tackling drug issues, and snow removal could mean a big bill for the Town of Barnstable. These stories and more on this episode of Barnstable Today.