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Is Obama’s War in Ukraine Going According to Plan?

The most dangerous hotspot in the world — the one that threatens to become World War III — is the civil war raging in Ukraine.

Barnstable Today: Tuesday February 3, 2015

Barnstable police officers will be getting some extra training thanks to a $50,000 gift, Town Council will hear details of a plan to conserve land surrounding Lowell Park in Cotuit, and we take an in depth look at the Barnstable School Committee on this episode of Barnstable Today. 

A Good Storm Response in Falmouth? I'm Thinking No

Unprecedented? Perhaps. Unexpected? Not at all. Unprepared? Yes, indeed. Unconscionable? Yeah, maybe even that.

Barnstable Today: Monday February 2, 2015

Some local Patriots fans took advantage of all that snow, we’ll show you the snow sculpture celebrating the team, no school today in Barnstable, we have details about how that will effect the school calendar, plus we take you inside a fun new music class for toddlers at Sturgis Library. 

How do we save our loved ones?

It’s been a year of hearing loses from our family members who drank or had been on heroin. How sad. Cousins and friends crying to me with the pain of loss. It’s still hard to bring them comfort when it’s been eight years since Lori died from her drinking, and I still hurt and cry. None of us really get over the pain with losing anyone we loved. We go on because that is what we have to do to survive. Going into a corner and not coming out is not what the dying want us to do. They are at peace.

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Aloneness of an Alcoholic

How fast time goes. I was last talking about making it through the holidays. Now winter is starting to show us that it's here. Living in Rochester, MA, down by the Cape Cod area, we have been lucky with no "real "storms"...until the past week and more coming Monday! Until then, we only had dusting of snow, some ice, but no need to be plowed out. After all, it's winter!

Sustainable Food Storage

I’ve just discovered the most wonderful product called Bee’s Wrap. Handmade in Vermont by a young mother and her team, it’s the perfect alternative to plastic wrap for food storage. Bee’s Wrap is made from organic cotton muslin infused with beeswax, jojoba oil and tree resin. The anti-bacterial properties of beeswax and jojoba oil keep the food fresh and allow the wraps to be used over and over.

Snow and more snow

By Jack Sheedy

Snow and more snow, with wind and more wind. Windows frosted and covered in white, turning vision inward. Tobacco and pipe, solitary reflections on life. Days of inactivity, searching for deeper meaning. Youth ascending, toward the sun like Icarus, triumph unimpeded. Middle age descending, toward waxen earth, a hard landing indeed.