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Why Michele Bachmann?

Can a white woman beat out a black man?

A few weeks ago I watched a half-hour of a televised debate among GOP candidates who had gathered in New Hampshire for the occasion. As I was switching channels, I thought Michele Bachmann had won hands down.

New signage promotes safety on Rail Trail

Whether counting miles or reporting emergencies, the new markings are a plus-

By Jonathan Mayo.

Massachusetts Department of Conservation and Recreation recently worked along the Rail Trail, marking every 10th of a mile with signage indicating both distance and location. These are ideal for accurately reporting emergencies,  mile counting or fun with the kids as they travel along the trail.

Rain Today, Tomorrow

Sorry, Tourists

Rain should fall off and on all day today, and it should stay murky for tomorrow as well.

We have a big area of low pressure that will slide along south of us, and we'll take a good soaking from it. I''m thinking West Cape will get it worse than East Cape. I'm thinking an inch of rain for Falmouth, half that for Chatham.

Kenya Rules Falmouth; Sox Lose

Falmouth Road Race Winners


Lucas Rotich 00:31:37
Micah Kogo 00:31:41
Edward Muge 00:32:02
Brian Olinger 00:32:16
Abdi Abdirahman 00:32:43


Magdalena Lewy-Boulet 00:36:58
Diane Nukuri-Johnson 00:37:13
Catherine Ndereba 00:37:24
Janet Cherobon-Bawcom 00:37:37
Kim Conley 00:37:47

10 people under 4 minutes in the mile this year, a course record.

Mass Dysphoria

Mass Dysphoria

The Politics Of Fear & Anger in America

"I'm mad as hell, and I'm not going to take this anymore."
- Anchorman Howard Beale, portrayed by Peter Finch in Network, 1976

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Falmouth Road Race Forecast, Tropical Update

Rain Today/Monday/Tuesday

Before anyone gets all mad at me and starts blaming this column for the rain, note that I have very little input on how day-to-day weather goes. I just let you know what's coming.

That said, we are headed for an extended period of heavy rain and strong winds. A series of storms will pass over us.

Harwich Rules! Sox lead by one game! Falmouth Road Race at 10 this morning

Harwich Wins Cape Cod Baseball League Championship!

Harwich Draws First Blood, Sox Win, Falmouth Road Race Video Tour, Satch Makes HOF

Harwich 5, Falmouth 4

John Wooten bashed a home run in the 6th to push Harwich past Falmouth in the Cape Cod Baseball league finals.

Harwich now holds a 1-0 series lead. The best of 3 goes to Falmouth tonight for an 8 PM struggle, and will return to Harwich this Sunday, if necessary.

I should add that the weather is beautiful on Cape Cod. Any rain we get Sunday will be well after the Cape league season is over.

Here's the rest of the schedule: 

Ed Minnock - Ambassador of Friendship

Ed Minock, 63

Ed Minnock passed away the afternoon of our lunch.
See his guest book here.