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Sox/Tribe; Randy Moss Retires; Cape League

Cleveland 9, Boston 6

The Boston Red Sox lost some of their AL East lead last night, falling to the Cleveland Indians, 9-6.

Our secret crop

I have a secret crop in my garden. Let's keep this between you and me and not mention anything to those black helicopters. It's starting to become lush - and fragrant - and it's slowly getting bigger. I devoted most of a manure- and worm-casting-fertilized raised bed to it, but I threw in a couple of beefsteak tomatoes to disguise it. I'm starting to get excited about a harvest I didn't think was in the cards, and I'm already planning how I can dry it and vacuum seal it and make a nice stash for the coming year.

Are you gay?

We're all just people in all different kinds of bodies, looking for love and respect.

As a family physician, I get to talk to every kind of person in very personal terms.  I thought I was getting a grip on at least part of the concept of homosexuality.  It occurred to me that the genetic codes for

"Recovering Alcoholic" - Powerful Words

Words have immense power. They have the power to heal as well as destroy depending upon how they received by those who hear.

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Hyannis Youth & Community Center - Schedule for the Week of August 1st

Resident Beach Parking Permit Sales 9AM-4PM. Riley Hockey Camp 8am-12pm. All-Cape Rookie Camp 8:30am-1:30pm. All-Cape Hoop Camp 8:30am-3:30pm. Pro Ambitions Hockey School 3-4:50pm. Open Gym 4:30-9pm. Top Shelf Adult Hockey School 7:30-9pm. SKATE PARK CLOSED. NO PUBLIC SKATE.


The Pancake Man Flattened By Car

Who's Calling His Insurance Company, As Fast As He Can?

No pancake-lovers were disturbed, and the restaurant remains open, but you have to enter by the side door.

Compromised Again

                                                                                      Compromised Again

Baseball And Football Updates

Red 5, White 3

The Boston Red Sox won the Sox Fight Series by beating the Chicago White Sox in the rubber match, 5-3.

Alfredo Aceves improved to 7-1/3.19, coming on in relief of Andrew Miller. Miller had given up 10 hits in 5.2 innings. This may have been Mill Dog's last start as a Red Sock, but we'll get to that in a minute.