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Barnstable Today: Wednesday January 14, 2015

A local motel is forced to make some changes, the real estate market going strong in Barnstable County, and find out what meetings will be held tonight at Town Hall.

What Are We In For Now?

The hypocrisy is sickening. Yes, we should be concerned that twelve people were murdered in Paris at the offices of a popular newspaper. Police have killed the three suspects believed to have carried out the attack..

But where were the leaders of the West when a US drone, to take just one instance, dropped a bomb on a wedding celebration in Afghanistan, or it could have been one in Pakistan or Yemen, that killed fifty-one people, including children?

Less Than Four Years And Counting

Less Than Four Years And Counting

Barnstable Today: Friday January 9, 2014

A grant will help pay for the first controlled burn at Crocker Neck in Cotuit, residents hope a study will help identify problems surrounding Stewarts Creek, and find out what the Hyannis Area Chamber of Commerce has in store for 2015.

Barnstable Today: Thursday January 8, 2015

A local restaurant could lose its license following a drug bust on the property, the Superintendent of Barnstable Public Schools is moving on, and find out how you can get an inside look at Barnstable Town Government.

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New Year and More Fun & 2-4-1 Shots

      Well another year has come and gone and now is time to be looking forward to new beginnings in the new year. This past year was a good year for the most part and the parts that where not, well we will just leave them to go out with the tide. Things to come this year start with being out of the house more, need to stop being a hermit and tied to that darn work computer so much. But like most, bills still need paid and I haven't found that money tree growing in my yard anywhere yet.

Barnstable Today: January 7, 2015

Utilities pull out of Cape Wind, an update on our School Superintendent, and a review of the Comprehensive Annual Financial Report: These stories and more on this episode of Barnstable Today.


The Safety of Plastic Dental Devices

A reader asked me about the safety of the plastic used in mouth guards, retainers and other dental devices.

It seems like dentists tell everyone to wear a mouth guard, even my 25-year-old son, because they grind their teeth, which is either a testament to our high stress society or a dentist up sell. I use one because I clench my teeth and it was affecting my bottom teeth. It helps, but I too get concerned about the safety of the material used.

Barnstable Today: Tuesday January 6, 2014

Town officials want to find out what’s causing a bad smell in Hyannis, Best Buddies looking to host it’s annual event again in Centerville next summer, and it’s been a busy week for the Barnstable Police Department, we get details from Police Chief Paul Macdonald.