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Weekend Hiking & a Smooth Sailing Cocktail

      With the weather so nice, this past weekend I went on a few mini hikes at a few of our conservation paths and along one of the town beaches. First stop was the Swan Pond Conservation paths in DennisPort off Center Street. This Path system is not overly long but has some really nice view out over Swan Pond. The paths wind around and are relatively clear. There are two paths that do go down to the waters edge but they are pretty steep and if wet could be really slippery. There are a couple of benches you can just sit and relax on taking in the wonderful scenery. 

Barnstable Today: Tuesday September 30, 2014

A skydiving accident kills two in Marstons Mills, three members of the Barnstable Police Department will be promoted to sergeants, and the Department of Public Works is prepping for the FY 16 budget.

A Merry-Go-Round of Obfuscation

Transparency and accountability are two overused words in our American lexicon as it relates to government. Perhaps those words are worn out and hackneyed because we so thirst for them both from our elected and appointed leaders and alas, emerge parched and disappointed from that thirst. After taking an exhausting spin on a merry-go-round of obfuscation related to the town’s ownership and the ongoing management of our town-owned golf course, boy am I thirsty!

Barnstable today: Monday September 29, 2014

A new Mexican restaurant is coming to Hyannis, an undercover sting forces one local restaurant to close for a day next month, and find out how you can apply for a grant to promote arts in Barnstable and Yarmouth.

Warning: Babesiosis/A Tick Born Illness


This is going to be an odd post from me. My writings are mostly on substance abuse issues, but I feel it it extremely important to bring notice to Babesiosis that is going around without doctors educating the people of this illness. I have been out of commission and suffered for six weeks with this horrible tick illness. This is worse than Lyme Disease.


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Barnstable Today: Thursday September 25, 2014

Federal officials gather in Barnstable to discuss climate change, the second season for the Cape Flyer is a success, and health professionals will gather in Hyannis next week to discuss mental health issues.

Let's Join Sam's Conversation

I have a friend who tells me that you cry when the truth touches your heart. If he’s right (and I believe he is), then there’s a whole lot of truth in local director Sam Tarplin’s new documentary film, “What Happened Here: The Untold Story of Addiction on Cape Cod,” because I was wiping tears from my cheek just watching the trailer.

Hidden Pleasures of Pepperoncini

Pepperoncini is one of those Italian, Greek and Eastern European peppers that are very popular in their homelands. However they are not commonly used in the United States except as a whole chile added to an antipasti or pickled in vinegar in commercially packaged jars.

It’s uncommon to find the pepper used in a sauce but is particularly delicious when you use it this way. I also like it straight out of the jar, chopped up with tomato, onions and garlic or with pasta, chicken or flank steak.

Autumn's Changing Season & Raspberry Delight

      Well, the seasons by the calendar have officially changed and we are full into autumn. Weather still has not made up it's mind and I am waiting for the leaves to change. It's times like this that I really wish I had a couple of kayaks to take out on some of the ponds and lakes and go leaf peeping. But will just have to find another way to enjoy looking for the changing leaves like on nice nature walk through some of our conservation areas. We have so many within 7 miles of my home that I can not even begin to hit them all.