February Crystal and Mineral Fair and Book Signing

Sunday, February 24, 2013 - 10:00am - 3:00pm

Presented by Down to Earth Crystals and CCCWH.

Down to Earth Crystals & CCCWH welcome you to our Crystal and Mineral Fair, Open House, and book signing!

* WE BROUGHT BACK MANY NEW CRYSTALS & MINERALS FROM OUR ANNUAL TRIP TO TUCSON AZ! New varieties of ; tumbled stones, quartz & amethyst points, labrodorite, selenite, heart shaped chakra sets, quartz pendants, Herkimer earings, metamorphis quartz pendants, and so much more!!!

* 10% off $100-$199 purchases or 20% off $200+ purchases!

We welcome you to experience the beauty and healing power of crystals and minerals. We offer 10% to 20% discounts on our already economical prices during our own fairs and classes! * Come see why our crystals, minerals and jewelry are in high demand! We have many rare and hard to acquire specimens.

YES we have;


SINGING CRYSTALS, GERISOL QUARTZ, SHUNGITE, ANANDALITE (NATURAL RAINBOW CLUSTERS), RARE TRIGONICS ON QUARTZ, STONE OF SANCTUARY, CHAKRA QUARTZ PENDANTS & Kyanite with garnet. We have special John of God crystals and rosaries, and MANY MORE CRYSTALS to help us as we adjust to changes and manifest our soul’s purpose during these months of 2013 and beyond!

Bring your list and come in and see for yourself! Come and celebrate our 14th year of offering you the best selection and information from mother earth and beyond! Blessings, Tom & Paulette