This Place we Call Cape Cod & Golden Corn Bake

       Oh the winds that blow, while tides are high and moon so bright, Oh the sands of time, that melt away the coast line sweet. While winds and tides can change coast lines with a blink of an eye the memories we make each year can never be swept away. So as you come to the Cape this year don't despair over what is not here any longer, Don't lament over what has changed and places that aren't the same as they once used to be. But remember all the good times you have and then start making new ones. Take pictures, both physical and mental and put them in recesses of your mind for the days and years to come, cause this too shall pass and the shifting sands in time will change it all again. This can be very unsettling to some, as it means times are changing, and some things are not meant to stay the same. While others will view this all as a chance to see things in a different light and way, and take new adventures and journeys. But when all is said and done one thing will not change and that is, that this is still old Cape Cod and this is a place that remembers much and looks forward to making more. Where we rise to the sun on one side and run to the other for the setting. Where we watch for whales on one side in the morning and go sailing on the other in the afternoon. As we fish from the shores on one end and fish in the canal at the other. No matter what you do, when you do it, there will always be places to go and things to do and people to see. This place we call old Cape Cod, the more it changes the more it stays the same. Any questions why I love this place so much? I hope you get to come and visit this year, the welcome mat is already out and waiting for you to come. Have a great and wonderful until, and especially if you can do it right here on old Cape Cod.    

      So it's that time for the business spotlight, first up is Cuffy's, what can I say, they have been around for some time now. I remember when they first started on RT 28 in South Yarmouth in the parking lot across the street from South Yarmouth Evangelical Baptist Church, the reason I remember it so well is that is were we went to church durning the summers, that is where my Dad would fill in for Pastors Ed Linguist and Ron Wolfe both close friends of the family. I remember when they opened the outlet store over off White Plains Rd and the mobs and mobs that would come an lines out the wazoo, they got to a point they had to only let a certain number of people in at a time. I remember as reach of the stores opened in Chatham, Orleans, Falmouth, Provincetown, and of course their flagship store now located on RT 28 in West Dennis. Check their website (going through renovations right now) and their facebook page for times and happenings going on. Not all stores are open year round but the West Dennis one is. So check them out in the summer check them out in the winter, but just don't go by thinking they are nothing but the same old, same old. They constantly are updating their stock and designs and changing things and adding and retiring. So check them out and if you can catch them on one of their sale goings on, wow, better than their regular savings. Just get there and check em out. 
      Next up Now open is Seafood Sam's in South Yarmouth just west of Shaw's market and east of the Candy Co. Check out their website at for times and even menus. I will tell you I enjoy their baked seafood platter even more than the fried. The wife and I will get the for two and have plenty to fill us. My father go their fried Oysters last time he was here and just loved every bite he consumed. And our son loves the fried fish platter. And they don't skimp on the sides either. So in you are in the area, lunch or dinner find your way to Seafood Sam's and have yourself a wicked good dinner. 
      One last place I have to mention just cause it's that time of year, but I can not let dessert pass us by so Cape Cod Creamery on RT 28 is the place to go. They are now open for business, let the summer times come quickly. Check out facebook for times or their website at And don't forget if you know of a past ice cream and you don't see it in the case, ask for it, they may still have it in the back. If you love rum raisin (my standard for telling how good an ice cream store is) you will need to ask if they have any in the back as they do not keep it out front. But oh it is soooo good, I almost hate to mention it as I am afraid to many will go request it and eat it all on me. But seriously check out all their flavors, along with their shakes, and floats and sundaes and soups and sandwiches and you get the picture they are an amazing place to fill your ice cream sweet tooth cravings.   
      Welcome back ya'll, wow what a week we have had, and it looks to be only getting better, and to be frank with you even I'm getting a little sick and tired of all the cold damp and dreary. If you anyone was wondering the spouse is doing much better, still has that chest thing going on, but she is at least able to carry about pretty much as usual. Wow have I been busy, with this place sitting for so long with no one in it the dust really took it's tole around here. I mean it was everyplace and then some. So while the Mrs has been recouping I've been doing a lot of the clean up, only problem is she's been complaining that I'm doing more kicking up of the dust than clean up and it's been aggravating her. Oh well, sometimes you can't win for losing, but at least it is getting done. Oh ya and the big job has been working on the tower. The next big chore will be the lamp room itself, Oh I've been up there since we got back, and I have done a little here and there, but not the big stuff, not the walkway around the outside, not the,, oh good grief you get the picture. I've got a lot to get done up there, but at least it is just dirt and nothing that needs any major repairs. Next week or so we will start the yearly painting and give the old gal a new coat so she is all prim and proper for when you come and visit. I am still amazed at the damage the storms took on our shore line and the dunes. In many areas if you used old paths to get out to the flats, well better check to see if they still exist let alone where are you going to park. And up in this direction, old parking lots gone or going while part of the cliffs are are falling apart and taking some of the old time houses with them. But that's all part of living on the coast, the question is not if but when things of by-gone years will become only a fading memory. Over the years we have seen some of the old time ship wrecks be uncovered by sea storms then covered back up again. We have seen some of the barriers have old cut throughs closed up and new ones cut. We have see old camp sites disappear over the years and the list can go on and one. Yet still we have people that act so surprised that all this could happen. For me it's a resounding DAH, I just want to climb the town and scream from the top, get real people what did you think what going to happen. Oh well. If I remember something about this very thing in the Good Book when it talks about building a house on sand vs a firm foundation? And here we all are building on sandy ground then complain about it when the storms come in and reclaim what is hers to begin with. HA, if she can talk on massive ships and twist them like twigs what makes us thing she will have any respect for man built objects along the shore line. So when you come to visit, be careful and watch your step, take in the views and snap the pictures cause it will not be the same next time you come. Well I've chewed your ear enough, I better go find the boy, you know that writer kid who come here to get a story every week. LOL I think he loves coming cause he gets a break most the time, either that or he is in the quarters eating the wife's cookies. Anyway have a great and wonderful especially if you can do it right here on old Cape Cod and see you real soon. 
      This week I wanted to go for an easy recipe, so the first one I picked out which was a potato-corn bake was easy except it would feed an army. So for the normal size family and the economy of things I decided to change directions. So back to the good old church collective recipe cookbook. This is an easy recipe with just a little twist in it to spruce up the every day corn side dish. So give it a try, totally easy and one of those recipes if you can read you can do. So please check this one out and now on with the show:
      This week's recipe: Golden Corn Bake
  •       1      can      cream style golden corn
  •       1      cup      crushed cracker crumbs
  •    1/2      cup      celery, chopped
  •    1/4      cup      onion, chopped
  •    2/3      cup      cheese, finely shredded (cheese of your choice)
  •       1      tsp       salt
  •       2                  eggs
  •       2      Tbsp    butter
  •    1/4      tsp       paprika
  • 1 1/2      cups    milk
      Combine all ingredients. Pour into buttered casserole. Bake at 350 degrees for 45-50 minutes. 
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