Taking the Steps Towards the Unknown

One Sober Hour

What do they say, “One Day at a Time?” What about “One Hour at a Time, “One Moment at a Time?” I call them baby steps. It’s like crossing over a bridge with pieces of wood missing and going slowly and fearfully, but what a reward making it to the other end. Life can be the same way.

It’s so easy to stay in the pit of no hope when we allow fear to take over, even when you know it could lead to your death. The other side is waiting for you to travel over to reach the spot. 

The unknown is the scary part. Life is about growing and taking chances. It’s about taking our mistakes and turning them into something wonderful. It’s taking a raining, dark, depressing day, and coming to life when the sun and warmth overtakes it. 

Giving up drinking friends, the comfortable social times, the highs, even the hangovers, watching your day come and go with nothing worthwhile achieved but staying stuck, can win over your decision not to change because you’re in a familiar place. You’re already there. You know from your past experiences what the outcome will be, even if it’s bad. 

But changing, going over to the other unfamiliar side of life, the struggle to get there, asking for forgiveness, proving yourself, asking for help, confessing your mistakes, opening up your soul to your past hurts and fears to a stranger, is like taking your heart out. Sharing your past out loud makes you anxious and panicky. That’s the healing process. Get the garbage out. That’s a step to recovery.

Think of your way of life as being the disease that needs an operation to fix it. When you can’t stand the discomfort any longer, you seek professional help from a surgeon. You’re happy you had the surgery, but now you face and dread the pain from the removal of the disease. It’s a long road to recovery. Maybe, you need rehab to bounce back, months of healing. No one looks forward to going towards the suffering, so you stay with the disease to only get sicker until the disease can kill you.

Think of the results, if you say, “Yes.” You can look back and say, “It was a nightmare, torture, but I did it.” You can now return back to being healthy. You’re on a new path. Making a change is better than staying stuck. It takes more of a person to ask for help than one who refuses to change. 

No one can do it for you. Stop waiting for them to come along and solve your addiction or having that miracle pill to take instead of you doing the work. The thing you don’t see is that you have the ability to do it. Maybe you need someone to tell you or to read it in a book. 

I’m here to say, “You can do it.” Believe in yourself and God. Turn to your Higher Power. Give it all up to Him. You’ll never be alone. Don’t worry if you don’t feel the change or see it. We are weak humans who want our prayers answered immediately and how we want the result. Change comes when God feels you are ready and what direction you should take. The transformation will happen when you least expect it. Maybe you will be on the path of recovery and not realize it until you are in the middle of the results.

Most important: Don’t give up on yourself.


You are always in my prayers.

Alberta Sequeira

Website: www.albertasequeira.wordpress.com 
Email: [email protected]

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