More Vaca Planning '18 & Cranberry Limoncello Spritzer

       Have we bypassed spring and headed right to summer? Let me tell you after this past 2 months of lousy weather would not be sad if that happened. But let's get straight to the point here, it is now the first week in May and I sure hope you have made your reservations for your favorite hotel, motel, cottage, park camp grounds or favorite relative with a house or dwelling here. Trust me it will be here before you know it and you would not want to be left out behind the outhouse just because you put off give that call. Also now is the time to start checking out the online travel guides such as, and a host of many others. See what places are offering either online coupons or as soon as you get here get one of the guide booklets and thumb through them for hard copy coupons. One thing I would love to try this year is do a mini golf / putt putt golf circuit and give a report on all the different ones we are able to get to. But check out all the different areas, what is around where you are staying and what you want to do in areas further away. With gas prices not looking to be as they have been the past couple years some smart planning is definitely the way to go. Make the most of your time with money smart planning, as in don't try to do Falmouth and P'Town in the same day. or Sandwich and Chatham, it just does not work. And keep an eye on the weather and have a few alternatives planned for those days that want to reek havoc with your beach plans or outdoor activities days. Again get the kids involved if you have kids to bring, if not sit down with the significant other and figure out what the two of you like, (you might be surprised to find out the other really would like to do something you like to do, LOL) then make plans to do it. This is a wonderful time of the year to get excited about the Cape, and with simple planning does not have to cost you the size of your mortgage for a year. Well that should give you a few things to think about, I hope you are a excited about coming as we are to see you. Have a great and wonderful especially if you can do it right here on old Cape Cod.

      Onto the business report: first we have an update and a change of address on a business I have reported on in the past. The Dennis Pet Supply Shop used to be in the little strip shops across from Christmas Tree Shop in West Dennis on Rt 28. They have moved right down the street to 275 Main St still West Dennis right next to the West Dennis Community church. They occupy the entire building and can meet just about any pet need you might have. From Cats and Dogs to Birds to Fish and I think a few other things. If you are looking for a doggy life jacket for your pet to go on your boat with you they have it. If you need some new fish for your tanks they have them. They are open Monday - Friday 9 - 6 Saturday 10 - 5 and Sunday 12 - 3. Check them out on facebook and then go check them out, Good parking beside the shop and there is a exit onto side street. These folks are local and running a great business, and if you remember me talking about Red Dogs & Co, they produce some really great natural dog treats right here in DennisPort, you can get their stuff at the Dennis Pet Supply. So get there and treat yourself and your pet.       
      Now that pre-season has begun maybe it's time we start to review some of those places that have been open year round that folks may not think open till after Memorial Day. Some of the shops I can think of right off the top of my head are the Lemon Tree Village Shops in Brewster on 6A. This is one of the best well rounded collections of shops up and down 6A in my opinion. They have everything from the Cook Shop to the Pottery Shop, to the Woodwork's Gallery, to By the Bay Designs, not to mention Brewster Chocolates and the TableTop Shop. There is also the Touch and Hammer a unique shop specializing in repairs, sizing's, remounts of jewelry, watch batters and more, if you have a jewelry need this guy can do it for you. The list of places is more extensive than I have given so please go to and check out all that is available and then head to the north side and give them a visit. 
      Next is the Cape House Shop in Orleans, find them on the web at for hours. This is not just a Hallmarks card shop although they have it all when it comes to your Hallmark needs. But they also specialize in Cape artisans and give things for every member of the family from the kids to parents to grandparents and for all occasions. Gifts for the relatives coming to visit to graduation gifts to gifts for weddings, births and any other occasion you may be celebrating. Check them out they are in the Shaw's plaza  (Skaket Corner) at the intersection of 6A and West Road.
      And last but definitely not lest is Jason's Tavern in the Patriot Square off Rt 134. This is not a hole in the wall watering joint but a great place for good food, good drinks, for a good price. This place caters to the local and to families. They are not here just for the summer crowder (although the summer crowd is certainly welcome) but this is a place that looks to serve the community year round with classy down home good eats. So if you want a meal that is not harsh on the budget and good for stomach then give Jason's Tavern a try you will not regret the decision. 
      Well if May isn't arriving like a gang buster, skip the spring time and go straight to summer. But I must say this is a whole lot better than the old damp and dreary. And with this weather we can get a few more of our fishing friends out onto the waters for some preseason fun. I will say we will need to be a little more on the alert and on top of things, with so many boats going out this early we will need to be open sooner to get the all the vessels inspected and licensed. You know that is one of the big things we try to help out the full time boys with this time of year. They can get so overwhelmed by the numbers and when more boats show up than there number of hours in a day and they extra summer staff has not shown up yet, well it can get pretty hectic. Well if you were wondering since I left our dear reporter friend to get the rest of the tower all cleaned up. I am happy to say we got a new coat of paint both on the inside and outside the lamp room. We are planning to get the outside of the tower done this week, and should have the rest of the outside done the following week. We are starting to see the school kids again and are pretty well filled up in the open slots for this month, and even the them old folk tours are pretty well booked. So by the time Memorial Day comes we will be rocking and rolling to the sound of waves on the shore, what's left of them. I forgot to tell you I got a visit from the big boys from up there in BeanTown and got and A+ rating of this old gal. We were pretty proud of it, while they were here they even changed out the bulb in the beacon and even said it might add a couple nautical miles to its visibility. The brighter the better I told them, we are heavily relied on. So keep your eyes open if you're one of them early birds or gettin' home late. Well, we still have much to do around here, I sure hope you didn't miss the full moon the other night, it was a darn good one and cold see several pods of whales swimming by the light of that thing. It sure was a gorgeous evening. So have a beautiful week and if you're on the Cape make sure you are getting out there before all the tourist show up and you can't make them left hand turns again. If you are off Cape and have the opportunity to get here and enjoy some pre-season fun, come on out we would be happy to have you. So until we meet again have a great and wonderful, especially if you can do it right here on old Cape Cod.   
      With the coming of warmer weather ( we so hope and are praying for ) the lighter side of cocktails starts to come into play. I ran into this one just looking at cocktails using cranberry juice and since I had some limoncello in the fridge I figured a good time to try. So with a taste tested approval, if you like that slightly sour/sweet thing on a warm summer day, this is a great cocktail for you. It works well on the beach or at the BBQ cookout. So give this one a try, and remember please be a responsible consumer and host. Now on with the show:
      This week's recipe: Cranberry Limoncello Spritzer
      1      part      Limoncello 
      3      parts    cranberry juice
              lemon slices and Mind leaves, garnish
     Fill an old-fashioned style glass (or other of your choice) with ice. Using a shot glass, measure one part limoncello and pour into glass. Using the same shot glass, measure three parts cranberry juice carefully on top of the limoncello so that the two liquids stay fairy separated. Garnish with a sprig of mint and a lemon slice, if desired. Serve with a drink stirrer. Stir the two liquids together and enjoy. (Now the limoncello on the bottom is only for show, if you can't get it don't worry, just mix it 1 - 3 lightly mix and garnish).
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