Brews, Vines and Distilleries June 2018 & Seafood Stuffed Mushrooms

      Welcome to Brews, Vines and Distilleries report June 2018. We have four to report on. First up is our friends at Cape Cod Beer. Find at located at 1336 Phinney's Lane, Hyannis. You can find all their events, what beers they are brewing or pouring and all other things on their web site. Also get signed up for the brewmasters report call The Virtual Tap. First up Is the Farmers Market every Friday from 3pm - 6pm. They call it farmers market meets happy hour. Lots of local vendors, home growers and farmers goods, well worth the visit. Also June 1st 6pm - 10pm they have a fund raiser for K-9 cameras for police dogs, this is a biggy folks. June 8th they have a new beer release called Pilot Brew. The next Yappy Hour, yes you hear that right Yappy Hour June 12 from 4pm - 6pm, A FREE, casual social for craft beer loving dog owners and yes to your well behaved pooches. Then June 16 Craft Beer Cask Fest Spring 2018. 2pm - 7pm $20.00 cash at door. 10 brewers one great night. Then on June 26th Wood Buoy Paint Nite 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm Grab a pint or glass of wine while painting your personalized buoy! This is but a spuds worth of a pint of what is going on. To get it all go to their website and click on events. You have got to see all they are doing and become part of the Cape Cod Beer Experience.

      Next up is our friends from Truro Vineyards and South Hollow Distillery. Find them on the web at or on Facebook and best of all find them at 11 Shore Rd Route 6A North Truro, if you pass the wine barrow in the sky, turn around cause you just missed it. First they are open every day now, 11-5 Mon-Sat; Sun 12-5, Winery Tours 1pm and 3pm; Distillery Tours 12pm and 2pm, Tastings from a half hour after we open until 4:30 each day. $10. One of the upcoming events happens on June 9th Julez Weinberg, The Essential Mixologist, is going to be here, showing how she uses essential oils in her cocktails. Also on June 27th Wine and Dine Wednesdays from 6:30 - 8:30pm. This is a ticked events so go to the website for more information. Blackfish food truck and the Hollow bar are now open for business as well. And if that is not enough and you want more Truro Wine in your life check out the Wine Club, they can ship to 23 states and the District of Columbia. Take the time and drive to Truro and get to know the folks up at Truro Vineyards and South Hollow Spirits, home to so yummy Rums and Gin. 
      A new participant is Hog Island beer, located at 28 West Road in Orleans right behind the Jailhouse Tavern on the way to Skaket Beach. They have a wonderful tasting room where you can get  5 oz flights of our beers and 16oz drafts, as well as 64oz Growlers and 32oz Big Hog Cans to go. Keep an eye on their Facebook page or website for upcoming events and hours. Another interesting point they would like you to know is: Marine Life Friendly” Packaged 12oz cans of our WHITE SHARK WHEAT and OUTERMOST IPA are now available in local liquor stores and markets. Be sure to pick some up and hit the beach! You can also enjoy our beers at any of our awesome supportive restaurants, ferries and resorts! We now cover P-Town to Hull, Hingham to Foxboro, Wrentham to Fall River, Dartmouth to Wareham and everything in between including Nantucket and Marthas Vineyard! There is alot of hoppy people who would love you to get to know them. Check them out and go visit, as they will be having events happening all through the summer. 
      Last but not least are our friends at Cape Cod Winery, located at 4 Oxbow Rd, East Falmouth, remember to enter Oxbow at the east end as it is a one way street that is a half circle. Or you can find them online at also on facebook and twitter. Hours for June are Thursday & Friday: 12pm-4pm
Saturday: 12pm-5pm, Sunday: 12pm-4pm. New this year, they have their pouring license and you can now go, buy a glass of their wine and sit and just enjoy the surroundings. They have a wonderful place to just enjoy the outdoors and some great wine. Also coming soon is their Wine Club, you can sign up now for more information as soon as it is available. Also on line is a line up of there wines so you can become familiar with what they are producing and what is available. They are really making this a great little winery again that is growing, be part of this up and coming winery that is based right here on Cape Cod. 
      One last note in my business report and that is for Gustare Olive Oils, first the fun news, they have moved to a new location in Chatham at 461 Main Street at the other end of the building that Chatham Wine and Provisions is located in across from Soft as a Grape. This is a much bigger shop, newer and expanded. Check them out at for more information. If you have not tried their Oils and Vinegars you are missing some quality stuff here folks. I consider them on of thee best out there today. Now for the passing news, after 8 years of having a shop in Mashpee Commons that store has closed. However fear not because their physical presents may have left but their products have not. Shops in and around Mashpee and surroundings are picking up their products and you will be able to buy there. If you have rewards points you can still use and collect at the Chatham store, online or give them a call for more information. I can not recommend them any stronger, this is definitely worth checking out.   
      Well Memorial Day has come and gone, I hope you did something to remember all those who have given their lives so we could have the freedom we enjoy here is the great US of A we live in here. Their lives also allow us to work as we like, earn as we like, think as we like, I would like to say speak as we like, but there are questions about that any more, and do as we want, to that again I say there are questions about that. The problem is today everyone out there has a me, me, me syndrome so everyone is paranoid about offending everyone else. Maybe if we just showed a little respect, found some ethics and morals we wouldn't have everyone running around looking to sue everyone cause they were offended by someone else's selfish sayings. Anyway, I'm getting so off course here, and I apologize, just when I see all them flags out there that were planted all across our spit of land called Cape Cod, it just gets me worked up, and we had our fair share of flags out front of the lighthouse this past weekend. But the last weekend is over and we have a whole new season before us. Now I know by the calendar it is not summer yet, but according to the peoples calendar from Memorial Day to Labor Day is the real summer. We had a fantastic turnout this year, especially on Saturday as the weather was fantastic. Sunday was a little gloomy but we still had a decent number of folks. Then we all went down to the parade in Brewster and a lovely memorial service. I know they did one in Yarmouth and Falmouth as well. Now looking forward we will be open everyday and extended hours on the weekends through Labor Day. The beaches are open and I am already seeing an influx of boats out on the water, even though the water temperatures are still a little chilly as in the 50s but they are on the climb. If we could just start seeing more warmer days than cooler that would be great. But until then I will be kept busy during the evening with the beacon and fog horn cause that's the recipe for making really thick pea soup fog. All I can say when you are coming out here, just keep an eye on the weather and be safe coming out. Well I know that was a lot about something, I know some of you are scratching your heads thinking this old guy has lost a few marbles but don't we all sometimes when we get passionate about things. Until we meet this summer have a great and wonderful, and especially if you can do it right here on old Cape Cod.      
      As this is the 5th Wednesday of the month and we all know what time of the month that is for recipes, it's Appetizer week. And as it has become the norm is something to do with seafood. So this week, it is seafood stuffed mushroom, and I am sorry but if you don't like mushrooms, well, hum, that just means more for the rest of us who do. So sorry but that's the way it and I can't do much about that. I realize some of you are allergic to our fungi friends and maybe you can find something else to stuff using the seafood stuffing. But for now the recipe calls for mushrooms and that is what I am going to give you. LOL, ok trying to be light and funny, and hope you can find something good out of this for everyone. Get out there and see what is available and go have fun with it. Appetizers and or finger foods are a wonderful thing to make for all kinds of occasions and fun to eat. So for now let's get on with the show.
      This weeks recipe: Seafood Stuffed Mushrooms
      3/4      cup      butter, melted, divided
         1      lb         fresh mushrooms, stems removed, White or baby plabanos
         1      cup      seasoned croutons, crushed
         1      cup      mozzarella cheese, shredded
         1      can      crabmeat, drained (6 oz)
         1      lb         lobster meat chopped
         3      tbsp     garlic, minced
      1⁄4      cup      mozzarella cheese, shredded
      Preheat the oven to 375 degrees. This recipe tells you to use about 1/4 cup of butter to grease pan, if you want to use spray go for it, but we know butter makes it taste better. Arrange mushroom caps on baking sheet.In a medium bowl, mix together crushed croutons, remaining 1/2 cup butter, 1 cup shredded mozzarella cheese, crabmeat, lobster and garlic. Spoon into mushroom caps where the stems used to be. Bake for 10 to 12 minutes or until lightly browned on the top. Sprinkle with additional cheese if desired and serve hot. 
      Please note this is noted to have come from a third source from where I got it and that is from another source as well. My point is, if you see this, it did not come from me and I know it has been passed for than 3 times down and maybe more. So enjoy, and don't be surprised if you find it somewhere else. 
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