Where Does it End?


Please, God, Not Two

It’s sad enough when we lose a husband, wife, family member, or a dear friend. A child. How do you explain the pain to someone? We never know that agony someone else is feeling until you have that tragedy hit you.

We think a safe bubble is surrounding us and something that horrible will not hit us. That’s what I used to think, until the demon of alcoholism grabbed onto my husband, Richard, at 45 years of age, and that wasn’t enough, so it returned to take our daughter, Lori, at 39 years old. Yes, Lori went out drinking with her friends but she wasn’t an alcoholic, I thought.

We become huge enablers without even realizing it. We also go blind to the problems when they are in front of us. All the signs are there, our child becoming quiet, grades going down, no desire to go out with their usual friends, problems in school, scared to go out in public, no idea where they go or with whom, or look to see the other signs. 

Our world is way too fast with both parents working, kids going in different directions, no family gathering at mealtime, too much television, violent video games, and the cellphones that are glued to their fingers. 

Society has made the act of our young children turning to alcohol and drugs as a normal thing to except in this new lifestyle we have grown into in life. Nowhere do we see the death toll going down. Sex is something that used to be special to wait for until marriage, and our new world brings children into it without marriage, and at times, with different fathers. Women have stopped demanding respect.  Men assume they can have their desires with women.

Abuse between the boys and girls on drugs is high. A few dates, and our children move in to an apartment with each other without even knowing who the other one is or their background. Drugs come into play to keep the brain dead not to face the problems. 

My God, where are we going with this deathtrap? How do we stop it? We have to educate our children before they enter grammar school. Yes, bestow fear, because that is what it is going to take to make our children stop and think before jumping into experimenting with a substance that will eventually kill them. Stop thinking they are too young. They know more than the parents.

Come into my world with Lori in Please, God, Not Two after Richard’s death. Read how our children start out with drinking to keep up with friends, to block their minds on not fitting into a crowd, losing confidence in themselves, losing a parent causing them to get into depression holding that pain inside instead of talking about it, or having abortions. All these events lay heavy on our kids. Many are too young to handle problems that should be for adults. 

Communication between us and our children has slowly disappeared. Parents get divorced, some for good reasons, and our children are torn apart with handling their loss. Parents are so mixed up themselves that they get absorbed with their problems and go blind to their kids going down the path of substance abuse. No security with two parents causes confusion and fear in our child's life.

Our list can go on forever with everything in life as family goes. Our once happy children turn to alcohol, drugs, crimes, sex, pregnancy out of wedlock, they follow a family member who drinks down from one generation to another.

If something isn’t discovered to control this situation, or a solution is found, there will be few kids turning into grownups that will have an education to become important to our country and communities. We will not have leaders. Our prisons, hospitals, and rehabs for the mentally ill, will be full. 

Alberta Sequeira
[email protected]
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