Baby Squirrels Rescued from Nest in Camper at Sandy Neck

Officers had to dismantle ventilation system to reach the babies...
A Barnstable Natural Resources officer works to rescue three baby squirrels trapped in a camper's ventilation system. (Town of Barnstable photo)

From the Town of Barnstable:

On Saturday, August 25th, Natural Resource Officers at Sandy Neck Beach received a report of a baby squirrel that had fallen out of an inside compartment of a camper while parked out on the beach.

Upon arrival, officers observed the baby squirrel on the ground nearby and were able to transfer it to a wildlife bin for transport.

However, several more baby squirrels could still be heard crying from somewhere inside the camper. The camper owner opened a hatch which revealed a ventilation shaft behind the refrigerator. This vent was tightly packed with nesting material and was difficult to reach due to the narrow spacing inside.

Officers were then able to dismantle the nest and safely recover an additional three baby squirrels after ensuring that the adults were not with the camper, and were likely still at the residence which the camper came from.

All four squirrels were brought to the Cape Wildlife Center where they will be rehabbed until release.

[See video below]

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