Of Wind Farmers & Turkey Farmers:

If we cook too much food we save the leftovers. It's the same with energy.
The answer to America's growing Energy needs is already on the grid going to waste.

By installing "off peak" Energy Storage and Emergency Backup Power Systems in our homes, not building more Power Plants and adding Wind Farms as a real and proven Renewable Energy solution.

There is enough "surplus", lower cost Energy on our Nation's Power Grid everyday during the "off peak" to power hundreds of millions of homes that can be stored for use during the next days "peak".

The Cape Light Compact should be encouraged to negotiate lower cost "off peak" energy rates for Cape Cod Residents and offer rebates from the Renewable Energy funds for purchasing an "off peak" Energy Storage System.

The Utilities have told us "we cannot store Energy."

If the turkey farmers told us we cannot save the leftover turkey from our Holiday feasts,  would we toss it away and buy another one?

Wake up to the fact that just like the batteries in our cars, Energy can be stored and used at another point in time. This is not Rocket Science, we all do it everyday. Below is photo of an  "off peak" timer already installed in home in Orleans.

Fuel-Less generation is hereResults:

  • lower energy costs,
  • Less mercury
  • Less pollution,
  • Less acid rain,
  • Less asthma,
  • Less dependency on foreign fuels,
  • Less need to drill in Alaska, and
  • Less power line congestion and global warming.

According to  the State and Government ISO web sites you would think that all the Wind farms and Solar panels in the Country are apparently doing nothing to solve our National Energy needs and reduce Global Warming. The reason being the Utilities do not, and from what I understand, cannot turn down the fire in the boilers of their base line power plants that fast in response to the wind picking up or the Sun coming out for a few hours without the risk of cracking the steel smokestacks that have expanded 18 to 24 inches and stabilized at 5,000 degrees.

Logic would then prevail that if you already have a "surplus" of Energy on the grid, (which you must have if you are not having a blackout) any additional Energy from an unpredictable or short lived source such as Solar and Wind will become more "surplus" Energy just going to waste if the generators are not being turned down.

The only thing the generator can do, and in fact must do, is to keep the voltage constant by changing the excitation voltage in the generators field windings. This is Voltage Regulation, also referred to as "throttling back", and sure may save a little fuel, but do not think for a minute they hose down the fire to really save large amounts of fuel.

It takes weeks to ramp down a power plant and weeks to ramp them back up to avoid thermal damage.

Wind and Solar Energy can be used on an individual basis to lower an individual's electric bill. However because they are both considered at best a short lived, or at worse an unreliable source of Energy not available upon demand; it should not be added to the "surplus" already on the grid. The net result will just be more Energy on the grid going to waste if the Utilities do not turn down their generators by stopping the flow of fuel into the boiler.

The missing component is energy storage 

The missing component in our Energy mix is Energy storage of "surplus" Energy in batteries in our homes for use during the next day's "peak". This would become a constant everyday load reduction eventually flattening the "peak", eliminating power line congestion, increasing reliability, and leading to closing dirty power plants forever.

  • Off Peak Energy Storage could result in a reduced cost for Energy on Cape Cod instead of the proposed 80% increase.

Mr. ElcticityHomeowners will also gain a fuel-less, automatic, silent source of emergency backup power during power outages, and for some folks such as those on Oxygen pumps this could be life critical. HUD has paid 100% of the cost and installation on a Block Grant for the disabled, Cape Cod Residents should look for these funds administered through their towns local Housing Authority.

The peak is the problem 

The "peak" is the problem, in fact,  the only problem. A homeowner cannot conserve more Energy during the "peak" problem than 100%. see my site here.

The photo above is of an installation on Cape Cod in Orleans MA with the "off peak" timer function ready to save Energy, as soon as the Cape Light Compact can be encouraged to request an optional time of use rate plan with their supplier.

Lee A. Hebert
Boston Power Supplies, Inc.
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