Letter: Selectman candidate Joe Glynn answers questions for May 16th Yarmouth Election

Letter from Yarmouth Selectman Candidate Joe Glynn

The following was submitted by Yarmouth Selectman candidate Joe Glynn:

What is your current occupation, and what are some of the highlights of your previous work experience?

Retired Boston Firefighter/EMT, US Army 101st Airborne Gulf War Veteran, Longtime Lifeguard /CPR Instructor Numerous Waterfront and Pool Supervisor/ Director positions including Northside Beaches and Kings Way, Yarmouth Port Pool Supervisor, as well as Director/Supervisor at many camps and complexes.  Social Recreation Director of Inner City Boys and Girls Club.  Currently Yarmouth Housing Authority Board of Commissioners Asst. Treasurer.

How do you feel the above experience, and/or any personal qualities you possess, have prepared you to join the Board of Selectmen?

My longtime civic engagements and public service in vital leadership positions have given me vast experience in problem solving in the community.  My experience working with vulnerable people from youth to seniors gives me unique qualifications at a key time in Yarmouth's history.

Leadership is the process of influencing people to accomplish a goal or mission.  These experiences some in life and death situations and most, if not all, having important impact on people's quality of life.  Solving problems particularly at this time in Yarmouth requires broad perspectives, and leaders who have vision and a compass to work towards successful outcomes.  The Joe Glynn for Selectman campaign theme has been focused on "Bold New Leadership with Vision and Direction".  If we as a community do not know where we are we will not know when we get to our destination.  Education, Housing, Wastewater, Big ticket Capital Items, and the invariable effect on Town Services and Taxes also requires a leader with proven vision and orientation .

What is the key issue confronting Yarmouth at the present or in the near future, and how would you deal with it?

Yarmouth needs specific comprehensive plans to accomplish goals in all the upcoming issues aforementioned.  How you define the problems is how you define the solutions.  The Townspeople of Yarmouth need to see honest cost benefit analysis in all phases of town planning.  The BOS need to have a Selectman with those plans and the vision to develop the broad reaching goals so the Townspeople will be able to make informed decisions about our future.  Joe Glynn is the leader that has made accurate predictions, taken bold stands, and has comprehensive plans for all the varying scenarios that will move our town forward.  The time is now in the life of our town and the town needs a proven rescuer like oxygen to sustain it's future life! Your vote for Joe Glynn is a vote for Bold New Leadership with Vision and Direction.

Would you change anything about how the Board of Selectmen or other areas of town government currently conduct business?

The Selectman all have different approaches to solving problems, and that is a good thing.   The BOS needs a leader who is comfortable with taking bold stands and the ability to present different perspectives.  Fresh ideas that have not been considered and an approach to confidently present them is the change that will move Yarmouth forward.  Many of the habits in the execution of town business needs that different approach.  There should be better collaboration across issues and departments and less "silo" thinking.  We need leaders that encourage brain storming among the Selectman, board and committee members and the Townspeople.  Crony capitalism, good ol' boy networks, back room deals, and favored sons should be a thing of the past and not the vision of our future.  Joe Glynn is the catalyst for interaction to accomplish the goals of transparency, and  accountability and the visionary to present it to the Townspeople.  Vote like your future depends on it.  It does!

What if anything can be done to reduce the number of students from Yarmouth and Dennis choosing other school districts, and attract more students from other towns?

Academic improvement and educational outcomes are what motivates involved  parents and students to go elsewhere.  The best way to retain and recruit is to have a culture that encourages the whole community to be invested in a positive and honest approach to strive for excellence.  High expectations and High Standards equals High Achievement.  Student tracking or parallel pathways for the guidance of each child will get more children to their success and more parents happy with the progress they have made to their child's future.  The School Committee has ushered the worse era in the communities history and for the better part of a decade two of Yarmouth's representatives have been at the helm steering us into the iceberg collision we now find ourselves with no solutions and a litany of excuses  that are only exceeded by the ever growing budget!

What if anything can be done to control increases to the school budget, particularly Yarmouth’s assessments?

The regional agreement needs to be totally revamped.  The operating expenses should be 50-50 and an adjustment should be made based on the foundation budget analysis.  Dennis property values and household incomes affect what the state calculates in determining state aid. A billion dollars in differing property values is significant.  Yarmouth is closing in on 70% enrollment and the corresponding assessment but does not have the equal amount of representation.  The regional agreement should reflect that and reconfigure the board.  The School Committee should be expanded to 10 members with 7 members from Yarmouth.  The townspeople of Yarmouth have paid their fair share and more than their fair share, when you calculate these oversights.  The Yarmouth Townspeople are seriously considering the prospects of De-Regionalization!    Absent these changes and improvement Yarmouth, will no longer support the district, as in the past.  The negative results and comments implying that Yarmouth does not support the school district and the lack of leadership of Yarmouth's Representatives over the past decade plus and presently. This annual mess has had a detrimental affect on the community as a whole.

What other challenges face the district, and how would you address  them? 

The reelection of dysfunctional members has been the problem.  Unfortunately, turnouts of recent elections have been dismal, absent school budget overrides.  The mass exodus from the district plays a part in this.  People do not feel invested and they give up and do not attend Town meeting and Elections.  They feel they are outnumbered by special interest and insiders, so their vote does not count and if their children are out of the district they don't need to be part of the solution.

Ironically they know best why they chose to leave the district.  This year Yarmouth has that pocketbook reason to turn out and a clear alternative for change.  


Vote Joe Glynn for future improvement.  If there is not clear and measurable improvement  there won't be a reelection of Joe Glynn because he will not run again. That is a campaign promise you can believe! We all will "Win with Glynn"! 

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