Op Ed: Will the "Perennial DY Circus" be intense, in tents or both?

Conversations should be about a cost-benefit analysis
Op-Ed by Yarmouth Selectman candidate Joe Glynn

Editor's Note:  The following is an op-ed by a candidate for Yarmouth Selectman.  Other candidates are encouraged to submit their own material for publication.  Submissions are published verbatim as submitted with no editing of any kind..

This year will the "Perennial DY Circus be intense, in tents or both?

Well, the annual DY machinations  have made their appointed Spring Rounds.  It's no surprise that it has been handled with same, tired old threats, accusations and DYsfunction!

 What might be a surprise to everyone,  is Yarmouth Citizens are looking at it differently.  The current Selectman (BOS) do not have an Election this year (there is my contest for the open seat but I digress). The Selectman can be more candid without political repercussions from the usual special interest pressure, but that is not the only idea catching fire.  Tiring of the typical gamesmanship the Townspeople have been prompted to consider different options.

No Psychic Armageddon Threats!

Whether it is: "Enough is enough!"; "The straw that broke the camels back!"; Or that even DY loyalist realize: "It's Simply Unsustainable!". The common sentiment is that this year it is NOT "Business as Usual"!

Previously a "tent meeting" was considered a dog whistle for a hex,

curse, or a trigger for bad karma to follow.   Not like talking about a no hitter before the 5th inning, but more like a Psychic talking about Armageddon.  Certain people act like they know everything about Armageddon, like they have been there.  The sky is falling and I must go tell the King.  This is not Armageddon and there is no King! Just we the Townspeople decide what happens! 

Why not Democracy?

It had not been considered, a get together of people of good will, to collaborate, on solutions of community concern.  It never seemed to be considered a possibility, to exercise the democratic process or that it would result in a consensus opinion as it was designed to be.  Despite it being the only mechanism, for the  resolution of the divisive perennial stalemate, it is constantly described by those that use it as a weapon as evil.  It is a process or tool to finally get the towns input by consensus! 

Hold your Horses! This Year is Different!

The Townspeople have decided to put the banter and posturing threats aside this year for an honest look at alternatives.

The revolution will not be televised, or even sensationalized by local media outlets, beyond quoting extremists on each side.


Time to change/ time to rearrange!

This year the conversation will be about an honest cost benefit analysis, which includes the prospects of De-regionalization putting Yarmouth students back in McArthur after Bridgewater St. lease expires, a total revamp Yarmouth-centric Regional Agreement, a combined High School /Middle HS or a Single Town District.  The conversation will involve ALL the Townspeople having the Opportunity several times at Town Meeting, Elections and at a District Meeting.  Remember when a big tent meant a collaboration of like minded people with common goals, or a fun place your parents took you to see elephants and tigers?  It may still be a circus with animals,  clowns, and high wire acts, but being intense in tents, is not some sort of voodoo jinx witchcraft that should scare us out of community discussion.


More Silos or Three Ring Circus?

If we are ever gonna solve the drug problem, Wastewater Solutions, Housing, or New Economic Development for our future,  we need to have collaboration/discussions out in the open, not in different silos.  We don't need the separate interest of a triad of Dolphin Defenders , or Yarmouth Taxpayers vs Dennis Taxpayers.  It doesn't have to be a three ring circus! It can be a candid discussion of what is best for our community.

Hurray, Hurray step right up get your tickets (or ballots) for the Greatest Show in Democracy, featuring sweet music by "Freedom of Speech"!

Show up or Shut up!

No Votey-No Talky!

So people please turnout for: Town Meeting, and especially for Town Elections May 16th!  If I am reading the tea leaves correctly, you may get a the District Meeting and it may be intense,  in tents, or both. 

It maybe a circus but we determine if it is the Greatest Democracy on Earth one or one with Scary Clowns!


Yarmouth you choose!

I say, bring the kids and show them the beauty of our great Democracy or we can do the same tired old stuff again, and again?       

Voice your choice!  When you vote Tues. May 16th, VOTE- Bold NewLeadership with Vision and Direction!

Win with Glynn !



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