Op-Ed: Joe Citizen - "Be Good or Be Gone!"

By Joe Glynn - Audit confirms concerns about County

Report confirms concerns about the County

State Auditor says: "County should follow the law", in regard to County leases and operation!

Three recent polls have, public opinion near, at, or greater than 70% agreement that the County :  

  1. Serves No Purpose
  2. Is incompetent, corrupt or both
  3. Barnstable County Government should be abolished/eliminated!  

The State Auditor also said "There was inadequate controls", on top of recommendation to follow the law. 

These Cape Cod Today Polls have a significant combined  survey sample size.  The polls that are growing since the Auditor and other forums have driven increased discussion, confirm the concerns that many of us have had for years. The polls also, in my opinion, are better than many Presidential Polls and other political polls, because they are not manipulated by Candidates, and their agendas but are simply man on the street feelings we hear ever day!  

Vote in Cape Cod Today Polls 

Click on each one and make sure you vote and look at all three closely. Share this link with all you know! http://www.capecodtoday.com/polls ).  They are specific in regard to County Government and are very telling!  The State Auditor released the scathing report which said the County has been in violation of state law and that there were "inadequate controls"!  

The Auditor recommended that the County comply with State Law.  Yes, you read that right.  Hello?  We need a recommendation in a report to tell us we should comply with State Law????

Not only does this Regular Joe Citizen, agree with the consistent results that line up with anecdotal evidence but it correlates nicely with the numerous surveys and man on the street commentary that we all know so well!

This is equally consistent with all public sentiment including recent conferences , opinions online, in print, as well as radio forums.  The general refrain is: "County Government is broken and is a waste that needs to be revamped." They solidify what is being implied, repeated and resoundly voiced all over the Cape.  It has been said, in different ways for a while in public forums and outside of the public perview, by government and non government representatives - and at every  level.

Yarmouth continues to question County Waste and  Water

Erik Tolley Yarmouth Selectman, and its former long-time ChairMAN recently ( http://hwcdn.net/q2u3d7t7/cds/BOS/2017/Yarmouth_Selectmen_072517.mp4 ) questioned the Cape Cod Commission's budget.  By default, this calls into question all the budget problems and all of County Government.  Eric served with the current Assembly Chair before the Big Pipe fiasco! Suzanne McCaullife lost and retired for the quickest stint in history, of taking up golf, despite exclusive Cummiquid membership, she was back towing the party line and not towing a golf bag! In all fairness to the other Select-human this Madame Chair (My PC way of handling Select-Man, ChairMan, gender respect controversy), shows up to justify County Government!

Par for the course

Suzanne does try to rationalize and communicate with her former board despite the Big Pipe Commission mis-play that forced her short par three golf career.  (Big Pipe was the $1/4-1/2 Billion Sewer Non Solution to Wastewater/Nitrogen in local estuaries, and/or our sole source aquifer, that was the controversy that hit McAulliffe hard at the ballot box). Now full disclosure her insider connections and quarter century plus of Democratic play, combined with my decision to take on the county structure, made my dog leg determination, a difficult bunker shot.  Actually with the Presidential turnout and my decision to get out of Commissioners race with three Yarmouth candidates, the non partisan assembly race became an afterthought.

Interestingly Cleon Turner also retired as he came out of the Dennis Pines to end up back in Dennis,,as Select-human with retirement almost as short as the Assembly Madame Chair.

Politics Makes Strange Bedfellows

It also created Mark Forest the all-in candidate, for Select-human after two Commission losses.  Mark dropped down in class after years of higher aspirations. (Including Significant Campaign Expentures).  Those short blast of spending money and his all-in attitude, was demanded by Dem insiders who said he did not work hard and that gave Ron Beaty a win that should have been the end of his career. 

Now I will leave Ron alone despite him having his rifle sights on me even after winning his Commission race.  Ron obsessively, just locks jaws on everything.   He thinks it a watchdog but more often than not it is rabid dog!  Ironically he endorsed Mark Forest too. I confirmed through research that neither Lynnette "Squeky" Fromme or John Hinckley endorsed him. Ron says fellow Republican Commissioner and Harwich Farmer Leo Cakonas,  was his good friend but Leo immediately down graded and has stated he wish he had Dem Mark on the Board. There is more bed jumping then in these reality shows.  The Real Housewives (and husbands) of Barnstable County!

Talk about Politics making strange bedfellows Part Duex!

Ron Tea Party became aligned just an inch removed from Liz Warren and Studds Aide Mark once removed from Trump and vice versa. I say all this - because this is county government politics! Think of this: Selectman and County Assembly are Non Partisan but County Commmisioners and County Clerk are Partisan????

Don't buy into County Services - Lease them!

County Followers observed:   "The county has been administered incompetently for years." " I see this problem with the leases as something enormous – with huge potential liability for the county. " "For example, OpenCape went in on low lease  – but also promised to make thousands in improvements and infrastructure upgrades."  "They kept all their promises but, according to the audit, their lease might have to be voided and put out to competitive bid."  "If that were to happen and I were the CEO of OpenCape, I’d have a battalion of lawyers marching on the County Complex."  The Auditor report confirms the mess up, and the Executive Session controversy with the payment to the Town of Barnstable will be highly scrutinized by all!

"Be Good or Be Gone"!

My proposal calls for non partisan off year election or partisan for the assembly also.                                                 

Restructure County Government

Elected Upper, Lower, and Mid -Cape Regional Commissioner with no two Commissioners -(At Large or Regional, ) from the Same Town!  Elected every Two Years at the same time (not staggered terms as is currently.) 

An Elected County Manager (Common across the Country) Executive Director position retained.  Could be highest vote getter amongst At-Large Commissioners.  In the alternative there would be five voting Commissioners and a Chairman who only votes in situation of ties but sets the agenda and appointments.

An exact accounting of the County's return on investment vs the towns deeds tax.

An incentive to towns to have annual elections in the fall on same day.

-A bicameral interaction with all county legislation.
- Every town should get a standard set % of their deeds tax justified. (Full explaination spread sheet by their Delegate). 

Now if there are economies of scale, and the county gets federal and state grants, then every town should receive jusitification of  100% of services equal to deeds tax! The discount and value of regionalization and bulk buying should cover county operating expenses.  If it is not Efficient, and the County can not BE GOOD, then the County should BE GONE!

We should be showered with services!  We should not take a bath!

The County is not about Parking Spots!  It should not be County Waste!

It should not be Rinse,  Launder,  Repeat!


The Regular Joe Citizens have spoken!

 All Regular Joe Citizens should demand that their Assembly Delegates, County Commissioners and State Legislators restructure or eliminate county government and let towns spend their deeds tax as they see fit!

This Regular Joe Citizen has proposed a restructure template that the County body should finally address and do something after years of shelving every proposal offered. (Most Counties have been deemed obsolete in Massachusetts and this one has wasted more than many that have been disbanded)!  The problem is people have so little respect for the County bodies that the people do not even yell at them.  I will do it for them.

"It's the Townspeople's money!"

Joe Glynn
Elected Commissioner
Yarmouth Housing Authority

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