5 Reasons Why Students Use Online Writing Services

Gaining insight on this growing trend...

Recently more and more students start using online writing services to order term papers, essays and other tasks given by their lecturers. But, have you ever wondered why students cheat? Surprisingly, this act doesn’t begin and end in high school; it prevails up to the PhD level. But here arises new issue: do these online writing companies cheat then? The answer is controversial. Besides, you will never get a reliable answer, so spare your breath!

But one question still remains: Why do students use online writing services? Below are some well-researched reasons that will open up your insight into the issues behind it.

1. There Are Too Many Papers to Write

Yes, you have heard right! Frankly, today students have far more load than they can actually carry. In most learning institutions lecturers are rated according to the number of students that pass their subjects. So what would you do if you were in their position? Give them more assignments to ensure they spend more time reading it. That’s precisely what they do, oblivious of the fact that all other lecturers apply the same strategy. So who suffers? Definitely, the scholars and the best way to get some of the load off their shoulders is by hiring online writers

2. They Don’t Understand the Lecturers

Diversification in the school community has both advantages and disadvantages. We have students whose English isn’t their first language and the same applies to lecturers. Some lecturers will not care about using simple language while for others this may result in having an accent that may hinder some scholars from capturing all the words they speak, and as a result, they fail to understand the lecturers. But they have to submit their assignments on time to pass their final examination. Therefore, essay writing on time company becomes their saviour at such a time. 

3. They Can Receive Unique and Well-Researched Content

Most online writing companies hire highly qualified writers who are proficient in various fields. For example, some are experts in writing college essays. In addition, the writing companies ensure each assignment is given to a writer who is highly qualified in that particular subject. Moreover, these writers have ample time to do thorough research and come up with original content. Most students don’t have the time to do such thorough research as some have to hustle between work and school. 

4.Fear of Failure

If you thought the fear of failure is only for entrepreneurs, then think again! Students have deeply seated fear of failing exams and for a good reason. They can’t afford to disappoint their parents/guardians or sponsors. No! Not after all the money, they have spent on their education and upkeep. Neither can they disappoint themselves after spending a good number of years in school. Some of them are naturally not good writers and will fail if they do the assignments on their own, but they need A-grades. To satisfy the enormous pressure mounting from every corner, these innovative scholars have to seek online writing services which are masters in editing and writing college essays. What’s more, they help them churn out with A-grade papers.

5. Such Services are Affordable

Online writing services have skyrocketed in recent years. In addition, there are many writing companies seeking to help students with their assignments. Moreover, due to the high competition to win them, most of the best companies provide affordable prices for their services. So, most students will wonder: Why burn oil doing what can be done better by an affordable writing service provider? Besides, they can use that time to do other simpler assignments or to get extra money in a part-time job.

Of course, presenting another’s work as your own is cheating. Who is to blame in this case, if not students? But we do not think that they are fully responsible for this. The modern curricula? Somehow! However, maybe until the learning institutions, the scholars and the stakeholders choose to work together as a team cheating will always be a matter of discussion. Students have no other way of solving their problems other than the one they choose today. Also, lecturers should be more considerate when it comes to issuing assignments. In addition, the learning institutions should design other methods of testing their students’ qualifications other than loading them with assignments. The learning institution setup requires an all-around transition to curb cheating.  Otherwise, we are about to enter into a situation where we will have highly qualified employees who can’t perform their roles, in different industries.

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