Final Wood Burn & Strawberry Rhubarb Crisp

      Well are we ready for spring? I thought we were good and starting to move in the right direction then it got cold and rainy and that damp raw feeling. Where did my spring go. I was just about to think I could close down the wood burning insert and move the little bit of wood left to under the deck. But no, no, no, On Easter I moved the rest of my wood into the ben next to the burner and have already had it going a couple nights and through one day since and as I am looking at the weather, I might get to use the rest of the wood up by the end of the week. Now with that said, one must know that I ordered 2 cords of wood that was delivered about November 18th, I started burning on the 20th and have been burning nearly 24/7 since. I have to say I feel like i have been super blessed, as that delivery had to be one of the fattest 2 cords ever. As of April 20th that is 6 months of burning and although I go skinny as a supplement to my gas heater, I do make sure that it is keeping the living room and down the hall to the bedrooms warm. I still figure that it saved me between 125 and 150 dollars a month on my utilities. So was it worth it, you better believe it. But I am ready to move on. So on Easter afternoon I cleaned out the wood rack that was on the deck, folded up the covers and put away, moved the racks to under the deck, and put the deck furniture out, but waiting on the cushions till May to do that. My next chore will be once I finish burning the rest of the wood moving the inside ben down the basement and cleaning that area up and getting the living room back to normal. I have been so blessed this year with wood, I will be going back to this dealer for my next seasons wood. Well here is praying for warmer weather moving in quicker and saying goodby to the raw wet weather and may the sunshine brighten your days and warm the cockles of your heart. And we know that it always shines brighter here, or we like to think so. Well Im going to enjoy all there is about spring and look forward to what comes next. Until next time have a great and wonderful, especially if you can do it right here on Old Cape Cod.   
      Small business report time: I love this time of year, everything is starting to come alive again. First up: 
      Cape Cod Winery, located at 4 Oxbow Rd in East Falmouth, or also facebook, twitter and instagram. Things are starting to buzz at the winery, first up they are having a Mother's day luncheon, but this is a ticketed event so get on their website and get your reservations in if that is something you are interested in. But earlier than that, starting first weekend in May they are starting their Friday Night Music and Wine events. Again check the website and go to the events page. They also have a Kentucky Derby event going on May 4th, and it does not stop there. They have tastings and music, they are available for private events and the list goes on. They are really doing a bang up job in all that is happening there in East Falmouth. 
      It would not be right to mention one winery and not the other. My good friends up at Truro Vineyards, find them at South Hollow and Shore Rd in North Truro, or online at also find them facebook, twitter and instagram. Now the winery did not close down during the winter, they have kept the shop going on the weekends and have also kept the tastings going. So check out their website for more information on hours. However what I want to bring your attention to is their Wednesday's Wine and Dine, these are ticked events and they sell out. So get to the events page and get your tickets ordered for this summers fun. Also they are available private events as well, and what a beautiful place to host your private party. The last thing is their wine club, if you love their wine like I do then you will want to enjoy it all year round and delivered right to your home. Check them out both online and take a visit, taste some wine then take some home. 
      While you are there check our South Hollow Spirits, where, right there at the winery, or online at What do they have, just some of the best Rum and Gin I have tasted. And on 4-20-19 posting of South Hollow's own Dry Line Rose was picked as one of 6 BOTTLES THAT WILL CHANGE THE WAY YOU THINK ABOUT GIN. Check out the article, this is some hot stuff that is just as tasty as can be. Also you will want to check out when the Rum and Gin tastings start, as this is a great way to get introduced to what South Hollow Spirits offers. They are all good so go and enjoy.  
      Hello, hello, hello, I hope you had a wonderful Easter, We here at the light-stead had a wonderful time although the grounds were a little wet. I think holding off till the afternoon worked so well in our favor. I know the sunrise services got cancelled due to the weather and I wondered if I had made the right call to carry on. The numbers ended up lighter than we had hoped, but under the circumstances not a bad day. Well since then the temperatures continue to be warmer than normal and there is our fun with froggy foggerton lingering on, so our lady of the light in the night continues to crank out her beacon to her maximum. So again to those our here visiting, sorry you had to endure Mr Foggy the fog horn. But for the safety of those on the waters it is necessary. Don't forget folks we are now open on the weekend here on out till the weekend of Memorial Day. Then we open up all days through Labor Day. We finally got the painting all done, both inside and out and everything is spic-n-span clean and as anyone here this past weekend can tell you, she is looking mighty fine. So hope you have us on your vacation list to come see and experience, and to those of you who live here, please consider coming and joining us as a volunteer and if we are not close or convenient check out one of the other lighthouses to volunteer there, they would love to have you. Now I think for the first time in a while we are caught and actually ready for the events to begin. Until we see each other again have a great and wonderful especially if you can do it right here on old Cape Cod.   
      It's dessert week and another stab at a Crisp recipe. Now as we all know, crisp recipes are all very similar it a basic of oats, brown sugar, butter and flower. There are some that go another route instead of oats but hey I'm a horse of corse so I like me oats. I know stick to the recipe, anyway with May coming on I thought this would be a good recipe to get out there now instead of next month, although harvest is late May early June for these foods. Why do I say it that way? Remember Rhubarb is not a fruit it is considered a vegetable, but with a little sweetener, I just call it good. If you don't like the recipe I found, google it, there are tons out there some radically different but many just with small tweaks to this one. Now on with the recipe:
      This week's recipe: 
      4      cups      strawberries cut up
      4      cups      rhubarb, cut into 1/4 inch slices
   3/4      cup        white or raw sugar ( I like mine a little tarter, however you can add more)
      1      Tbsp      cornstarch
   3/4      cup        all-purpose flour
   3/4      cup        old fashioned rolled oats
   2/3      cup        light brown sugar, packed
      8      Tbsp      cold butter, diced
                            Pinch of salt

      Make the filling: Trim the rhubarb stalks and cut them crosswise into ½-inch pieces. Place in a large mixing bowl. Trim the strawberries and cut them in half and/or in quarters if large, then add the strawberries to the bowl. Add white or raw sugar, then cornstarch to the bowl and mix thoroughly.
      Pour mixture into a 9X13 baking dish.
      Making the topping: Combine the flour, oats, brown sugar, butter and salt in a medium bowl. Blend the mixture together using your fingers and thumbs until there is no loose flour at the bottom of the bowl and much of the mixture is in pea-sized pieces.
      Top the filling mixture with the crisp topping and bake at 400° F for about 35 to 40 minutes, or until bubbly and golden brown. Serve with whip cream and/or vanilla ice cream. 
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