The Best Things To Do In Sandwich Massachusetts

21 Best Things To Do In Sandwich Right Now (Local Secrets Revealed)

Just ask anyone that lives on the cape in Sandwich, it is a fun and interesting town with many different destinations to explore. So, whether you are someone who loves thrilling or laid-back experiences, you’ll find the right thing to do for your daily adventure.

For starters, if you want to get closer to nature, you can visit the gardens and conservation centers that are found in this magnificent town. You’ll also get a chance to hike and camp in some of these areas.

This is also packed with various tour charters that can take you deep into the Atlantic Ocean, making it easier for you to spot whales, dolphins, and other marine life.

Here are other exciting things you can do in Sandwich:

1. Check Out Nature and Antique Cars at the Heritage Museum and Gardens 

Heritage Museum and Gardens

Surrounded by beautiful scenery, the Heritage Museum & Gardens brings you closer to nature, thanks to the breathtaking vegetation and flower gardens. 

The fresh air, the sounds of nature, and the beautiful gardens will be worth your time. 

Most flower gardens date back to the 20th century when the piece of land was purchased by a textile manufacturer, named Charles Dexter. Apart from manufacturing textiles, Dexter also loved horticultural farming and flower breeding. 

So, he planted different types of flowers on the parcel of land and experimented with flower breeding. Eventually, tons of flowers sprouted in different sections of the land to form beautiful gardens. 

And at the moment, those gardens are filled with unique flowers such as the Dexter Rhododendrons — the product of Charles Dexter’s flower breeding attempts. Examples of other flowers you’ll come across include daylilies, hydrangeas, dahlias, goldenrods, and asters   

If you visit the gardens between July and August,  you’ll fall in love with the conspicuous nature of blooming flowers, highlighted by contrasting and complementary colors. 

While most flowers bloom between July and September, a large percentage of flowers usually bloom from September to December.

In terms of history preservation, it’s worthwhile to note that this destination features three different museums, each with its own building structure. Whether you love antique automobiles or historical artifacts, the Heritage Museum has everything you’d imagine of! 

It is also the home of thought-provoking exhibitions, centered around old Cape Cod notions and concepts,  that’ll give you a unique perspective on historical events. Additionally, historical themes and notions vary from one year to the next to keep things interesting. 

For instance, in 2023, the museum plans to host an exhibition, titled ‘Creating Cape Cod’, which takes you through the history of Cape Cod.

2. Swimming and Sunbathing at Town Neck Beach

Town Neck Beach

Ranked as one of the most peaceful beaches in Sandwich, Town Neck Beach is a perfect gateway for anyone who loves swimming and sunbathing in the summer. And if you are not much of an ocean swimmer, you can have fun in some of the tide pools found along the coastline.  

Another good thing about this beach is that it’s surrounded by various restaurants that serve different types of cuisines. You can grab a quick snack/meal before you head out to the beach, or as you are coming from the beach. Speaking of which, you’ll also find a nice boardwalk, which leads to the beach.

From time to time, the ocean tides might rise to certain levels, which are suitable for diving. If this happens while you are walking on the boardwalk, dive into the ocean and feel the thrill. Well, most locals love diving into the ocean, straight from the boardwalk — it is a normal thing. 

When the tides are low, you’ll spot some beautiful shells on the sandy beaches. If you are lucky enough, you might find some shells, brightly-colored pebbles, or sandstones. Such shells and stones can help you decorate your home. They can also be souvenirs that’ll remind you of Town Neck Beach. 

3. Discover the Process of Manufacturing Glass at Cape Cod Art Glass Studio

Cape Cod Art Glass Studio

Ever watched those random social media videos of artists blowing glass? And then, later on, you tried to wrap your head around the glass-making but couldn’t. If the process still makes you scratch your head, take a trip to Cape Cod Art Glass Studio.

Since Cape Cod Art Glass Studio has an exhibition room, you’ll get a chance to view the most beautiful glasses that have ever been made in Cape Cod. Those who like decorative glass pieces will quickly fall in love with the pieces exhibited in this glass center. We are talking about vases, custom pieces, goblets, you name it. 

And if something captures your attention, you can purchase it, and it product will be shipped to your physical address. 

Manufactured by artists who are inspired by Cape Cod’s beauty,  most glass pieces usually feature decorative elements and ornaments that are collected from beaches and nearby landscapes.

Examples of such decorations include sand pebbles and shells. The glass center can also engrave anything on glass to create something unique, based on your preferences. 

That’s not all, this art center features a glass studio, equipped with glass processing hardware and furnaces. Once you get to the glass studio, you’ll be shown how glass is manufactured from scratch. And if you have any questions regarding the manufacturing process, you can ask the staff members and they will clarify everything. 

4. Look for Interesting Antiques at Sandwich Antiques Center 

Sandwich Antiques Center 

This is an interesting destination for anyone who loves artifacts, decorative pieces, and antiques. Everything that’s found in the antiques center was crafted in Sandwich or the nearby towns. Be sure to pass through the antique center after visiting other galleries, especially after going to Cape Cod Glass Centre. You might find a piece of art that complements other glass art pieces.

That said, it’s worthwhile to note that the antique center focused on old art pieces in the past few years. But, the team is now introducing other art pieces into the gallery to create a new collection, with contemporary and traditional items. Examples of some of the items you’ll come across include furniture, electronics, paintings, and sculptures.

5. Explore Nature at Boyden Farm Conservation Lands 

Boyden Farm Conservation Lands 

Covering 48 acres, the Boyden Farm Conservation Lands has everything a naturist could ever dream of!

We are talking about nature trails, ponds, and beautiful wildlife. If you want to get closer to nature while winding down, add the Boyden Farm Conservation Area to your list!

For starters, the trails cut through various parts of the conservation area, featuring woodlands and different types of vegetation that will amuse you. And as you are taking a stroll on the trails, you’ll get a few sightings of beautiful birds flying above the conservation area.  

Spread out on a large piece of land, each part of the conservation area has its own flora and fauna. So, you might come across skunks, deer, and foxes. If you find yourself in the northern section of the conservation, you’ll see a historic cemetery that dates back to the previous century.      

Also, don’t forget to visit Peter’s Pond, a large waterbody that’s found in the conservation area. The shore can be perfect for relaxing and winding down, as you are enjoying scenic views of the conservation area.

6. Reading Books at Ticomb’s Bookshop

Ticomb’s Bookshop

For those who love books, Titcomb’s Bookshop will be a suitable spot for finding new and interesting books. Featuring three floors, this bookshop is packed with a wide variety of different books. 

Speaking of which, young children can also have some fun in the library because it has a toy section. So, you can bring your kid along, if you are planning to visit the bookshop. Apart from the toy section, Ticomb’s bookshop also has a gift section, featuring different kinds of gifts, from books to glass globes. 

And from time to time, the bookshop hosts signing events and invites popular authors to sign books while socializing with the local folk. That’s not all, the staff team also organizes author talks, giving you a chance to spend time with different authors and ask them questions about their books.   

7. Tour the Hoxie House 

Hoxie House 

Dating back to the 1600s, the Hoxie House is considered to be one of the oldest homes in Cape Cod and the surrounding areas. The last known owner of this house was a captain who left some interesting things behind. 

Some of the things that’ll amuse you include old carved wooden chains, colonial weapons, and vintage lockboxes. Visiting the Hoxie house helps you understand the previous way of life.

Whether the guide takes you through the ground floor or the first floor, you’ll be taken back to the 1600s as soon as you get into the house. Not to mention, the old architecture is quite amusing. 

And as you’re studying the architecture of the house, you’ll come across vintage architectural features that’ll give you a glimpse of the previous way of life.

8. Play Golf at Sandwich Mini Golf 

Sandwich Mini Golf 

Loosen up and try out outdoor sports by visiting the Sandwich Mini Golf course. It’s designed to accommodate everyone, so your kids and your adult friends can tag along. As a golf course that’s spread out on a beautiful landscape, the Sandwich Mini Golf course is quite stunning and has amazing scenery. 

Since the minigolf course features 18 different holes, you’ll have an amazing time while playing.

The best time to visit the place is during the summer season. Well, during the rainy season, some of the holes might be clogged up with water. 

9. Driving On Old Kings Highway or Route 6A

Old Kings Highway or Route 6A

Cutting through different towns in Cape Cod, Route 6A is one of the most popular roads in Sandwich. 

And here’s the thing: Route 6A is included in the National Scenic Byway roads. This means that it cuts through places with beautiful scenery and architecture.

Speaking of architecture, most of the buildings that are constructed along this highway date back to the 16th and 17th centuries. Taking a drive through some of the districts can be quite therapeutic. You’ll catch sightings of beautiful buildings and breathtaking scenery. Certain stretches will also give you clear views of some of the sandy beaches that are found in Sandwich.

Get into your car, play your favorite music jams, and enjoy the beautiful scenic views as you are driving through different stretches of this magnificent road.

10. Try Out Different Beers at Treehouse Brewing 

Treehouse Brewing 

Wind down at the Treehouse Brewing by trying out new brews of beer. The Treehouse Brewing Company specializes in beers, seltzers, spirits, you name it.

Since this place is located right next to the Ocean, the views are quite breathtaking and captivating. To get the best out of this visit, you should opt for the outdoor seating area, which overlooks the Atlantic Ocean. 

Don’t forget to take a moment to admire the beautiful landscape and ocean. And when the buzz kicks in, take a walk on the beach as you are exploring the place. 

11. Winetasting 

winetasting sandwich ma

If beers are not your thing, opt for wine-tasting experiences. And one of the most popular destinations for wine tasting is Sandwich. 

Wine lovers usually invite famous wine connoisseurs to wine tasting events, so that they can give you more insight into different types of wines. The Mackenzie & Co wine-tasting event is an example of an event that attracted wine lovers and connoisseurs from different places.  

On the contrary, if you are looking for a restaurant that serves amazing wine, add the Belfry Inn & Bistro to your list. For starters, it has amazing interior decor that’s quite breathtaking and captivating. The building was designed as a church but was reconstructed into a restaurant. Nevertheless, the designers preserved some original features to make it look more interesting.

12. Kayaking on Different Waterways

kayak sandwich ma

Explore the beautiful landscapes and waterways by embarking on a Kayaking expedition. 

In Sandwich, the Lawrence Pond and Sandwich Creek are the most popular waterways for kayaking expeditions. So, whether you are an expert or a beginner, you’ll be taken to the right spots after consulting with a suitable expedition company. 

For example, Rideaway Adventures offers kayaking expeditions on different waterways. If you are a beginner, instructors will teach you the necessary skills. Experts, on the hand, will be offered a guided tour through Sandwich Creek. 

Sandwich Creek has breathtaking scenery, made up of beautiful marshes and other vegetation. However, the water currents changes from time to time, displacing marshes to different sections.

13. Shopping at Sandwich Bazaar and Flea Market

Sandwich Bazaar and Flea Market

The Sandwich Bazaar and Flea Market is the perfect getaway for those who love shopping. It is packed with vendors who deal with a wide array of goods — collectibles, antiques, jewelry, paintings, clothing, and cutlery.

As a seasonal flea market, the Sandwich Bazaar and Flea Market opens in July and closes in October.    

Apart from that, the daily operational hours are different. So, you are more likely to find more vendors on Wednesdays, as compared to other days. 

On Wednesdays, vendors usually sell their merchandise from 6 AM to 12 PM, giving you enough time to go through different everything, until you find a product that suits you. 

Since most vendors are open-minded and friendly, it’s quite easy to cut a deal with them. If something catches your eye but has a hefty price tag, don’t hesitate to ask the vendors if they are open to counteroffers. You might pick up a gem at an affordable price.

While most vendors deal with tangible goods and merchandise, a few vendors tend to specialize in food produce and food. By trying out such food, you’ll get some insight into a few local dishes and get a rough idea of the local cuisine.

14. Catch Some Strippers and Bluefin Tuna While Deep Sea Fishing The Atlantic Ocean

Deep Sea Fishing

The whole process of venturing out into the open waters of the Atlantic Ocean can be quite thrilling. 

Well, Sandwich doesn’t have a shortage of deep sea fishing charters and vessels. This means that you’ll get a chance to go out into the deep sea and get in some of the most amazing fishing possible. 

The Laura Jay Charters is an example of a charter that takes you on a deep sea fishing expedition. Once you board the boat, the team will steer it to spots with marine life such as strippers and blue fin tuna, maybe even a shark! The team will also teach you how to do it all. Afterward, they are the professionals and want you to have make a memory that will last a lifetime.  

15. Camping in Shawme-Crowell State Forest

Shawme-Crowell State Forest

If you want to spend a few nights camping in the wild, the Shawme-Crowell state forest might be your best bet. It has clean camping grounds with enough space to accommodate different types of tents.

While the Shawme-Crowell State Forest gives you access to multiple camping grounds, it also has various nature trails which are suitable for hiking expeditions and horseback riding.

This forest also features other supporting facilities such as restrooms, picnic spots, basketball courts, showers, and R.V. dumping sites. Thanks to the supporting facilities, you can bring your kids along on your camping trip and they’ll have a blast. They can play on the basketball court and explore the camping grounds. 

However, you have to keep an eye on them since the forest is too huge.   

16. Visit the Sandwich Fish Hatchery

Sandwich Fish Hatchery

The Sandwich Fish Hatchery is home to hundreds of fish, which are quite intriguing and captivating. Dating back to the early 1900s, the Sandwich fish hatchery has been active for more than a hundred years. And this is one of the few reasons why it has a wide array of different fish species — brown trout, tiger trout, rainbow trout, and brook trout.  

With a population of 500,000, trouts are the most dominant fish in this hatchery.

By visiting this hatchery, you’ll get a chance to interact with a wide variety of fish in their early growth stages. Since the hatchery doesn’t employ tour guides, you have to explore the place on your own.

If you have a few coins, buy some fish food from the hatchery, and then feed the fish. 

Hundreds of fish will swim toward you once you toss food into the pond. It can be enjoyable to watch them swim close to the water’s surface as they are feeding.        

17. Ride the Tallest Slides in Water Wizz

water wizz park

You’ll never be too old to have some fun! Visit the Water Wizz park and ride the water slides. While technically it’s across the bridge in Wareham, it’s so close that you won’t even notice.

While the water park is a favorite among kids who love water sports, adults can also participate in some of these activities. Think of it as the perfect destination for families.

Whether you are looking for a thrilling experience or a relaxing activity, Water Wizz has everything you could dream ever of! 

We are talking about waterslides, lazy rivers, pools, and lounge chairs. For starters, adrenaline junkies will love the water slides, especially the Devil’s Peak speed slides. They are the tallest speed slides in the waterpark, extending to the same level as an 8-storey building.

As you slide down the Devil’s Peak slide, adrenaline will be released by your body, sending a surge of thrill and excitement through your body to give you a memorable experience. 

Another example of a speed slide that can give you an adrenaline rush is the Pirate Plunge. The topmost section sits on a steep hill. And since this slide has shallow drops, you’ll enjoy the plunge. 

Once you have your fill, throw an inflatable tube into the lazy river, and relax in the water.

18. Diving Into Scorton Creek

Scorton Creek

Diving and swimming in Scorton Creek is considered as a rite of passage for those who have an adventurous spirit. This tradition goes way back to the 80s. And in the past few decades, it has been passed from one generation to the next.

With that said, it’s worthwhile to note that The Route 6A bridge is the most popular diving spot. But, before you dive into the water, you need to check the tides level. 

If the tide levels are suitable for diving, don’t hesitate to dive into the water!

19. Watching a Movie at Heritage Theatres

Heritage Theatres

The Heritage Theatres are ideal for anyone who wants to watch the latest movies. Every theatre is equipped with high-tech entertainment equipment that immerses you in a whole new experience. 

Besides that, the place has some clean seats, which are quite comfortable, making it easier for you to have a great time. 

So grab some popcorn and candy and watch the latest movies in this theater!

20. Dining in the Local Restaurants

Local Restaurants Sandwich MA

Try out the local food by visiting some of the most popular restaurants in Sandwich. 

Start your quest at Fishermen’s View. It’s a restaurant that’s widely known for its amazing seafood. Examples of some of the most delicious dishes that are offered here include Narragansett Calamari and Lobster served with mac and cheese.

The Pilot House Restaurant & Lounge should be your second stop on this food-related quest. To get the best out of this visit, order the fish tacos, fried clams, and shrimp. Featuring an outdoor seating section, this restaurant lets you enjoy your food in a scenic environment. 

Other restaurants that are worth the visit include Captain Scott’s Seafood Restaurant and Father’s Kitchen & Taphouse.   

21. Visit Cape Cod Canal Visitor Center

Cape Cod Canal Visitor Center

Managed by a team of engineers, the Cape Cod Canal Center is an educational museum, centered around everything that’s found on the Cape Cod Canal. 

Since the place is packed with professionals who are quite knowledgeable, they’ll give you an amazing tour, which takes you through the history of the canal.

One of the things that’ll capture your attention is the 40-foot retired army boat. You’ll be given the go-ahead to get into the boat during your tour. And once you board the vessel, engineers will explain how everything works. 

Besides that, you’ll also be given insight into the different types of marine life that are found in the canal.   

What Will You Choose?

And there you have it, everything you need to know to have some fun in Sandwich. If you are someone who enjoys outdoor activities, visit the Heritage Museums, Scorton Creek, and Shawme-Crowell State Forest. 

If you are looking for a thrilling experience, go to the Water Wizz park and ride the tallest water slides. Don’t forget to try out other water-related activities such as kayaking and sailing. Such activities immerse will help you explore places close to Sandwich Creek, Lawrence Pond, and other water bodies.

I hope you love Sandwich Massachusetts as much as I do!