Orleans Board of Health member needs exorcism

Orleans Official Possessed by Demon, Speaks in Tongues !

The white haired old woman is Ms. Gussie McKusick who said about CapeCodTODAY, "It's terrible that you were muckraked by this rotten group."

From News of Cape Cod's political satirist Cardinal Borgia

My Eminence was delighted when Cape Cod Today's editors requested my spiritual guidance on a shocking manifestation at an Orleans Board of Health meeting held July 7, 2011. 

It appears from viewing the video of that meeting (at about the 66 minute mark) that a woman was possessed by a demon part way through that meeting! 

The Holy Father and I pray for her tortured soul! Knowing that the number 6 is the sign of the Beast, the fact that this manifested itself at minute 66 is further evidence of possession.

"It's terrible that you were muckraked by this rotten group." - Gussie McKusick.

The meeting appeared to go well for its first hour, with the member in question making helpful remarks and acting in a friendly, professional manner to those appearing before the board.  The demonic possession began when the director and two teachers from the Cape Cod Lighthouse Charter School appeared to discuss the CARP summer adventure camp that the school had run for years without benefit of a license from the Town of Orleans.  As the chairman said the minute the teachers sat down, "It's not a school, it's a camp." 

"It's not a school, it's a camp." 
                    -Board Chairman.

The video depicts the health agent going over the items that were still missing from the camp's application and the soon-to-be-appointed director, Paul Niles, stating that the items were in order and would be presented when the health agent staged his inspection the following day. 

The Board then entertained a motion to grant the CARP license conditional upon the successful inspection but before the motion was seconded, Ms. McKusick picked up a copy of what appeared to be Cape Cod Today's article that broke the un-licensed scandal some weeks ago, saying, "It's terrible that you were muckraked by this rotten group."  She went on to call the "group" in question "rotten" and suggesting "may they all drop to the bottom of...".  Ms. Gussie then went to so far as to "apologize for their actions even though we have nothing to do with them." 

Dragging her peers down with her to a new local, political low

What in Heaven's name would take a competent, intelligent elected official and make her speak in such vile, venomous tongues?  Holy Father fears that, with the high priests of the Volcano God perched on chairs before her, the good and innocent Ms. McKusick was possessed by demons of the Volcano God whose evil overwhelmed her self-control and caused such a disgraceful public performance. 

After the venom subsided, someone seconded the motion and the license received conditional approval.

The following Monday, the hapless Paul Niles was martyred to the Volcano God when he was appointed the charter school's permanent director.  It is unknown yet whether Mr. Niles will be cast into the flames to appease the Volcano God as was former director Kathy McNamara. 

With reports of recent demonic activity at the Regal Cinema in Harwich, we fear things will get worse when the cursed Cape Cod Lighthouse Charter school moves to that venue.  We shudder at the thought of the head-spinning, vomit spewing demons that will inhabit those premises.

Please join the Holy Father and My Eminence in praying for the tortured, possessed soul of this unfortunate lamb.  We pray that her affliction was only temporary and that we shall never witness such a disgraceful performance by an elected board of health member while acting in an official capacity at a public meeting.

Should the afflicted woman or her family desire an exorcism to be performed, My Eminence holds dispensation from the Holy Father to proceed with an Inquistion and exorcism. 

Meanwhile, however, we have learned that the townspeople are subjecting what's left of Ms. McKusick to a form of dunking stool Saturday afternoon at Nauset Marine.  Holy Father worries that the fearful townspeople may fear a witch is in their midst when it is merely a demon of the Volcano God who has possessed one of God's gentlest creatures.

Please join us all in praying for the good health and spiritual redemption of Ms. Gussie McKusick.

Blessings to you all,
Your Loving Cardinal Borgia

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