Extremism on the Cape?

The very name Tea Party Patriots is a misnomer
Patriotism is the last refuge of a scoundrel

The Tea Party has always been here. It just cahnges it's names from time to time.

The Plymouth Rock / Cape and Islands Tea Party Patriots have announced monthly meetings starting in August.

It would seem a particularly inauspicious time to come out of hiding.

Eighty-some-odd percent of the American people blame the Tea Party extremists for the debt ceiling fiasco that has sent the Dow down 560 points at the time of this writing, drawn the condemnation of business leaders and Republican columnists. Bond rating agencies threaten to lower America's credit rating, which will cost every one of us dearly.

Does that sound like an attractive recruiting message?

  • These arrogant politicians think they know more about climate change than 98% of climate scientists.
  • They would give us poisoned air and water.
  • They oppose abortions under any circumstance.
  • They would do away with the air travel safety net.
  • They oppose federal aid to education.

The very name Tea Party Patriots is a misnomer

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Patriotism is the last refuge of a scoundrel. What real patriot would work to destroy the very government the world has, until this debt crisis, looked up to as a model to be emulated?

"Nothing in the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity" wrote Martin Luther King in 1963.

"Never was a patriot yet but was a fool" wrote John Dryden in 1681.

Just to establish my own credentials on the issue, I proved my love of country in World War II. I flew 35 missions as a B-17 bombardier in the Eighth Air Force.

I was proud of the Marshall Plan to help restore Europe after the damage we did to stop Hitler.

I am proud of our compassionate government that looks after our needy, sick, and aged.

I fail to see any merit in tearing such a humane structure asunder because some radical sloganeers are intractable.

Richard C. Bartlett, Cotuit

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