Are Turbines Dumb ?

The "Wind Wise" group which favors fossil fuel

A fine sounding but flagrantly misleading name

By Richard Bartlett.

A small group of clean energy opponents call themselves Wind Wise Cape Cod, a fine sounding but flagrantly misleading appellation. Their goal is to support fossil fuel generation with all its detrimental environmental consequences. Their published mistaken information requires a refutation.

The Cape Cod Commission and many local politicians have spent 10 years and many taxpayers' dollars with a similar mindset. But the citizens of the Cape and the islands overwhelmingly want the benefits to health, the economy, the environment, and hope for a future planet that is hospitable to humans and all creatures.

No reputable medical organization has recognized "turbine syndrome" as a bona fide affliction.

The nay-sayers make much of a few people claiming their maladies are due to wind turbine noise. No reputable medical organization has recognized "turbine syndrome" as a bona fide affliction. Turbines very close to schools haven't caused any students to have headaches.

A recently published chart of decibel levels equated the sounds of turbines to two people whispering. For comparison, think of traffic noise on your street or aircraft overhead. Would these "wise" folks be in favor of banning cars and planes? With this suspect justification one politician (who has always been pro-fossil) wants to ban turbines within 3,000 feet of any residence. Is there such a site anywhere on our highly developed paradise?

They bring up long-ago refuted arguments about danger to wildlife. If turbines threatened the animal kingdom more than fossils surely the Audubon Society would side with this group, but the fact is they are supporters of wind.

There are even folks who still believe the earth is flat.

The "wise" group favors gas. In their lexicon wind is always called "industrial", but they don't refer to gas that way. The un-natural gas industry can't produce enough of their product without "fracking". That means fracturing layers of underground rock with chemicals that poison aquifers, endangering drinking water for thousands. And we know that "clean coal" only exists in advertising copy. Perhaps they aren't really wise after all.

Everyone has a right to their opinions, whether it conforms to reality or not. There are even folks who still believe the earth is flat. There are people who, in spite of all scientific evidence, believe the world is only 6,000 years old. But we don't have to put any credence in their mythology.

Richard C. Bartlett
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