In answer to Wentworth: Warren's no warmonger [Letter ]

Editor's note: The following letter was received in response to a recent post by blogger Mary Wentworth entitled "Elizabeth Warren: Whose side are you on?" on March 6, 2012.

To the Editor:

Is there any evidence that Elizabeth Warren is a warmonger? That, if elected, she would be strutting around with the unfortunate John McCain or going on retreats with draft-dodging patriots like Cheney and Gingrich?  I would have to say “No. There is no such evidence.”

Is there any evidence that Scott Brown and the vast array of Karlrovian operatives are waiting for the slightest foreign policy slip and will then pounce with millions of dollars in negative, distorting ads, to create the appearance of tough, manly Scott against out-of-touch airhead lady professor?  I would have to say, “Yes, there is plenty of evidence of that!”

Finally, is there any evidence that the world is becoming a simpler place, one more conducive to bumper-sticker answers to complicated questions?  Nah…not really.

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I cut my teeth in the anti-war and civil rights struggles of the Sixties.  Neither our victories nor our defeats in those times were unalloyed.  They have nurtured a part of me that wants to just tend to my garden but whenever that thought makes itself felt, I look around and decide it is better to be in the game because “the game” is not a game at all.  It is deadly reality.

So, while I understand the frustration of Mary Wentworth, I remember only too well that I was among those so angry at Hubert Humphrey that I didn’t join his campaign in 1968 and, those of us who did not, bequeathed to our country Richard M. Nixon and a war that went on for seven more years.

On the question of Iran, President Obama is walking a very fine line and so is Elizabeth Warren.  I support them both.  It doesn’t help to assert that we are after Iran’s oil.  We aren’t.  We don’t buy Iranian oil and probably never will.  The President was right recently when he warned against “loose talk.”  I don’t think the US should be pushed into precipitate action by the Likud ascendancy in Israel, nor should we put on a happy face about the dangers of nuclear proliferation. 

In the meantime, there is no question in my mind that Elizabeth Warren is my candidate and we should encourage Scott Brown to join Judd Greg on the payroll of Goldman Sachs and to enjoy a much to be desired retirement from public life.

Jim Walsh
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