Two dysfunctional & failed county leaders

Dysfunctional & failed county leaders, Sheila Lyons & Julia Taylor want to strip away the political rights of Cape Codders

By Ron Beaty

As part of their respective FAILED LEADERSHIP STYLES and DYSFUNCTIONAL PERSONALITIES, both County Commissioner Sheila Lyons and Falmouth Assembly Delegate Julia Taylor are vehemently intolerant of other persons who hold political views and/or positions on issues different from their own. If someone does not agree with the stance on an issue, then their ready-made excuse at all times is that other person "just does not get it" or they condescendingly say that other person is inept, incompetent or paranoid. The fact of the matter is that they themselves are the persons who have been dysfunctional during the respective tenures as county officials and have made the regional government some dysfunctional in their own failed images.

The following indisputable evidence, clearly exhibits how these FAILED COUNTY GOVERNMENT LEADERS sponsored, and strongly advocated for the complete elimination and abolition of the county legislature, the Assembly of Delegates. I, for one, say that such move would be potently ill-advised because it would harm the general public and financially benefit various special interest groups . Moreover, it would concentrate too much political power into the hands of a relatively few individuals.

The County Assembly of Delegates must not be allowed to be is the only true democratic system of checks and balances in our county government system...such as countering the overspending habits of the current county commissioners who are directly responsible for the recent budget crisis! Further more, they equitably represent the interests of each of the fifteen municipalities of Cape Cod and provide a powerful democratic voice for the constituents of each respective representative. Anyone calling for the abolition of this democratic county political institution advocates for the stripping of the necessary legal protections it provides to the people of Cape Cod. As a consequence, both Sheila Lyons and Julia Taylor support the restricting of rights and protections afforded by the assembly of delegates to Cape Codders.


03/02/2012, The Falmouth Enterprise:
"Commission Recommends Major Changes To County Government" By Michael C. Bailey


The 27-member Barnstable County Special Commission on County Governance, co-chaired by former state senators Robert A. O’Leary and Henri S. Rauschenbach, on Wednesday voted in support of a formal recommendation to the Barnstable County Board of County Commissioners to eliminate the assembly in its current form.

Julia C. Taylor, Falmouth delegate and at 11 terms the longest-serving member of the assembly, said prior to this week’s meeting that she was open to the possibility of dissolving the assembly—conditionally.

“I’m happy to change the assembly, but I’m worried about anything that could change the relationship between the county and the Cape Cod Commission,” she said, noting that along with overseeing the county’s annual operating budget, the assembly’s “most important responsibility” is its oversight of the Regional Policy Plan (RPP).

Ms. Taylor also said she would be supportive of eliminating the assembly if the new county government structure included a “strong executive authority” and a separate elected body with legislative duties

04/26/2012, The Provincetown Banner
"Lyons clarifies county perspective on proposed changes" By By Kevin Mullaney


The co-chairs of the special commission — former state senators Rob O’Leary, a Democrat, and Henri Raushenbach, a Republican — were appointed by the county commissioners.

The two proposals that were met with the most skepticism, including by the three Outer Cape town representatives to the Assembly, were the elimination of the Assembly of Delegates, the county’s legislative entity, and the creation of a countywide wastewater authority. The proposal before the commissioners includes replacing the Assembly with an expanded, seven-member board of county commissioners. The criticism is that they would be taking away the individual towns’ representation and potentially forcing the smaller towns to pay for the larger towns’ sewer systems.

Assembly of Delegates

“Most people, if you ask them, don’t know who their delegate is,” Lyons said, and feels that the 15-member board does not participate enough in issues before they get to it, and is not serious enough about regional solutions.

“They don’t do anything,” she said. “This group just shows up and says no. They have no training. They speak from the gut and most never look at stuff before they get to a meeting. A handful of them come prepared,” said Lyons. She also said that the county has a $24 million budget, “and you have 18 people reviewing it, ad nauseum. It just doesn’t make sense.”

Ron Beaty
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