Praising with faint damnation

We endorse Ed Markey for US Senate. Hey, we don’t have to like the guy to vote for him.
We hope Democrat Markey will take his seat next to Democrat Warren in the US Senate.

Order will then once again be restored in the Commonwealth of Camelot

Congressman Ed Markey was the first Democrat to announce for the US Senate… in 1984 when US Senator Paul Tsongas announced his retirement after being diagnosed with non-Hodgkins lymphoma. Markey’s Senate campaign that year was short lived, eventually yielding the primary to Lt. Governor John Kerry.

We didn’t like Ed Markey then, and we still don’t, even after 30 years in Washington.

Maybe that’s the reason. The Democrats are on a crusade to keep the US Senate seat, after the debacle of losing one to the Republican Scott Brown a few years ago.

Then, as now, they nominated someone they didn’t like very much, Martha Coakley, even though she had the backing of a the key constituency in the race; women, Democratic women specifically. Without them, you cannot get nominated as a Democrat, and you can not win a state-wide election in Massachusetts.

Key demographic groups like his positions if not the man

According to the poll published in the Boston Globe on Father’s Day, Ed Markey has a substantial lead over his Republican opponent, attributed to his overwhelming lead in the key demographic group, women, despite his likability numbers (they are not that favorable).

During last year election, the Democrats nominated Elizabeth Warren and won. The difference between her and Markey is that we liked her. So to keep the Senate seat vacated by John Kerry which requires another special election to fill, the Democrats nominated a guy they don’t necessarily like, they cleared the field and are transferring to Markey the collective likability of the Senator Warren, and Governor Patrick to close the deal.

But just to make sure, they have to vilify Gabriel Gomez, in other words get his negatives up, to make sure he doesn’t come out of nowhere last minute, like Scott Brown, to beat Markey by winning over women. So Markey and the Democrats focused on guns and abortion as the issues in this campaign. Gomez is for one and against the other. So is Markey, but the other way around.

Guns, abortion and Cape Wind are what matters here

Even though voters don’t appear to like Markey much, women support his positions on guns and abortion. No other issue will really matter on election day next week. Not jobs, not education, not social security or national security for that matter. Just guns and abortion.

To be fair, Gomez hasn’t made much of a case for his candidacy. He went along with his party’s line on guns and abortion, and made a lame attempt at promising to term limit himself. Let’s be honest, Warren and Markey are already term limited because of their age, so who cares.

But for those of us who care about Cape Wind, Markey emphatically supports the project while Gomez parrots the anti-Cape Wind crowd’s jargon. The swells from Osterville are always good for a few high dollar fundraisers if you do.

It looks like Democrat Markey will take his seat next to Democrat Warren in the US Senate, and order will once again be restored in the Commonwealth of Camelot.

We endorse Ed Markey for US Senate. Hey, we don’t have to like the guy to vote for him.

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