What Will the World be Like with Robots in the Future?

We are already experiencing robots in the workforce...

What will the world be like with robots in the future? If you want to get technical, the future is now. The reason for this is because, we are already experiencing robots in the workforce, in restaurants making our meals for us, and in other places like farms too.

According to The Verge, there is a restaurant in Boston, called Spyce that's run entirely by robots. There is even a robot chef. The diners who go to this restaurant don't seem to mind that they are the only humans in the place. They say the food tastes great too. According to Nicholas Badminton, who is a futurist and hosts the show "Your Morning on Friday" robots run the whole restaurant and they have the knowledge of food pairings that takes human chefs years to learn, already.

Imagine this for a minute: You walk into Spyce, as the restaurant is named, and you order your food via a touchscreen. Then, you get to watch your food made by autonomous chef's who whip up your meal in three minutes or less! How sweet is this! No more waiting for a half hour or more for your food when you dine at Spyce!

Now, what about robots and the farm industry? That's right! Farmers are now using small robots on their farms to keep the crops safe at all times. Not only this, but they will be developing "farm bots" As they call these small robots, to take over the back-breaking work of farm workers. Sound like a good idea? What do you think?

What about the banking industry? We already have ATMs, but will they start using robots to work in the banking industry too? The answer to this question is, yes. For one bank so far, anyway. According to Nasdaq, HSBC bank is introducing robots called, Humanoids for help in the bank. HSBC Holdings in New York has deployed seven humanoids to help in the bank.

According to the report on Nasdaq, if these Humanoids work out for this one branch of HSBC Holdings, they will send more of these helpful robots to their 228 other offices. They are determining whether or not these Humanoids will help with customer service and increase production as well as make customers happier with their services.

Now, if they can use robots in restaurants, on farms, and in the banking industry, what else can they do? There are already self-driving cars and an artificial intelligence robot that can predict the future, such as "Swarm Intelligence." However, are we that close to a future with AI's doing everything we do, but better? Although it is starting in some places, according to the interview with the HBO hit series, WestWorld's, Science Advisor, and Stanford University's neuroscientist, David Eagleman, robots taking over everything is in the distant future. He says that for one thing, robots are hard to make and it will take too long to make the ones that are needed. Although these machines are taking over at least one restaurant, working on farms, and are working along with some employees in specific companies, this doesn't mean we have to worry just yet about them taking our jobs and taking over everything. Not only this, but also, according to Eagleman, robots, or what some call, Artifical Intelligence, may be smart but a three-year-old human child is more intelligent than one of these robots, currently. What he means by this is, a three-year-old can pick something up off the table and put it in the kitchen sink, but an AI cannot do that yet. Also, a three-year-old child can navigate through a room without bumping into furniture and other things or without falling. However, an AI will bump into things, and they may fall, and they won't be able to get back up on their own.

Eagleman is saying that we are not in that part of the future yet. Although there are robots smart enough to work on a farm by keeping the crops safe and some can even cook a meal in three minutes or less right in front of you, but they are not so involved that they will be taking over everything else.

Robots may be here now for some things but don't fear; they are not taking over everything yet.


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