Yarmouth Police Describe Most Popular Scams

Protect your hard earned money...

The Yarmouth Police Department has listed some of the most popular scams being perpetrated around Cape Cod.  Please take due notice and protect your hard-earned money.

The Yarmouth Police Department wants to warn everyone about an increase in SCAMS that are targeting residents and businesses. We don’t want you to fall victim! Please make sure friends and family are informed!

The IRS Scam is not new, however every day, people fall victim. Because it is tax season, there is an increased chance that people may miss the signs of a fraudulent IRS phone call. Please remember, the IRS will never call you to say you owe money. The IRS sends a postal mail notice. The IRS will never threaten you with jail by the local police and they will never ask for payment via a card that you can purchase at a local store. The IRS does not take wired money payments. IRS agents are not aggressive or demanding. If someone calls stating they are from the IRS, DO NOT give out any information. If you’re comfortable, collect information from the caller and then report it to the Treasury Inspector General: www.tigta.gov, or call TIGTA at 800-366-4484. If you owe federal taxes, or think you may owe taxes, hang up and call the IRS at 800-829-1040.

The “Grandparents Scam” - A caller pretends to be a grandson or daughter and states they have either been arrested, are in trouble with the police, or sometimes injured in an accident. Do not be intimidated and fall for this scam! It is NOT your grandchild! If you’re concerned about their well-being, call your grandchild’s parent or other family member to confirm they are okay. Prisons, jails, sheriff departments, police departments and hospitals DO NOT take payment over the phone by debit or credit cards, or by cards purchased at a store, and they do not take wired money.

Don’t fall victim to the “Utility Scam”. This fraudulent caller will state they are from a utility such as the electric company and state money is owed and the bill must be paid NOW. They are demanding and aggressive and state if it’s not paid immediately, they will turn off your service. If you’re concerned you may owe money, or do owe money, hang up on the fraudulent caller and call the customer service number for the utility which can be found on your bill.

Be aware of any solicitation phone calls. You may receive a call requesting a donation in support of your local police department. There are many different names of organizations with “police” in it, but we want you to know, the Yarmouth Police Department and the Yarmouth Police Relief Association, DO NOT solicit by phone, and we DO NOT benefit whatsoever from organizations soliciting by phone who claim to support police.

TIP: If someone calls demanding money for any reason, and they are threatening, if they demand payment by credit or debit card or a card you can buy in a store, or want you to wire money immediately, IT’S A SCAM. Hang up, and keep your hard earned money.

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