Orleans Police Help Collar Loose Pig

Bacon saved - Swine is fine and safely home...
Yes, that's a pig crossing Route 28 in beautiful downtown Orleans! (OPD video image capture)

Orleans Police assisted in recovery of an escaped pig this afternoon on Route 28 near the Nauset Middle School and Snow Library.  When your editor drove past the scene a bit after 4 p.m., he first thought Officer Cronin had a suspect on the ground.  Upon further observation it was clear that this was a very large pig out for an afternoon foray.

As the video below depicts, civilians collared the pig while Orleans officers controlled traffic so the porker could be escorted home.

Your editor eagerly awaits Monday's Orleans Citizens Police Academy where we're sure Officer Cronin will be queried about his run in with this swine.  

From Orleans Police Facebook page:

What did the pig say when he crossed the road? Well, he didn’t say anything, actually. Not even a snort or grunt. Humph.
Ofc Cronin can be seen monitoring the action from his command post and ensuring the safety of all involved.

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