9 College Majors Worth Pursuing in 2019

These majors offer good employment prospects...

As a student, you should know that the best college majors are that which fits your interest. Nevertheless, a mere fondness for a specific area of study might not sustain that person in the future. Numerous college majors offer a steady assurance for the learners’ future professions. Luckily, scholarship essay service from Paperell ensures that you attain grades that will qualify you to enroll in a career path of your dreams. If you’re spoilt for choice on what majors to take, here are some of the best majors in college that offers a promising career path for learners.

Computer Information Systems

The introduction of numerous computer science schools has made the computer majors to gain popularity and employment potential. Nevertheless, some computer majors tend to get better recognition than others. The most lucrative job opportunities are given to Management Information System degree holders. These are colleges that provide a bachelor’s degree in computer information systems such as the New Jersey Institute of Technology. Usually, the academic studies are completed in 3 years, whereby it will take 4 years plus an internship.

  • Income

Management system degree holders can serve in the IT sector in leading companies. This is one of the best college degrees as it attracts an annual income of almost $60000.

Chemical Engineering

Chemical engineering is one of the fields of engineering that has been in the limelight for many years. While it tends to be complex for many learners, getting a scholarship essay writer from a reliable website will ensure you get good grades. This major is provided as a bachelor’s degree at various universities and colleges such as the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. The degree program is designed to cover science disciplines including chemistry, physics, and biology.

  • Income

Chemical engineers are employed at top corporations such as laboratories and pharmaceutical firms. They tend to get a higher 5-figure income with an average salary of $75000.

Medical Assistance

Many healthcare facilities and hospitals are employing medical assistant every year. The post provides sustainability and development with major programs that can result in higher positions. The degree is provided by leading universities and colleges like Purdue Global University. Students intending to pursue their career will take an associate degree that will be completed within two years. Medical assistance is mandated to carry out a doctor’s orders.

  • Income

They are hired in hospitals and carry out tasks that need clinical and administration expertise. A medical assistant gets a yearly income of almost $50000.


Medical Technology

The demand for medical technologist is growing at a first rate. It is among the best majors and is a great profession in the field of healthcare that offers a promising future for students. The major is provided through a bachelor’s degree program at various colleges and universities like Arizona State University. Some of the areas of study comprise laboratory, biology, and chemistry. According to Paperell.com reviews, this is one of the recommendable majors that will see you excel in your career path. You can as well check other online reviews from students currently undertaking the course or graduates.

  • Income

Graduates are hired in healthcare facilities and labs, where they can get an average salary of $50000.

Electrical Engineering

While electrical engineering is one of the complex college majors, it brings better potential compensation and job opportunities. It’s one of the best college degrees that is finished within four years. The major is offered in different top colleges like the University of California – Berkeley. Electrical engineers are hired in leading companies throughout the US.

  • Income

There is a great demand for power plants, big manufacturing companies, and other established firms. They get an average income of $60000.


Construction Management

This is another best college degree that has been recording high demand for employment. The major is provided at numerous colleges and universities such as the Wentworth Institute of Technology. The program is offered as a bachelor’s degree, masters or doctorate. The bachelor’s degree is completed with 3 or 4 years.

  • Income

Construction managers are responsible for controlling construction projects. They get up to $50000 annually.


Nurses have been having a stable employment rate in previous years. Nevertheless, the rapidly increasing population of infants and senior people has made the demand for nurses to increase. The significant needs for a bachelor’s or an associate degree for the individual to serve as a certified nurse. The associate degree is completed within two years and the bachelor's degree requires four years. It is one of the best college major offered by many leading learning intuitions such as the University of Illinois at Chicago that offer a nursing scholarship.

  • Income

Nurses get an average income of $60000 annually.

Physical Therapy

While getting a degree in physical therapy can be hard, the outcome will be rewarding for psychotherapists. The major is offered in either bachelor’s degree, master’s degree or doctorate. The bachelor’s degree is the essential one and can be finished in four years. It covers various disciplines such as anatomy, biology, and health sciences. The major is offered in many leading universities such as the University of Southern California.

  • Income

Their average income ranges up to $60,000


This is one of the best paying careers in the country. You need a bachelor’s degree, and the remuneration range will increase as you acquire a higher degree. The bachelor’s degree is provided at many universities and colleges like the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences. A pharmacist has a high demand for healthcare facilities, pharmacies, and pharmaceutical labs.

  • Income

Their average income is $105000, but this will depend on the level of experience and degree level.


Final Word

College provides you with great academic freedom. You will nurture your current passion and explore new areas that interest you. You will also choose the best college major that you will guide you on a career path you desire. The list above covers the best college major that will help you make the best career decision.


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