6 Unique and Interesting Facts About Indian Culture

If you plan to visit India or are just interested in the culture...

India is one of the countries with leading cultural practices. This is most likely so because of the advantage of population, the rich history of its historical politics and civilizations. There are easily amazing traditions and culture that could sway you off your feet like other several million who take trips to India from different parts of the world just to learn about Indian cultures. If you plan to make a trip to India, soon, then you should as well know some interesting facts about their culture. Here are 6 interesting and unique facts about Indian culture.

1. Temples:

India’s early civilization is impressive. The signature is seen in various structures across the nation, more specifically, in their temples. Temples in India have amazing structures and layouts that make one wonder how they have survived through several decades and still stand. It might be amusing to know that the Indies don’t joke with their worship. Every year and season, people travel from long distances just to come worship at their religious temples during special festivities or anything. It is believed that the temples maximize positive energy because they are constructed along the earth’s magnetic wave lines. It is believed that visiting the temple helps calm the mind and motivate healthiness and an aura of the supernatural. Did you know it is a common practice to enter most worship temples barefooted? If you didn’t, now you do!

2. Guest Welcoming:

Oh, if there is anything you can turn down, let it not be an invitation to a family, as a guest. Indians adore good people and friendship; hence, it is easy to become fond of and invited over as a family’s guest. Indians consider it a culture to invite those whom they consider good and friends of the family to their homes. For home hosting, they delight in the honour to serve traditional dishes. If you are visiting an Indian family, do well to uphold their culture by taking along a gift for your host. Oh, yeah, one more thing –pull off your shoes outside before stepping into the house.

3. Elephant (p)ride:

There are only a few countries in the world that provide the leisure of occasionally riding on an elephant. Well, India happens to be one of the numbers. Did you hear about certain proud people who ride elephants in India? Oh, that wasn’t a lie. However, the evolution of time, events, and things have made elephant riding to be a more common practice; even, tourists could get places where they can go on short elephant-riding tours. Other than riding, some people take the pleasure to visit elephant spas so that they can bath, feed and play with elephants.

4. Cuisine:

Just as children are important to hold on bearing a family name, Indian foods are not just things to prepare and eat; they have become a religion to be learned, practiced and presented. Worldwide, India is popular for the dexterity and exorbitance of her food making and tasteful delight. There are a variety of foods in different regions of the country but many are reputable because of the tasteful delicacies based on spices and herbs. It is easy to know what foods hold a special place in the heart of Indians based on the fact that there are over 143 dish varieties dedicated for dessert. To these ones, what other things do you call food if not a culture or religion?

5. Arranged Marriage:

Arranged marriage is not an outdated practice in India, especially among royal and political families. Many times, some sort of competitions are arranged from places across a kingdom for people to pair up in competitions so they can win a bride or for the bride to select who she likes. Sometimes, the arrangement is just to link two influential families. And the ceremonies of such large weddings, of course, call natives at home and in the diaspora to witness the historical events of such unions. In fact, foreigners make trips to India to witness and cover Indian weddings!

6. Dance:

Without many words, just as you have seen in movies and TV shows, dances are integral parts of different Indian cultures! Almost every culture or worship has its own unique dance style and practice all over the country! Have you heard about any country that is vast with dancing as much as India? You know the answer!


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