Statement from Adam Lange, Candidate for C&I GOP State Committeeman

Brewster man is recently retired Boeing executive...
Adam Lange (Courtesy photo)

Public Statement by Adam Lange, candidate for Republican State Committeeman:

Adam Lange is a candidate for Cape & Islands Republican State Committeeman. A 2nd generation Brewster resident, Adam is Vice Chair of Brewster RTC, is married with one son who recently achieved the rank of Lieutenant in the U.S. Navy, and another son who is a senior at Nauset Regional High School and sworn into the U.S. Marine Corps via the delayed enlistment program.

A recently retired Boeing executive and aerospace engineer, Adam led change in hostile corporate environments around the world before returning to Brewster. With a new focus on community, Adam recently became licensed as an EMT, and graduated from the Barnstable County Fire Rescue Academy. He has become know as a fierce and vocal supporter of conservative causes ranging from his Sheriff's 287(g) agreement with ICE, to leading Trump 2020 standouts across the Cape.


It should be no shock that Barnstable County had the highest percentage of Trump voters of any county in Massachusetts. The demographics of our community support a solid conservative base, even if it’s a minority. Trump earned over 54,000 votes in Barnstable County alone. What I’ve found shocking has been the lack of Republican leadership and a conservative vision for the Cape & Islands that has resulted in radically liberal Democrats like Julian Cyr implementing their vision for our community unimpeded.

This is the frustration felt by many Cape & Islands conservatives. Some have left the Republican party altogether. Others still remain, but are no longer active. Their explanation is common. They feel the current leadership does not represent them, and is no longer their voice. Common-sense conservatives in our community, mostly blue collar workers, feel the local Republican leadership has sold them out, and no longer creates value. Harsh words right? One retired sea captain described it as, “The ship is adrift. Nobody is at the helm.”

What these conservatives are experiencing to make them feel sold-out by the Republican party is the onslaught of liberal policies being implemented in their local community that conflict with their values, while the local Republican leadership stays silent.

These include:
• Ill-conceived green energy initiatives that have increased electric rates 46% since 2016, and unless rolled back will double then triple the cost of powering our homes.
• Lawless sanctuary policies that restrict local law enforcement from working with federal immigration authorities to remove dangerous criminal illegal aliens from our community.
• Unconstitutional restrictions on our 2nd Amendment rights, banning ownership of popular classes of firearms.
• A runaway state entitlement program called MassHealth that provides free services to illegal aliens, while many taxpayers are forced to postpone their retirement based solely on healthcare costs.
• State funding of Planned Parenthood, the leading provider of abortions in the country. Pro-life taxpayers should never be forced to fund abortions. After a federal rule earlier this year barred the funding, Massachusetts lawmakers quickly filled the gap with state taxpayer funds.

I like many Cape & Islands conservatives are fed up with losing ground to radical liberal policies that do not accurately represent our community. We are tired of Republican leaders who refuse to defend our conservative values, fearful of losing votes. Similar to flight 93, I would rather fight and try to wrestle control of the cockpit than face the inevitable of losing our community to liberal lunatics if nothing is done.

My promise to Cape & Islands conservative voters is to be your voice on local issues that conflict with your values, and impact your families. I will listen to you, form a conservative vision for the Cape & Islands, and hold Republican elected officials accountable to implement. When Republicans create value in the eyes of our conservative base, we can re-engage them and attract new candidates to a winning team. If we stand and fight we can debunk liberal initiatives that threaten our way of life, and weaken Democrat candidates by doing so.

I have no political experience or ambitions. What you see is what you get. I have a track record of giving conservatives a voice in our local community. Google me. I am willing to put in the effort and take the slings and arrows from the left. What I’m not willing to do is continue the retreat. I have 30 years of implementing change in hostile corporate environments. I believe we can make the Cape & Islands conservative again with your support and my leadership, and ask for your vote for Cape & Islands Republican State Committeeman in March.

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