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Bohman endorses Andy Buckley

Selectman Douglas Ann Bohman of Chatham today issued this endorsement of Andy Buckley for the Republican nomination for State Representative for the 4th Barnstable District:

For many years, we’ve been well-served by our State Representative, Shirley Gomes. She Andy Buckley - Candidate for State Rep.knows the Lower and Outer Cape like no other, she stays in touch, she is down-to-earth, and she gets things done. Now we are faced with the choice of who will replace her.

As a registered independent – or “Unenrolled” – voter, I have many choices this season. Out of all of them, one candidate stands out as the one I trust to carry on the legacy of Shirley Gomes. I am proud to announce my endorsement of Andy Buckley for State Representative for the Lower and Outer Cape.

When he was elected to the Board of Selectman, Andy gave a voice to those not normally with a seat at the table – the local working families, trying to get by. And he accomplished more in one year than some who have served many times that.

When Andy left the Board to support his wife’s decision to join the military after September 11th, we were sorry to see such a productive and articulate member leave. But we understood his desire to do more for his country, even if it meant giving up everything – his home, his job and his office – to become a simple military spouse overseas. Andy demonstrated that he had the courage of his convictions.

That’s the character of a State Representative we can be proud of. Honest. Fair. Tough. Determined. Someone we can count on to represent our values on Beacon Hill.

Please go to polls for the Republican Primary on September 19th and join me in voting for Andy Buckley for State Representative.

Bohman was Chair during Buckley's tenure on the Chatham Board of Selectman.

For more information on Andy Buckley and his run for the State House, check out www.ElectAndyBuckley.com.

Summers endorses Andy Buckley

Selectman Sean Summers of Chatham today issued this endorsement of Andy Buckley for the Republican nomination for State Representative for the 4th Barnstable District:Andy Buckkley - Candidate for State Rep.

"As a Chatham Selectman and a Republican, I want to remind the voters of a very important political event taking place on Tuesday, September 19. This is the Republican Primary election for State Representative.

"The Honorable Shirley Gomes has served our district, stretching from Harwich to Provincetown, with dedication and distinction for many years. But she has decided not to seek re-election. This has traditionally been a Republican-held seat and it is very important that we continue to hold it.

"One of Chatham’s native sons is running as a candidate to fill this position. I have known Andy Buckley for several years. He is an extremely bright and capable person who has a keen grasp of the issues that our district will be facing in the coming years.

"I have often consulted with him in matters relating to our own community and he has proven to me to be someone who is decisive and unafraid to carry a firm fiscal conservatism to the State House where it is so desperately needed. I am also convinced that in terms of public service and in particular constituent service, Andy will have no equal.

"This is an important election. The State House is massively imbalanced with a super-majority of Democrats holding most of the seats. The Republican Party must hold this seat and it can be done only by showing up and voting for the only Republican on the ballot who has a history as a Selectmen who balances budgets and shows firm leadership qualities.

"Therefore, it is with great pride that I formally announce my endorsement of Andy Buckley for the Republican nomination for State Representative for the Lower and Outer Cape."

Summers was recently re-elected to the Board of Selectman in May 2006.

Sign, sign, everywhere a sign...or not.

My brother-in-law, a signer of Aaron Maloy's papers, relayed these facts to me on Sunday evening:

buckleysign250Regarding the events of Sunday, August 20, 2006, I was an eyewitness to some of them.  Driving South on Bridge Road at 5:15 PM on the way to the Stop & Shop, I observed Aaron Maloy talking with the owner of the house just opposite the Whale Walk Inn.  The two Andy Buckley signs were still there on the owner’s property in the same positions as previously.  At 5:40 PM on my way home, I observed that Aaron Maloy was no longer there or at least not visible to me.  In addition, the two Andy Buckley signs were gone and one Aaron Maloy sign was located where one of the Buckley signs had been.

Chris Kelly

I received this email later Sunday evening:


I am visiting a friend on the Cape whom you visited and was impressed enough to put up one of your lawn signs. Earlier today, Aaron Maloy visited my friend's home (accompanied by another GOP person). He spent a great deal of time telling my friend that you did not have a job, that you were representing yourself as a current selectman in Chatham, and that you were only on the board of selectman for a period of four months.

I was appalled by his behavior - particularly since he was intent on discrediting a fellow GOP candidate in a primary. I moved from the Cape to Maine nearly fifteen years ago to escape this type of behavior and politicking. I also worked for one of Maine's U.S. Senators for nearly a decade (after serving in the military and working in the private sector), and never witnessed this type of behavior among candidates at any level. In my opinion, this is dirty politics at best.

I thought you should know about the tactics that Aaron Maloy is engaging in, and wanted to wish you the best of luck with your campaign.

Kindest regards,

 I went to the homeowner's house the next morning to retrieve the signs.  However, he stated he did not know where they were.  He also said that he was removing all signs from his property.  So in the space of less than half an hour on a quiet street on a Sunday afternoon, my signs had disappeared.

In respect to the homeowner, I request this issue be dropped.

Walking the District (cont'd.)

South Harwich, Walkers with Love and Freedom to Nantucket
Meeting the man who lost by 5 votes

1church_welt250By the end of the previous day, I had wrapped up my walk through Harwich Port and continued east along Route 28.  I had started the morning looking at Milton Welt's work, and here it was now, the end of the day, at a gallery in South Harwich, when in came the artists himself. That's his painting of the First Congregational Church in Harwich Center on right.

But for 5 votes in 1976 

He pointed to me and said, "This young man is where I was 30 years ago."  And he went on to tell the story of being one of eight candidates in the Republican primary for State Representative -- back when that pretty much meant the whole election.  But he lost to Rick Cahoon by five votes!  "I was doing great until we went into Chatham," he told me.  "That's where I lost it."

Being the Republican candidate from Chatham, hearing this made me smile.

When I started up on my route again in the morning, I had less than two hours before catching the ferry to Nantucket for an insurance inspection.  Still, I managed to cover ground through South Harwich.  Leaving my car for an oil change with Barry Bessette at BB's Automotive, I made it to Moran Engineering, and was about to cross the street to Thayer's when I ran into Ron Bergstrom and Don Howell walking together.  They were headed in the opposite direction for the Housing Walk with Love, so running along, I joked, "I guess I'm walking the the wrong way!"

After that, I ran into Florence Seldin who told me Ginny Nickerson was coming along behind.   As one of the "celebrity" walkers, Ginny was sponsored by the Children's Shop, which she recently sold.  My mother and sister used to bring me in there growing up in Chatham, and just yesterday I bought Sofie a swimsuit there.  Ginny was so very supportive on my run for Selectman in 2001 that I knew I just had to make a point to cheer her on in the walk.

Andy & Sofie ready to boardAnd then I barely had time to jog back to the South Harwich post office, where my sister, Katie, was waiting with Sofie to bring me to the Freedom Ferry for a trip over to Nantucket.

Strange, but having walked across Harwich from the Dennis town line to the Chatham, I was having to head to a place that some see as a possible future for the Lower and Outer Cape.  My impressions in my next article.

Walking the District (cont'd.)

Three Harbors, One Port… and a Warm Reception

Starting off from the Harwich Port post office, I crossed the street to the “Art in the Park”.  I recognized a few artists’ work, like that of Joe Pino and Milton Welt.


<--Pino Welt-->

Then it was on through the Port – over four hours speaking with the good people trying to earn a living in a place that has really blossomed as a commercial and artistic hub. Remembering my first summer back from college, I worked three jobs -- one of which was at Canterbury Leather. It used to have a store next to the movie theater, across from Cape Cod Five.

Friday nights at the store in Harwich Port were pretty quiet, even if there was a good movie playing.  Got a lot of reading done, then.  Most people were headed to the band concert in Chatham.

But today, the Port is alive!  Lots of pedestrians, shops and places to grab a bite.  And I was just amazed how many people knew my name, either through my service as a Selectman in Chatham or my column for the Cape Cod Chronicle.  And more than a few others asked if I was the son of Lucy Buckley, the physical therapist (yes!).

And whether it was a bookstore, a café or a real estate office, one issue dominates:  the homeowners insurance crisis.  As an insurance inspector, I determine risk every day.  But what is happening now makes no sense to me.  So I decided to address it in my column for the Chronicle this week.

Click here to read it.

I'll be writing more about my trek across the district as well as the homeowners insurance crisis on the Cape.  To learn more about me and my campaign to become the next State Rep. for the Lower & Outer Cape, go to www.ElectAndyBuckley.com.

The Buckley Beverage Brigade &amp; the Fourth

Chatham's 4th of July Parade

Starting at age 8, I've been in our parade here in Chatham for one local business or another.  But the one I remember best was when Jack Farrell asked if I could help work the Jaycee's mobile lemonade stand.

So when it came time for our campaign to think of what we'd be doing for the parade this year, I thought back to almost 30 years ago and found the solution.  With the help of three generations of my family, for Chatham's 2006 Independence Day Parade we provided what is sorely needed by people who have patiently waited in the hot July sun -- a cold drink.

Our team with the float

I must say, 45 minutes has never gone by so quickly... and I never had a better parade!  Like giving out our balloons at the Chatham A's game or Skaket Beach for fireworks last week, it is great feeling to put a smile on someone's face.

Running back and forth to the tailgate to pour cups, canvassing the crowd and handing out the lemonade -- and the inevitable request for one more cup for a small child -- with a run back to the moving truck again -- was really a spectacle.  Not only were people receptive, they were very entertained.  We all had a blast, too (with not one cup spilled on our crew or the spectators).

Andy pouring lemonade for thirsty voters

Countless times during and after the parade I heard people observe how hard we're working -- and they're right.  With so many candidates in this race we can't take anything for granted, and we can't settle for just doing what everyone else is.  I might have well have stayed in bed than to simply walk down the street waving.  "Average" is not going to cut it this year.

If you want to be part of a winning team, contact us and together we keep this seat in the hands of someone who will work hard for you!

Walking the District (cont'd.)

Onward through the Harwiches

I started off the Friday before the 4th of July at the Lighthouse Cafe in West Harwich with a grilled cranberry muffin.  If you've never been, it is next to the West Harwich post office.  They have a great staff and a family-friendly atmosphere.

So to work off that treat I headed east along Route 28.  Even though business owners were focused on the holiday weekend before them, so many of them expressed gratitude for my dropping in to say hi and listen.  This was the case regardless of it being an insurance agency, realtor, amusement attraction or restaurant.

As the afternoon wore on, and after waving hello to Scott Kelley as he headed into George's Fish Market, I found the new location for Sunrise Bait & Tackle.  Earlier in the day I had seen they had moved out of their location next to Luddy's Paint & Wallpaper.  Now at 431 Route 28, next to the 400 Club, Jerry & Joann Armstrong run the kind of store I can spend far too much time Jerry Armstrong at Sunrise Bait & Tacklein.

Commercial fishing has been my priority for so many years that I can't remember the last time I went for just the pure sport of it. But I have fond memories of taking a leaky dory out onto the Oyster Pond for flounder and scup.  And it won't be too long before I'm bringing Sofie to buy her first drop line or rod.

I had heard last week that blues were biting like crazy in the Bay, and Jerry (pictured) said the same was true of the Sound.  He added that stripers were mostly offshore, near Monomoy.  If you go, try tubing worms, sand eels and black eels.

So if anyone lands a striper based upon these tips, please contact us.  In true Cape Codder fashion, we'll be happy to set the table for you!

Monday, June 26th - Roast Beef Supper for Andy Buckley

The Buckley Committee will be hosting a Roast Beef Supper at the Chatham VFW, 150 George Ryder Road, West Chatham on Monday, June 26, from 5-7:30 PM.

The price is only $8.00/person, and children under 8 eat for free!
This is the sort of event that understands what works for regular people.  It comes right as you're are getting out of work and looking for a good meal.  With the adjacent ball field and playground, the VFW is a great spot for families to bring the kids.  The price is reasonable and to food is great.

I know I'll be meeting many, many old friends and look forward to making new ones, too.  If you can't make it -- don't worry.  There will be many more like it throughout the towns of the Lower and Outer Cape.

(For more information on Andy Buckley and his run for the State House, check out www.ElectAndyBuckley.com.)

Walking the District

Last Friday I started walking the district – not just door-to-door.  Starting at the Dennis-Harwich town line, I’m committed stop in and talk with every business between there and Provincetown.

Small businesses, seasonal and year-round, are the vast majority of our employers here on the Cape and they deserve to be heard.  By making the effort to meet every one, it gives me the opportunity to hear their concerns and discuss their issues.

The idea began with walking Route 28 up to Orleans, and then Route 6 and 6A onward.  But I didn’t want to leave out areas of high-local employment, like Great Western Road in North Harwich.  So here I am at the starting point -- the marker near the corner of Center and Depot Streets.

Little did I know how much this would be a walk down memory lane…

This morning I ran into Rob Preston, co-owner of Harwich Pet SupplyRob and I went to elementary school together, and his father and my uncle, Tom Buckley, worked together at the old Bearse’s Market, where the Anytime Café now is in downtown Chatham.

Then, down on Main Street, West Harwich, I had a chance to speak with Michael Porter, Vice President of BY&D Insurance Agency, Inc.  Back when he worked for C. Robin Turner in Chatham, Mike wrote my mother’s policies – and of course, my own when I got my license in 1983.

As an insurance inspector, I have a unique insight on the home insurance crisis on the Cape.  In my work I hear the concerns of homeowners every day, and have taken the time to speak with local agency executives, like Mike, about solutions.

I shared a story about a lady near Barnstable High School whose house I inspected – she told me that she had been dropped by her last company because she was too close to the water.  I looked around, and realized the closest water was drainage pond at the Cape Cod Mall, more than half a mile away – not really an impending threat.

As the campaign unfolds and I learn more about a variety of issues facing the Lower and Outer Cape like the insurance crisis, I will be posting my thoughts and proposing solutions on this blog and our own web site, www.ElectAndyBuckley.com.  And whiIe I hope to get the chance to meet you while talking to the residents and business owners on this journey, please don’t wait to drop us a line if you have a question to ask or a suggestion to offer.

Welcome to Buckley's Blog

I am a candidate for the Republican nomination to represent the Fourth District (the Lower/ Outer Cape) in the Massachusetts State Legislature.

As the weeks go by between now and the September 19 Primary, I will to share my goals and dreams with you in the hopes you will want to support my candidacy.

You can read my op-ed column, Monomoyick, at www.capecodchronicle.com.