Falmouth Foxworthy II


When I shared my stroll down memory lane with my thoughts on growing up in East Falmouth a couple of weeks ago, I got a nice response from Falmouthites and visitors alike who enjoyed taking a look back.  That caused me to do a little more reflection, and so here are some current and prior reflections on what I like to call Falmouth Foxworthy.  I don't think Jeff Foxworthy has ever made it to the hometown of Katharine Lee Bates (the author of America the Beautiful), but we've had some fun spoofing his most famous act.  For Falmouth natives, townies, visitors and newcomers alike, here's some thoughts based on our own version....

You might be in Falmouth if...you know the difference between and New and an Old Silver...you know a knob is for more than a door...you've ever seen "Isn't Falmouth Nice!" on more than a blogger's ID...anything from Barnstable makes your Spidey senses tingle...and you went to school with a McEvoy.

And you might be from Falmouth if...you know how Gosnold got its name...you cried when Paul's burned and your parents told you who did it...you remember the diner before Betsy's...you've seen classrooms at Falmouth High School without walls...you saw a movie on Main Street...you got Halloween bags and a lesson from Officers Nyari or Ronayne...you know what it means that George "The Boomer" Scott got Lucky...you remember when there was a Doc in Town Hall...you have strong feelings on McDonalds...you know a dinosaur is more than just an animal...and we had one in Town Hall.

Get the hang of it? Feel free to add some of your own, like you might be in Falmouth if...you've heard enough about wastewater and the dump...you know why Rte. 151 is Nathan Ellis Highway...you've seen an Oar & Anchor on Main Street...or a Chinese restaurant in an "A" frame building...you've bought a Chevy or 18 holes from a guy named Clauson...you remember the 1st D'Angelo's...you ever ate Mike's Ice Cream...you remember when Kappy's had bowling balls, or groceries....you can list at least two locations for Jack & the Beanstalk other than childrens' books...you remember three Selectmen...and looking back you wonder if Ray was right to sue.

I remember when  you were in Falmouth if... the fish were biting on the Green Pond Bridge...there was ping pong at the Gus Canty...and pickup baseball at East Falmouth Elementary...Staples was Stop & Shop and we had a real mall...the Heights was at its height and everybody loved it...people knew Mullen & Hall...and Lawrence...one person could influence a vote at Town Meeting just by speaking...and there was still a Peg Noonan...and an Arnie Allen...and a Braga Burger.

Falmouth is so rich in history, culture, and local flavor.  That's just a little...and here's some more...you might be from Falmouth if...you remember Santa sitting on that front entrance of the library after the Christmas parade...you bought gag gifts, candy and magazines, not ice cream, at Smitty's...and you knew Ellen Mitchell before the bathhouse.  You might be a Falmouthite if you sat in your barber's chair at Stone's and saw people walking by J.J. Newbury's in the mirror...you knew a "Doc" in Town Hall, and a Johnny Rotten at the Post Office. 

You surely might be from Falmouth if you saw a movie near a Tea Room and a haunted house near Nobska.  If you ever thought you were special climbing into the top booth in the caboose for dinner, you just might be from Falmouth.  You just might have civic pride in the land of Bartholomew Gosnold if you remember Mike Giardi the sportswriter, Craig Stevens the FHS news anchor, and Eric Turkington the Selectman - and cheered when local Bob Ballard found the Titanic.  Ditto if you were moved by the Moving Wall, and continue to be inspired by Dick & Rick Hoyt.

 Falmouth is filled with great people, places and things, and you just might be part of it, if you ever watched (or performed in) a musical at the Falmouth Playhouse...you have enjoyed a Thursday night at Marina Park...or bought art at an auction next the Edward Marks, Jr. Building.  You might be from one of our diverse villages if...you floated in a boat in Little Harbor...fed the geese at Little Pond...or knew where to find Little Foreign Car.  Have you ever contemplated the origin of Holly in Holly Park...or jumped off the Great Pond Bridge? If so, you just might be a Falmouthite.  

Do you remember the warm greeting of Nate Dondis and his empire, the smile of Harry Kamataris standing behind his chair, or Max Cohen and his New Bedford Bargain Store?  Do you remember Main Street with a grocery store...or a car dealership? If so, you might be from Falmouth.  How about light blue police shirts...or a walking beat in the Heights? Maroon & white all over, to be sure. Do you remember the original Jack in the Beanstalk...peanuts on the floor at the Ground Round...or a burger at Lum's?  How about...a Town Hall near the library...or a school in Woods Hole? If any of these jogs your memory, you just might be from Falmouth.

If you ever loved a pizza from Danny Kaye's...or dinner from the Café Amaro...then you might be from Falmouth.  If the old oven still beckons...you remember Shrubs other than the ones in the front yard...and know where to find Captain Bill's bluefish bonanza...than you must be from Falmouth.

For all our foibles, Falmouth is still fantastic. 

 This column is reprinted from the Falmouth Enterprise and previous Cape Cod Today posts.

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