I don't always update my blog, but when I do, it's not that funny

            I apologize again for the delay in a new blog post.  I trashed about three different posts over the past few weeks, all on various topics.  One of which was a serious post about the terrible tragedies in Newton, CT and the firefighters shot in Webster, NY.  However, my feelings are just that - mine.  Both left me terribly saddened and did not need any commentary or remark by some unknown blogger.  I felt it necessary after nearly a month to add something mindless and funny.  I can’t guarantee funny, but mindless is my specialty. 

So without further ado…

            I admit that I am somewhat[1] addicted to technology.  I have accounts on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.  It goes without saying that these social networking sites have changed society as a whole.  I now have no reason whatsoever to go to a class reunion.  I don’t need to “catch up” with ones I went to school with, I have been kept up to date with their sad pathetic lives[2] on a daily basis.  For those that I haven’t been updated on since high school, I’m not really missing anything.  Unless they did in fact achieve their childhood ambition[3], any update on ‘what I’ve been up to’ will be a disappointment.


Source: memegenerator.net

            Twitter is basically this generation’s “reading the morning paper,” with some funny remarks by fake Will Ferrell thrown in.  This is not 100% reliable obviously, as I was tricked into believing Taylor Swift had died, only to realize the tweet was by “MTVnevvs” (note the “w” in news is actually two “v”s).  You win world.  I am an idiot.  Therefore, Twitter is less like Washington Post, but more like the National Enquirer of social media.

            I have gone back and forth whether to deactivate my Facebook account.  There really is no useful reason to use Facebook.  You come to this realization when you encounter your FB “friends” in the real world, only to have them not recognize you.  That, at least, requires a “friend list weed through.”  The only thing that is left is work associates trying to convince you of their interpretation of the Second Amendment, or your 16 year-old fourth cousin(twice removed) showing his expletive-laden displeasure for any type of authority figure.  The more I hear about kids in Middle School having social media accounts, the more terrified I am at the fact I have a daughter.

            One account I don’t have is Pinterest.  I do not really know what the point of this is, but I’m pretty sure that it is a favorite of many females.  Their goal is to exchange ideas on how to destroy their spouse’s credit at such places as Home Depot and Ikea.  I do not like the fact that women are socializing online[4].  I wonder how many have pinned “I’m married to an idiot.” 

            I wrote a previous blog post about my technology addiction.  When faced with insomnia, I turn to the “interweb” to help get rid of any viable brain cells.  A few years ago, I discovered a site/app known as iFunny.  That’s the thing, it isn’t that funny anymore.  It has popularized “memes,” which, for those of you that don’t know, are random pictures with funny captions.  I didn’t realize we needed a name for that.  I saw one post that claimed that if you change all the periods in an essay from “12pt” to “14pt,” it would make the paper appear longer.  Great, but aren’t most academic paper length requirements in number of words, and not page length[5]

            All I do online is refresh the same three sites.  I guess that doesn’t bode well for any excuse as to why it’s been so long writing a blog post.  So I’ll just say something profound: social media is dumb.  That being said…

            Thanks for reading, and feel free to “Like” me on Facebook or follow me on Twitter, @cc_grumpyboy.


-Grumpy Boy out.

Source: memegenerator.net

Coming up next: “The lovely Transfer Station”


[1] By somewhat, I mean very.

[2] Trust me, I have a sad pathetic life too.

[3] In which case the world would be filled with Ninjas and Astronauts.

[4] I’ll pay for that one.

[5] And no, all punctuation here is 12-point.

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